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Dangerous Existence by WildCat
Chapter 4 : Spying
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                                                       Chapter Four


 That night, I slipped out of bed, still fully clothed, and sneaked downstairs. I hadn’t told Soph or Jackie of my plan to spy on Black to prove my point. I had also made James and Sirius swear not to tell anyone. I would tell my friends later, when I had found out everything I needed to know.

 When I entered the Common Room, it was completely empty so I through the cloak over my shoulders and snuck over to the portrait hole, proceeding to climb out. I padded down the corridor until I came to a suit of armour. I snuck behind it and pulled out the Marauder’s Map.

 “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good” I muttered. The map materialised. I found my dot and slowly search for Black’s. It was in the Slytherin Common Room. That meant getting inside, which would be the tricky part.

 I creeped out from behind the armour and slowly made my way down to the Slytherin Common Room. I jumped at any noise, forgetting I was invisible. When I reached the corridor that lead to the Common Room, I took out the map again. Just my luck, Rabastan Lestrange’s dot was heading toward the common room. I hurried after him.  
 Pretty soon, I rounded the corner and saw Lestrange approaching a solid wall. I crept forward, just in time to hear him mutter Pureblood. The wall opened to reveal the Common Room. Lestrange entered and the wall closed behind him. I crept forward and muttered pureblood. The wall opened for a second time. I entered the common room. It dim, eerily lit place. There was a crackling fire in the grate, creating dancing, flickering shadows on the walls.

 It was around 3 in the morning, so there was practically empty. However, to my luck, Black was stretched out on the couch by the fire, obviously he’d been waiting up for Lestrange, who was perched on one of the armrests. They’d obviously been talking about something secretive, because they immediately stopped talking when the wall opened again.

 “Who’s there?” called Black. When there was no response, he turned back to Lestrange. “Probably just a prefect still out on patrol.” He said.

 “Yeah” Lestrange agreed “well, I’m going to head up to bed.”

 “Ok” Black said “I’m going to stay down here for a bit. I need to finish some homework.”

 Lestrange muttered a goodnight and headed upstairs. Black stayed on the couch, looking round. Then he got up and began to pace around the room, obviously deep in thought. I was curious as to what he was doing, but didn’t dare move. 10 minutes later, he stopped pacing and walked towards the stairs for the boys dormitory, obviously heading up to bed.

 When he was gone, I looked around. I noticed he had left his bag on the floor by the couch, so I hurried over to it. I threw the cloak off and onto the couch, then sat down and lifted the bag onto my lap. I opened the bag and began to sift through stuff.

 There was lots of books and parchment and quills, but nothing else worth looking at. So, I closed the bag and put the cloak back on and headed  upstairs to the boys dormitory. Luckily, there was nothing preventing me from climbing, so I was soon at the top. Quietly opening the door to the 6th year boy’s dormitory, I peeked inside. The room was dark, but I was able to make out 5 beds. There were green silk curtains surrounding all of, them except for one. I assumed this was Black’s bed.

 Minutes later, Black came out of a door that obviously led to the bathroom. He headed over to his bed and sat down on it, preceeding to start getting changed. I wrinkled my nose in distgusted. Did I really have to watch my enemy get undressed? I didn't dare move, so I had to watch Black. Finally he was in just his boxers. I was surprised to find he actually had quite nice abs. To my relief, he then got into bed.  I quietly sat down and waited for him to fall asleep.

 Soon, his breathed changed and I knew he was asleep. So I hurried over to his bed and began to search his stuff, trying to find any clue that he liked Sophie. There was nothing. Absolutely nothing, however, I did find a piece of paper under lots of clothes that felt interesting. I couldn’t make it out through the darkness, but I decided to take it back to the Gryffindor Common Room with me. Realising I wasn’t going to find anything else to night, I crept out of the dormitory out of the wall and back to bed.

  The next morning, I woke up to find myself fully clothed, lying on top of the sheets and the clutching the piece of parchment. I looked at my clock. It read 9:00 am, which  meant that Soph and Jackie would be awake and wondering why I wasn’t downstairs eating breakfast like I usually was . I jumped up, stuffing the piece of parchment in my back pocket, I hurried downstairs to the Common Room, not bothering to change clothes.

 Soph and Jackie weren’t there, which meant they were already down in the Great Hall, eating breakfast. I climbed out of the portrait hole and rushed downstairs, praying that Jackie and Soph wouldn’t ask too many questions about why I woke up at 9:00 instead of 7:00.

 When I entered the Great Hall, I saw them eating breakfast in their usual spots. I hurried over to them.

 “Hey” I said, breathlessly.

 “Hey” Jackie said. She opened her mouth about to ask a questions, but I interrupted her.

 “I know, I know” I said “you want to know why I was up so late.”

 “Yes, actually I do.”

 “Well, I stayed up late doing homework, that’s all” I looked at them, praying they’d believe me.

 “Alex” Sophie said “you were spying on Black, weren’t you?”

 I looked at her incredulously. “How did you know?”

 “Well, A. You had your lying face on. B. James told us.”

 “James Potter” I snarled “I swear I’m going to kick him so hard, he won’t be able to walk for a week.”

 “Hey” Jackie said “Be fair, we did force him to tell us.”

 “Really?” I said, forgetting to be angry “How’d you do that?”

 “I told him, I tell Professor McGonagall he was still up to mischief.” Jackie said “Anyway, he seemed quite eager to tell. Apparently you made him swear not too.”

 “Yeah, why’d you tell him, but not us?” Sophie asked.

 “Because, when I told Sirius, he told me to tell James, because James could help.”

 “Yes, he told us about the cloak, and the Map.”

 “So” Jackie asked “why’d you spy on Black?”

 “So, I could prove that he was in love with Soph.”

 “Well, why don’t you tell us what happened from the beginning.” Jackie said. So, I told them everything and when I was done, Sophie asked, “So, what the piece of parchment say?”

 “I told you, I didn’t have time to read it” I said. But, I reached into my back pocket and took it out. I opened it, and Soph and Jackie peared over my shoulder. On the piece of paper is a Skull with a snake protruding from it’s mouth. Under it are the names,

                                        Regulus Black
                                        Rabastan Lestrange
                                        Jasper Avery
                                        Severus Snape
                                        Dale Travers
 “Oh my god!” I whispered “That’s the Dark Mark!”

 “Which means...” Jackie whispered.

 “Those people want to be Death Eaters!” Sophie whispered, staring at us with shocked eyes.”

 “But they’re only 16, why would they be thinking about that now?” Sophie cried out.

 “I don’t know, but...” I trailed off, not knowing what to say.

 “We’ve got to tell Dumbledore” Jackie said, grimly.

 “No” I said “No, I have a better idea. I’m going back to the Slytherin Common Room!” Jackie and Soph stared at me. Soph was about to protest when I silenced her with a glare.

 “No excuses, I’m going back!”

 “Who’s going back where?” Sirius said, yawning at me.

 “I’m going back to the Slytherin Common Room.”

 Sirius looked at me in surprise. “So you didn’t find what you were looking for?”

 “Not exactly” I said “But I did find something else.” I showed him the parchment. He read it and gaped at me, but before he could say anything, James appeared.

 “James Potter” I growled “I have a score to settle with you!”

 “Hey, I was forced into it telling them.” He turned to Sirius “What are you reading?” Sirius showed it to him.

 “I found that in Black’s stuff” I informed him, forgetting to be angry “I want to go back and see if I can find anything else, but these two won’t let me” I said pointing at Soph and Jackie.

 James stared at the letter and then back at me. “Oh you're going back” he said “You’re definitely going back.”

  So, that night Jackie, Soph, James, Sirius and I waited until everybody had left the Common Room, then James handed me the cloak and the map, they said good luck and I left.

 When I reached the wall leading to the Slytherin Common Room and had muttered the password, I entered the Common Room. This time it was empty. I looked around. There was nothing interesting down here, so I crept upstairs. I inched the door open, and tiptoed inside. Everybody was asleep.

 I looked around, as before, all the curtains were closed except for Black’s. This time, however, he was actually in bed. He obviously hadn’t bothered to close them. I crept over but as I did, my foot caught on a rug lying on the floor and I tripped and fell on Black’s bed.

 But not just on his bed, I fell on top of him. He jolted awake and sat up, nearly making me topple of the bed. He was looking straight at me and I realised that the cloak must have slipped of. He looked at me and smiled.

 “Well, well, well! Alexandra Fore, what a surprise to see you!”


Hey Everybody,

Sooo? How'd you like the chapter? Was it exciting, interesting, did you like the bit about the Deatheaters? Let me know!


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