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Seize the Day by wish right now x
Chapter 3 : Absolutely Furious
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By the time the afternoon came around, Izzy had managed to recover from what looked like a pretty bad hangover and go outside, so I figured it was my chance to exit the room also. Unlike the previous occasions, when I had been stupid enough to roam the hallways alone and vulnerable to being attacked (well, snogged) by Al Potter, I decided to take Izzy with me wherever I went, as well as Harper, so between the two of them I was completely safe.

The place where we were going on this crisp October afternoon was to the Quidditch pitch, where the Ravenclaw Quidditch team where having a practice. Alex had asked me to come to watch them and who was I to deny him.

I have to admit though, my Quidditch knowledge did somewhat lack. Growing up with a muggle-father and a muggle-born mother, I wasn't surrounded by Quidditch and I didn't support any teams. Neither of them ever took much interest in the sport, and even though I did try to learn a bit more about it (For Alex's sake), all I could ever work out was that people rode around on broomsticks and some balls go in some hoops.

I felt quite honored at the moment, considering this was the first practice Alex had ever asked for me to watch. They usually had a strict no members of other houses policy, however with Alex being the captain and me being his girlfriend, I became the only exception for this one day. I hoped they didn't mind the companions I had brought.

It wasn't like Harper or Izzy were going to pass any relevant information onto the team, considering they were just gossiping away about Gerard Tyler's gorgeous cheek bones, and laughing at the greasy haired Harriet Spencer as she fell off of her broom accidentally. If you asked them about Quidditch, what they could explain to you was how many abs Quidditch players had, or who some other one had been going out with in the last six years, however would be almost as clueless as me if someone mentioned a Quaffle or a Snitch. At least I knew the names of the equipment, I just didn't know which one was which.

I knew what Alex's job was, as it was meant to be the most important one that anyone had on the Quidditch team. Alex's task was to chase around and eventually, catch the little gold winged thing, and when he did, the game would be over, he would win and we could all go back to the dorm room. This also seemed to be the same position that Potter played.

By the time Alex's practice ended, a grey cloud loomed over the pitch, indicating rain was about to come pouring down. Realising their hair may get wet and their perfect make-up may be ruined, Harper and Izzy ran back to the castle, ready to wait out the storm in the comfort of the indoors. Although not a droplet had fallen, Alex's team mates had a similar idea, rushing back to the changing room and leaving my lovely boyfriend to clear up. I joined him on the pitch, ready to help him pack away.

"Need some help?" I offered. He looked over at me, as if he had only just now realised my presence. I walked over to him, a smile on my lips and leaned up to peck him on the lips, something that turned out to last twenty-two seconds. Yes. I counted.

Al was right, it didn't feel them same as when I snogged him. Alex's lips were less soft and unlike with Al, there was no passion, or desperation or need or, well, anything really. But Alex and I were perfect together, he was perfect. He looked at me, almost as if he was scared before taking my hands and dropping them down to where they usually sit.

"Lana, we need to talk" He tells me, and I have a mini panic inside my brain, with only one topic of conversation coming to mind; you snogged someone else. What do I do? Do I start to cry and confess to everything? Or do I just play dumb and pretend I don't know what he's talking about. Yeah, that's what I'll do. Because that fits perfectly with my plan of erasing the memory of Al's soft, perfect lips on mine.

"What do you mean? What do we need to talk about?" I ask smiling sweetly. Maybe I'm completely over reacting. Maybe it's just that he want's to take our relationship to the next level or something, maybe he just wants me to meet his family. That's why he needs to talk. I mean, he doesn't look upset, or angry, or sad, he just looks like he wants a serious conversation. About me meeting his family.

"Us. Our relationship" He says, before removing his eyes from mine and taking in a very big breath. This is it, this was when he has going to invite me to meet his family. "Lana, I think we need to slow things down"

I think my mouth hangs open for a little bit before I can even comprehend what he is saying. I'm shocked at this statement coming out of no where at all.

"Wh-What?" I ask, my eyebrows so high in shock and confusion they are barely on my face anymore and my mouth still wide open.

"It's not you, it's me. It's my last year, and we've been going out for so long now, and I needed you to know that between Quidditch and my studies, I don't think I'm going to have much time for a girlfriend like you anymore" He explains, saying in a soft, caring voice as if it will make it any less annoying.

"You don't have time for me? What am I, some extra-curricular activity that you've been doing for the past six months?" I spat at the idiot before pushing past him and towards the exit of the pitch.

I was distraught. Distraught and furious. Not even furious, I was livid. Absolutely livid.

Alex was an idiot. Over the last six months, he had constantly been repeating himself, telling me I was the only one for him, that I was the only one he ever cared for. That he loved me and loved the way our relationship was going. What a complete liar. And a twat.

I stormed around hallway after hallway, searching for the one person that I could never imaging myself searching for. I spied him, in the window reflection before I could turn one of the corners. The only problem was he was surrounded by a group of friends. They were chilling in the hallways, just chatting and laughing. I realised my original plan of strolling up to him, pushing him against the wall and snogging him as if there was no tomorrow would not work anymore if I didn't want people to know about our odd relationship. Subtlety. Subtlety was the key.

I composed myself completely, and strutted down the hall in my usual fashion, though as quiet as possible. When only Al's eyes were on me, and his friends had decided to go back to looking at whatever they were looking at before, I winked at him, nodding in the direction of round the next corner, where I knew there was a broom closet. He immediately seemed to understand what I was suggesting to him, and smirked back. If I wasn't so pissed off, I would have rolled my eyes at his stupidity and his stupid smirk.

I turned the corner, and after checking that the coast was completely clear, entered the broom closet I had arranged to meet Al in. I stood there waiting patiently for him, never questioning my ridiculous decision. Minutes later, Al entered the room, looking more smug than ever.

"Whats the matter darling?" He mocked me, "Trouble in paradise"

Before I could even give him an answer or think of anything at all, I practically dove on him and covered his mouth with my own. He instantly responded, and moments later our lips were working in perfect synchronisation. This went on forever, each hungry kiss being met with one more, and a low moan escaping our lips when we couldn't help ourselves. It wasn't long till we were both breathless, and lying on the floor of the broom closet together.

"So, what made you change your mind?" Al asked, once he had finally regained his breath.

"Because Alex is an idiot who thinks it it okay to 'slow things down' with his girlfriend of six months in order to focus on his school work!" I explained angrily. The idea of it hadn't sunk in for me yet, and I definitely wasn't ready to talk about it. Rationally, at least.

"Well, thats what you get when you date Ravenclaw I guess" He laughed, so I playfully whacked him on his arm. In truth I think it hurt me more than it did him. "I'm sorry Lana. But hey, look on the bright side?"

"I don't have to pretend to learn the Quidditch stuff" I mumbled, and Albus looked more appalled by the implication than Alex would have. He seemed to brush it off pretty quickly though.

"No, I mean now you have a strictly physical relationship with me. One where you can not get hurt" He explained.

"Yippee" I sighed, realising Al probably got a lot more out of this than I did. At the moment I was just here for revenge. The amazing make-out session was just a bonus. I sat up from my place on the floor and leaned at the wall, looking over at the person who was now officially my snog buddy. "Ground rules then Potter"

"I don't like rules, there only fun if you can break then" He said, joining me against the wall and putting his jacket back on. I didn't even realised he'd removed it.

"Well then these ones you better stick to" I told him, raising my eyebrows in my favourite threatening manner. "Rule one, no-one can know"

"Rule two, no feelings at all. I am not your boyfriend, so do not come to me if you're upset about something and I don't need to buy you a valentines day gift or something" He added, whilst nodding along to the rules I had set.

"Wouldn't dream of it. Rule three, don't do anything stupid" I said, and though it was obvious the sort of things I was talking about, Al looked at me in a hurt way. "Well, let's be honest. Of the two of us, who is more likely to do something stupid?"

He huffed in response. I won. I defeated Al Potter. Yay!

"Rule four, no silly couple-y things" He said, before listing examples on his fingers. "No playing cutesie, no pet names, no me brushing your hair, no hand holding, no nose-kissing. I've seen you do it with Alex"

"Fine" I sighed.


"So are we agreed?" I asked, standing up and preparing to leave the closet. Al grabbed my waste and spun me round, nearly dropping me to the floor before catching my lips with his.

"Agreed" He smiled as we pulled apart. He opened the door to the closet and left first. Again. I really needed to get to the closet door earlier!

The second I had left and saw the real light, I felt like an idiot. I was still furious at Alex, but going to Potter? That was a bit of an over-exaggeration.

I began to walk down to the common room, however on the way, I ran into one of the only people I was trying to avoid in this castle.

"Please don't see me, Please don't seem me" I whispered to myself, before turning away and trying to run.

"Lana!" Alex called. Great. He'd seen me. Then again I wasn't doing a very good job of hiding when I was stood behind a statue.

I bet it was the paintings that told him where I was. They've always hated me.

"Hi Alex!" I smiled sweetly, before pushing past him and trying to get to where I was going. He grabbed my wrist, even though I was already trapped with him on these stupid moving staircases.

"Lana, I've been looking for you everywhere" He said, and the look in his eyes showed his genuine concern. "I'm really sorry. I don't care where we're going or how fast we're going, just as long as I have you I'll be okay."

He was holding both of my hands now, and looked deep into my eyes as he spoke. I was taken aback by the sudden change in him, and nearly crying at his heart-felt mini-speech. He leaned down and kissed me.

However only one thing was going through my mind.

I'm back together with Alex.

I'm going to have to break off my arrangement with Al.

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