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These Dark and Hollow Nights by DracosGirl012
Chapter 4 : Professor Quincey
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~~~Disclaimer~~ I do not own Harry Potter! ANything you recognize belongs to J.K Rowling. I only own the OC and the plot. 



 Chapter Four: Professor Quincey

Draco’s POV


The next morning, Draco walked into the Great Hall wanting nothing more than something highly caffeinated.

He had been woken up an hour ago by Hermione banging on his door, shouting for him to get up. She’d barely given him time to dress before she dragged him out of the room for the morning patrol, which had been so boring Draco almost fell asleep walking. He had tried to get her to go down to the kitchens to get some coffee, but she’d responded with a rather sharp ‘no!’ and he had given up.

‘Pass the coffee,’ he told Blaise.

His friend obliged instantly. ‘Granger didn’t let you have your morning cup, did she?’ Theodore asked.

‘My own fault,’ Draco mumbled. ‘Should have woken up earlier. But I didn’t know she was going to drag me out of the room. No wonder the Weasel dumped her. She’s a pain in the arse’

Hermione, who was walking by Slytherin table, stopped dead in her tracks. For a single moment, she just stood there, frozen. Then she walked over to Gryffindor table, sat down, and never glanced once in their direction.

‘I think she heard you,’ Theodore murmured.

‘So? It’s true. She is.’

Draco felt something churn in his stomach, though. He knew she’d heard. And he felt like he should walk over to Gryffindor table and apologise. But that was not how Draco Malfoy worked, and he wasn’t going to apologise. Especially not to… to, well, her.

‘Draco,’ Theodore sighed. ‘You haven’t changed at all.’

‘So what, Theodore? Why do I have to change?’ He demanded.

‘Because you’re Head Boy. You have a responsibility now. And unless you show McGonagall that you can be responsible, then it’s going to be taken away. And then you’ll be nothing.’ Theodore said.

Draco’s lips curved in a sneer. ‘Oh, I see what this is. Jealous, are you, Theo? Head Boy’s what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it? Or is it Granger you want?’

Theodore opened his mouth, closed it, and then opened it again.

‘Why would I want her? She’s a filthy little Mudblood. I wouldn’t touch her if you paid me a thousand Galleons.’

Draco snorted. ‘Yeah, right. I bet you do want her.’

‘Maybe you’re the one that wants her, Draco,’ Theodore said.

Draco opened his mouth, and closed it.

‘Ooh, look at that,’ Theodore taunted. ‘The Great Malfoy rendered speechless.’

‘I-I… how could- what the hell?’ He sputtered.

‘So admit it. You fancy her. You fancy the Mudblood.’ Theodore laughed.

Draco looked around wildly. ‘Shut up,’ he hissed. ‘I do not like her. I can’t even stand her. I just didn’t know how to respond so such a preposterous question, is all.’

Theodore snorted.’ ‘Right, Draco. I don’t believe you for a second, you know. You fancy her. Just admit it. Not like I’m going to tell anyone.’ He said.

Draco swallowed. ‘I don’t fancy her.’

But that was a lie. Because ever since Hermione had hugged him last night, he couldn’t get her out of his head. And the way she said his name, the simplest of things, made him want to grab her and kiss her full on the mouth.

But he couldn’t tell anyone- especially not Theodore. He might trust Theo with his life, but he didn’t trust him with this.

‘Fine, keep lying to yourself. I know when you fancy someone, Draco. You’re extra mean to them. Remember when you fancied Pansy? You made sure she heard you call her a pug-faced slut.’ Theodore said.

Draco grimaced. There had never been a time when he truly fancied Pansy Parkinson. But what Theodore was saying was true. He was especially mean to girls he liked; he didn’t know why, either. He just was.

But he’d been cruel to Hermione for about as long as he could remember. Surely that didn’t mean anything, right?

‘It’s not Granger I fancy,’ he mumbled.

‘Who do you fancy then?’ Theodore asked.

‘Astoria,’ he blurted.

He didn’t know what made him say it. It was the first thing he could think of, and he was pretty sure he was going to regret it no matter what.

‘You mean Daphne’s sister?’ Theodore asked.

‘Hmm-hmm.’ Draco took a sip of coffee. It burned his throat, but he didn’t care.

‘She is a pretty one, Astoria. Black curls and blue eyes.’ Theodore smiled. ‘I hear she’s single, too.’

Draco sighed. Why had he said anything? Theodore was never going to stop tormenting him now. But at least it stopped him from thinking he fancied Granger, which was slightly true.

‘Yeah?’ Draco asked. Theodore nodded. ‘Might see if she’s interested then. But not now. I want to finish my breakfast.’

Theodore finally fell silent, and Draco felt relieved.


Hermione’s POV


‘Oh, good. Mail’s here.’ Harry said as his barn owl, Persephone, landed in front of him with a letter in her beak. He’d gotten the owl after the war, and though Hermione could tell he missed Hedwig, Persephone was a fairly decent replacement.

‘Who’s the letter from, Harry?’ Hermione asked.

‘No one,’ Harry said. He was obviously lying, because he wouldn’t meet her eyes.

Ginny, who was sitting beside him, reached over and snatched the letter out of his hands.

‘Hey! That’s mine!’ Harry exclaimed.

‘Yeah, yeah. No keeping secrets, remember?’ Ginny asked.

Harry looked upset, but she opened the letter. Ginny’s face went white. She threw the letter down, got up from the table, and practically ran out of the Great Hall. Harry stared after her, and Hermione looked confused.

‘OK, what was that about? I’ve never seen Ginny get so upset.’ She said.

‘It’s from Kingsley,’ Harry sighed. ‘Ron and I have been offered positions as Aurors as soon as we finish school.’

‘Yeah? So, what’s the problem?’ She asked.

‘The problem is that he wants us to leave at Christmas.’ He said.

‘WHAT!’ Hermione exclaimed, staring at him.

‘I know. I want to finish… believe me, I do. But I really want the position.’ He said.

‘Harry, you can’t leave. Ron can, but you can’t.’ She said.

The boy shifted uncomfortably. At that moment, the timetables were being handed out, and both were distracted. Hermione was enthused to see her timetable:

Defense Against the Dark Arts (With Slytherin)

Charms (With Ravenclaw)

HG/Free Period


Herbology (With Hufflepuff)

Potions (With Slytherin)

HG/Free Period

‘Oh, good. I have Defense first.’ Hermione smiled happily. Then her brow narrowed in a frown. ‘And something called HG. What’s that?’ She wondered aloud.

‘Head Girl duties, Ms. Granger,’ said McGonagall as she walked by. ‘Mr. Malfoy has the exact same schedule as you have, so your free periods match. This is when you take time to plan events.’ She said.

The second she was out of ear-shot, Hermione groaned. ‘Oh, joy.’

‘What do you have first again, Mione?’ Harry asked, taking a bite of his scrambled eggs.

‘Defense. You?’ She asked.

He groaned. ‘Transfiguration. I have Defense after lunch. Bet you Ron and I have the same schedule.’ He sounded a little unhappy about it. She sensed he was still mad at Ron, which was a good thing. She was, too.

‘I have Charms after Defense this morning.’ She said.

‘Oh, good. Me too.’ He smiled.

‘Good. What does Ginny have? Let me see her time-’

But Hermione was interrupted by Malfoy coming over to the table. The Gryffindors watched with awed looks.

‘Can I help you, Malfoy?’ She asked.

‘Yes, Mu- Granger. Where do you want to meet for our free period?’ He asked.

‘Um… our dorm, I guess.’ She said reluctantly.

‘Great. See you in class, Granger.’

He walked away, and she stared after him. Harry looked confused, but he shrugged.

‘Speaking of your dorm, can I come by after classes? I want to see Snape.’ He said.

‘Of course, Harry. Oh, and what’s the password to the common room? I might come visit after.’ She said.

Harry smiled sadly. ‘It’s Albus.’

She nodded, feeling as sad as he looked. ‘You’re never going to guess what ours is.’ She grinned.

‘Is it… House Unity?’ He asked.

‘Nope.’ She grinned.

‘Um… is it Pureblood?’ He asked.

‘No, although Malfoy suggested that.’ She laughed.

‘Is it… Parseltongue?’ He asked.

‘No.’ She sighed.

‘What is it then? I give up.’ He said.

‘It’s Quidditch.’ She said, rolling her eyes. ‘I can’t believe you didn’t guess that. Although parseltongue is a good one.’

‘Quidditch? Really? Did Malfoy pick that?’ He asked, laughing.

‘Nope. I did. Something he and I could both remember.’ She said.

‘What did Snape say about that?’ He asked.

‘He rolled his eyes.’ She laughed, remembering.

‘Really? I don’t think I’ve seen him do that before.’ Harry was amazed.

Ginny came back then, and her face showed tell-tale signs of crying.

‘Ah, good. I thought they’d forget me.’ She said, picking up her timetable.

‘Gin, what do you have? I have Defense first.’ Hermione said.

Ginny looked disappointed. ‘I have it after lunch. What about you, Harry?’ She asked.

‘After lunch as well. I have Transfiguration first.’

‘Me too! Let me see yours.’ Ginny grabbed his schedule, and a grin spread over her face. ‘We have all the same classes. What about you, Mione?’ She asked.

‘Like I said, I have Defense first, then charms, and then a free period. Then after lunch, it’s herbology and then potions, and then another free period.’ She said.

‘So I won’t get to see you until lunchtime?’ Ginny asked, sounding disappointed.

‘Unfortunately, no.’ Hermione said.

‘Oh, well.’

The Great Hall had started clearing out, and Hermione, Harry and Ginny finished eating, and left. They said goodbye, and the other two headed to Transfiguration, and Hermione was alone.

She sighed to herself, and started walking.


Draco’s POV


The second he walked into Defense, Draco knew this year was going to be interesting. For one, Quincey was standing over his desk at the front of the room, bent over a book.

Draco slipped into the third row, close enough but far enough away that he hopefully wouldn’t get called on. He noticed the brown head of hair sitting at the front of the room.

Ah, Hermione, always early, aren’t you? He thought to himself with a smirk.

He didn’t have any more time to think about it, because the rest of the class piled in. Professor Quincey waited for them all to be seated before he pulled out the attendance. Draco wasn’t paying attention; he was too busy staring at the new professor, who was staring at them all with an emotionless face.

‘So,’ Professor Quincey began. ‘You are here to learn Dark Arts. By now, most of you have learned how to survive in a battle. Most of you have probably killed before.’

His eyes fell on Hermione sitting in the front row next to one of the Patil girls. Draco saw her shift uncomfortably.

‘But you do not know how to stop an attack. You know the counter curses, you know how to fight. But what if you didn’t have a wand? What if there was a time you were caught without your wand? It could happen to any one of you.’ Professor Quincey said.

The whole classroom had gone still. Not a whisper could be heard. Even Draco sat silent as a stone, watching Professor Quincey with in transfixed awe.

‘So this year, I will be teaching you all self-defense. We will be learning this until Christmas, and then I’ll teach you basic self-defense spells that you might not already know. You will learn how to fight without magic.’

Draco, out of the corner of his eye, noticed that Hermione looked a little sick. She probably hadn’t thrown a punch since she’d punched him in third year. She raised her hand.

‘Yes, Miss Granger?’ Professor Quincey said.

‘Um… sir, what do you mean self-defense?’ She asked timidly. 

‘Self-defense, Ms. Granger. You will learn how to fight against an attacker without magic. This isn’t just throwing punches. This is learning how to kill someone with your bare hands. If anyone isn’t feeling up to it, then you may go now,’ Professor Quincey said, casting a look around the class.

No one moved. Draco raised his hand.

‘Mr. Malfoy?’ Professor Quincey asked.

Everyone turned to look at him, and Draco nearly scowled. ‘Um, sir. Will we have to fight our opposite gender?’ He asked.

Professor Quincey’s lips turned in a small smile. ‘Excellent question, Mr. Malfoy. Yes, you will have to fight the opposite gender. An attack can come from anyone at any time.’ He said.

‘I can’t fight a girl!’ Seamus Finnigan- that bloke from Gryffindor- exclaimed. ‘Me mum will kill me!’

A couple people laughed, but it was sort of half-hearted.

‘Would you like me to write a letter to your mother, Mr. Finnigan?’ Professor Quincey asked.

Finnigan shook his head. ‘N-no, Sir.’

‘I thought so,’ Quincey nodded. ‘So, let’s begin.’

And so they did. 





So, there's the chapter! Please let me know what you think, even if you think it sucks! All your opinions are really encouraging, and they make me a better writer. So, please review. Thanks so much. 

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