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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 13 : Champions and more Drama
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"Just tell me Kaliq." said Severus quietly. Everyone was standing around now waiting to hear how Buffy was. All of the Snape children Harry and Draco, Dumbledore and Minerva were all waiting to hear the news. Even Hermione and on showed up after all the other classes were let out.

"Well Severus I am  very sorry to say this but though Buffy WILL make it and recover I am afraid to say your baby did not make it." said Kaliq. Severus froze. Did he hear right? Buffy had been pregnant? "What?!" said Severus. All the children started crying seeing as how they knew. "Dad" said Dillon the only one trying not to break down. "Mom told us she was pregnant and did not want to tell you until both of you made up. She wanted it to be  surprise for you so you both could enjoy it." Severus looked at his kids and tears were swimming in his eyes but not coming down. "Well it would have been a wonderful surprise to have another little one running around keeping us on our toes." he said. "I just hope your mother will be ok once she wakes up and learns what happened.

Kaliq stood there quietly wondering what to do. Then an idea came. "Well if you all would like I can go into the Dream Plane and speak with Buffy. Now I wont promise not to tell her all of what has happened but I believe it will help in her recovery to know and to wake up sooner." he said. Severus had a calm look on his face but his eyes were smoldering. "And why should you be the one to do it? Why can I not be the one to comfort my wife?" he asked quietly yet with a rage no one could ignore. "Well from what I have been told neither of you are on speaking terms right now and the main reason is you do not trust her judgment." Kaliq said calmly not at all scared of Severus. "OF COURSE I CAN NOT TRUST HER JUDGMENT LOOK AT HER! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED AND IN HOGWARTS!" screamed Severus. "Severus calm down."said Madame Promfrey. "Severus I know you worry about her but she is her own independent woman and wont let anyone not even the love of her life tell her what not to do." said Dumbledore. "OFCOURSE SIDE WITH HER BUT LOOK AT WHATS HAPPENED SHE LOST OUR BABY ALL BECAUSE SHE WAS TO STUBBORN TO STAY HOME!"

"And why should I stay home? I realize my mistake in not being more aware here in Hogwarts but who would have thought someone would do something under Dumbledores nose? And for that I will mourn the loss of our child but I will not go home." said Buffy who had woken up with all the yelling. "Buffy!!!" everyone yelled. She sat up slowly and looked at her husband. "I understand what has happened to me I heard it all and I will recover by tonight and join you all in the Great Hall for dinner. But I will not run away. I will find the person who has done this to me and show them my wolf side. "Her eyes sparkled and her teeth became sharper. "They will pay."she said quietly as she closed her eyes to relax. Severus could not believe his ears. Here was his wife who escaped being critically hurt maybe even dead and she still wanted to risk everything? "I can not believe you do not care about how I feel!" he said.

She looked at him and smiled a small smile."Well Sev you have known me since we were 11 years old what makes you think I would back down?" He looked at her like she lost her mind. "Sev I still love you but if you really loved me like you have said all these years you would accept the fact I am a woman but also a warrior. Kaliq and my mother made sure of that. I am not as innocent as I look and you know that. I have killed my share of people not innocent of course but not something I like doing either, but I will if it means giving our children a better life." Severus could not argue there since that is what he had been doing by being a spy. But the difference was he wanted to protect her after all the years she was in pain. And he could accept her for doing everything she was doing but his male pride could not let him accept it. It was like his mouth had a mind of its own. "Well if you are going to keep doing this we will continue in what we have been doing not letting anyone know who your husband is." And he walked out of the hospital wing.

Buffy sighed deeply. "Well looks like he still needs time to cope with me being home." Everyone nodded though the kids were pretty upset with their father with the treatment of their mother and would make sure to tell him so. "Well Buffy seeing as how you want to be up by dinner we should let you get some rest. Come along everyone lets give her some time and for Kaliq to run some magic to make sure she is 100% better."said Madame Pomfrey. Everyone went and hugged Buffy goodbye and went to their respective dorms. Buffy looked at Kaliq and said alright I am ready whenever you are. He smiled and hugged her before he started healing her.


"Hey guys wait up." said Cyra. Everyone stopped walking and turned around. "Look I know they said we should go back to our rooms before dinner but I think we need to talk about what happened." All the teens nodded. "We have to find out who did that to Buffy." said Ron. "Yea if we don't and either Sev or Buffy find them they will not like what happens." said Draco with a small shudder. Though he knows no harm would come to him he was still scared by the look in both Severus and Buffys eyes when talking about the man who hurt her. "Well he has to be someone in the building or someone who snuck in." said Harry. "Well what we can do is check the Mauraders map every day in case a new name comes up."said Hermione. (Everyone knows about the map since they spent the summer together and did not keep secrets form one another.) Yea lets keep an eye out to those who have a special interest in Buffy." said Ron. "Well that shouldn't be to hard most of the guys are half in love with her."said Draco sarcastically. "Be nice Draco." chidded  Cyra. "Sorry."

"Alright we have a plan then we will keep an eye out and practice all the spells and sword work Buffy gives us so we can be prepared."said Hermione. Everyone agreed. "Alright then we should get going to the Great Hall then dinner being served." said Mia.

Everyone started walking and went into the Great Hall where the topic on everyones mind was Buffy. As dinner was halfway through Buffy and Kaliq walked into the hall. The hall grew silent. "Well as you all know I was caught in a spell today by a mysterious person and as you can see I am doing well. Though if anyone has any clues that can find the person that would be very helpful, and if you do not come forward we will find you."said Buffy. Everyone was upset about what happened to Buffy. They had only had her a few days but everyone admired how she was with everyone and what she was teaching them. No one would forgive the person who had hurt such a beautiful woman.

"Also as some more new, Kaliq has agreed to stay for the year and help me teach my classes."said Buffy. Everyone clapped,all the girls could not wait to have him teach them. Everyone was happy except if you looked into the eyes of the Potion Professor who looked ready to burn Kaliq alive. "Well I hope to get to know you all and we can all have a wonderful year."said Kaliq. And everyone went back to their dinner excited for how the year is turning.


October 15

(This is the part were all the Champions are called and then Harry Potter name comes out of the Goblet. This is everyones reaction to this. I am not writing this part since apparently this is the only paragraph that keeps getting my chapter not validated. So use your imagination from the movie The Goblet of Fire director David Heyman production company Heyday Films.)

Harry just sat their stunned. He could not believe his ears. "Albus you better tell me this is one cruel joke!" yelled Buffy. Everyone flinched as they saw the beautiful woman standing their very angry and in full warrior outfit when just moments before she was in teaching robes. Now everyone could see the true warrior she was. "Harry come on lets take you to the back to figure this out." said Kaliq. Harry stood and went to the back with Buffy and the rest of the staff. "Everyone back to your dormitories we will handle this." said Dumbledore before joing everyone else in the back. Cyra Dillon Mia Draco Hermione and Ron all looked at one another and followed along. They all walked to the door where everyone was going through and harry hermione and ron went under the Invisibility loak while Draco mia dillon and cyra all became disillusioned as per a spell Buffy taught them.

"This is preposterous!!" yelled Karkoraff. "He obviously cheated!" "Well if you truly feel that way Igor you must really be an idiot."said Buffy. "He is to young to be in this tournament is there not something you can do Albus?" asked Minerva. "Well since Hogwarts have two students then I think Igor and I should have another as well. Or atleast another champion should be chosen again" said Madame Maxime. "Im sorry but the Goblet has shut off and wont turn back on until the next tournament."said Dumbledore. "Well Albus this is ridiculous how can Harry compete he is not even of age!"said Buffy who was still very angry that her nails grew sharper and her teeth as well. No one wanted to be next to her or brave her anger. Except one person. "Well Buffy there is nothing we can do this is a magical binding contract and there will be dire consequences if he does not compete."said Kaliq as he went to hug her. "It will be ok we will watch out for him."he whispered so only she can hear. Buffy cooled down and looked at Harry. "Alright fine he will compete since their is no other way around this." Snape looked over at the two with anger and jealousy in his eyes but managed to keep a poker face.

"Oh yea little miss Princess wants her baby to compete. You know your just like him even if you dont realize it. The same cold...." choked Igor. Severus had him in a choke hold and looking him in the eyes with a killing stare. "Don't you even start with that you filthy little ingrate. I have many stories to tell your students that would ruin your reputation."he said deadly quiet. But not quiet enough that everyone heard every word. He let him go and stood back as Karkaroff breathed in some air. "And why would you care you filthy half blood! Why do you care what I say to little miss Princess!" said Igor as he ganied his composure. "Well Igor if you continue like that then not only would you have to answer to Severus but to me as well." said Kaliq. Igor finally quieted. "Alright everyone lets settle down their is no point arguing. The result is Harry will have to compete as will the rest of the champions chosen. The first task will be November 24 so be prepared for anything."said Mr. Crouch. Everyone looked around and left to their respective places. While walking out no on caught the glance both Buffy and Severus shared before they walked to their own rooms. (Draco and the others all heard everyone getting ready to leave and hightailed it to their rooms.)

Well lovely readers here is another chapter I hope you all enjoyed it. Just to clear some things up though Igor calls Buffy Pincess since she is the sister of Voldemort who is a Lord so all the Death Eaters called her Princess. But in this instance Karkaroff was using it as a bad term. Please Review I do want to make sure you are enjoying the story!!! 

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