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Without a Trace by ad astra
Chapter 8 : Parting Ways
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There was little left for the Doctor and Rory to do, having discovered the wizards were the only ones who could control the Angels. They were waiting inside the cemetery, armed with their wands in case the Angels woke up and started being dangerous again, leaving the Doctor to pace around the TARDIS and try to work out if there was anything he was missing.

“You just can’t handle the fact that you’re not the one saving the day,” Amy pointed out.

“Of course I can handle it. What am I missing, Amy? Am I missing anything?”

“I think the wizards have it covered. Speaking of the wizards, can I meet them?”

“They’re in the cemetery with the Angels, you can’t go in there.”

“I thought you said they’d killed them.”

“Not killed, immobilised. We still need them alive until we can bring their friend back, otherwise he’s stuck in wherever the Angels have sent him.”



“You said the wizards are in the cemetery with the angels?”

“Yes, but they’ve immobilised them, they’re safe.”

“But they’re still looking at them, Doctor.”

“Well yes, they need someone to watch them – ” The Doctor cut himself off abruptly as he realised what she was saying. “Everything that holds the image of an angel becomes an angel itself.”

He bounded over to the console, giving Rory just enough time to leap back into the TARDIS before they took off, materialising inside the cemetery. The Doctor opened the door cautiously, peering outside. “Same time, good. Hate it when I get the wrong century and we really don’t have that much time to spare. Ponds, can you see the wizards?”

“Over there,” Amy gestured to the far corner of the cemetery. “They haven’t turned to stone.”

“Well, that’s good. That’s very good. We just need to get them out of there before they do.”

“Doctor,” Rory said slowly.


“That statue just moved.”

“Don’t look away. Don’t blink. Keep your eyes on it at all times.”

“But what if I turn into an angel?” Rory asked.

“It takes longer than that. Hopefully the wizards will zap them again or whatever they do. Amy, coming with us?”

“The wizards are in there, right?”


“Then I’ll come.”

They stepped out of the TARDIS, watching the Angel vigilantly as they made their way towards the wizards. They were too far away to yell, and they didn’t seem to notice the Angel that had woken up from their spells.

“Doctor,” Rory began as they made their way across the cemetery, “How many Angels did you say there were?”


“I think your maths is a little off.”

The Doctor stopped dead in his tracks and the three of them slowly backed towards each other, facing the nine Angels that were beginning to form a ring around them.


WIZARDS!” The Doctor bellowed, daring a glance towards the figures leaning against the far wall. They gave no indication of hearing him, and the Doctor pulled his sonic screwdriver and TARDIS key out of his pocket.


“What?” Amy snapped, trying to keep her eyes on three Angels at the same time.

“I’ve got a plan.”

“Is it a good plan?”

“No. It’s a bad plan. A terrible plan that I haven’t really thought through very well but they always end up working. Don’t know why. Take these.”

“Why?” The alarm was evident in Amy’s voice as she felt the items pushed into her hand. “Doctor, what are you doing?”

“Something stupid,” he replied, smiling to himself, and before she could say more he took off at a run towards the wizards.


The distinctive figure of the Doctor running towards them caught Michael and Genevieve’s attention, only a split second before they suddenly realised the abundance of Angels that had moved around the cemetery without them noticing.

Michael whipped out his wand, shooting Stunning Spells at the Angels that appeared to be chasing the Doctor, but they were moving too fast now for him to keep his eyes on them and his spells kept missing. Fighting his rising panic, he kept throwing spells – Stupefy, Petrificus Totalus, he even tried Protego at the Doctor but it hit the Angel instead and he couldn’t curse it anymore, and Genevieve hit one of them and he hit another but there was that one unstoppable Angel and he couldn’t watch them all at once, and there were now four of them advancing at lighting speed, now five, and his eyes streamed and he blinked involuntarily and the Doctor was gone and Genevieve was screaming, and his Stupefy spell hit the unstoppable Angel and he cast finite incantatem but that freed an Angel that Genevieve had put in a Body Bind, and the world was narrowed down to him, his wand and the Angels, and he fired spell after spell seemingly at random and he became horribly aware that Genevieve had stopped yelling, and he thought he’d hit all the Angels but he couldn’t see the ninth, and by the time he realised where it must be the cemetery had disappeared entirely.

Amy stood in the now empty cemetery, looking around wildly for the Angels, Rory and the wizards. She’d seen the Doctor disappear – why hadn’t the wizards stopped them? Where were they? Her eyes scanned the wall where she’d last seen them, and her heart skipped a beat when she saw one lone Angel standing there. This must have been the one that they missed – meaning the one that took the last of the wizards. Keeping her eyes fixed on it, she reached behind her to where Rory had been. “Rory.”

No response.


Still nothing.

No Rory. No Doctor. No wizards to stop the Angels. Aware her options were incredibly limited, she tucked the sonic and TARDIS key into her pocket and backed slowly out of the cemetery. Once clear, she ran down the road to where she had last seen Sherlock and John.


Rory had lost track of the number of times he had died. It wasn’t worth dwelling on, and he had an uncanny – and probably quite rare – ability to come back. So the experience of being zapped into the past by a homicidal stone angel didn’t worry him as much as it would worry a normal person. Nevertheless, the sooner he could go about the business of coming back from the dead the better – dying tended to upset the wife.

He took a moment to observe his surroundings. He was in London still – he didn’t seem to have travelled in space – but the whole place smelt a bit foul – okay, very foul – and the buildings were mostly made of wood and packed very tightly together. People and animals thronged the street he was in, but that wasn’t helpful – his limited knowledge of history meant this could be any time within a five hundred year period – but a sign on a nearby door gave him exact evidence.

Too exact.

A cross was painted on the door, along with the words “Lord have mercy upon us.”

“Oh great,” Rory muttered to himself. “Plague.”


The Doctor found himself on a large wooden ship, surrounded by a crowd of rowers in simple cloth chitons. Dozens of other ships surrounded him on either side, filling the narrow strait they were sailing through. He glanced around, peered at the large fleet in the distance sailing towards them, and grinned to himself.

“Ah, one of my favourites. Salamis.”

A/N: So, I can't think how long it's been since I last updated this story. It's shocking. If anyone is still reading, thank you and I'm sorry for taking so long! Please leave a review if you've made it this far :) Also on a side note - 'Salamis' refers to the Battle of Salamis between the Greeks and Persians in 480BC, one of the deciding battles of the Persian Wars.

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Without a Trace: Parting Ways


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