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Time Turner Troubles by ginnypotter4ever
Chapter 7 : Daddy?
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Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait! :(

Disclaimer: I own don't own Harry Potter.


Remus, Sirius, and Lily appeared a few feet away from the cluttered front garden of the Burrow. They couldn’t Apparate straight into the yard because of the Anti-Apparation spells that the Weasleys put up around their property. They all felt a gentle squeeze as they stepped through the invisible shield around the Burrow. Lily winced a little but then started grinning when she saw where they were. Remus and Sirius didn’t notice Lily’s reaction to their new surroundings because they were to caught up in their own individual thoughts. As the three of them made their way up the small path to the front door, Lily caught sight of Harry through the kitchen window. She leaped out of Remus’ arms and ran as fast as she could towards the front door.

“Oh for the love of Merlin!” Sirius exclaimed, tripping over a gnome as he and Remus chased after the four year old.

Lily opened the front door and sprinted towards Harry while screaming, “DADDY!”

Remus and Sirius burst into the house just as Snape took out his wand and stunned the little girl.

“Hey! Why did you stun her? She’s only a little girl!” Sirius yelled at Snape, as he picked Lily up off the floor.

“No one can run at ‘The Chosen One’ like that, not even a four year old little girl.” Snape replied with open disgust.

“She isn’t a threat. She’s just a little girl who has lost her dad.” Remus said, but he directed it more towards Dumbledore than anyone else.

“Severus is right, Remus.” Dumbledore said calmly. “We have to be careful. What are you two doing here, and who is that little girl?”

“Dumbledore, it’s a really long story-” Remus began, but was cut off by the elderly Headmaster.

“Then it needs to wait. We have a very important matter on our hands. Do you know this little girl?” Dumbledore asked.

“No, we just found her and she said something about-” Remus answered, but was again cut off.

“I’m sorry that I keep interrupting you Remus, but as I said, we have a very important matter on our hands. Since no one knows who this little girl is, she will have to go through the tests along with the others we have found. He then nodded towards Snape, “Go ahead.”

At that moment, Sirius noticed something that he hadn’t before. Lined up in front of the dining table were three chairs with three unconscious and tied up boys sitting in them.

Snape took out a bottle of greyish colored potion from a hidden pocket in his robes. He uncapped the vial, and the room was suddenly filled with a horrible stench that would make even Voldemort’s eyes water. He confidently strode across the crowded kitchen and proceeded to pour five drops of the potion down each of the throats of Teddy, James, and Albus. When he made his way towards Lily, Sirius wouldn’t let him give her any potion.

“It isn’t going to hurt her.” Dumbledore assured the over protective Animagus.

Though he still didn’t look very happy about it, Sirius allowed Snape to give Lily the required five drops of potion.

Severus crossed the room again and took his place beside Dumbledore. “The potion takes a minute or so to start working.”

Everyone waited. Suddenly, Teddy, James, Albus, and Lily all began to glow neon blue. The glowing only lasted for a few seconds, and when it was done everyone looked the same except for Teddy. His vibrant pink hair had changed to a sandy brown color.

“That was to check for any use of Polyjuice Potion or appearance changing charms. This is how they all look naturally. The boy that had his hair change color either used a charm to make it pink or is a Metamorphmagus.” Snape informed the room. “None of them have the Dark Mark and I don’t recognize any of them as Death Eaters.”

“Thank you Severus, you may go.” Dumbledore nodded to Snape, who gave a stiff nod in return and walked out the front door.

“I told you that the girl wasn’t a threat! Even Snivellus agrees with me!” Said Sirius as he held on to Lily tightly.

Dumbledore ignored Sirius, and walked towards Teddy. From the tip of his wand came a glowing purple thread that wrapped around the boy. After a few seconds, the thread turned gold and then disappeared completely with no visible after affect. Dumbledore did the same thing to James, Albus, and Lily. Sirius again put up a fight when Dumbledore used magic on the little girl, but eventually put his trust in the older man and allowed him to preform the odd magic.

“That charm was to detect any trace of the Imperius Curse being used.” Dumbledore told everyone. “Since there doesn’t seem to be any detection of dark magic, I’d say that these children are harmless.” He than turned to the werewolf in the room. “Remus, I have to go and take care of some very important Hogwarts business. Would you mind sorting the rest of this out?”

“Of course Dumbledore.”

“If you need me just send your Patronus my way.” With that, Dumbledore walked out the door and Apparated away.

“Well that was a bit serious for our taste,” The twins said together. “There’s only one kind of Sirius that we can deal with!” They continued as they smiled at Sirius. The twins and Sirius got along very well since they were all pranksters. Sirius had been occasionally coming over to the Burrow that summer, and the twins loved it when he did. The three of them had done tons of pranks on everyone.

“What’s with the little girl?” Harry asked his godfather.

“It’s a long story Harry.”

Sirius and Remus told everyone about their confusing morning, from the earthquake to finding Lily under the table. When they were done, no one knew quite what to say.

“She said that I was her dad? I’ve never seen her before in my life!” Harry really didn’t know what to think.

“We were as surprised as you Harry!” Remus assured.

“Yeah, Moony fainted!” Sirius laughed at the memory.

“Anyways, what’s with all of these kids tied to chairs? And did Severus say something about Death Eaters?” Remus turned to Molly, trying to forget about his embarrassing moment from earlier that day.

So Fred, George, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Arthur, and Molly told Sirius and Remus everything. It took a long time to get through the entire story, and it was nearly one in the afternoon when they were done.

“Huh.” Remus looked thoughtful.

“Okay Harry, time to fess up.” Sirius looked his godson in the eyes.

“Umm, what are you talking about?”

“Your secret love child of course!” Sirius exclaimed, gesturing to Lily, “The cat’s out of the bag! We all know! But how did you keep it a secret for so long?”

“SIRIUS BLACK!” Mrs. Weasley scolded while she went to pat Harry on the back. He had started choking on his own saliva once Sirius had revealed his theory.

“Come on Molly! Weren’t you listening? Lily said that her dad’s name is Harry James Potter! And she ran straight to Harry when she saw him through the window! Her last name is POTTER! Her first name is LILY! HER NAME IS LILY LUNA POTTER!” Sirius had started yelling at the end of his explanation.

“The evidence is pretty incriminating.” Remus supplied in such a calm way that it would have made Dumbledore jealous.

“You guys are insane! Bloody mental!” Ron tried to defend his best friend, who was still choking on his own spit. “Tell them they’re mental Hermione!”

Harry’s other best friend was lost in thought. She had that look on her face she usually got right before announcing that it was time for a trip to the library.

“Hermione! Come on! Tell them they’re mental!” Ron tried to awake her from her stupor.

“I don’t think Harry has, as Sirius put it, a secret love child. But something weird is definitely going on. Do you think that she knows these boys?” Hermione gestured to the occupied chairs behind her.

“That’s not important right now Hermione!” Fred scolded the younger girl, but in a light and almost happy voice.

“What’s important,” George continued.

“Is figuring out whether or not,” Fred interjected.

“Harry has a secret love child!” The pair finished together. They both seemed to find the situation extremely funny.


“Sorry Harry, but I can’t just take your word for it. I don’t think you would just tell us if you had a secret love child, I mean that’s the point of the whole ‘secret’ part.” Sirius informed his godson. Harry sighed and held his head in his hands.

“Okay Sirius, calm down.” Mr. Weasley, who had just been observing up to that point chose to step in.

“Yeah Sirius, you are going kind of crazy.” Ginny looked at the man with concern.

“You don’t believe me? Fine! I’ll show you! Rennervate!”

Lily groggily blinked her eyes open. When she was almost completely awake Sirius set her down on the floor. She sat tiredly where she was placed at first, but she quickly jumped up again when she saw Harry.

“DADDY!” She squealed and ran into his arms. Harry was not prepared for the attack and almost fell over, but he was able to stay standing and catch Lily.

“Where have you been daddy?” She asked as she buried her head in his neck.

“Ummm...” Harry didn’t know what to say. “Lily, I’m not your daddy.”

“What are you talking about?” Lily looked at Harry with big pleading carmel brown eyes.

“Lily, I think you’re confused. I’m not your daddy.”

“Are you mad at me? Do you not want me anymore?” Lily looked like she was on the verge of tears.

“No, no! That’s not what I- Please don’t cry!” Harry was at a total loss for words. He looked around the room for help. No one else seemed to know what to do either.

“My daddy doesn’t love me anymore!” Lily began sobbing as she jumped out of Harry’s grip and ran to Ginny, putting her arms around the older girl’s legs.

“Way to make the kid cry Harry!” The twins accused jokingly. They stopped laughing as soon as their mother slapped them each on the back of the head.

“Mummy? Why doesn’t daddy love me anymore?” Lily asked Ginny, who had picked the little girl up in her arms. She didn’t know why, but she felt a strong urge to protect and comfort the little girl.



“Okay, let’s all just calm down.” Remus stepped between the fighting mother and daughter. “I’m sure that there is a reasonable explanation for all of this.”

“Yeah, and what is that exactly? Hmmm? The only explanation I can think of is that-”

Remus cut Sirius off before he could finish. “Sirius, we all know about your love child theory! But I think that we all need to take a second and realize what is actually important right now.”

“I know what you mean Remus,” Arthur said, “The child isn’t the threat, these three boys are.” He gestured to Teddy, James, and Albus, who were all still unconscious and tied to chairs.

“What are we even supposed to do with them anyway? Dumbledore just kind of left us with these three boys that we know nothing about!” Sirius looked as though he was trying very hard to come up with a good solution for the problem.

Remus shook his head in exasperation. “Sirius! We can just wake them up and ask them questions! It’s not like their going to be a threat! They’re tied up!” He said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“Oh, right.” Sirius mumbled, embarrassed.

“So we should wake up the oldest first, yeah?” Ron pointed to Teddy.

“Why don’t we just wake up all of them?” Hermione asked the room at large.

“Dumbledore left Remus in charge, so he should decide.” Molly looked to Lupin.

“Yes, well....ummm....” Lupin had no idea what to do.

Sirius stepped in and took over. “Lets flip a Galleon. Heads - We wake up the oldest. Tails - We wake them all up at the same time.

Remus thought that flipping a coin sounded like just about the stupidest thing that he had ever heard, but he couldn’t think of anything better. “Umm...yeah, okay that sounds....”

“Flip a Galleon?” Hermione nearly shouted. “You want us to just flip a Galleon to figure out which intruder to wake up first?”

“Hermione,” Harry cut in. He hadn’t talked in a really long time, and everyone had nearly forgotten that he was even there. “I know that it sounds childish but do you have any better ideas?” Hermione quickly went quiet at the fact that she didn’t have any better ideas.

“Okay,” Sirius dug his hands deep into his pockets. He threw many things to the ground before he found what he was searching for, including a few cherry flavored candies, some scrap pieces of parchment, an empty crystal vial, and an old battered magic pocket watch. Finally, he held up a Galleon.

“Like I said,” Sirius reminded everyone, “Heads - We wake up the oldest one. Tails - We wake them all up at the same time.”

“Bet you five nuts that it’ll be heads.” Fred whispered to his twin.

“You’re on!” George whispered back.

Sirius balanced the Galleon on his thumb and flicked it up into the air.

A/N: I hope that you guys enjoyed the longest chapter so far! Give me a review if you did! Do you think that it's going to be heads or tails? Tell me what you think in a review! It only takes a second, and it makes me want to continue writing. (:

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