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No Awkwardness by CharliesRose
Chapter 15 : The Lions and the Snakes
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‘Good morning sunshine!’

‘Bleugh.’ Yes, you heard, (or read) correctly, the only half intelligible thing that managed to escape my lips at this time of the morning wasn’t even really a word. It was a bleugh. To make matters worse, Dominique was in the best mood I’d seen her in all week.

Double Bleugh.

‘I said,’ Dom trilled again skipping into the Quidditch changing rooms, ‘good morning-’

‘Nothing good about being awake at four o’clock in the morning!’ I mumbled.

‘James.’ Dominique started.

‘Mhmm,’ I shot her a very evil glare that read something along the lines of if-you-remind-me-it-was-my-idea-to-train-at-four-in-the-bloody-morning-you-will-die. Cleverly enough she closed her mouth and I continued eating my plain, and slightly disgustingly soggy, toast.

Ok so technically it wasn’t four in the morning, it was six. But when you wake up at six in the morning on a Saturday, even if it is super important and means you will win the match later, it still feels like four o’clock. Still, we had to train because we were going to win the last match of the season if my life depended on it.

Yes you heard correctly, it was the last match of my sixth year. We were two months away from the end of school. It had been longer than that that I had been dating (if making out classified as dating) Charla... ah Char.

‘Remind me why we’re doing this?’ Lily yawned. She was still half dressed, so tired she hadn’t even bothered to go into one of the stalls to put on her Quidditch robes. Nope, she was standing in the middle of the changing rooms (which in all fairness was only otherwise occupied by me and Dom, the others had yet to turn up, and we are family) in her tracksuit bottoms and a luminous pink bra decorated with purple dinosaurs.

Oh, because my life ambition has always been to see what my sisters Lucky Bra looks like...

I hope your reading the sarcasm.

‘Oh it’s too early,’ a new voice grumbled, this caused Lily to yelp and duck behind a curtain, peering round with her big brown eyes to see who the new comer was.

‘Albus?’ Dominique leant forward and stared, she got up and felt his forehead, ‘are you coming down with something?’

‘What?’ Albus muttered, pushing her away.

‘Never thought I’d see the day Albus Potter willingly turned up for Quidditch training,’ Lily laughed, coming out again, still wearing virtually nothing, and began rummaging through her Quidditch bag.

‘Never thought I’d see that!’ Albus groaned, scrunching up his nose and covering his eyes.

‘Oh grow up Al,’ Lily rolled her eyes, turning back with her hands on her hips, ‘not like you haven’t seen it before, I’m your sister.’

‘There is no way,’ he grumbled, stepping into a shower stall, ‘I’m related to you two Quidditch nuts.’

‘And yet you turned up for Quidditch training,’ and that signalled the entrance of the last four players on my team. Freddie marched in first, and being the bloody annoying cousin he is, Freddie is one hundred and one percent a morning person. He didn’t even look in the slightest bit tired. He grinned and chattered and proved to all of us just how annoying morning people can be.

Sisi and Sophie didn’t look too bad, (well Sisi looked terribly skinny and I was still too scared to talk to her but neither of them looked tired) they had gotten away without bags under their eyes unlike me and Albus, but they did yawn occasionally and almost fall asleep leaning against the wall.

Charla, well typically enough Charla looked perfect. I mean she always did and what-not but... you know... well... ok I’m going to stop talking (or thinking) now.

‘Hey captain,’ she grinned, flopping down onto the bench beside me and pulling out a mass of Quidditch robes, ‘Lily, Albus, Dom...’ she nodded to each of them as a greeting, ‘wait Dom?’ she asked, ‘what are you doing here.’

‘I,’ Dominique grinned proudly, puffing out her chest, ‘am your new manager.’

‘Manager, but, what? I mean...’ she looked towards me for some kind of explanation.

‘Whatever she says,’ I muttered under my breath, ‘it was not my idea.’

‘Ok,’ Char raised her eyebrows, ‘manager.’

The training session wasn’t so bad, we chucked a quaffle around and watched Fred and Roisia bat a bludger back and forth between them (try saying that ten times really fast!) Albus had improved since his training with Puddlemere, he was now not just ‘brilliant,’ he was ‘superbloodybrilliantlikeyoucouldnotbelieve!’

I was just thrilled that meant we would be winning this came against the Snakes (who we were playing again this season.) And as for Sophie. That girl is gonna be a legend when she was older!

‘So guys,’ we sat around the changing room, dressed in our kits and ready to go. Ten O’clock was quickly dawning on us, and apart from a break for breakfast we had been training and going over strategies since six. ‘Are you ready to kick some Snake Butt?’

‘I didn’t know Snakes had butts,’ Fred piped up, ever the idiot, ‘well I suppose they must have because otherwise how do they-’

‘OK FREDDIE,’ I said very loudly, cutting off his charming rant about Snakes rear ends, ‘THERE IS A FIRST YEAR IN THE ROOM, CAN WE PLEASE KEEP THE CONVERSATION APPROPRIATE?’

Fred looked a little hurt but somehow I knew cutting off that kind of conversation wasn’t exactly life threatening.

Sophie on the other hand, snickered from beside her sister, who was looking slightly wistfully in Fred’s direction. After their ‘date’ in Hogsmeade on the day Char and I got together, nothing happened, which left both of them feeling crappy and sad. But that was a different story.

‘Ok well,’ I began, ‘you know you guys are bloody brilliant-’

‘Yes James, we know but I would feel more brilliant if I wasn’t tied to a post,’ Albus drawled. It was Lily’s turn to snicker.

‘Yes, that’s lovely Albus,’ I glared at him, ‘as I was saying, you guys are bloody brilliant, even when you’re tied to posts,’ I looked pointedly at Al, ‘and even when you try and run away from matches,’ I looked pointedly at Al again, ‘and I know we’re going to win today because we’re cool like that...’ I paused, ‘so yeah, that’s all I wanted to say.’

‘Nice speech Captain,’ Lily laughed, ‘let’s go kick some Snake Arse guys.’

‘Language Lily Potter!’ Albus and I started at the same time. She just winked and flicked her hair over her shoulder, strutting out the changing room followed by my team. I let Albus go with a wave of my wand and he grabbed his broom stalking out after the others.

He acted annoyed, but it always struck me that he couldn’t be that annoyed because he never untied himself.

‘You coming,’ Char poked her head round the door. Her hair had been pulled back into its Quidditch style, but a strand had escaped and was dancing in front of my eyes. She walked towards me, never letting her eyes leave mine and wrapped her fingers around my robes at my chest. ‘Nervous?’ she whispered.

‘Nah,’ I muttered, my nose brushed against hers, ‘you lot are amazing, we’ll win!’

‘You’re amazing too you know James,’ she breathed.

‘I know.’

I kissed her lightly, my lips grazing hers so gently I barely felt it. Except I did feel it, because the moment we touched fireworks exploded behind my closed eyes. They did every time. Her hands instinctively crept up , winding her arms tightly around my neck as we deepened the kiss. I cupped her face with my hand, bent over her.

‘Oi,’ Lily made her reappearance and found the two of us locked together and grimaced, ‘get a room!’ she yelled unceremoniously.

I broke away from Char, who had her back facing Lils, and rested my chin on her head, ‘we had a room until you rudely interrupted.’ I pointed out.


The very loud voice she used snapped us out of our little... whatever you want to call it... and we dashed for the door, mounting our brooms, taking our places on the pitch.

‘A nice clean game,’ Professor Delacour smiled (she had taken up the post as ref at all the matches this year.)

‘And there’s Professor Dels,’ Lorcan cried over the megaphone, ‘telling the players to keep the game clean.’

‘I mean come on, a clean game with the Snakes?’ his twin Lysander finished for him.

Amili shot them a very dirty look, but I doubt they noticed because we were so far up. I tipped my head at her and grinned. Who let those two commentate, surely it’s a foul for being so funny it’s distracting.

‘And there’s Lily Potter,’ Lorcan said.

‘She’s very pretty don’t you think Lorc,’ Lysander put in.

‘Yes I do Ly,’ Lorcan replied. ‘But her head is filled with fiznottles.’

‘What a pity,’ Lysander sighed.

I looked over at Lily who was blushing beetroot red and mouthing at me what the heck is a fiznottle. I shrugged.

Mentally preparing myself and zoning out from the roars of laughter that the Scamander brothers were causing, I faintly heard a whistle blow and watched Lily dip to get the Quaffle. Only she kept going down, narrowly dodging a bludger that had been walloped by Goyle (who the hell let that blob of fat play?), that bastard.

However Char was right behind her, grabbing the scruff of Lily’s collar so she didn’t fall and plucking the Quaffle out of the air with her free hand, only to realise she wasn’t holding her broom so she chucked the Quaffle over her shoulder skilfully, right into my hands.

I dived and turned, almost already at the goal post, facing Amber Nott and her Keeping skills.

‘Hey Amz,’ I smiled winningly.

‘Just shoot Potter,’ she scowled. Ah, pity she hadn’t been paying attention or she would have seen Charlie hovering around the left goalpost. I threw the Quaffle, Char caught it and didn’t have it in her hands more than a millisecond before she shot... and scored. And then blew me a kiss which was not clever because I was trying not to be distracted.

‘And that’s the first goal of the last match, ten – nil to the Gryffie’s, I always knew that Wood girl was good at Quidditch,’ Lysander announced.

‘No you didn’t,’ Lorcan argued, ‘just this morning you told me she was rubbish!’

I shoot my head, ah, kids. Ok well they were actually Lily’s age but technicalities.

Besides I didn’t have much time to think about that before I was off again, ducking and dodging between players. Somewhere far above me I saw Albus, we had agreed that we were already in the lead, points wise, he could catch the Snitch any time he liked.

Clearly Snitchy didn’t want to be caught today.

Then I had the Quaffle and was going again, off towards the goal and scoring another point before you could say Quidditch.

Hell, before you could think Quidditch.

We played like the Bosses we are... and if you’re stupid, by that I mean we played sosupermegadamnbrilliantlyawesomeslytherindidn’tscoreapoint!

Yes, you got it, by the time Albus caught the snitch half way through a Wronsky Feint when it appeared right by his nose, we were in the lead one hundred and fifty points to... da da da daaaa, drum roll please, NIL! Slytherin scored a grand (and very, very, round) total of ZERO!

‘OH YES!’ I punched the air, ‘take that you Snakes!’

Freddie was obviously thrilled, I mean he was going round and round on his broom screaming at the top of his lungs ‘LIONS ARE VICTORIOUS!’

Lily was doing some weird happy dance thing as she did a victory lap of the stadium.

I span round on my broom, my eyes meeting Charla, I propelled myself towards her. She was smiling one massive, sweet, and totally cheesy smile and I had almost reached her when everything froze.

A scream.

My blood ran cold.

My heart literally stopped.

Because Charla had lost her grin.

She was no longer looking at me, her eyes focused behind me.

I turned again.

I knew that scream.

My Lily.

My baby Lily.





Oh um well, wow. Ok well tell me honestly, how many of you saw that one coming, I mean really. It was just too good wasn’t it? Everyone happy, they had won, too good right? Please don’t hate me. Well I guess this classifies as a cliffhanger, which I don’t think I do very often but yeah...

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, JK Rowling invented all things harry potter and if you recognise anything else I didn’t invent that either.

Please: Please leave a review telling me what you think, did you like Lorcan and Lysander? And Dominique appointed herself as manager, and Freddie... oh dearie me Freddie.








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