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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 14 : Epiphanies and Awkwardness
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Chapter 14

James Potter found himself with some pretty big problems, and problems were one thing that he did not like. For instance, it was a problem that Kristen Wood had managed to put together a phenomenal team this year. The Ravenclaws had crushed the Hufflepuff team 450 to 0 the week before. Even for the Ravenclaw team that was impressive.

His solution to that problem wasn’t the best. Actually, if anyone found out what he was doing, it would be humiliating. He could imagine the gossip flying around the school if someone found out that James Potter was spying on the Ravenclaw quidditch team. He hated to admit that he was that desperate. He wanted another win against Ravenclaw before he left Hogwarts, and knocking everyone out again was definitely not the way he wanted to win.

That brought James to his second problem: Kristen Wood. There was something about her that seemed a bit different. Since seventh year had started, James had been trying to put his finger on it but he couldn’t figure it out. Could it possibly be the fact that she wasn’t evilly glaring at him like the rest of her house? James mentally agreed to that, trying to push the topic out of his mind, and focus on the quidditch practice.

However, it was when James was hidden underneath the invisibility cloak watching the chasers take shots on Kristen that he finally figured out what had changed about her. Her eyes glistened with determination. They must of done that before, she had been determined from the moment James met him, but he must have been too blinded with hatred towards her to notice. Her hair was messed up and she looked as if she didn’t care about her appearance, yet it was sort of fitting on her. She looked quite good. His eyes drifted down a bit and he realized that the sweat made her uniform stick to her curves.

What the hell? James thought, Am I seriously starting to think that Kristen Wood is hot?

It was when that strain of thought floated through his head that James realized that it was true, and that was unacceptable to him. He hated the girl. That was not going to change. James stood up and quickly made his way out off of the pitch. He had an awful lot of thinking to do.


James quickly made his way up to his dorm. It was a sunny day, even if it was the end of October, so he hoped that his friends were outside, especially Andrew. If he came in, he would just make everything a hell of a lot worse.

“You look troubled,” Louis said as James burst into the dorm.

James quickly looked around the dorm, checking to see if anyone else was in there. Besides Louis and James, Fred was the only one in the room. At least Andrew wasn’t there.

“I’m fine,” James lied.

“James, I thought you were a better liar then that! You are not fine mate. That is quite obvious,” Fred argued.

James walked over to his bed and sat down. As he looked up, they had looks on their faces that meant they definitely wanted answers.

“What troubles you?” Fred asked.

There was no use in lying; his cousins would figure it out sooner or later. Better just to save everyone a lot of time.

“I sort of had an epiphany,” James started slowly, “It’s not really a good epiphany though.”

“What girl was it?” Louis asked, before adding, “Don’t try to deny it; nothing else can make you look that troubled. It was a girl.”

“Well, earlier today I realized that this girl who I had never really noticed in that way before, was actually kind of hot.”

“Who was it?”

“Considering he’s not jumping up and down telling us who this girl is, she must be forbidden. Either she hates him or she’s off limits,” Fred noticed.

“Or both.”

Louis and Fred slyly smiled, having just figured out who their cousin was talking about.

“You realized that Kristen Wood is hot,” Louis stated.

“I’m extremely crazy,” James mumbled, looking down at his feet.

“I know you hate her and I’m good friends with Andrew, but I’m not blind. Looks like you aren’t either,” Fred replied.

“I’m really surprised you didn’t figure that out years ago,” Louis stated.

“Merlin, that girl is hot,” James said.

“What girl?” Andrew asked, walking into the room.

James, Fred, and Louis all froze for a second before blurting out a lie.




Andrew stared at the three of them. It didn’t take a Ravenclaw to tell that they were lying. It also didn’t take one to figure out why.

“You are obviously lying to me. The only reason you would lie to me is if it was my girlfriend or my sister,” Andrew stated, “Considering I don’t currently have a girlfriend, you must be talking about my sister.”

He sat down on his bed, putting his head in his hands.

“Why in Merlin’s name were you talking about my sister being hot?” Andrew asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

“Well, James had an epiphany,” Fred started.

“Merlin, help me.”

“I realized that her hair is really pretty and her eyes are very nice,” James continued, “Her curves-“

James never got the chance to finish because Andrew rose to his feet, shouting, “I do not want to hear about my sister’s figure!”

Everyone was silent for a few seconds.

“James, do you fancy her or do you just find her attractive?” Andrew asked hesitantly.

“I just find her attractive,” James replied, “I still hate her. This doesn’t change anything.”

“Good, but if you hurt her, I will hurt you.”

James knew that that was not an empty threat. The door opened then and Savannah walked in.

“How did you get in here?” Andrew asked.

“I climbed the stairs,” Savannah replied, acting as if her brother was an idiot.

“I think he means how did you get into the common room if you don’t know the password?” Louis asked.

“Well, this third year named Hugo, I think he’s your cousin, is quite a flirt and I think he fancies me. Anyway, I just batted my eyelashes a little and he gave me the password.”

“Merlin help me,” Andrew mumbled again.

He hit his head on the posts of his bed a couple times as everyone watched him.

“What do you want, Savannah?” Andrew asked.

“So you know how you pay me for telling you when Kristen has boyfriends?” Savannah asked.

“Are you serious?” Fred asked.

“That’s a bit obsessive,” James added.

“I need to protect my sister from stupid teenage boys,” Andrew replied, glaring at James.

“What do you do? Break up their relationship?” Louis asked.

“No, I just go and threaten the guy. I tell him if he hurts my sister, I will hurt him. Anyway, who is she dating?”

“Joey Renolds, a seventh year Ravenclaw, asked her out after quidditch practice,” Savannah replied.

With that, Savannah left the room and Andrew got up to follow her.

“Where are you going?” Fred asked.

“I’m going to go threaten Joey Renolds,” Andrew replied, before adding, “By the way, keep your cousins away from my sisters.”

With that, Andrew left the room. Things had just gotten a heck of a lot more awkward.




***Thanks for the 2000+ reads :) I hope you're enjoying it. Thanks to all who reviewed and as always, I love it when you review, so feel free to do so :) ***

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The Chaser and The Keeper: Epiphanies and Awkwardness


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