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The Corners of My Mind by Dobs12
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: Make a Memory
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The Marauders were never the most subtle of people. They always had a habit of taking a small, perhaps petty argument and turning it into a scene, their ever increasing voices catching the whole school’s attention. But the thing about their ‘scenes’, was that it was never intentional, they just seemed to... well, they just seemed to happen.

I guess you could say that it’s genetics.

Not that the Marauders were related in any way, quite the opposite, actually. Each one of them were completely different, being able to stand out from a crowd no matter where they were. Well, except maybe Peter, but even he was different in some way.

James, or ‘Prongs’ as he was called was the confident one, always doing everything with such an air of confidence that it was almost contagious. Either that, or it scared you shitless every time you tried to stand up to him. Unfortunately, this seemed to give everyone the impression that he was cocky, something that he really wasn’t, or at least wasn’t aware of being. Because he had a slight swagger to his walk, he came off as big headed instead of just secure about who he was, although there were definitely times when he would spend days doubting who he really was.

James didn’t exactly have the easiest upbringing. Yes, he had a loving family and rarely fought with them, apart from the odd spat over which Quidditch team was the best. For a few years, he claimed to have the best family in the world, grinning every time he left for the Summer holidays, and every time he came back, the glow of a happy household practically radiating off of him.

However, this all ended in his fifth year.

Apparently he had been noticing that his mother was starting to lose her hair over the Summer, and had hoped that it was just baldness, or that she was slowly shaving her head every day, but he admitted that these were long shots. Near the end of the Summer, his father had taken him out into the garden and told him that his mother had been diagnosed with cancer, and that at the moment all they could do was keep the treatment up and hope for the best. This had resulted in James not speaking to either of his parents for not telling him sooner. It had taken seven months and a letter telling James that his mother had collapsed and was now being kept in St Mungo’s until further notice for him to write back and continue speaking to him.

‘Padfoot’, the cocky and flirtatious one, had a hard upbringing also. His parents had been pretty much abusive to him, more mentally then physically. His younger brother, Regulus Black, wasn’t much better. He had spent all of his time spent in the same household as Sirius sucking up to their parents, not paying him any attention when Sirius was being shouted at through his bedroom door, usually being called a sorry excuse for a son.

It had taken Sirius sixteen years to finally break away from his parents, taking refuge at the Potter’s house, where James and Sirius had become even closer than they were before. By this point, it seemed only natural to call them brothers.

From then on, Sirius seemed to be much happier then he was in his previous years, and his cocky upfront that he always put up to hide his insecurities was starting to come down, his true self becoming more visible to the public, rather than just his friends. However, it took him at least another seven months to stop pretending to be this overly confident and seriously conceited twat, and start being the confident and only slightly conceited person that he really was. Well, slightly may be putting it too lightly...

Then there was Peter Pettigrew, or rather, ‘Wormtail’. He was the quieter one of the group, and definitely the one that happened to get lost in the crowd. Not only was he quiet, which was a quality that Remus Lupin had as well, but he didn’t have the smarts that all of the other Marauders had, something else that had made them all the envy of the school. Well, most of the school, anyway.

Peter never really talked about his family at home, only really mentioning them whenever he received a letter from them, or the occasional Easter egg, and even then it was only a few mutters about how they were and that their toad had come to a near death yet again.

So, that just left ‘Moony’, otherwise known as Remus Lupin, the mystery of the group. People often talked about his appearance; how he always seemed to carry a pale quality about him, and that his eyes were permanently carrying bags underneath them, his eyes sullen almost. And yet, he still managed to achieve practically perfect results in all of his exams, never missing a beat with his work.

Rumours had gone around that he was in trouble with his health, and that apparently there wasn’t a cure for it. Then people started saying that his family was falling apart, and that that was why he looked so tired all of the time; because he could never sleep at night due to all of the stress, and some people even claimed that he was werewolf, which would explain his monthly trips to the Hospital Wing. But the last rumour soon died down, seeing as it seemed to be the least likely; who could imagine the quiet and kind Remus Lupin as a werewolf? So people decided that he simply spent too much time in the Library.

Little did the school know, that the werewolf idea was actually on the dot.

So that made up the Marauders; the quiet one, the flirtatious one, the arrogant one and the one that never stood out. Together, they were possibly the most unique human beings that you would ever meet, and whether or not this was a good thing was debatable at times. Sometimes the amount of time that they spent together was something that caused problems, though never for the Marauders. They would stick together through thick and then, even if they knew that they were wrong, although Remus would have a go at trying to convince the other to do the right thing, he knew that in the end he would stick by his friends. He was a Gryffindor, after all.

But because of this they would end up in trouble, ‘they’ meaning James and Sirius, though Remus would end up in the odd detention with them, spending most of the time, muttering under his breath about trying to knock some sense into them, wondering whether or not he should actually bother to lecture them this time.

He had given up on lecturing by the time they came around their fifth year, figuring that there was no point trying to change someone, or in this case James and Sirius, who so obviously didn’t want to be changed. Besides, who was he to tell them what to do, despite the fact that he was older then both of them, (something that he enjoyed reminding the two of them immensely).


Their first six years at Hogwarts had been somewhat of an adventure. Not a lot of action had happened while they were there for the first six years. It had been filled mostly of James flirting with Lily and getting rejected daily, something that hurt him a lot more then he let on, Sirius flirting with everything that had a skirt on, excluding Minnie, of course, and their monthly visits to the Shrieking Shack.

However, by their seventh year, things started to kick up a little bit more, and not necessarily in a good way. The attacks of the Death Eaters were becoming more and more serious, and were soon a daily thing, causing a panic to spread through everyone, living their lives in constant fear that they might receive a letter or Daily Prophet reporting the death of a family member.

A Marauder was sent one of these during their last year, but not for the reasons that they thought, or just didn’t want to admit.

But after all of this drama, and all of this… well, craziness, the four of them still managed to stay as close as they were at the beginning of their years at Hogwarts. Despite all the signs that were telling them that their friendship just wasn’t worth it, and that they should just give up hope and find friends that were easier to live with. But, to quote something that Sirius Black said in his seventh year that really turned things around;

Screw fate; I’m making my own way in life.”

A/N: Sorry about the short chapter, I'm hoping to make the rest of them a bit longer then this, (probably about 2,000 words or more). I know that I haven't updated my other fanfiction, but I got this idea about a week or so ago, and had to write it down.

The first chapter is also going to be different from the others, and when I post the rest, you'll see why. Hopefully it'll work, and if not I'll end up having to edit this a fair amount, which is what I'm currenlty working on. 

The next chapter might take a week or two to go up, due to school and other things, but I'll try to write as quickly as I can. Please R/R!


(Also, when the chapter image goes up, pay attention to what the image is. It may not make sense at the moment, but it will later on.)

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