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Remind Me Why I Hated You by LittleMissPrincess
Chapter 6 : One step forward, Two steps backward
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A/N : So i just checked, and its been almost a year since i last, yeah sorry about that. THANKS I LOVE YOU GUYS , and heres an extra long (by this story's standards) chapter!

Thanks for still staying with the story!

Also, Doctor Who belongs to BBC. I don't own anything. 

Feel free to leave a review(:♥  

“Jamie?” Rose’s voice was lacking its previous curtness.


“Potter, you don’t need to fight my battles!” Lily’s subconscious automatically retaliated. Oh why oh why did she do that! She’s trying to get James to like her, not avoid her!


James, standing looking even more superior and righteous in his Zorro costume gave Lily a look that resembled something like ‘what? I’m trying to stick up for you’ and then turned to Rose with a determined look on his face.


“Hey Rosie, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something really important.” He said, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.


Lily was so confused.


James came to save her – right? Then why has he gone back to Rose before the minute was even up.


Lily made to move away, now that Underwood was preoccupied but something in James voice made her stay.


Maybe it was that fierce look in James eye as he looked at Rose that made her do it.


So she stayed and watched the drama unfold in front of her, along with 60% of the school that didn’t have dates of their own.


“Yes of course Jamie, whatever you want, honey.” Rose was closing up to James and milking the situation for all it was worth. Lily caught her smirking at her behind James’ shoulder.     


“Yeah,” James continued, unfazed by what he was about to do, and appearing to enjoy all the attention he was getting. Lily knew something big was going to happen.


“When we’re you going to tell me about your broom cupboard appointments?” he asked, nonchalantly.


It took the crowd and Rose, herself to figure out what he was referring to.


Lily snapped her head up. James knew?


Rose had also apparently come to this conclusion. Because after a momentarily look of fear on her face, it was masked by artificial dumbfound-ness.


As if suddenly aware of the people around her, she moved closer to James’ ear and spoke “What are you talking about, honey?” He voice shaking.


Lily paused time and space (or at least she acted liked she did - the muggle television show Doctor Who had always been her favorite growing up) and thought about the situation.


Why was Rose worried about James dumping her? She’s had many boyfriends, and as much as Lily would hate to admit, she can easily find herself a new one.


What’s so special about this particular boyfriend?


In fact, now that she thought about it, Rose has never been secret about her cheatings to her present boyfriends. It was sort of her way of breaking up with them, without getting her hands dirty.


What was so special about James?


Actually, Lily had multiple answers on that- but why was he perfect for Rose?


Aha! Lily got it! In all of her previous relationships, Rose has been the popular one, the higher in status one, the one that won’t fall to hard socially.


But if James broke up with her – and it was mighty well looking like that – then that could be the end of her so-called-social life.


Lily patted herself back for figuring it out, and then tuned back in into the time and space continuum. (or she’d like to say that she did but all she really did was just prevent her eyes from going glazed, and shut her mouth from where it was hanging unattractively and started listening to the conversation again.)


She caught the last couple of words “...fine, so then this is the end of that relationship. Good luck with life. Rose, I’m sure you’ll need it.” James moved back, slightly pushing Rose away from him.


Lily was finally aware of how many enemies Rose had when the whole crowd burst out into cheers.


Rose had also apparently figured this out as well and ran away from the Great Hall screaming bloody murder.


Did Lily feel guilty? Not in the least.




Lily suddenly remembered his presence.


She turned around widly, looking for him. Now was the perfect chance to tell him how she really felt. He had to like her back, right? I mean, he just broke up with his girlfriend for her.


Oh merlin.


He just broke up with his girlfriend for her.


Sure the girlfriend wasn’t much, but HEY YOU’RE RUINING THIS MOMENT.


Lily smacked her head to get rid of the snarky voice telling her what to do.


She caught a glimpse of messy hair just before leaving the Great Hall.


Knowing she wouldn’t be able to chase after him in her heels, she took them off, held them in her hand, and started to half run half jog in her dress out the door.


Where she smacked right into Peter, who had dressed up like a mouse - for obvious reasons.


“Have- have you seen James?” She asked, trying to sound casual but failing.


Peter used his cheese to point in the direction of the prefects bathrooms.


It was only when she had opened the prefects bathroom (because, duh, she’s the head girl, of course she’ll have the password) when she realized that she could have been walking in on James doing things that don’t involve clothes.


Its actually a really bad design, the prefects bathroom.

There’s no proper lock system, and another person who knows the password can come barging right in even if another is currently in said bathroom.


Which is what happened to Lily.


So she was shielding her eyes and screaming, “I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY!” and trying to close the door when James’ voice surprised her by saying, “No it’s kay, come on in.” His voice surprisingly awkward.


Lily bit her lip.


And shyly closed the door behind her.


No, Jame’s wasn’t naked. Though his cape was off, and he was lounging by the dressing room area with a rubber duck(wait what? They offer free rubber ducks in the bathroom?) balanced on his forehead.


The closer she got to him, that she realized that he was blushing.


Lily fiddled with her hair.


“So...” She started awkwardly.


“So...” He stated equally awkward.


They were silent for a bit when Lily spoke the obvious, “Wow, you can actually feel the awkward.” She said, moving her hands around the air, as if to spread the awkwardness away like that.


“Nice wand.” James commented.


“Nice mask.” Lily immediately replied.


He smiled, tucking a loose strand of Lily’s hair behind her ear.


Her heartbeat quickened.


He’s touching my face. He’s touching my face. He wants to touch my face. He put my hair behind my ear! Does that mean he likes me?! Am i reading into this too much?! What’s he saying now..?


“...Halloween, and my dad always said it’s a great night to start new things, so on those lines, I was thinking...”


Lily could hardly believe her ears. Is he..will he... won’t he...?

But she never found out because at that moment the prefects bathroom door opened for the third time that night.


It was Sirius, and – apparently luck had been on his side, because next to him was Janet.


The two of them were we’re smiling wildly, and Lily was wondering why couples tend to show up at the prefects bathroom.


Not that she and James were a couple.


At least not yet, with the way things are looking.


Sirius and Janet both stopped smiling when they saw James and Lily, or rather, the position they were in. James hands her on Lily’s shoulders and her entire body was leaning into him.


And he was sitting down.


This means she was sort of sitting on him.


Actually, Janet and Sirius didn’t STOP smiling. If anything, they smiled even wider, and knowing smile, and Lily was certain that Sirius winked at her.


“Are we interrupting anything?” Janet trailed off, her voice teasing.


“No.” James and Lily both said at the same time.


“We were just leaving.” James added.


Lily silently cursed Sirius’s good fortune.


And silently wept on her misfortune.



The next morning, Sirius made it down with a large smile on his face at it wasn’t even past 10 o clock yet!


Lily would have greeted him but she was too upset with the way things worked out for him, rather than they did with her, that she bitterly stabbed her pancakes in way that made Sirius feel quite frightened.


Rather than walking her to their shared dormitory, James excused himself almost immediately.


So not only did she walk to her room alone, but she also walked alone dripping wet, because of a certain poltergeist.


And to top it off, Rose (who had apparently recovered her loss, and was sporting her new boy toy on her waist) and her cronies – not including Janet saw a dripping Lily and made the most out of that situation.


So a dripping, depressed, heartbroken and with purple skin(for Ravenclaws’, their spells aren’t very sophisticated) Lily made her way alone into her empty common room, alone, and not for the first time wished she was back in her old dorm with Maddie and her other friends.


Speaking of Maddie, she hadn’t seen her all night. Lily hoped she at least had fun.


So when Sirius asked her how her night was, what else could Lily do other than viciously eat her toast in reply?

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