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Now Look At Me by Pottergirl7
Chapter 1 : Part Of Me
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 I saw you again today. I felt my throat constrict and my stomach lurch. You glanced at me but that was all. After all we had, you could only spare me a glance. We went miles, together. After that you were all I could think of. I was in a dark place again. The place I went when I was stuck in our memories.

 Sometimes I just want to leave. And never come back. Just take all my belongings and go someplace where no one knows me. Where no one knows what happened with you. I want to watch you fade into the background as I leave for the horizon.

Days like this I want to drive away. Pack my bags and watch your shadow fade.

Because you used me. You had what you wanted, then you dropped me. You chewed me up and spat me out, like I was a bad taste. Like I was poison.

You chewed me up and spit me out. Like I was poison in your mouth.

You drained me. You sucked the enjoyment out of life. You stole my light. You stole my right to love and live.

You took my light. You drained me down.

But Hogwarts was a lifetime ago. Times have changed. I’ve changed. That was then and this is now.

Look at all I’ve done. All I’ve accomplished. Without you. My life is good, because you’re not in it. Take a look at me now.

But that was then and this is now. Now look at me.

You can be snide. You can be cruel. But look at me now. I don’t care what you think.

Throw your sticks and your stones, throw your bombs and your blows.

But you won’t break me. You can’t hurt me anymore. I’m untouchable.

But you’re not gonna break my soul.

I think it would be interesting to see who my real friends are. See who’s really there for me because after our break up I got sympathetic letters, but no one really asked me how I was inside.

I just wanna throw my phone away. Find out who is really there for me.

I feel cheated. Robbed. You were selfish with your love. You reached out and pulled back again. You made my world bright then dark at the click of your fingers.

You ripped me off, your love was cheap.

We were breaking up and getting back together. You weren’t serious. Our walls crumbled down around us. We were falling apart at the seams.

Was always tearing at the seams.

You let me down. I fell for you hard and you watched me fall. I fell into darkness, and you didn’t pull me out. You never caught me, and laughed as I hit the pavement.

I fell deep, you let me down.

 But watch me as I blossom. Watch me grow. I’m bigger than you because that was then and this is now. Look at me.

But that was then and this is now. Now look at me.

I don’t feel your presence, I don’t feel your pain. Your words can’t hurt me anymore, I’m stronger than I was before. I’m not your lap dog. I won’t come running. Because you can’t hurt me.

Throw your sticks and your stones, throw your bombs and your blows.

Because I’ve found love. He holds my heart, not you. He protects me.

But you’re not gonna break my soul.

Look at me I’m sparkling. I’m shining and bright. I’m radiant and I’m happy. I’m a beacon of light.

Now look at me I’m sparkling.

I’m fiercer now and braver. My Gryffindor spirit is shining through. I’m a lion.

A firework, a dancing flame.

You won’t ever do that to me again. I won’t let you. You had your chance and now it’s gone. I’m moving on.

You won’t ever put me out again.

I’m on fire.

I‘m glowing.

You sent me presents. I don’t want your diamonds, your rings or your sorry gifts. It’s over for me. You’re over for me.

So you can keep the diamond ring.

You never could say sorry. I just gave in and said I forgot. But I never forgot. But your guilt gifts mean nothing to me.

It don’t mean anything anyway.

You tried to give me my belongings back, but I refused. I don’t want my old things. You’ve tainted them.

Keep them, as a reminder of what you can’t have. Me.

In fact you can keep everything. Except for me.

Because I’m awake now. I’m out of my dark place. I’m okay again. My feelings for you are like my memories of us. In the past.

I have a husband and two children now. I love Ron.

This is me saying goodbye.

So goodbye Draco. Have a nice life. Without me.

This is the part of me, that you’re never gonna ever take away from me no.


A/N- Well I’m sorry it wasn’t very good but I was doing this at like 12 at night. I was listening to the song and then suddenly I was just struck by how this could be turned into a songfic. Well I think it could be really awesome if someone who was a good writer did it, but I was stuck on it so I just had to write it. My first Dramione… I never really liked them but it was the only pairing I thought would fit. So a review would be nice guys. Thanks so much! 

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