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My Baby Girl, Amelia Jane by MalfoyRocks
Chapter 2 : The Burrow
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After the five, well six but Amelia doesn't really count right now, of us finished our shopping in Diagon Alley. I had sent a letter off to dad telling him I would be at the Burrow till late and not to worry about me or Ame. (He had felt like it was his fault I was in my situation. But I told him all the time it wasn't his fault. But I was happy that I had Ame. At that he would be quiet because he loved Ame. He was probably going to miss her more this year than he was going to miss me.) But we all went into the Leaky Cauldron and flooed to the Burrow. I went last holding Ame very carefully, while Lavender took her troller with her right before me. But before she went through I stopped her quick. "Lavender."




"Yeah," she questioned.




"Thank you. I really needed this. I just didn't know how," I smiled and she nodded before going through quickly. As soon as I was at the Burrow I was enveloped in a hug carefully by Mrs. Weasley. Apparently she was already told that I had a baby. "Hi Mrs. Weasley," I started but she cut me off.




"Oh, dear, you know that you can call me Molly." She smiled.




"So, I want you to meet my little girl, her name is Amelia Jane Granger." I smiled as I looked down at the now sleeping baby in my arms. 




"She's beautiful dear. Did you want to put her down so we can all talk. Gin said you wanted to explain everything to us," she said knowingly. 




"Did McGonagall," I questioned her lightly. She just nodded silently and I smiled. At least she already knew. So I put Amelia in her troller and took it in the living room where everyone gathered around. It was only lunchtime because I had left early to get my shopping done in hopes of getting away from some of the crowds. So before I started explaining everything to my friends, who were all like a second family to me, Mrs Weasley made a few sandwiches for us all. Once everyone was settled in and eating I started explaining everything to them from the very beginning. It took a couple hours to explain everything with everyone asking on what they wanted to know. But by the end of it everyone was in tears. Hermione because she had her beautiful baby in the end, but went the a lot of trauma last year. And the rest of them because they didn't push her to tell them what was wrong all year. "So, now you know everything that I've went through the past year." I said after I calmed down a bit. 




Everyone was quiet for a little bit after I finished telling them my life story for the past year. Lavender opted to sit beside me and hug me every now and then to give me support. While Ginny was crying her eyes out holding my hand as if I'd disappear if she let go. "I have one more question, Mione. Who saved you," Harry asked.




"Honestly, I don't know. He didn't leave his name at the hospital so I could thank him. But I know it would've been a wizard because he took me to St. Mungo's and not some muggle hospital. But that's all I know. That's all I'll ever know," I shrugged then got up to check on Ame. When I looked in her troller she was up and just starting to get fussy. "Oh, I know honey, there's been to many strange places for you today. But did you need your diaper changed. I think it smells like it," I said as I got her out of the troller and looked around. "Um, Molly, I don't think you'll want Amelia changed on your table did you prefer where I did change her?"




"Oh, here, let me. It's been a while since I have, but I could change her in my bedroom so you can keep talking to these guys," she said before taking Amelia from me gently and walking up a set of stairs.




"Thank you," I called out to her as she disappeared up the stairs. "So, you've heard what I've been doing. What have you guys been doing? Lavender told me she's been here a lot this summer," I asked them all before they all started telling me what's been going on over the summer and what I've missed in their lives this past year. We were all having a good time catching up. I felt bad for keeping them in the dark for so long. But I was glad to be talking to them again. I missed them terribly. So for another hour we all laughed and joked and had a good time while Mrs Weasley watched Ame for me. I was happy.




"Dinner's done," Mrs. Weasley announced holding a very giggly Ame. I smiled. She was definitely in good hands. We all went out to the kitchen and sat around the crowded table. Mrs Weasley levitated all the food over to the table and we immediately dug in. I was starved, I hadn't  really eaten since six that morning, besides the sandwich. We laughed and joked while we ate the delicious food in front of us.




"So, Mione, who's the godparents of Ame," Gin asked trying to be nonchalant about asking. But I knew better than that, so I laughed.




"Gin, I hope you don't mind. But," I paused for a little bit to antagonize her, then finished what I was saying when she starting bouncing up and down. "Gin, you're Ame's first Godmother. While Harry's Ame's first Godfather. Ron, you're Ame's second Godfather. Lavender, you're not her Godmum. But I actually think I'm going to change that before we go back to school." They all smiled, clearly happy with who I chose. Even Lavender, who Ame was already attached to, was happy to hear what I said. After dinner was done I told everyone that I had to get home because Ame's bedtime was soon and I had to bath, feed, and get her ready yet. They weren't' happy that I was going home, but understood. So after many hugs and promises to come by the next day so we could go shopping again, I left by floo with a sleeping Ame in my arms once more. Harry had brought my troller this time, so I didn't have to go back for a second trip. Once he got through, he helped me take everything off the troller and put it away for the day.




"You look good Hermione. Happier," he noted as I was feeding Amelia her nightly bottle.




"I am. I was so depressed last year. Ame here was the only thing keeping me going. I know that sounds weird because I was raped. But I was out cold for that, so I suppose it's easier for me. she can't remind me of something I can't even remember, you know?" I asked quietly.




"I guess. You're strong Hermione. Ame has a great mum," he smiled as I was finishing up feeding Ame. 




"I have to give her a bath now. We can talk tomorrow when we go shopping, okay," I asked as I walked up to my bedroom and through to my ensuite bathroom where everything was ready for her bath. Harry followed me up to my bedroom, but stopped outside of the bathroom.




"You know. We never come here. We should all come here tomorrow after we go shopping. I mean so we can all know where you live and so we can come see you," Harry said through the door.




"That actually sounds good. Hey, I actually had a question then before you left," I said as I made silly noises to Ame to giggle while she was bathing. Five minutes and a clean baby later, I walked out to my room to dress Ame in her nightie. Harry waited expectantly for me to ask him my question. So while I was dressing Ame I asked. "My dad had an idea. And I thought it was a good one. But wasn't really sure of it. But if I had people with me it wouldn't be bad, I don't think at least. But," I started rambling before Harry cut me off.




"Hermione, what did you want to know?"




"Okay, my dad thought it would be a good idea for me to get my own house. He's going to co-sign for a loan as well as put a down payment on it for me. But I wasn't sure because I wouldn't have anyone with me. And a house is a big responsibility for a young single mother. But what I was wondering, was if you think maybe if you and Gin might want to move in with me for a bit. Maybe even Ron and Lavender if they want to. My dad's letting me pick the house out or even have it built if I want to. He's kind of spoiling me. But I was thinking four bedrooms, three and a half baths, and office, and an open main floor, that way I could always have an eye on Ame as she grows. I know it's a big question to ask suddenly. But you guys are like family. And I know you wouldn't hurt me going into something like this," I asked hoping that he would at least think about it. "I know you have Grimwauld Place to go to. But it'd just be for a couple years until we're all really ready to be on our own."




"I think it would be a good idea. So, I'm in. I'll talk to Gin, Ron, and Lavender when I get back. I'm sure they'll go for it too. Plus Ron and me are going into Auror training, so the girls will be lonely most of the time. Oh, don't tell anyone I told you this. But Ron is proposing to Lavender at Christmas. He helped George out at the shop and saved all summer to get her a ring," Harry said before hugging me quickly.




"Well, you probably should get back before they worry," I laughed as we walked into Ame's nursery and I put Ame in her crib. I made sure her baby monitor was on before I lightly closed the door and we walked downstairs to the fireplace.




"Night, Harry. Tell everyone else I goodnight to them too. I'm going to get some sleep while Ame's sleeping," I laughed lightly before her said goodnight and disappeared through the fireplace.




I was happy for Ron and Lavender. I know everyone thinks I'm head over heals for him. But I'm really not, if anything, him and Harry both are like brothers to me. Like Ginny is like my sister. They're there when I need them and they don't judge me for being me. I love them all for that. 





I'm sorry again for the freakishly short chapter. I promise the next is a lot longer than both this and the first combined.

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