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Firefly by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 5 : Flexibilty
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“Okay,” Rose began bravely, “We-can-do-this.”

Scorpius laughed as he stood at the edge of her shower in nothing, but his swim trunks. “I love, that you really need to give a pep talk at this moment.”

“Malfoy, you have showered with hundreds of women. This is second nature to you. I have not, give me a break.”

“I have never done this,” He gestured to their baiting suits. “This is completely new.”


Rose crossed her arms over her chest. She wore one of her many bikinis, and was otherwise completely uncovered. At the sight Scorpius was having a hard time not teasing her, but as per their new agreement, he reframed.


“So, come on,” Scorpius opened the door and gave her a straight face. “Let’s get on with it.”

“Oh-kay.” She breathed nervously walking in first.


Her stomach was a bundle of nerves as she stepped into the three-foot wide shower. Scorpius followed and he shut the door.  His Adam’s apple tightened against his throat and he turned the knob. First a jet of cold water sprayed Rose’s bare skin. Squealing she ducked out of the way and hid behind Scorpius as she swatted his back.


“You arse!” She flattened herself against the wall.

He laughed. “I didn’t do it on purpose! You know it takes a minute.”

“Yeah yeah.” She scoffed, still hiding behind his bare back.

“Okay,” Scorpius put out his hand to test it. “It’s fine now.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.”


Rose stepped out carefully and then braced herself before letting the water hit her. When she did, she let out a relieved breath. She stepped forward closing her eyes and letting the water soak into her skin. For a moment she forgot he was there, she just relaxed. Scorpius of course did not relax at all.


His whole body tensed as he watched her. She couldn’t hear, but his breathing had grown heavier. Then, before he could get too caught up in what he was feeling, he turned around and shook himself. He was acting ridiculous. Was he some hormonal fifteen-year-old boy? He needed to control himself. This was Weasley, not some girl. It was a girl that had very clear consequences attached onto her like a warning label. He needed to get a hold of himself.


She noticed nothing different. Rose shampooed her hair, washed her skin, and when she was finished, she soaked for a few extra minutes. Then she turned and saw Scorpius facing the opposite direction. Laughing under her breath, she grabbed his shampoo, moved up on her tiptoes and poured some on his head. As he flinched and turned around, she giggled at the expression on his face.


“Don’t you need to wash your blond hair to keep its ever eternal shine?”

“Well,” He mused, “You seemed to know a lot about my hair. So,” He bent over, “You can shampoo it.”


Rose took a second and then out of pure curiosity took the challenge. She stepped forward, and put her hands through his soapy hair. After about a minute she had thoroughly washed his hair, but somewhere in the process she had begun to massage his sculpt. His arms stretched out and held onto the railing on either side of the shower. Once she finished, she soaped up all of his hair into a very fashionable Mohawk.


“All set.” She grinned taking a step back. “Now you can either keep this new hair due…which I fully support or you can rinse it out.”

Scorpius made a pose, hollowing out his cheekbones and setting his square jaw. “You think.”

Rose busted over laughing, she covered the sides of her face with her hands. “I can’t believe you just did that!”

“What because I’m not the great bore, you imagined me to be?” He questioned.

“I suppose.”

Scorpius gently pushed her aside so he could rinse out his hair.


Now Rose watched him, as his blonde hair darkened in the water. He took only a few short minutes to wash up and then he turned off the shower. Drenched Scorpius walked out first and grabbed him towels. Tossing Rose one, he dried his hair and wiped away any remaining water off of him. Rose did the same and then she shivered.


“Come on Malfoy! I’m freezing!”

“Alright, alright!” He put an arm around her shoulders, and guided her back into her room. “You change first.”


Rose switched out of her swim suit and into her underwear as she did she wondered why Scorpius never so much as tried to sneak a peak of her while she did this. It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate the gesture, she did. Boys were always trying to see Rose Weasley naked. It wasn’t personal. It was just because of her name, because of who she was related to. But she had never seen Scorpius’s eyes wander. When she looked at him, his eyes were either exactly on hers or facing the opposite direction. Scorpius was always perfectly polite about it, which struck her as odd, since he was supposed to have beded hundreds of women, and yet he had not made a single indecent proposal to her.


It wasn’t a curiosity made of insecurity. Rose knew her looks were at the very least passable so that wasn’t it. It was more she was beginning to question Scorpius’s character. For years she had seen him as this vile creature that her cousin had stupidly befriended. But the longer she was forced to be around him the more she saw that he wasn’t quite what she expected him to be.


“Alright,” She said as she pulled on her shorts and sweatshirt. “I’m all good.”


Then she followed suit to turn around. It took only a few seconds for her to realize that for a few minutes every day she and Scorpius were in the same room, alone, fully naked. Shaking with laughter she rubbed her eyes. She must have been going mad. All of this must have been draining her of her common sense.


Scorpius dressed slowly. It wasn’t on purpose. Before it would have been because he liked to keep Rose waiting. Now he had a hard time distinguishing between how they used to act towards each other and how they acted now. It was a blurry confusing difference that made him feel uneasy. He always had a small thought in the back of his head that even if he was nice to Rose they could never be friends. That his father had been right, she was trouble, and in the end they were just too different to be anywhere near each other. But right now he was beginning to question himself. Was he being an idiot for deliberately pushing her away all these years?


Walking down the stairs to their respective sleeping bags they both thought it would just be simpler if they just shared a bed like they did earlier in the day. But neither of them had the nerve to say so. So they both crawled into their sleeping bags and said not a single word to each other.


As Scorpius drifted off to sleep he couldn’t help but wish he had said something about the bed. It wasn’t because the floor stiffened his back, but because he wondered what would have happened if he had slept under the covers earlier.


“WAKE UP WAKE UP!” An annoying familiar voice called above them, before blowing a whistle.


Scorpius moved first. He was on his feet in an instant and he let out a furious breath when he saw it was smirking Albus Potter.


“Come on mate!” Albus beamed, “Up up! We have big plans for today. Or have you forgotten?”

“We really need to change the password.” Scorpius told Rose with a groan as he rubbed his sleepy face.

Rose glared up at her favorite cousin. “Al, it’s five o’clock in the morning….WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”

“Calm down Rosie.” He told her with a smirk. “We are going for a little field trip.”

“No, we,” She gestured to her and Scorpius, “Are going back to sleep and you,” She pointed at him threateningly. “Are going far far away."

Albus gave her his most persuasive look, which at this time of day did absolutely nothing. “Come on Rose. Scorp made a promise, and now you both have to keep it.”

“What promise?” Rose huffed pushing herself up to a sitting position, her hair frizzing out.

“Ugh,” Scorpius scoffed and then after sharing a look with Albus, he dropped to a knee. “Look, I did promise him. So I’ll make you a deal, after breakfast we can study in the library all day.”

She gave him a curious look.

“I know you want to finish your Transfiguration essay.” He reasoned.

“Fine.” She sent Albus a glare, “But I’m still livid with you.”

“Aren’t always a little bit mad at somebody?”


Rose viciously threw her pillow at Albus before changing into some jeans and quickly brushing her teeth. She didn’t know where they were going or why, but as soon as she fully woke up she was interested to see what they would plan that would be so early in the morning.



“Rose, here’s the drill,” Albus told him merrily. “Scorpius and I are going to do a bit of magic, while you take a nap.”

Narrowing her eyes, “You’re a prat Albus. Why won’t you just tell me what’s going on?”

“Because, favorite cousin, it has nothing to do with you.”

“That was true,” She growled, “Until you dragged me out of bed.”

Scorpius said, “Al, can’t we do this in two weeks, when she and I are separated.”

“No time mate.” Albus clapped a hand on Scorpius’s shoulder as he walked them out of the castle and onto the grounds. “By the time they pull you too part we will be neck deep in N.E.W.T’s.”


Scorpius let out a sigh, but didn’t argue with him. Instead he sleepily followed him out to the edge of the forbidden forest where students would be able to see them. When they stopped Rose frowned.


“So, what now?”

“Now,” Albus handed her a blindfold. “You sit on that log like a good girl, while we talk.”

She could have slapped her cousin. “Al, I know it’s early in the morning so you feel superior to me. But if you could take the sexism down about eighty notches that would be fantastic.”

“Look Rose, we have to do this, and it’s a secret so you can’t have any part in it. So can you please cooperate?”

“If you stop being a complete and total prat about it.”

“Fine,” Albus gave her an apologetic smile, “I’m sorry for being a prat.”

Rose sat down on the log and took the blindfold. “Just don’t take too long.”

“Thanks Weasley,” Scorpius said before whispering, “Muffalio.”


Rose didn’t know how long she sat there. It must have been awhile because she began to nod of on the side of a tree. Large, calloused hands dropped to her shoulders before taking her blindfold. Her tired eyes focused on Scorpius, who was only inches away from her face.


“Are you done?”

“Yes,” He held out his hand to help her up. “Come on.”


Rose took his hand and let him help her up without question. Albus watched the scene with great interest, as he had never seen them work together so…naturally. Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Albus pushed back his dark bangs and walked behind them. Quickly Scorpius dropped Rose’s slender hand.


“Food,” Rose grunted as they walked forward.

Scorpius eyed the darkened sky and he got an idea. “Breakfast won’t be ready yet, Al what do you say about a picnic?”

Al smirked eyeing the pair. “That sounds lovely mate.”


Twenty minutes later, the three of them sat on the hill over looking the black lake with plates full of food. Albus sat beside them and examined the Headmaster’s work. He had managed in a week, to make the two most stubborn people learn to not only tolerate one another, but also willingly get along.  The sight was startling. For years he’d hoped his two best friends would put their differences aside and now as Rose wordlessly gave Scorpius her bacon, and he gave her his toast, he found that they had.


“So I want to snog Amy,” Albus stated boldly to Scorpius, “But she’s a little shy, so I haven’t the faintest idea how that would go over.”

“Well you know what I would do.” Scorpius reasoned as he laid back on his forearms.

“I would love to hear the answer to that.” Rose piped up.

Albus snorted, “He would ask if he could kiss her to see her initial response, whether her face looks disgusted or not, and then before she could verbally answer he would go for the kill.”



Roses eyes widened in fear as she looked at Scorpius with pure terror. “You’d kill her?!”

“No,” Scorpius scoffed, laughing at her face. “I’d snog her…Why would I kill her?”

“I don’t know, you two dragged me out here in the middle of the morning, I don’t know what you’re doing or whispering about half the time. Is it really that crazy that I might think you two are capable of murder?!” She wondered aloud.

Scorpius and Albus looked at each other and shrugged, “No,” They said in unison, “I suppose not.”

“OOH look!” Rose pointed to the sunrise. She hugged her knees to her chest and then added softly. “I’ve never watched a sunset before.”

“Yes you have,” Albus snorted, “Remember every summer you, James, Lily, Hugo and I used to stay up all night to watch the sunset?”

Smacking her cousin she said. “No, I remember falling asleep on James, and him carrying me back to the summer cottage while I slept on.”

“Oh yes, I forgot.” His voice became teasing, “I tried to carry you but you were far too heavy.”

“You need to stop calling me heavy, it might start to affect my self esteem.” Rose joked as she bit into her toast.

Albus nudged her making her giggle a little. “I’m sure I could lift you now.”

“I don’t know.” Scorpius smirked, “She’s pretty heavy and you’re pretty weak mate.”


Both Albus and Rose smack the side of Scorpius’s arms. He grimaced and glared at them both.


“You two have hands like irons!” He complained.

“Pansy,” Rose and Albus snickered at the same time.

Albus moved to stand up, taking the plates with him. “I must be going, I have many important things to accomplish today.”

“Oh yes,” Rose mocked, “Because being you is so important.”

“I am the great son of Harry Potter.” Albus said as he puffed out his chest. “And now, I must prove it!”


As Albus strutted away Rose and Scorpius and watched him head into the castle with amusement.


“How much is it killing you to restrain yourself from cursing him?” Scorpius asked, not looking at her.

“Fighting-every-impulse-in-my-body.” She snickered.

“We better head back too, unless you want to stay looking like that.” He added snidely.

Smacking his arm she rolled her eyes and moved up to stand. “Like you look any better.”

“Actually,” He smirked, “I do.”

“Whatever,” She rolled her eyes, “Just because you snog dozen’s of women a week doesn’t mean the rest of us think you are gorgeous.”

He let out a low laugh. “Dozens?”

“Oh I’m sorry,” She put a hand to her chest as they entered the castle. “Have I miss counted? Is it up to the hundreds yet?”

“I love your assumptions of me.”

Rose scoffed, “It’s not like you ever deny any of them.”

“Well maybe I like to let others make their own decisions on me.” He mused aloud.


As they walked up to the Head’s quarters Rose thought about this statement. It seemed so odd to her that a Malfoy would say such a thing. Of course she had never met either of his parent’s, but her general idea of them was that their reputation meant everything to them. And how could he of all people say that?


They changed into fresh t-shirt and jeans and as promised they went to the library. Scorpius pulled out his own work and began to go through it, as Rose did with hers. They weren’t there for a half hour when Lily Potter arrived. Her face was red with tears, as she quietly ran over to Rose, her hair flying.


"Rose...I feel like an idiot."


Scorpius tried to turn away to not intrude on Rose's conversation with her little cousin, but out of the corner of his eye he saw Rose reach forward and smile at her.


"Why?” She asked not looking up from her book.

“Because I just saw Adam…snogging Rachel Hewitt.”

“Explain to me exactly why you feel like an idiot." Rose asked her reasonably.

"I snogged him for weeks...and made a complete arse out of myself and-"

Rose cut her off. "Did you love him?"


"And were you looking for a serious commitment?"

Lily's shook her head, her red hair, much like Rose's, swayed.

"Then why do you care what you look like? All that matters is that you had a good time. You're focusing on the wrong part; you're focusing on the ending when you should be focusing on the fun parts, the reason why you did it in the first place. If it's not a relationship you shouldn't take it this seriously."

"...Am I an idiot?"

"No," Rose laughed kindly, "He's just an ass, and that's okay. You know why? Because he never mattered anyway. You were there to have a good time and you had it. That's all that matters. All the rest of it is trivial details."

Lily's wet eyes looked up at Rose with a watery smile. "I guess you're right..."

"No, you know I'm right. I'm world renown for being right."

"How'd did you get so smart?"

Rose snorted with an arrogant smirk, "Celibacy."

"But I’ve never..." Lily muttered in confusion.

"No, I’m talking about having it, and then after everything’s said and done staying away from all of it." Rose explained. "See I've had boyfriends, and flings. I've gone through all the phases. So although I’m sure I’ll fall in love again and do the whole thing over again, right now I don't really need it. So therefore I can give you consul."

Lily wiped her face with a laugh. "What happens when you do fall in love again?"

"I drop the few IQ points I've gained in the past year and go back to doing stupid things because i'm foolishly in love." Rose looked unconcerned. "It's the way of the world. I suppose."

"I wish we could have both." Lily sighed wistfully.

Rose shook her head in disagreement. "Where would be the fun in that? We humans need to be impulsive, and crazy and do things we would never do normally simply because we are so infatuated with another person. That's what makes us alive."

"If you ever write a book that should be in there somewhere." Lily laughed.

"I'll see if I can slip it in, but I don't know if it will fit." Rose teased her, "I mean I have a lot of inspirational and wise things to say."

Scorpius snorted loudly unable to help himself.

Rose threw a quill at him. "Git..." She then turned back to Lily, "Anyway, you should get going. Remember, only the good times okay?"

"Okay, thanks Ro."



"Interesting advice." Scorpius commented as Lily disappeared.

"If she loved him it would be different, but she didn't. So why should she get all worked up about it?"

"I agree with you. I just thought you'd be out for blood."

"Well, he's an idiot," Rose laughed under her breath. "He's not worth her time, but if it's only her pride that's hurt it's better to just ride it out."

Scorpius looked at her for a moment as if he was trying to figure her out, but he quickly nodded. "I agree."

"What? Is it shocking that I would know something about relationships?"

"No...You just always surprise me." He told her honestly.

Rose blinked, "In a good way...?"

"You could say that."

"You better watch it Malfoy. That sounded dangerously close to a compliment." Rose said as she went back to her book.


Later on in the day, Rose and Scorpius were sitting in the great hall. He was talking to Albus quietly about something no one, but them could hear. Scorpius bent towards the table, his blonde hair falling in his eyes as Albus gestured something with his hands.


Rose was shifted the opposite way, talking to her best friend Charlie about the upcoming match between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. They weren’t particularly talking about Quidditch though.


“Okay, but if I’m trapped on a desert island,” Rose said logically. “I wouldn’t want to be stuck with the Gryffindor Quidditch team. They are either related to me or complete idiots.”

Charlie scoffed, her long wavy dark hair almost falling in Rose’s food, “But have you seen the bodies on our team? Talk about re-pro-duction.”

“I’d still rather go with Ravenclaw,” Rose shook her head. “You could at least have a conversation with them.”

“But think about that bone structure,” She muttered cheekily. “My children would all be so beautiful.”

“Beautiful and thick.” Rose laughed heartedly.

“Much like you Weasley,” Megan Nott sneered as she walked by. “Minus the beauty.”

Rose scoffed sarcastically, “Wow Nott, you really stuck that one in deep. How am I ever going to get over that one?”


Megan Nott spun on her heel, her silver blonder hair flying in her wake. She stooped over Rose, and grabbed a cupcake off the table and smashed it in her face.

“Oh…I’m so sorry. I wanted that for myself, but it does look better on you.” Wiping the crumbs off of her hands, sprinkling them on Rose her sneer grew. “Waste of calories anyway.”

“What-a-bitch.” Charlie growled in astonishment.

“It’s alright,” Rose grinned so hard her face hurt. “I will get her back.”

“Rose,” Charlie snorted loudly, her whole face full of laughter. “You still have cupcake on your face.”

“Yes,” Rose grabbed a napkin and began swiping her face. “Right.”


Authors Note:

Thank you for reading and reviewing!



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Firefly: Flexibilty


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