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The Path of Two Souls by superhealer
Chapter 1 : Whitewash
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Chapter One – Whitewash

The sun rose as a bright beautiful beacon that wonderful morning in London. It came to purge the world of darkness just as it has every morning for millennia’s. It was a historical day for everyone; it was the first time in years people were able to wake up without fear for their own or their family’s lives. Everyone felt like a weight had been lifted off of their heart and people woke clear headed and with renewed purpose; despite the excessive partying and celebration from the previous evening. It had been a tumultuous year for the country; it had seen freak storms and earthquakes, unexplained sicknesses and many deaths. Many theories had been speculated by the news media and popular radio broadcasts but most were no closer to understanding the real truth. England was a divided country, not in the sense of race or class like you would expect. It was divided by something much deeper and older than petty prejudices; it was divided between magical people also known as witches or wizards and non magical people who were referred to as muggles. Centuries ago the muggles knew of the wizards and they lived in harmony, then the church came and labeled them as evil. It drove the wizarding community into hiding and scattered it throughout the world. Today the muggles knew nothing of the magic that was around them, they chose to turn a blind eye to what was obviously in front of them.

Early yesterday evening all across the country, radio and television stations cut regular programming for a special announcement. As the announcer came on you saw people turning their volumes up, this almost never happened in England. “Ladies and Gentlemen we bring you breaking news out of parliament” the announcer stated as the cameras panned to show a well dressed man standing behind a podium. “The queen has asked me to make a brief statement on her behalf. We have received reports from the field and are still awaiting the final details on this matter. After the suffering we have been through for the last few years, she felt it important to share this with her country. It seems we have a group of malcontents located amongst us that is responsible for most if not all of this countries suffering over the last two years. The unruly group were found to be well funded and trained by a man named Tom Riddle. Earlier today a team of special military operatives were able to catch up with this group and the ensuing fight ended the life of the group’s leader. Many of the group were arrested or killed during the fight and unfortunately our casualties were high as well. The Queen would like me to remind everyone that there are still operatives from this group located all throughout England if not the entire world. Please report any suspicious activity to the authorities and know that the worst is over. She will be making a full address within the week.” The well dressed gentleman crisply turned and walked away from the podium, while the radios and televisions returned to their regular scheduled broadcasting.

“Order, Order” A booming voice demanded. Everyone in the room turned to see who had spoken. It was a short balding man with very thick glasses, the kind that magnified the wearer’s eyes. “I didn’t realize the little guy had that much voice behind him” One lady in the group whispered behind her hand to another, causing both of them to smirk. “I call in session this emergency meeting of the Wizengamot; it is required of us to select an interim Minister for Magic.” The dark walnut walls and highly polished cedar floor of the courtroom was like a prison for the members over the next few hours. Arguments broke out over wizarding families and true allegiances, it was apparent no one trusted anyone. They needed one person who could unite the community rather than risk a further divide. Many names were mentioned and easily overlooked, but one name continued to be bantered back and forth between the members. It was hard for this group to accept change as inevitable; they believed slow progress was the way to go. Most of the members had inherited the seats from their parents or grandparents, leaving the same wizarding families in rule for centuries. Aristocracy rather than Democracy was what had lead to the rise of Voldemort. He was hell bent on rising to power to rule not just the world of magic, but the muggle domain as well. He was powerful enough that few could stop him and in that fashion many joined him. On the council there were many families represented. Some were pure blood, meaning they could follow their family tree from one magical person to the next down through the centuries. Others were of mixed blood, meaning that somewhere along the line a magical person had married a muggle. The pureblood families felt they were better than everyone else and that their magic was superior. This led some of them astray into the dark arts or caused them to be manipulated by powerful wizards who used their own insecurities and lust for power to gain access to their families vaults and century’s worth of gold. The majority of the Wizengamot were kind and good natured witches and wizards, they understood that change was needed and now they had the opportunity to seize that change. After hours of debate the majority voted for Kingsley Shacklebolt as the interim minster for magic, “Merlin pities his soul” some could be heard saying.

Kingsley was an auror ‘a dark wizard hunter’ for the ministry of magic. He had attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and graduated with honors obtaining excellent scores on all his NEWTS. He was recruited by many departments within the ministry but his obsession with helping others and hatred of the evil he had witnessed in his life drew him into the auror training program. He was accepted with open arms and was regularly promoted or tasked with special assignments throughout his career. Ever the mediator between inter office feuds, people began to look to him as an emissary of all that was right in the magical community. Some people claw, fight, and backstab on their way up; Kingsley did none of that, he just worked hard and valued others opinions in his job. No one could argue with his appointment although some of the purer families tried. No one could ever call the man a politician and that was exactly what the magical community needed right then. The ministry was near collapse due to internal issues, most people had fled in the last few months. Some were in fear for their lives because of Tom Riddles return and installation of a puppet government, those that were part of the puppet regime were now running for fear of prison sentences and retribution due to actions during the last few months. The magical community would rebuild and under Kingsley it would see many hardships and fights but it would grow and prosper to heights never before seen. That is the future that awaited them but for now all was turmoil and baby steps were required to keep the community from falling over the edge of the giant chasm Lord Voldemort had created.

In his first few hours as minister many things happened. First he was required to meet with the Prime Minister and give a report that immediately brought him in the presence of the Queen of England. Kingsley soon learned of attempted plots on the royal families lives over the last few months and that she had full knowledge of the magical community. “Honestly” she said “Many members of my family have been magical, unfortunately at this time none are, but rest assured I am the Queen of England, magical and muggle alike.” Rather than feeling like she was challenging his authority, Kingsley felt relieved that he had an advocate with so much power. After giving her brief details of the Battle of Hogwarts she asked him to bring the three responsible for the defeat of the dark wizard to her whenever he could so she could thank them personally and award them for their services to the royal family. Following his meeting with the Queen he needed a new team of advisors including a new cabinet; he was responsible for appointing a new Head of Hogwarts and relished the fight he would receive from the board of directors. He contacted Gringott’s the wizarding bank ran by the goblins for centuries. They assured him all was well other than the huge hole in the roof caused by a group of bank robbers escaping on the back of a dragon. It seemed that Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger had broken into Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault and removed an article that did not belong to them. When the guards attempted to apprehend them they jumped on the back of a dragon that was guarding the lower vaults and escaped through the tunnels into the lobby and then through the roof. Kingsley walked away from the fireplace shaking his head with a smile on his face. ‘I don’t know what those three were up to for the past ten months but clearly we need to have a conversation’ Kingsley thought to himself. He went back to the fireplace and held a quick conversation with Minerva McGonagall; she was acting Headmistress of Hogwarts at this time. She assured him things were under control and congratulated him on his appointment as minister. She asked him what to do with the Malfoy family who were still seated in the great hall. “Do not worry yourself with them, I will be there momentarily” Kingsley responded. He drafted an arrest warrant for the three members of that family and headed out the door to disapperate to Hogsmeade and walked the short distance to the school.

Five Thousand miles away a small boy sat on a bare wooden floor crying into his folded arms, his knees were drawn up to his face and he was rocking back and forth. Damon had known hardship all his life, being an orphan and growing up with many abusive foster parents. Never had he known the kind of misery he felt that morning, the abandonment, as if someone had ripped a piece of his soul out. It happened just an hour ago, one minute he was fine and the next he was withdrawn and inconsolable. Not that anyone even tried to console him, no they just called his social worker and she drove him to the charity hospital. The doctors on staff that day could not find anything wrong with the boy but he would not respond to any type of treatment. They placed him in the psychiatric ward for juveniles; figuring one of the shrinks would be able to fix him. He had retreated to the depths of his mind that morning searching for the lost piece of his soul; it was an automatic reflex that he had no control over. Something had happened that morning that would forever change his world and that of the wizarding world combined. Albus Dumbledore stood witness to this scene from a picture frame located on a desk across the room. The tears of sadness from his eyes combined with the fierce fury resonating from his face were enough to drive most quite mad, but when he spoke the boy responded. “Young Damon” Albus commanded, and the boy turned. “You must return to your normal senses so that I have the ability to return to you that which was taken this morning” Damon sat there spellbound, thinking that he had gone crazy. Albus unfortunately added to the illusion for the child. Albus sat there talking with the child until he felt it was safe to leave.
Albus entered a room of pure white, there were four people sitting around a table. “What you have done is reprehensible; I am ashamed to admit that I even know you. If it were not for the child and your knowledge of how to fix this I would leave you and never return. Do we all understand each other?” The four nodded their heads and continued to study their hands while Albus stormed out of the room.

Arthurs Note: Please bear with me as this is my first attempt at writing. There are a few things I wanted to point out.

I will have a few new characters in this book. First of all JKR did an amazing job so how could I do better than her. Second this is the first book I have ever attempted to write. So character development is new to me. Lastly, I get really irritated when reading a fan fiction that throws a whole bunch of new people at me. I like JKR’s books; I just wanted to add something that was picking away at my brain before it became a tumor.

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The Path of Two Souls: Whitewash


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