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Star Crossed Lovers by Zyii
Chapter 2 : Outrageous Lily
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Strong Language

Outrageous Lily

Hi I’m Lily and I’m outrageous. Or so people tell me. It’s a good word outrageous, not like boring, dull or bland. I like being outrageous. It’s fun. Besides you have to be loud growing up with two brothers and famous parents. I don’t mind having famous parents, Albus thinks it’s a bore and James is embarrassed by it but I like it. I think it’s good knowing what my parents did to save the world. I don’t feel overshadowed by them at all, just because they’re famous doesn’t mean I won’t get a chance to shine myself.

Have you met my best friend Kaitlin? Isn’t she amazing! I wished my brother saw more of how amazing she is. I think they’d make an amazing couple, just think of all the beautiful children they’d have together. I think at some point we’ve all wondered about the two of them getting together but it just hasn’t seemed to have happened. My brother is an idiot, he always goes after the blonde bimbos. They aren’t interested in him, it’s just his looks and the fortune and fame that comes with him. I will never understand why he goes for those kind of people or why he never sees what they’re really like.

Back to Kaitlin, she has a secret. I know she does but I’m never able to crack it. It must be big if she’s kept it a secret all these years. I will find out her secret.

“Boo” I shouted, I loved waking Kaitlin up in the morning, she was definitely not a morning person, it was ridiculously funny, she’d moan and groan until she eventually fell of the bed in a heap of sheets. She’d brighten up once you gave her food and a glass of orange juice. She was obsessed with orange juice, you know how people who are addicted to coffee get all twitchy if they don’t have it? Well that was Kaitlin with orange juice.

I was surprised out of my ramblings not from Kaitlin falling to the floor like I’d assumed but by a slap in the face. Ahh, I shouldn’t have stayed so close, damn though, she has quite an arm on her. Never saw that coming, she’s not usually very violent but with her mood on the train yesterday I guess anything is possible.

She glared at me, wow, I never noticed how evil she could glare. I actually feel quite worried now.

“I was sleeping” she said.

“Well now you have to get up!” I replied sweetly.

“What godforsaken time have you woke me up at?” she demanded.

“Oh hush, it’s 7:30am, breakfast is in half an hour, I thought you’d appreciate that time to get dressed, or I could just pull you down to breakfast with you still in your pajamas” I said.

“Fine, I’m getting up” she grumbled hauling her still sleepy self to the bathroom for a shower.

She really was funny in the mornings, so grumpy and disorientated.

Ok so breakfast today was an event I could have done without, I mean Hogwarts only has house tables for the sorting of first years and the end of year feast, its normally just a bunch of tables and you can sit anywhere you like. See we have this one table we always sit at, I was looking forward to sitting at my table with my friends. What I didn’t expect was to find James and that bitch Harmony sitting there, I knew this was a ploy on her behalf. She probably just wanted to get me angry enough to retaliate then she could play the poor victim to my brother. I don’t even know how she convinced him to sit at the table, I clearly stated I didn’t want him anywhere near me till he’d dumped her. Oh well, there goes my spectacular morning.

Well I wasn’t going to back down just because she was sitting there, I walked over determined to ignore her and felt a dejected Kaitlin slide in beside me. Poor Kaitlin, my brother’s an idiot. Harmony was ignoring us, so was my brother for that matter, was this a ploy of some sort, were we supposed to ask what they were doing here? Oh I really just want to put her in her place, which FYI isn’t next to my brother. I don’t know when he’s going to grow up and realize what an appearance based man he is. None of the girls he dates have any actual intelligence or nice bones in their body, they’re all after his looks, his name and his money. I don’t get how he can’t see it, Albus say’s it’s because James is insecure and afraid of being alone, but if that is the case then it’s pretty pathetic.

Well I’m not going to tell the childish antics of those at this table spoil my day, I ate my breakfast quickly along with Kaitlin and Crystal. Anyone with a brain could tell that Kaitlin was finding James and his current girlfriend unbearable. I can totally understand where she’s coming from, it’s hard to fall for someone who doesn’t like you back, and even worse when they have a girlfriend who loathes you and the relationship between the two is paraded around in front of you. Brother or jerk friends come first. Great now my brain is rambling on about the sadness of Kaitlin’s love for my brother. As much as I love both of them I don’t need this right now. I got problems of my own, problems like that very attractive Ravenclaw over there.

Why is it that all too soon classes are about to begin then you are thrust from class to class never quite managing to get your bearings quite right. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hogwarts and I’m an above average in all my classes, I guess it can sometimes get a bit much especially at the beginning of term when you just feel like you’re relearning things that you learnt the year before. I swear some idiots don’t practice at all in the summer.

Kaitlin is quiet to my left throughout the day’s lessons while Crystal can’t stop talking. I don’t mind, it’s fun being in the middle of the two. Kaitlin takes her school work seriously why Crystal is more laid back. We’re a funny trio, a lot of girls seem jealous of us, for reasons I’ve yet to discover, others dislike us, some do like us and then there are those odd ones that seem to worship us but I guess that’s the reality of school life.

Oh after those two hours in potions I wonder why I even bother to get up this morning, today definitely wasn’t turning into the happy free day I’d been hoping for. I’ve a good mind to go find fate and smack him for making my day miserable. But what’s this; oh I could have some fun here. It’s a shame no one is around to see my famous evil smirk in practice.

Harmony should really learn not to travel the corridors alone, where was her gang of blonde bimbos. She usually never left without them. I didn’t even think she had the brain to get rid of them. Oh she’s clocked me, I wonder what wonderful insult she’ll say this time.

“Oh, it’s you, what are you doing here?” ok so that wasn’t the comment I was expecting.

“Well this is a corridor and I appear to be walking down it” I replied sarcastically.

“Whatever, you’re in my way” she replied.

What did she want, the entire corridor to walk down?

“Are you calling yourself fat?” I asked.

“How dare you, I am not fat!” she shouted.

“Then why do you need me to move? This is a vast corridor aren’t you skinny enough to squeeze past me?” ahh, I know if this was any other person I wouldn’t do this because it was wrong but it was just so tempting to sink to her level, especially when I was much better at it than she was.

“You should shut up or I’ll tell your brother” she replied.

Oh how original, “Why would it bother me if you told my brother? I don’t listen to a thing he says, especially now he’s dating a slag like you” I said.

“I’m not a slag” she said.

“Oh so my brother is your first boyfriend then?” I asked sweetly.

“You’re just jealous I take your brothers attention from you”

Ok clearly she was deluded, “I couldn’t care less about where my brothers attention is, although I do worry about his brain cells with you around”.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“If you can’t work it out, then it wasn’t meant to be” I said.

“Whatever, you’re a bitch. Tell your little friend Kaitlin to stay away from James alright” she demanded.

“Why would Kaitlin be a threat to you?” I replied.

“Shut up, I know about her stupid little crush, James would never look at someone like her. Tell her to stay away, no one wants to see her pathetic attempts at talking to him” she spat.

Oh first it was fun to wind her up, now she was just irritating me, clearly she hadn’t heard much of my well established temper.

“You know, you really shouldn’t insult my friends in front of me” I said.

“What because you’ll run to your brother? Oh wait, he won’t listen to you while he’s with me and who else do you have to run to? Little Albus, please, I’d hardly call him a man” she droned on.

“Ok now you’ve insult my friend and my family, you really don’t have much of a brain do you” I raised my wand to her face, I couldn’t help but think that she deserved this, after all, there were hundreds of people in Hogwarts just dying to do the same thing to her.

“What are you doing? You can’t attack me in the corridors” she shrieked.

“Who said anything about attacking you?” I replied, waving my wand in an advanced set of motions, there all done.

“What did you do to me?” she trembled.

“Oh nothing much, but it has a lasting effect, you’ll be like that for a few days” I replied, laughing as she ran off down the corridor no doubt in search of a mirror to see the damage.

Oh now I couldn’t wait for dinner. I knew Madame Jane wouldn’t be able to fix her. Some of my spells were legendary, and more often than not only I knew the counter spells or the teachers seemed to ignore the problem.

In some ways I was more like a Marauder than my brother. Albus didn’t really like anything unless it was a book or involved his best friend Scorpius and James used to be into pranking but since he discovered girls he’s given up on causing mischief. No one however, ever expects little old Lily Potter to be a prankster, and boy do I love pranking. I try to keep it at a pg level unless it’s someone like Harmony, then all hell is unleashed. The funny thing is that I’m never caught, no one ever sees me as a prankster, in fact no one has guessed that I’m behind them yet, they all call me the ‘mysterious prankster’. I think perhaps on my last day of school I’ll announce myself as the Hogwarts prankster, it would be a nice way to go.

I couldn’t stop giggling now, I can just imagine James’ face as he sets his eyes on Harmony. I guess I’m more like my Mum that I thought, I just can’t sit back and watch my brother ruin his life, the bitch has to go. My brother behaves like Sirius, of course I never met him but Dad always used to tell stories about him, I think my brother is just like Sirius was in school. As with all playboys though, they will eventually fall for someone and when they do, you better believe it will be explosive.

I was walking back to Gryffindor common room when I saw Kaitlin.

“What did you do?!” she hissed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I replied.

“You know what I mean, if possible, you’ve made Harmony look worse than she already did” said Kaitlin.

“Meh, I was simply giving her a makeover” I said slowly.

“Ha some makeover. You know James is going to kill you when he finds out” she murmured.

“I couldn’t care less what my brother does, serve him right for dating her” I replied.

“If she wasn’t such a bitch I might have felt sorry for her” said Kaitlin, although there was a small part of her that felt no one should be on the receiving end of Lily’s wand.

“You know I heard her boasting about all the boy’s she’s been with” I said, “She didn’t even mention James”.

“Makes you wonder doesn’t it”.

“Makes me realize what she’s after you mean” I said bitterly.

Kaitlin looked at me puzzled.

“They all want James for the same reasons, they aren’t very bright the girls he chooses”.

“What do they want him for” whispered Kaitlin, she looked quite upset.

“Fame, fortune, and social standing. None of them want him for himself. It’s pathetic really, yet he still goes after them” I muttered, my brother, world class idiot. Could he not see the beauty right in front of him?

The fat lady was in sight.

“Fizzballs” said Kaitlin and we waited while she opened up.

It was a rare occurrence to walk into the common room and find it A) void of all people and B) deathly silent. It was the type of situation that made you want to run away very quickly. Looking straight ahead I saw my dear brother impatiently tapping his foot, his arms crossed over his chest, his eyes alight with anger, and that weird vein on his forehead twitching. Conclusion, he knows!

“Ahh dear brother of mine, scared away all the students again, what did you do this time” I mocked, the vein twitching was his only sign of movement.

I thought Kaitlin might move away but she had the expression of being caught in the headlights, captive between James’ and my own stares.

“Why did you do it?” asked my brother.

“Why not?” I replied cheekily.

My brother just continued to glare, oh he really had sucked all the fun out of his life. We used to be really close my brother and I, now I looked at him and saw an empty shell of what he once was, I never thought my brother would be so blind or be the one to get walked over by a girl, but I guess I was wrong.

“What you did wasn’t funny” he said.

“I disagree, it was very funny. I succeeded where so many others failed”.

“What do you mean by that” he demanded.

“If you can’t work it out I’m not going to tell you, you don’t listen to me anyway” I said.

“Just undo it” he said.

“I can’t” I replied.

“What!!” he bellowed.

“You charmed it with a counter word didn’t you” said Kaitlin speaking for the first time.

“You’re very smart Kaitlin and you are right, I did just that” I smiled.

“What’s the counter word?” demanded my brother.

“Why would I tell you that, this is between me and your darling girlfriend” I replied sweetly.

“What has gotten into you recently” said my brother.

“I think the correct question is what has gotten into you dear brother. I mean I’ll admit that your previous flirtations and girlfriends haven’t exactly been, hmm how should I put this, able to string two words together? But Harmony, well you really put the cherry on the cake with that one. Tell Harmony that when she’s ready, she can come and talk to me” I said.

James huffed angrily, clearly annoyed at my behavior, and stormed up to the boys dormitory, I bet anything he wanted her changed back because he couldn’t stand kissing her in her current state. Let me tell you what I did, see we all know how much Harmony treasures her appearance, so I merely took away the one thing she prides above all others. I made all her hair fall out, turned her skin a sickly yellow colour and wrote the word ‘bitch’ across her forehead, in my opinion I think that is a fabulous makeover and as Kaitlin pointed out, I did indeed charm the counter curse into a word. The spell will simply stop working if Harmony comes to me and apologizes sincerely. Now you can see why it was so ingenious, for Harmony would never with all her pride, come and apologize to me. Needless to say, she’ll remain in her current makeover state until she crumbles before me admitting defeat.

It is my greatest desire to see her booted from James’ life, and I’m beginning to think that there is more going on between the bullying Harmony gives to Kaitlin, it’s almost like Harmony has something on Kaitlin, that makes Kaitlin act like a small mouse. I’m telling you it is most disconcerting.

Anyhow after my brother’s outburst, (such a rude boy isn’t he), the rest of the day was relatively normal, dinner passed as a chance only to catch up with gossip and stuff faces full of food. I was hoping to get started on some homework after dinner, I know lessons have only just started but teachers weren’t called teachers for nothing and I’d prefer to get it out of the way, so I headed to the library.

It was when I approached that I heard the unmistakable sounds of people arguing, and not the usual suspects but my brother Albus and Kaitlin. Whatever they were arguing about I’d obviously come too late to hear but I clearly saw Kaitlin leave with tears in her eyes. I tried to stop her and ask her what was wrong but she pushed me away, saying it was nothing and that she really needed to get going.

That made me angry and hurt, hurt that she’d pushed me away and angry at whatever Albus had done to make her cry, I turned back towards the library ready to give my brother a good whipping for upsetting my friend but he had already scarpered (clever boy). I decided to get a start of my homework anyway, not bothering to think of anyone else’s problems, it had been a busy first day as it was, why overcomplicate things?

Wait, before you go, rest assured, I will find out what is going on! I am after all Lily Potter.

Just to let you know, I am eating the worlds best cheese and tomato sarnie! My Dad made it for me :3  ~ Zyii 


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