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Morph by lanniejo
Chapter 5 : Attack
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A yawn went through me, to infect the rest of the table of teens. Fred’s mouth opened to a shocking amounts, and his yawn was piercing loud.

“You ready to go?” Teddy asked, putting his chin on the top of my head, and looked down at my hand of cards.

I nodded, and played my royal flush, causing a wheel of groans on every side of the table.

“It’s the Malfoy in her, makes her deceiving.” Hugo muttered angrily.

The others looked at him surprised and on different levels of irritated, Rose elbowed his ribs, scowling at him. I just chuckled lightly as I scooped the candy we’d been using to bet with. “You got that right Hugo.”

As I stood up, the others did to following me and Teddy to the front door. “I’ll disapparate you home.” He told me tiredly, but a happy smile stayed on his face content with the time he spent with his family.


Mrs. Potter enveloped me in a hug, whispering in my ear. “It was nice to meet you.”

I nodded, having not expected the amount of motherly care in her voice, it made me ache for a mother who cared for me in that way. “Thank you for having me over Mrs. Potter.”

She shrugged. “Call me Ginny, and it was my pleasure.”

I received the same warm goodbye from the other women in the family, Harry and Ron gave me a firm handshake and joked about me beating James in quidditch. James heard his name and looked up from where he stood in the doorway, then realizing from the chortling of his father and uncle they were teasing him he rolled his eyes.

“ Lets go.” I told Teddy, and he lead me out the front door as a chorus of ‘goodbye’s rang through the home.

As we walked further out onto their lawn, past the line where you could disapparate, it was put up during the war to protect them from death eaters disapparating straight into their home, Teddy gave me his arm.

Just as I reached out to link my arm with his, a blue flash of light hit me from the side.

Agony shot through me shocking my side, and causing me to scream a blood curdling scream. Splotches of red and black blurred my vision as I fell flat on my back to writhe uselessly. I duly noted a gasp somewhere near me, and Teddy’s face came into view.

I grabbed him by the collar, and pulled his ear to my mouth. “Teddy run. They only want me.” My voice stumbled over the words, but I forced them out.

His eyes widened then narrowed. “I wouldn’t do that to you Lia. No one could.”

Then he stood and walked past me.

Panic flooded me, I had never intended for me to get so attached to my mentor, never depended on him to protect me, or be like the wise big brother Scorpius hadn’t been.

I couldn’t be the cause of his death.

I struggled to my feet to see the chaos unfolding around me; Harry and Ginny shared a stunned look as they saw me stand, then they retracted their wands and sprinted in the direction Teddy had gone.

Victoire ran to catch up, her face masked with indifference as her boyfriend ran after my attacker.

George and Ron followed immediately, but Charlie, Hermione and Angela stayed behind, stepping in front of their children and casting me furtive glances of concern.

I stopped to use my wolf heightened senses to locate the attackers.

A distinctive scent hit me from the left, and the dry grass crinkled under foot as the person walked out from the wheat field surrounding me.

His face was unfamiliar, a hard rectangular face shape, strong jaw under taut olive toned skin. He had a cruel smile curling at his thin lips, and his eyes...his eyes! They were a amber color that brought memories to the surface, a werewolf standing over me his yellow eyes boring into mine.

This man was the werewolf who changed me. A surge of fear went through me, and his smile widened as he smelt it on me. “How are you doing with the...adjustments?” His husky voice asked loudly.

I glanced at the frozen looks of shock on the Weasley clan behind me,luckily out of hearing range, they must be wondering whether not I was worth saving. I wanted to tell them not to waste their time.

“Why? What use am I to you?” I asked, proud that I kept my words steady.

He laughed, it was an unnatural sound coming from him. “Don’t you recognize me? No? I’m the son of Fenrir Greyback, the man your father betrayed and sent to Azkaban.”

I had heard about my fathers ministry work in sending the main deatheaters to azkaban, another part of his duty to repay his debts to society. “What does that have to do with me?”

“Everything. You didn’t expect them to sacrifice the boy did you, he has to carry out the legacy of purebloods. Even revenge can’t break that cycle.” His words caused my blood to run cold. Who was he talking about when he said ‘them’ what kind of person would agree to this.

“Oh you don’t know, well its pretty obvious what her intentions were with that twin birth spell, quite hard for her to create.” My heart wrenched as this sunk in.

Unexpected tears stung at my eyes, and poured down in steady streams down my face, running tracks down the dirt covering my skin. “Liar.” I said weakly.

“Hardly.” He chuckled taking to long steps toward me. “Now enough chatter, I have work to do.”

By now I was ready to face the curse he uttered, I stood still as the green flash shot out at me, just to be tackled to the ground at the last second.


Albus POV

I pushed past Aunt Angela, to her horror and sprinted after Lia, the protective side of me growing and screaming out in rage.

The man towered over her by at least two feet and his golden eyes darted from her side to her face. His words hit me.

“I have work to do.” Then he whispered a foreign spell.

Maybe it was because of the years I’d watched Lia’s conversations or her reactions to various things, but the way she straightened her back and lifted her head to face the curse I knew she wasn’t planning a counterattack.

I dived into her back once I got close enough, and we hit the ground as an emerald spell shot over head and dissipated once it couldn’t find a victim. A cold fist clenched my heart as I realized what the spell was he said, and I couldn’t decide who I was more furious with; Lia for accepting death or the stranger for almost killing her.

I settled on the stranger, and rose to my feet, my wielding my wand determinedly.

Before I knew what hit me, I was in a duel, the cracking sound of hexes and curses colliding ringing in my ears, I deflected alot, but initiated most of the spells. I took a step towards him and he stepped back to my utter pleasure, then we were in a dance of sorts shuffling forward running back, all the while flicking our wands and dodging curses.

It never occurred to me that I was practicing underaged magic, okay maybe it did, but I was too distracted by the cruciatus curse directed at my chest.

A voice shouted at me, but I was too deep in. Finally a hand slapped my face and I snapped out of it, my fathers eyes stared into mine with irritation. “Get a grip. He’s gone.”

I stopped, but the adrenaline was pumping in my veins and my chest heaved with ragged breaths. “Where is she?” I asked, ignoring the confused look he gave me before answering.

He pointed to the right. “She’s with Ginny.”

I nodded and walked past him to where mum was healing Lia’s wounds.

Her face was stoic and unreadable as she watched my mothers wand wave in front of her, but I could see the puffiness of her eyes and the red tint of her nose, registering the fact that she had infact been crying. Now she was void of emotion.

“Okay I’m done. Do you want to go home now, or...?” Mum stopped when a flicker of rejection so raw came over Lia’s face, but disappeared almost immediately.

Lia didn’t answer and her face was blank of emotions again, her eyes slightly glazed over as she stared off into the night sky.

“I think she’s in shock, Teddy help Harry take her inside quickly.” Mum said.

Instead of standing there and watching them take her away like I should have, but you should already know by now how obsessively protective of her I am, I bent down and picked her up bridal style.

“Al you should rest and let me check your injuries.” My mom said, putting a gentle hand on my shoulder.

“I’m not tired.” I told her, walking to the burrow, with them trailing closely behind.

Fred opened the door for me, his eyes never leaving Lia’s face, a mixture of shock and worry playing out over his shadowed features.

I set her down into the couch, draping a thick blanket over her tired frame.

My cousins stood in the kitchen their eyes flickering between me and Lia, James appraised me with brotherly understanding.

Rose stepped out of the group and walked forward next to the couch. “We need to get the blood to her head, Teddy prop her feet up with those cushions, Al talk to her, anything to get her mind off the attack. Hugo get a wash cloth and run it under warm water, everybody out of this room we need to give her space.”

Rose’s said with so much authority that we did as we were told, as she waved a wand over Lia inspecting her wounds Hermione gave her a proud look, ever since last year Rose’s wanted to be a healer and the training has paid off.

I stood at the head of the couch, pulling a chair to sit in. It took me a minute to think about what to say, but then Rose mumbled; “Talk about quidditch.” and that was all it took.

“So I told James that you couldn’t possibly learn the sloth move by the game next week, but he was pretty adamant about it-” Hugo walked into the room with the washcloth interrupting my thoughts, he handed it to Rose, but I intercepted it. “I’ll do that.” I said roughly.

Hugo hesitated, but gave it to me anyways. I ignored the watchful eyes of Teddy, who sat in the love seat across the living room, his head in his hands, and stroked her forehead with the rag. “Anyways,”

I continued my tale, getting a little excited every time her eyelids fluttered open, or when she started gaining color back into her face.

A loud ‘POP!’ interrupted my spiel about my first quidditch game. “Where is she?” A very disgruntled Scorpius asked, his platinum blond hair tousled messily. He spotted her immediately on the couch, and dropped to his knees next to Rose, I didn’t miss the fact that Rose blushed profusely when he did this.

“What happened?” His voice took on a strong tone, he slipped his hand through hers, and looked expectantly at Teddy.

“Ex- Death eaters. They attacked...well we’re not really sure who their target was, Lia was pretty convinced that she was...and seeing as she’s the only one who got hurt it makes sense.” Teddy said, only just piecing it together himself.

To say I was surprised that Lia was being targeted was an understatement. “What?!” I exclaimed synchronized with Scorpius.

“She told me to run after they hit her with that spell, that they only wanted her, I told her I couldn’t do that to her. I went over to the place where the curse came from...,but it was just to get us away from her.” He pinched the skin between his eyebrows. “I should have stayed with her.”

Scorpius bristled, rising to his feet and taking a step towards Teddy. “Yes you should have! Why the hell would you just leave her after the-”

Scorpius was interrupted by a moan from Lia.

We all fell silent, then a scuffle came from the kitchen as the cousins rose from their chairs and gathered at the doorway just in time to see Lia awaken. She tried to sit up really fast, but when she was a few inches off the couch she cried out and fell back down, water gathering in her eyes.

I clenched her hand, and she looked up at me with a mix of emotions. “Why did you save me?” She asked with a burning curiosity.

Scorpius eyes snapped to my face. “You would do the same for me.” I said dismissively. Lia nodded slowly, clearly distracted.

“Are you okay?” Scorpius asked, coming back to her side.

Lia stiffened, and she turned to look at Scorpius, her reaction to him confused me. After a moment of long suffering silence she finally spoke. “Did you know?” Scorpius’s face was blank, and just as puzzled as I felt. “Of course you did, she would have told you. It only makes sense that way.” She said with a bitterness that shocked me.

“What are you talking about?” Scorpius asked.

Lia glared at the ceiling, tears starting to fall from her eyes. “How come you never told me Scorp? I wouldn’t have blamed you, you know. If I was her I would pick you too.” These words didn’t appear to make sense to Scorpius either. “But I would have liked to know...”

We were silent, and I felt suddenly aware of the audience. “You should have told me I was born to die.”


Authors note; OH MY GOODNESS! :) Dramabomb!! SO what do you think about them apples?

So Lia's mom is sacrificing Lia! (Explanation coming soon) And Al is getting mushy...aww... and Scorpius how does he take the news, not to mention going to Hogwarts to soon.

Next chapter will also be super drama filled, Moowahahaha!!

Review. PRETTY PLEASE?? *Makes Puppy eyes* They make me so happy.


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