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Albus Potter: The Journey Begins by Phoenix_feather123
Chapter 5 : Trouble around every corner
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter

Aside from the food, the visit from Hagrid went well. Albus had brought Rose, Mike and Luke, and they had talked about classes and Hagrid told them stories of Albus's and Rose's parents, and how they were always nosing in business that they shouldn't even know about. Hagrid called those “They good ol' days.” Except for the fact that “You-Know-Who was startin' to come back, yer see?”


They were walking back to the castle and Albus was just wondering if dinner had started yet when Rose grabbed his arm.


“Look! What is that?!” She was pointing to something moving on the other side of the lake, near the forbidden forest. And it was pretty big. Around the size of a person of some other animal, but since it was twilight, they couldn't see well. “What do you think it is?”


Luke took one look and said “It is a human. Either a woman of a man with a surprisingly girly body.”


“How can you see that? Looks more like a centar... or a unicorn. If you can tell that's a lady, then your eye sight is what? 20/10?” Mike said.



“20/8 actually... but I think it might be getting better... which is not good at all...” Luke mumbled. His once pale face now a tad pink.


“What? “ Albus said, not paying attention. “Hey! I think it is a person!”


“Trust me, my eyesight is good.” Luke replied.


“Hey guys! I think that is professor Yoki! Maybe she is meeting with that guy again?”


“Yeah maybe... But c'mon, lets go back to the castle to eat, I am starving!” Luke said hastily, starting to trek back. Albus and Mike nodded, but Rose looked suspiciously at Luke before following the three of them back to the castle.



“There is something wrong with Luke.” Rose came over to where Albus and Mike was playing a game of Wizards Chess. Albus was taught Mike how to play, and he was getting really good at it. Almost better than Albus. Then again, he thought Uncle Ron and Rose was always better...

Luke was in the hospital wing. Scorpious Malfoy tried to hex him. Poor Luke dodged the hex easily, but lost his balance and fell down the flight of stairs he was walking down. He twisted his ankle and knocked him self out cold. Still, it was better than getting jinxed . It took awhile for then to answer Rose.


“W-What?” Albus said looking up.

Rose glared at him and said “ We have already been here for two months and Luke has left the castle twice since school started, each trip for two or three days. Don't you think it is strange? Also, he was way better eye sight than any of us, and a few days ago we found out that he had better hearing too!”


“Soo?” Mike said, watching his queen bash Albus's pawn. “Come one, Come on! He is just a stupid pawn!”


“Will you two just stop for one moment please?! “ When Rose got both of their attention, she kept talking. “I mean, usually if some one has really good hearing, their eye sight isn't that good, or vise versa. And what is with leaving for a few day each month?”


Albus thought about that. Well, she has got a point. But what if Luke just has good senses... And why shouldn't we believe that Luke is just visiting his sick uncle every once in a while?


He told Rose what he thought.


“I don't know...” Rose hated not knowing.


“You are just jealous because Luke can do better potions than you!” Mike said back. “Leave him alone.”


“Fine! I don't care what you think! I am going to keep an eye on him. And I am going to the library to do more research, you will see!” Rose huffed and walked away.


“Geez, just leave the poor guy alone. Women.” Mike whispered to Albus. Albus nodded but still felt uneasy. But his thought was interrupted by James, who rushed over to him, looking windswept but really happy.


“Hey Albus guess what? Quididitch trials just finished, and you are looking at the new Gryffindor Chaser! I already sent a owl to mum and dad.” James beamed at him excitedly.


Albus shook him self out of his trance. “Wow! That is great James! Congrats.! I think mum might just buy you a broom now!”


“Yeah, well, there wasn't much competition. Plus the whole team is made up of Weasleys exept for the captin, who is in his 6th year, and the seeker who is in his 7th.” (Albus's heart did a leap at this, because he wanted to try out for seeker next year.) “We are going to win the cup this year for sure. I a going to tell Eddie right now!” James also left, except on a much happier note than Rose.


“I like your brother. He is way nicer than my sis. She is starting to deny that I am her brother. Or related to her at all.” Mike said after a while.


Albus didn't know what to say about that.


“It is weird though, how bothof us are wizards. It would of made much more sense for just one of us to have magic.”


“Hmm... And there isn't any trace of wizard in you at all?”


“Well, my mother is muggle for sure. But my dad's parents died when he was little. Maybe he had wizard blood in him.”


“And you dad's last name is Smith?”


“Nah, My mum's. They divorced after my dadwent to jail. I don't remember him much.”


“Oh...” Albus didn't know what to say. He had grown up with two siblings and a hand full of cousins. Some times he wanted to be a only child, party becuase he is suffering the curse of the middle child, party because his siblings are so annoying and loud. But now he realised he had it good. “I am sorry.” And he meant it.


“It is okay. I don't really care. C'mon, lets finish this chess game.”



Rose brushed her red hair out of her face. She had already gone through a bunch of books. She was still mad at Mike and Albus for not helping her. She wasn't trying to spy on Luke, but figure out what is wrong and help him. As she flipped through the tenth book she thought about what Albus had said. What if there isn't anything wrong with Luke? What if I was jealous.... But some thing isn't right. She jumped when some one sneezed behind her and she shook her head. I am not going to give up yet...


She looked at her watch. It was almost dinner time. They have classes tomorrow, (It was Sunday) and a pop quiz, as Professor Patil had hinted. She had finished all her home work, and studied, but she wasn't sure if Albus and Mike did. Plus, She hadn't checked on Luke yet. He should be okay by now... But she still felt bad. She was so engrossed in finding out what Luke is up to, she hadn't found of if he was okay. Malfoy... Rose thought angrily. She put her books away and left to the Gryffindor common room.



“Books Out!” Professor Yoki said strolling around the class room. “Chapter 19 please!” It has been a while since Albus had overheard Professor Yoki and the Mysterious dude talking, but what ever Professor Yoki wanted, clearly it wasn't coming along as fast as she wanted. This resulted Professor Yoki being stricter and meaner than before.


“Quickly, Quickly!” Professor Yoki looked at Frank. “Chapter 19, not page 19, Longbottom! That would be five points from Gryffindor.” Poor Frank, who was just checking a note he made on page 19, turned beet red and sank down on his chair, turning his book with shaking fingers.


The class did not go to well.


“Five points for just looking at a page!” Mike said furiously, with Luke nodding next to him. “You where just looking at page 19, right?” He said to Frank, what jumped and mumbled yes.


“It isn't really fair.” Rose agreed. Albus agreed too, but he had something else on his mind. Why was Professor Yoki more irritated than usual? What isn't happening to make her like this?

Albus, Albus!! Are you even here?” Rose asked looking at him.


“W- What? Oh yeah, I was listening.” Albus replied, his face now pink.


“Really? What did I just say?” Rose asked, now looking at him with what he thought was part irritated, part amused.


“Fine, I wasn't listening. Could you please tell me what you said?” Albus looked at his cousin.


Rose rolled her eyes. “Tell us what you where thinking first.” Albus told her his thoughts, and watched at his three friends pondered on it for a while.


Just then Rose looked up and screamed. Albus turned around and gasped. Professor Yoki was towering above them, looking, in Albus's opinion, like a sinister hawk.


“Potter? What are you doing here in the corridor? “ What was that look on her face? A smirk? Suspicion? Both? Albus wasn't sure. “Surely you three should be getting back to class?” Three?


“Um, Professor, didn't you mean the four of us?” Rose said uncertainly.


“Oh no, Just the three of you. Run along Ms. Weasley, Mr. Dodge and, ah, Mr. Smith. I have a few words with Potter here.” Professor Yoki assured them. Albus shot Rose a look of panic. Rose and Albus looked at each other and had a silent conversation. Albus would just have to go. There was no way Albus could get out of this.


“Okay Professor” Rose started. “We will go to class. I will tell Mr. Longbottom why Albus is late.”


“Go on then!” Professor Yoki said, then she grabbed Albus by the arm tightly and whisked him down to her office.


Albus sat down at the chair in front of Professor Yoki.


“Potter... I understand that you have been easedropping on a teacher's personal conversation...” Professor Yoki looked more sinister in the dim light of the office. “That would be 30 points from Gryffindor.... and lets throw in a few detentions, shall we? Starting next week, eight o'clock. Potter.”


Detention? Can this day get worse? “Is that all Professor? “ Albus asked nervously. The Professor was really starting to freak him out. Seriously.


“Yes, you may leave.”


Albus was just about to leave the room when Professor Yoki said another thing.


“Oh, one more thing Potter. “ Albus turned around. “If I see you nosing around like again, you are going to be in much more trouble.”

So... Sorry for the long wait, I deleted this chapter on accident, so I had to re write the whole thing. :( But it is up now, And I hoped you guys enjoyed it as much as the others, if not more. :)


Now if you would be so kind, there is a hungry grey box at the bottom of all this blabbering of the Author, and would loved to be feed some delicous words of what you thought reading this chapter. :D






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