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Something Worth Fighting For by pixiedust97
Chapter 4 : That has got to leave a mark.
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 “Miss Stone, Mr. Black, pay attention in class or I’ll be forced to give you both detention,” Professor McGonagall’s voice echoed through the room, interrupting our quill fight.


“Sorry, Professor,” We both said in unison and returning to writing notes. If I would have looked down a little faster, I would have missed the small smile McGonagall had on her face.


As she continued teaching, I peeked over my partner’s scroll. He was drawing on the corner of his page.


“What are you doing? Don’t you take any notes in class?”


“Nope,” he said, not looking up from his drawing.


“What? Then how the hell do you pass?”


“I think I mentioned this over a thousand times, Belle, I am awesome. How long will it take for that to sink in?”


I muttered profanities as I turned my attention back to what was being taught. “I heard that,” Sirius sang softly, still engrossed in his drawing.


“Heard what?” I asked innocently.


“You’re just bitter because I was winning,” he replied sticking his tongue out at me.


“You were not.”


“Were too”














“Yes,” My eyes widened after I realized my stupidity. “You tricked me,” I accused abashed.


“Maybe so, but you were stupid enough to fall for it anyways.”


"Mr. Black, are you even listening to a word I'm saying," McGonagall questioned, cutting off my reply. 


"Ofcourse I am, Minny. How couldn't I when your voice is so enrapturing?" 


"Well then, could you tell us how an animagus earns the form he or she turns into?"


"Certainly, love," he replied cheekily, "Animagi can only take on the form of one specific animal. This animal is not chosen by the wizard, but determined by their personality and inner traits. The form is a reflection of one's true inner nature. For example, if I were an animagus, I would most likely be a dog."


"Why is that, Padfoot?" Remus questioned from behind me, clearly amused.


"Well, my dear Moony, it's obvious isn't it? Because I'm a sexy beast."


The whole class roared with laughter, until McGonagall spoke over it. "Mr. Potter would you tell us how one's animagus form is affected by their human one?"


"Yes, Prongs. Do tell us what you know about these 'animagi'," Peter piped up. 


"Besides losing one's clothes upon transformation? Not many changes occur in one's animagus form which are effected by the human one, besides the fact that each animagus bears an identifying mark on their animagus form that is caused by something in their human body. 


"For example, if I were an animagus- which I presume to be a stag- upon transformation my glasses would morph with me; giving me better vision in animal form. Also, the scar on my abdomen, from the bludger I received last year, would be visible too."


"You have a scar on your abdomen?"


"Yes, Evans, I do. Like to see it," he replied with a wink. 


I looked around to see Lily with her head hidden in her hands trying to hide the blush creeping up her cheeks, clearly embarrassed that she had just said that.  


"Right, well, I want a foot long essay on animagi on my desk by Monday." We all groaned unanimously before she said the two magical words, "class dismissed."


We had been back at Hogwarts for three weeks now, and I soon realized life with the Marauders meant that my year here would be far from boring.


As we exited transfiguration and headed towards defense class with the Slytherins, the rest of the group caught up with us.


“So, that was quite a battle you guys fought back there,” Lily commented airily.


“Yeah, you guys should be more careful back there, wouldn’t want you guys end up in the hospital wing. Dangerous objects, those quills," James remarked with mock worry. 


“Don’t worry, I had my armour on, and besides, I was winning,” Sirius grinned resulting in elbowing him in the ribs.


We all began laughing as Sirius wailed.


We were almost at the classroom now and noticed a few Slytherins blocking the door. It didn’t take more than a second to recognize the group that was blocking our path.


“Still hanging out with mudbloods now are you, Sirius?” Bellatrix’s snarky voice questioned.


I noticed Snape stand there with his eyes fixed on Lily, as if begging her to stand back. But his expression went stony once more as he saw that James, Sirius, and Remus already had their wands out.


“Take that back Black, or I will hex you.”


Seeing James stand up for Lily made Snape step forward and pull his own wand out, “Stay back, Potter, this doesn’t concern you.”


Lily and I looked around warily, absorbing what was going on. Sirius and Bellatrix still had their wands pointed to each other and Remus and Peter seemed to ready to attack Avery and Mucilber any second now.


“Are you just going to stand there Snivillus, or you actually going to prove that you have any magical abilities what so ever,” James’ voice caught my attention.


Snape was now shaking with rage, with his wand pointed towards James and just as he was about to let out a curse, I disarmed him.


“Expelliarmus,” the spell escaped my lips before I had even registered that it had.


Snape now turned to me, something in the depth of his eyes sent child down my spine. “Afraid I was going to send your little friend here to his grave? Better watch out, or I’ll do the same to you, you filthy blood traitor.”


Anger was slowly bubbling up inside me, and from the corner of my eyes I could see Sirius raise his wand. But, before he could do anything I took a step towards Snape, so that we were mere inches apart.


“I’m not scared of you, halfblood,” I seethed, narrowing my eyes at him.


He quickly looked around to see if everyone heard my comment. Everyone was simply staring at us, waiting to see who would make the next move.


Snape looked back at me, looking steadily in my eyes.


“I didn’t know you were sharing Potter with Lily. You’re a bigger disappointment than your disgusting squib of a sister,” the venom in his voice evident as he blurted out those words.


That was low blow. Now I was completely furious. I will never have anyone insult my sister and live unharmed. Not only that, he just called me a slut.  Just as I raised my wand, Professor Nott came and interrupted me.


“Right then, everyone get inside,” he said, ignoring the scene in front of him.


As my wand lowered, a devilish smirk appeared on Snape’s face, and he turned around and entered the room behind him.


Everyone was at my side at once, but before they could say anything I put my hand up to silence them. “Don’t, please,” I requested receiving nods in return.


“Thanks, Anabelle.,” James small voice cut the silence. I turned to him, replying with a small smile. As the rest of them moved ahead, I held him back, "why didn't you fight back? To Snape I mean; you had your wand, so why stand there?"


He merely shrugged and looked ahead. Following his gaze, I watched as Lily took out her books from her bag. 


"Last year really made you change that much, huh?"


"I guess I just learnt my lesson."


"So what? No more tricks up your sleeve, Potter?" I nudged him slightly, receiving laughter in return. 


"Trust me Stone, you haven't seen anything yet," he replied, and with a sly wink moved ahead. 


As I pushed open the doors Sirius came into step with me.


“You okay?”


“I’m fine, really,” I breathed out.


“You’re never going to let him live down insulting your sister, are you?” He said with a lopsided grin.


“Nope,” I grinned.


As I took my usual spot next to Lily, she hugged me, calming me down a bit.


“Now, to make today’s class interesting we’re going to have a duel between the two houses,” finally something I was good at, I thought.


“From Slytherin, we’ll have Severus Snape.”


I stood up straighter in my seat. 


Looking expectantly towards the teacher, I noticed James and Sirius doing the same. I really hope it’s one us that gets to hex his brains out. That would be insanely satisfactory.


“And from Gryffindor, we’ll have Anabelle Stone.”


Yes! For once the universe did something right. Thank you Merlin! I repay you with some chocolate later, I'm sure Remus has some he can spare. 


All the seats were moved to the corner of the classroom and everyone watched wide eyed. Alice and Lily smiled at me encouragingly. Sirius gave me a thumbs-up and the rest studied our faces intently.


I’m not going to lie. I was terrified. Because if I were to mess up, I would embarrass myself in front of many Slytherins who would never let me live it down. I noticed Black and Avery smirking form their side of the room and this made me angrier than before.


“Wands at the ready,” Professor Nott’s voiced boomed from behind me. “I want a clean fight. Any serious injuries caused to your opponent will result in you getting a detention.”


“Looks like I’ll be getting in a lot of trouble then,” Snape smirked.


“Don’t get too excited, you’ll never actually be able to beat me.” And with that I turned around.


There was only a mere second of silence until we began to fight.


“Stupefy,” Was his first attack which I missed by moving aside.


“Expelliarmus,” I shot back, which he missed.


“Locomotor Mortis.”


I silently shielded myself in an instant. I saw his hand clench tighter, as he hadn’t expected me to dodge his spells. He was angry. So was I. The only thing left to figure out was that who would outsmart the other by not letting their rage get the best of them.




“Protego.” And with that I used his own spell against him, and I used his confusion to my advantage.


‘Why not’, I thought, ‘have a little fun.’


I used the Anteoculatia hex on him, and watched in amusement as his head sprouted antlers. For some odd reason the Marauders found this more hilarious than the rest, and began to poke James in midst of their laughing fit.


 “Tarantallegra,” I said. My smile got even wider as the boy in front of me began dancing much to his annoyance. By now everyone began to laugh, and I felt myself ease up as I let go of my control over him.


By now, his confusion had faded, and his scowl deepened. All while my smirk widened.


Unfortunately, he instantly hatched up an idea.




The laughing stopped as a snake began to slither towards me, diverting my attention from Snape.


“Incindeo,” I pointed to the snake, sending it aflame. Though the snake was gone, it was mere interference in the fight.


He took my short distraction to his advantage.


“Everte Statum.” These words caught me of guard and I soon found myself spiraling backwards, and landing on the ground with a loud thud.


That’s it. He’s dead.


Whilst getting up I was aware of the fact that I had only seconds before he would send a curse my way. 


I was right, just as I got up I saw a flash of light coming towards me that I quickly blocked. With a flick of my wand I sent another spell towards him, which he blocked, and sent a silent curse towards me in retaliation.


For the next few minutes there were various coloured lights flying across the room, but there was no sound coming from the two opponents as they blocked each spell that came towards them, and then cast another.


If you saw us, it would probably look as if we were dancing. Two partners mimicking each other’s actions from afar. 

Another flash of light came towards me, which I blocked with ease. Ready for another attack, I noticed Snape simply stand there, breathless.   


Feeling quite proud of myself, I looked up at him and stared at him; a smirk playing at my lips.


“Ready to apologize?” I questioned tilting my head to the side.With a subtle flick of my wand I silently tied his shoe laces together.


My hand quickly clenched my wand as hard as I could, as I wondered what was going to happen next.


Finally, he seemed to have had enough. His fists clenched tighter ad his feet moved forward. 


Almost abruptly the tension in the room was lifted as Severus tripped over his laces and fell flat on his face. There was only one thing left to do now.


“Expelliarmus,” I pointed my wand towards his hand which was slowly reaching out for his wand, which was now flying backwards.


“Petrificus Totalus.”


As his body stiffened, I shot another spell towards him. “Furnunculus.”


I swiftly moved across the room, ignoring all the cheers that came from the Gryffindor side, moved towards the boy whose face was now being covered in boils. I bent down to talk to him face to face.


“Never insult me or my sister again.”


And with that, I walked towards the doors.


“Miss Stone, if you walk out of this room-“


“Yeah, I know. See you in detention,” I cut off as I strode out of the room towards the Gryffindor common room, leaving my shocked classmates behind.


As the door closed behind me, I was faintly aware of sounds of cheering that erupted from one half of the class room.

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Something Worth Fighting For: That has got to leave a mark.


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