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All in the Hips by PlatonistAmaya
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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Lucky was a good house elf. She’d realized the fact that she didn’t wear clothes upset Miss Hermione, even though she herself was very happy, so she took to making her white flour sack look more like clothes to make Miss Hermione happier. Lucky had bleached it white, drawn on it with some markers, and found a pretty gold rope to tie around the middle. Lucky was very happy and honored that she was assigned to look after the head boy and girl this year. She didn’t know that the reason McGonagall had assigned her is that Lucky was smarter than the average house elf, meaning she was very smart in general. So on this early evening when Lucky popped into their dorm she was able to quickly take stock of what was going on.

Miss Hermione and Mr. Malfoy were very still. Their eyes were glazed over and their wands were raised high right in each other’s faces, but this wasn’t how they acted. Well, maybe at first, but Lucky had seen. Now they sat together on the couch, very close, and talked. She didn’t know what was wrong, but something was.

“Miss Hermione?” The little elf squeaked. It was like a bomb had just gone off again when the little elf broke the silence. Hermione hit the floor as Draco began sending curses around the room. Lucky knew she needed help quick. She quickly apparated off to the Headmistress.

“Miss Minerva! Miss Minerva! It’s an emergency!” Lucky began to scream as soon as she appeared in McGonagall’s quarters. The little elf didn’t see her straight away, so continued to yell and look for her.

“Yes, Lucky, I’m here, what is it?” Minerva’s face was drawn tight. She wouldn’t often take elves seriously, as many had come to here with emergencies if they ran out of flour, but Lucky was a different case.

“The head boy and girl! Something is wrong! I popped in to clean and-“ Lucky was cut off.

“I understand. I will go to them. I need you to fetch Ginny Weasley, Auror Potter and Davies, but get Professor,” McGonagall paused, realizing the list of professor’s she would usually call was very depleted, “get Professors Sinstra and Hooch first. Be quick, this is important!”

With that McGonagall apparated, as the headmistress could, to the location right outside their dorm, knowing that if they heard her apparated it would tremendously worsen the problem. She heard the elf appear and turned to see the two professors she’d requested before the elf popped off again.

“Ladies, I picked you because I know you will be the most likely to help handle the situation efficiently. We have many students here who are dealing with the effects of the war, but Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are probably the worst. They had a flashback when a potion exploded earlier and Lucky has just informed me she unintentionally set them off again, so they are probably still hurling spells. We need to disarm them if at all possible immediately, but if not we need to try to prevent them from targeting each other. More are on the way, but remember, they do not know what they are doing. They need to be calmed. Try to be familiar and use whatever personal connections you have with them to bring them to the present. “

With that the trio cautiously entered the room, uncertain as to what they would find. Inside, the room looked as if a tornado had gone through, which it more or less had. The furniture was overturned and torn. And there they were, in the middle of the room, wands at the ready. Hermione had what looked like it would be a black eye, and had cuts down her arm. Draco looked far worse, having a cut above his eye, a broken nose, a busted lip, and from the way he was standing, he would probably limp were he walking. Their chests were rising and falling violently from their exertions and their pupils were so dilated still that neither Hermione’s brown or Draco’s gray blue could be seen.

“Hermione, Draco, I need to you to come back to us. Remember, the war is over. The final battle happened here at Hogwarts. Hermione you helped destroy one of the horcruxes remember? And Draco, you saved Professor Slughorn from the curse from behind,” McGonagall began babbling slowly. She knew if they began just throwing curses the storm would only begin again.

Hermione slowly turned and looked at McGonagall. She cocked her head to the side in confusion, because the three women she could see in front of her did not add up to the scene that was going on. They were calm, and just standing there while curses were flying everywhere. To her front, Draco groaned in pain, and drew her attention back.

“Draco, Hermione, you need to breath, and remember where you are,” Professor Sinistra tried. They effectively ignored her.

“Please lower your wands,” Hooch attempted. Her matter of fact manner was very familiar to Draco, and he felt something dragging at his mind. Like something was wrong about the battle he was seeing, and fighting. Like it was…distant, but that was impossible, because he was in it, he could see it, smell it.

“What…” Draco murmured, but saw the wand pointed at him in the present and was pushed backward again.

“We have to get the wands away, or at least pointed elsewhere,” McGonagall instructed. It was then that Harry, Roger, and Ginny made it in. Harry had been briefed on the way and already had a plan prepared.

“They are not going to be expecting a physical assault because that never happened in the war, not frequently anyway. So what we are going to do is have Roger tackle Draco, I will Hermione. They will be caught off guard and at that point you need to remove their wands. Once they are safely unarmed they will not pose a real threat and we will bring them back then. Does everyone understand?” Harry muttered efficiently. If only they knew where the pair was, in their heads at that moment. Hermione was fighting her duel in tandem with Ginny against Bellatrix, perhaps her hardest duel ever. And Draco was desperately fighting off multiple death eaters, in an effort that at the time, nearly killed him.

The group began to execute the plan, and it worked flawlessly. Now they just had to bring these people back. Hermione was easy, now that Harry and Ginny were there.

“Hermione, shh, wake up, come back. It’s over, come back,” Hermione recognized Harry’s voice. She was so fine tuned to it, but at that time he was supposed to be destroying the diadem, or the snake, or something. It didn’t make sense. She closed her eyes and stretched a hand out to touch him, to try to establish what was real. Hermione felt his chest, and like a rubber band snapping, she knew something wasn’t right. She shifted to sit in Harry’s lap, and pressed her head to his chest.

“Harry,” She murmured, “Did you get it? The diadem? And where’s Ron, I…lost him, I think? He was just behind me and then… Wait, this isn’t, but… Harry, what’s happening?” Hermione felt as though she’d been under the water, staring upward, and had stayed below too long.

“Hermione, you had a flashback. The war ended three months ago. You are back at Hogwarts. You are head girl. We are in you dorm,” He patiently reminded her.

“But, what happened, and where is Ron?” She asked again. This time the whole room heard it, and the normally strong McGonagall felt tears begin to run down her face. This was wrong, so wrong.

“We won. Neville killed the snake, we got the diadem,” Harry soothed.

“I had a flashback, I’m still coming out of it,” Hermione murmured and began to rationalize, “But Harry, where is Ron? If all of this is true he should be here, helping me, where is he?” She was accepting she was in the present, but in light of the flashback, she was still blocking out what happened between the memory and the present. Harry wrapped his arms around her tightly, knowing what was going to happen, but it had to happen. It pained him deeply, but she wasn’t going to stop asking, and she wasn’t back all the way yet.

“Hermione, remember when you, me and Ron went after the diadem, Crabbe & Goyle set of the fiendfyre. We were flying on brooms, and a spark caught Ron’s broom. Because it was a magical fire it set the whole broom and Ron ablaze too fast. Hermone, Ron died three months ago,” Harry reminded her as gently as he knew how.

“But, Harry?” Hermione began to remember everything, felt the pain anew, and she succumbed to her sorrow. Tears poured down her face, soaked Harry’s shirt and her world went black. She passed out because she couldn’t handle feeling it all again.

A few moments later

“So what do we do now?” Ginny asked.

“Hermione will not be out long, she didn’t fall asleep, she passed out. Draco is essentially doing the same thing, but he is awake. Once they are both fully sentient we will figure it out then,” Harry decided aloud.

“Well, I am at least going to fix their room for them,” McGonagall muttered.

Hermione came back first. She remembered everything now, she understood. She wiped her face, and moved herself to the couch where she pulled her knees in and looked at everyone expectantly.

“Hermione, we don’t really have therapists in the wizarding world, because until recently they were needed. I discussed with Poppy, and she thinks that you need to select a person to hold as your closest link again. I know it will be hard, and painful, but ignoring everything won’t make it better. Throwing it all into dance is only a bandage. We think you need a person to really work through all of this with,” McGonagall diagnosed as smoothly as possible.

“Okay,” She agreed. She had to stop closing people out. Maybe it’s why Harry was dealing with this better. He had been open with Ginny and a few others, while Hermione had hidden herself away as much as she could.

“As for tonight,” McGonagall began.

“We’ll be okay,” Malfoy interjected. Hermione knew that despite the argument they’d had, they would again take comfort in each other’s arms that night. It may have felt wrong, but she had to begin letting go.

“Good to hear you will be looking out for each other,” McGonagall visibly relaxed, “but I was going to recommend that you leave your wands in a drawer, or a bit further away, in case a dream occurs, or something of the like.” Draco and Hermione nodded in agreement. Everyone began to leave, and Lucky appeared with a tray of hot chocolate and tea to soothe their shattered nerves.

Hermione and Draco each had a cup of tea. He then wordlessly took her hand and led her to his room where they both feel asleep of exhaustion.

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All in the Hips: Chapter 9


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