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Summer in the Fall by jamessiriusgryff
Chapter 2 : Cheaters in Hogsmeade
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Gorgeous chapter image by belatrixx @ tda!

First day of classes today, and I am already late to pick up my timetable from Professor Longbottom. To me, he is Neville, but while on school grounds my father insists I call him Professor Longbottom. By the time I arrive at his office he already has my timetable in his hand. I thank him and scan the small piece of parchment to see what my next subject is.

I look in shock at my timetable. It has grown at least half its size from last year. I look up at Neville to see if he can explain this and he just smirks at me.

“This is bloody unbelievable” I state. He chuckles a friendly laugh at me, scanning my timetable.

“You must be going for NEWT level I suspect?” He says, scanning over the hardest subject I have on my timetable. Ancient Runes,

“Yeah I want to be a Curse Breaker like my Uncle Bill. He said he could put a good word in for me too” I say proudly,

“You know James, they will research your history here at Hogwarts. So you better put your act together, or they’ll choose someone more like your brother” He dismisses me from his office without another word.

I know he didn’t mean to insult me, but by saying, ‘more like your brother’ hurts. Albus Potter, me and my brother aren’t on the best terms at the moment. We aren’t really that close. I know however he is a straight O student. Receiving Outstanding for every subject he has. I am just as bright as him. I just don’t show it by studying every chance I get. He is without a doubt no troublemaker. He is obviously what Neville and McGonagall would call, the perfect student. And I’m not. Lily says he is jealous of my charm. I highly doubt that, he has the Potter charm in him somewhere. He is a Slytherin, but that isn’t why we don’t get on. He is just the total opposite of me. Apart from Quidditch. Of course he has the Quidditch blood in him, he plays Seeker for Slytherin. He gets on really well with my father. Sometimes I think my mum and dad forget about me. Dad has Albus, his perfect soon to be Head Boy, Quidditch star son. Mum has her adorable, angel like Lily. I’m the troublemaking, rebellious older brother who according to them can take care of himself. Albus is still holding a grudge against me because I kissed his girlfriend in third year. He was only twelve years old and it was a kiss on the cheek! I mean, I don’t think she was even a witch. She didn’t attend our school and I’m pretty sure she was older than him.

I just don’t feel like handling Transfiguration at the moment. It is my best subject, but I just can’t face McGonagall. I wish I didn’t have to go. Thinking about my family just gets me in an annoyed mood. Of course, I do adore my little sister Lily.

By the time I arrive at Transfiguration, McGonagall has already started writing notes down on the board. I quietly slip through the room and take a seat at the back of the classroom next to Luke Wood, he is a nice bloke and a pretty decent Beater, and overall he’s a cool guy. He slaps me on the shoulder as if welcoming me to the seat next to him and I give him a nod of appreciation.

“Please excuse Mr Potter rudely interrupting the class” I hear the voice of Professor McGonagall echo down to the back. Usually I would argue. I just quietly mutter a sorry to the class, who have all turned to look at me.

“You will stay back after class thank-you” She says sourly to me. I knew it was coming, I missed breakfast what else could she punish me with? I just nod as she starts teaching the class about the Animagi. Since I already know everything on the Animagi I zone out. All I can hear is the scratch of Luke’s quill against his parchment. It looks like he is the only one I know in this class, not many of my friends take Advanced Transfiguration. Not many students do really. All I can think of is my grandfather secretly becoming an illegal Animagi with his mates. When Al and I were really small, about seven years old we made a bet to see who could become an Animagi first. I don’t think he would remember by now.

The class ends, finally. I was actually considering casting a spell on myself that keeps my eyes open, no matter how tired I am. Something Uncle George taught me. I stand, with the rest of the class and nearly forget I am supposed to stay behind at the end. I slowly make my way over to McGonagall who is sitting at her desk, practising wand movement.

“Mr Potter did I not just warn you about putting your act together?” She states. I don’t answer her and just decide to look at my feet. “So now you have nothing to say?” She says sourly.

“I’m sorry” I reply, not really caring what she says to me next. “I’m sorry Professor but being late to a class really doesn’t matter to me at the moment. I could recite your whole lesson to you if you want” I say after she doesn’t reply.

“You cannot speak like this to me Potter. You do realise I am the Headmistress and if you don’t care about being late to lessons then why are you even here?” She demands, placing her wand down on the desk calmly.

“Professor I didn’t mean it like that-”

“You will write a 6000 word essay on the Animagi, if you were listening this should be no problem at all then should it?” She mocks me, McGonagall certainly isn’t liking me this year. 6000 words? What does she think I am Albus?

“Uh, yeah sure, ok. No problem. In fact, you’ll be seeing that essay in your office by this afternoon” I reply. Why did I just say that? Thank Merlin I have free period now.

“Don’t push it Potter” She replies, not even glancing up at me, “You aren’t Albus” She didn’t mean this in a bad way either. She thought I would laugh at it, most people do. But no I’m pretty insulted.

“What you don’t think I can do it just because I’m the other, perhaps the stupid Potter” I unexpectedly snap back at her. She takes this by surprise and is a little taken aback. Nearly shocked,

“No of course not why would you think that?” She states, shuffling through some papers. How can she have so many when it is only first day of classes.

“Because you just said so” I know I am being a smart arse, and McGonagall certainly doesn’t allow it. I nonchalantly glance at the parchment and quill secretly hovering behind me, scratching every word down and fall silent.

 “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to insult you Potter, but it is unacceptable for you to speak to me that way” She states, “Now, so I know you are doing this essay, you can stay in here with my supervision and write it.”

I slump back down at the nearest desk and begin scratching down every sentence I remember McGonagall saying in today’s lesson. It was really quite easy but by the time I had finished it was only about 4000 words. So I had to start naming people I know are an Animagi including illegal ones. She didn’t let me leave until she read it and was thoroughly impressed. This caught me by surprise. She flicked her wand and the Monitoring parchment vanished behind me.


“Everyone welcome to Gryffindor Quidditch Tryouts, I will be running you through a set of drills to see who makes best fit for the team. And remember just because you were on the team last year doesn’t guarantee you a spot this year” I shout to a crowd of about 100 students all gathered tightly together on the Quidditch Pitch. I can see Summer sitting in the stands by herself, nearby to her was the Slytherin Quidditch Team, all gathered here to watch who I pick. Including my younger brother.

The afternoon was very slow. I picked the same team I had last year and it was a total waste of time. I head over to the stands where Summer is and take a seat down next to her while she watches the rest of the team start packing away spare quaffles and bludgers.

“Still not keen on this sport” She says as I escort her to the changing rooms to meet Dom. I knew they would be best friends, they are absolutely two peas in a pod.

We arrive inside and Summer closes the door behind her.

“It doesn’t look like anyone is in here-” But before I can even finish what I was saying she had smashed me against the closed door and threw her lips onto mine forcefully. I was so taken aback I would have fallen backwards if she didn’t push me against this wall. She thrusts her tongue in my mouth and I kiss her back just as passionately as she runs her hands through my messy black hair. I pull her waist in so there is absolutely no space between us and she moans. I smirk into the kiss as she pulls me off the wall and throws me into one of the showers. She walks in there after me as if she is a hunter, and I am her prey. Is this how it works at Beauxbatons? If so, I’m moving.

“You are all dirty from your Quidditch practice” She turns the handle of the shower and a cold sensation flies down my neck. She pounces on me and I catch her by surprise as she thrusts her hands up my shirt. I grip her arse in my hands before she smacks them away with a sly smile on her face.

“I don’t understand you. You know, I really don’t” I mutter as she leaves a trail of kisses down my neck and onto my bare stomach from where she threw my Quidditch gear off. She flicks her wand and muggle police handcuffs tie my hands together. She stops kissing me and brings her face up to be mirrored with mine.

“This, is for calling me a Slytherin” She gives me that insanely gorgeous kiss on the lips I desire and gathers up my clothes.

“What-” But before I could do anything she was gone. With all of my clothes except my bottoms. At least she was kind enough to leave me those. I try to get up but realise the handcuffs are charmed to the shower. I am saturated, with no clothes but trousers and am locked in the Quidditch change room. What a fucking brilliant plan of hers, one I can only admire.

I sit there. Puzzled for quite a few minutes before someone comes in. Fred Weasley looks at me, and then breaks down with laughter. I actually join him as I explain what happened. It was just so funny, even I had to admire what she had done.

“Yeah right it was Summer. You wish James, was it some Slytherin you aren’t proud of?” Fred chuckles as he tries to figure out the counter curse for these handcuffs before getting frustrated with them and blasting them off me. My hands were on fire for a small amount of time before he put the fire out.

“Mate, it was Summer!” I reply with an angry tone in my voice, why doesn’t he believe me?

“I saw Summer with Dom only a minute ago, how could she do this to you so fast?” He replies. I decide to leave it, if she wants to play it that way, then I will play it that way.

We walk back up the castle grounds together and round the corridor to head up the Grand Staircase when we saw them. Fred looked as if he was going to explode on the spot. He was just a little ball of fire that erupted. It was Alice Longbottom snogging the living daylights out of the Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain, Ryan Abbot. Before I can do anything to stop Fred, he has blasted not just Abbot, but also Alice off their feet. I see him blast three more purple looking spells I didn’t even know at Abbot before stalking over to Alice.

“Never again, will I ever forgive you” He snarls at her, I have never seen Fred actually be so, what’s the word? Dominique-like. He doesn’t look like his usual cheerful self when he turns back around to me. I hear the soft moans of Alice as she sobs and tries to get up to follow Fred, who had stormed right passed me. I step in front of her before she can go any further though,

“You heard him, Alice. I think he really means it this time” I snarl in the same tone Fred had used, she gives me a look of terror. “Just realised how wonderful he is, didn’t you?” I smirk at her as she crushes herself against the wall for support.

I look over at the unconscious Ryan Abbot, watching large purple snail looking animals crawling out from underneath his face as he shivers on the ground. Where Fred ever learned to produce that spell puzzles me, where he ever learnt how to do non-verbal magic also puzzles me. I mean, basic spells are simple, I can do them. Yet strange ones like the one he just used. He is a real genius when he wants to be.

The crackle of the fire is just the welcoming I need in the Gryffindor Common Room. There is no sight of Fred, he probably didn’t want to talk to anyone and went straight to his dormitory. I can see Lily and her silly little boyfriend sitting together on the couch and nearly pop with fury when I see him lean in for a kiss. I launch myself across the room but am too late, she has responded almost too keenly. I pounce into the middle of them and they break apart, partly taken aback.

“So, Lorcan” I say, faking a smile. I’ll never admit it to him, but he does a pretty decent job as Gryffindor Seeker. But since he is two years older than her, I really do need to keep my eye on him. He is only a year younger than me and most definitely like any other sixteen teenage boy. “How was your Christmas?” I ask as he awkwardly shuffles further away from me, frowning slightly.

“Oh please James, just piss off won’t you?” Lily snarls from behind me, whacking me over the back of the head,

“Now, now Lily. I’m just making sure Lorcan here knows what he’s dealing with if he ever happens to break your heart” I give Lorcan a threatening smile, and Lily whacks me again.

“What he’s dealing with? You can’t be serious” She snarls, I can see her hair getting even redder with fury.

“Oh, but Sirius is my middle name” I smirk at her as she nearly dissolves in fury.

“Oh please. Come on Lorcan, let’s go somewhere more private” She grabs Lorcan’s hand and tugs him off the couch and they leave the portrait hole together leaving me deserted in the common room.

I glance around the room for any sign of someone I might know, but all I can see is a small group of girls all giggling and glancing at me. I vaguely begin to wonder where Summer might be as the three girls approach me,

“Hey James, I’m Willow” The tallest one says, fluttering her eyelashes at me. She is pretty, but not nearly as gorgeous as Summer, the other two seem to have left her as I scan the room for them. Usually I would be ecstatic, having a right good snog before dinner is always nice. But the only person I can think of snogging is Summer. “I was just wondering what you were doing on the first Hogsmeade visit?” After a short pause she adds on, “It’s this weekend you know”

“Oh yeah I hadn’t really thought of it” I reply, thinking of Summer’s gorgeous face lighting up if I ever asked her to go to Hogsmeade with me. No James. You must ask this pretty brown haired girl and Fred won’t think you are crazy. “Well, I-” But thank Merlin someone had cut me off,

“Charming another girl now are you James?” Summer pops up from behind me and I give her a sly smile as Willow looks so taken aback, it is as if someone attacked her. I think of playing the game and smirk.

“Yeah and I was just about to ask her to Hogsmeade before you interrupted” Willow’s face was so extremely happy, it was as if she was an eleven year old opening a Christmas present. But the look on Summer’s face mirrored Dom’s when Logan insulted her hair. Before Summer can say anything Willow throws her arms around me and pulls me into a forced embrace,

“I knew it; I knew you liked me James!” She makes a very high pitched girly scream before kissing me on the cheek and rushing over to her friends and they all start screaming while running out the portrait hole. I look at Summer with a bewildered look on my face before she gives me a menacing glare before hoisting me down to her level by the scruff of my robes. No one in the room seems to have noticed.

“Nice try” Is all she says before kissing me on the lips again, but this time she doesn’t leave.

Usually whenever she kisses me on the lips, she leaves me instantly. It’s about time for dinner so I would have expected her to go down to the Great Hall but she remained millimetres from my nose. So I take advantage of this and bring her lips back down to mine. She doesn’t take this by surprise; I think she was almost expecting me to kiss her. I grab her arse before she smacks my hands back up her back and I smirk at her. I deepen the kiss and she responds with passion I had never experienced before.

I hear a loud yawn from the boy’s dormitories, and so does Summer, she jumps off me before I can stop her and down walks Fred. She presses her finger against her lips again and then brings up a casual conversation about Pygmy Puffs, where she learned to be so smooth and clever I would love to know.

“Mate” I hear the miserable voice of Fred who had walked down the stairs successfully, “What do you think about a night in Hogsmeade? Just me you and Logan, guys night” He glances awkwardly at Summer and says, “Dom and Summer can come too, if they want” He gives Summer a polite smile, who returns it.

“That is a brilliant idea Fred. Just what you- uh, I mean, we all need to get our minds off uh, you know, stuff” I clap him on the back,

“Excellent. Where are Logan and Summer anyway? We should leave now if we are going, takes about half an hour through the passageway” He wonders out of the portrait hole by himself and is probably trying to hunt down Dom and Logan. Who are probably wondering why we aren’t at dinner.

“What is Hogsmeade?” Summer asks after Fred has left. Not only did she ask but she came and sat on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck, acting as though it was casual and we had been together for at least a year. I choose to ignore the fact that she is sitting on me and talk back casually.

“This village not too far from here. It’s banned for students to visit outside of Hogsmeade weekends, but we know all the passageways there and out so we visit regularly” I wrap my arms around her waist and she doesn’t seem to mind.

“What is there to do though?” She asks. She just doesn’t stop asking questions, does she?

“Plenty. We could visit the Three Broomsticks, go down to the Shrieking Shack-”

“Shrieking Shack?” She questions, loosening her grip on me a little, I smirk at her,

“No need to be scared. I’ll be there too” I flash her my charming smile before she hits me over the back of the head. I laugh as she rests her head on my chest.

“Is it a shack that shrieks?” She asks after a moment of silence. This does it, this cracks me as I struggle to breathe from how loud I had started laughing. “No, seriously James!” She snaps angrily lifting herself off me standing with her arms crossed. I still can’t breathe as I lie down on the hard Gryffindor couch trying to stop myself laughing.

“It’s just a rumour Summer” I manage to let out during my hilarious laughing fit, she is still standing crossly with her arms folded, “It used to shriek but it doesn’t anymore” I move over for her to sit down.

“Promise?” She asks, leaning her head on my shoulder again. I look down at her and kiss her on the forehead.

“I promise” I, James Sirius Potter have officially fallen in love with Summer Cohen, who doesn’t seem to think I have. I would never go to such great lengths as kiss a girl on the forehead that is what a boyfriend does. I am not going to be the boyfriend of someone. But I want to be the boyfriend of Summer. How is this possible? I don’t have girlfriends… I have lovely, regular shags with different girls.

“How long until we leave? I want to see this shack” She says in a curious tone. And to my dislike, she leaves our embrace and starts walking to the portrait hole. She pokes her head out and waves her hand like crazy for me to come, “There they are” she points to the three of them walking up the Grand Staircase, just as she is about to run down and meet them I grab her hand and hoist her back.

“Wait for me, I just need to get the Invisibility Cloak and the Map. I won’t be long just wait here” I shout after her and race up to the dorm to collect my stuff,

“What-” She says just as I slam the door shut behind me.


“You never said Honeydukes was here!” Summer’s voice echoes down the streets of a dark Hogsmeade night, racing towards the sweet shop.

“Wait up!” I hear the sound of Fred’s voice running to join her, Fred would have to be the reason why the owner of Honeydukes is so bloody rich. He buys about half the shop every time he enters.

Usually, Logan would be running to join them too but he looks a little side-tracked tonight, seriously it is like he has a completely different personality. Wherever I see him he looks suspicious. Dom is to my left.

“So Dom, how’s Ryan Connolly going?” I ask, Ryan Connolly is some Ravenclaw who is Dom’s most recent boyfriend. However, Dom never seems to keep a boyfriend for long. She has nearly dated half of Hogwarts, she claims she is searching for ‘the one.’ Even though I know she is just like me, a shagger.

I see Logan give a nervous glance at Dom, who doesn’t seem to notice as we walk the streets of Hogsmeade,

“You know what James, I don’t think it’s going to last” She replies,

“It isn’t?” Logan says exactly what was on my mind however I was going to say, ‘Big surprise’

“No, I really don’t. There’s much sweeter guys out there who care about me, you know?” She replies with a long stare at Logan,

“Like who?” I ask, becoming suspicious. She is usually a little sad to let one of her boyfriend’s go, no more shagging for her that way you see.

“Oh I don’t know. Sometimes they’re right under your nose” She replies.

“Who are you and what have you done with Dominique Weasley?” I blurt out letting out a nervous laugh. What the fuck does she mean under her nose? The only people under her nose are related to her.

By the time we catch up with Fred and Summer, they have already purchased all their sweets. Fred had seven plastic bags with the print ‘Honeydukes’ in his hand and Summer had none, coming out looking rather disappointed,

“Why didn’t you get anything? I thought you were excited?” Dom asks, as they join us on a spare bench.

“Turns out they don’t accept French money. I completely forgot” She replies in an upset tone, Dom lets out a small laugh and I can see Logan trying to hide his. Fred is too busy admiring his sweets to notice anything. A trip to Honeydukes makes Fred forget about most things.

“Here, I’ve got some money we can share” I jump at the opportunity to help Summer before Dom can even open her mouth. Dom gives me a look that is implying ‘crush’ but I ignore her as Summer jumps up and gives me a hug while squealing with joy,

“Really? Thank you so much! I never thought Honeydukes would be in Britain” She says, running off into the shop again and beckoning me to follow her. I get her every sweet known to man in the shop and nearly run out of money for a butterbeer when we enter the Three Broomsticks.

I volunteer to order the drinks and Fred and Logan decide to join me, since they aren’t sure what food they want to order yet.

“What’s with you and Summer?” Fred asks after he thanks Madame Rosmerta, an old lady who has owned the pub for a while,

“Nothing” I reply, picking up a glass for me, and one for Summer while Logan picks up one for himself and Dom,

“Do you like her?” Logan smirks,

“No” I reply, faster than I would have liked,

“Yes you do” They chime together,

“I do not love Summer Cohen” I snap at them,

“Woah” Fred lets out a small breath, “We never said love, we said like

“Which means you do love her!” Logan says, nearly tipping half of his drink out as we make our way back across the table,

“No” I reply simply, they give me a look of disgust, “Come on guys. I’m James. I do not fall in love. Plus she is a little confusing if you hadn’t noticed” I snap, we fall silent and join Dom and Summer.

After about three hours Fred announces he is leaving without us or not. He had been wanting to leave for an hour for some reason, usually he wants to hit the clubs and get blind as a bat drunk and shag the nearest human he can call a ‘girl’ but this time, he didn’t. I decide not to point this out as he stands up,

“Aren’t we going clubbing?” Logan asks in a disappointed tone, I try to cover up my smirk,

“Just don’t feel like it tonight mate” He replies, not removing eye contact from the door,

“Well I do” Logan replies in an annoyed tone, spiking his hair up at the back of his head,

“Does it look like I’m stopping you?” Fred questions before leaving the Three Broomsticks by himself. We watch him hurry by himself down the streets of Hogsmeade, towards the secret passage we use to get here. They have nearly completely re-built Hogwarts so the Marauder’s map was useless until about a year ago when Fred, Logan and I decided to re-design it.

“Well I’m with Logan. I want to go clubbing. Fred’s a big boy he will get back to Hogwarts fine” Dom states, standing up. Logan claps his hands together, giving Dom a huge grin that isn’t like him to do.

“Are you two coming or following sensible little Freddie” Logan asks, faking a little kid’s voice,

“As much as I have a past of clubbing. I really want to see this Shrieking Shack place” Summer says, glancing out the window expecting to see a little shack pop up.

“You aren’t thinking of going by yourself?” I ask, she was frightened not too long ago. “And what do you mean a past of clubbing?” I ask suspiciously,

“Beauxbatons had a club just around the corner from the school. Used to go there nearly every night until-” But she stops talking suddenly, until what?

“Until what?” Dom says anxiously, as if reading my mind.

“I never said that” She replies. If I hadn’t heard her properly, I would have believed she didn’t say that she is that positive of a liar.

“Yeah you did” Logan says, furrowing his eyebrows together looking extremely confused,

“No she didn’t” I decide to step in and save her, this will mean she owes me. Which is always excellent. “She said ‘she used to go there every night with Kuban’. Who is Kuban?” I ask, pathetic lie, I know but it was the best I could think of on the spot. Kuban? Is Kuban even a name? It sounds like a fairy-tale country far, far away. Dom and Logan seem to believe me as Summer gives me an annoyed glance.

“Kuban is my cousin” She laughs at the misunderstanding, “Yeah we used to go there nearly every night” She pretends to smile and think of Kuban, she is such a good liar she could probably be a muggle actress.

“Oh, well let’s go clubbing then!” Logan shouts and nearly gets kicked out of the place before we leave, Logan and Dom take a right to the club but didn’t realise I wasn’t coming. Instead I chose to take Summer to the Shrieking Shack.

We walk in silence and when they disappeared, Summer’s hand instantly found mine. It is seriously like we have known eachother for years rather than days as I lead her down the path.

“I still don’t get you” I say as we settle down on a bench about 100m away from the Shack, she is staring intensely at it and I feel Goosebumps appear on her skin. “I mean, one minute you are bitchy-”

“You wonder why I’m bitchy when I’m always accused of being bitchy?” She snaps at me, there it is again.

“Look there it is again! The fucking monster coming out of Summer” I snap back at her, she gives me a look of disgust,

“What the fuck?” She yells, “We were getting along fine for once and you just have to go and fuck it all up!” She yells, her voice is about three times louder than a Howler. I’m frightened. I am actually frightened.

“Would you calm down Summer?” I yell over the top of her voice,

“I’m not Summer, I’m the monster inside her!” She snaps back at me,

“You- You’re just- What-” I stumble with words before she throws her lips onto mine again.

Snogging is the only thing we can agree on. The only way we can get along and the only conversation between us. Yet I can still manage to be in love with her fiery attitude and personality. I just don’t understand her! She slips her tongue in my mouth and I wrap my arms around her waist to pull her closer.


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