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The Unwritten Words by TheSecretMarauder
Chapter 1 : Birthday Surprises
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Hi whoever is reading this story. Anything you recognize from HP belongs to JK Rowling. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. The story is in the mc's point of view.


It was 6am in Phoenix Hollow when I woke up with a start due to an irritating tapping noise on my window. When I had actually woken up a bit more to actually look over at my window I saw a barn owl waiting there. This wasn’t unusual for me because my best friend’s owl often came over with messages about fun new ideas and because I was no ordinary girl of 17. I have dark brown hair that goes half way down my back, brown eyes, I am average height and I have purple streaks in my hair. I love to design, sew and read. All the normal teen stuff. There is one thing that is not so normal about me though. I am a witch. I wasn’t an official witch yet because I wasn’t seventeen. Both of my parents are magical so it was no surprise that I was magical too. My best friends are Anthony and Cassandra and they both have magical parents too so of course they were just like me. In most ways anyway.

We can all do advanced wandless magic and most advanced magic by 2nd year, and we were all illegal animagi, I am a white tiger, Anthony is a grey and white husky dog and Cassandra is a red fox. I have two powers that the others don’t have. One is that I am a seer. It’s not a nice power but can sometimes be helpful. I can sometimes control my visions but if they are too powerful I pass out for a while. My second power is that I am an elemental. I can control the elements but luckily it doesn't get out of hand if I get slightly angry now. If I get super angry anything could happen so my friends know how to defuse the bomb that is me before I reach critical. It has its advantages being that I can find anyone I want to in a matter of minutes. My friends have kept my powers a secret and only my family, them and the teachers at school know about my ‘special abilities’ as they call them.

With a small grin on my face I opened my bedroom window and the owl flew in, dropped a letter on my bed then rested next to my snowy owl, Roxy. “Hey Zoe, have a rest while I write a reply to Anthony.” I said softly to the barn owl now drinking from the water bowl next to Roxy’s perch. I went over to my bed and opened the letter from Anthony. It said:

Hey Bella,
Happy Birthday! Have a Fantastic Day! Hopefully you get your letter from school today. Anyway I bet I was the first to say happy birthday to you today! Haha! I always am! I’ve got an awesome present for you but you will have to wait for it. This is not including the one I am sending over soon.
From Anthony
P.S. Send Roxy over with Zoe please.

I cracked into a big smile as I read Anthony’s letter. He was always the first person to say happy birthday to me every year. I quickly scribbled out a reply and then walked over to Roxy and Zoe and after a bit of persuasion to wake up Roxy sent them to Anthony’s house with the reply. Wondering why he wanted Roxy to go to his house, I climbed back into bed and grabbed the book I had been reading the night before. It was about magical creatures in the world. I had just started reading the chapter on phoenixes when a brown owl flew into my room and dumped a package on my legs then landed on my head. I took the owl off my head laughing and said to it, “You always have to do that don’t you Charlie?” Charlie then nipped my finger affectionately and flew back out the window. Still laughing to myself I picked up the package on my legs and detached the note. It said:

Happy Birthday Bella! Have a fantastic day! Enjoy your present! From Cassandra

Smiling to myself, I opened the present Cassandra had sent to reveal a collection of the hippest assortment of material and some self sewing needles and self cutting scissors. Smiling even more at how much Cassandra knew how much I loved to design and sew I scribbled a note to Cassandra and left it on my desk to send when Roxy got back. I went back to my bed and started looking through my fabric again while planning mentally on what I could make with it when I had the time to. I couldn’t wait to show Anthony and Cassandra the things she would make out of the material I had received. Just as I was folding the material and putting it in my special cupboard of material Roxy and Zoe flew back into my room carrying a large parcel between them.

Wondering what could be in the package I called Roxy over and asked her to deliver Cassandras note. Then I took the package from Zoe and opened it. Inside were 3 thick sketch books, pots of coloured ink and some special drawing quills. As I lifted these things out to get a better look I noticed a cloak that was as light as air and made of the silkiest material I had ever seen folded neatly under the sketchbooks. On the front of it was a note saying:

Bella, this is an invisibility cloak. Use it to meet me in the lily field just out of town at 11 tonight. Don’t tell anyone that you are going. Tell me if you are coming. –Anthony

Wondering why he wanted to see me so late I wrote a short reply consisting of two letters. OK. Then I sent Zoe back to Anthony with my answer. After I watched Zoe fly off into the sky I organized my new sketchbooks and equipment on my desk to pass the time before I could go downstairs.


By the time I finished organizing my presents it was 8am and my parents, Daniel and Joanna, were up making breakfast. I could tell by the smells wafting up the stairs that they were making pancakes and double chocolate muffins, my favourite. Licking my lips, I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. As I walked into the kitchen I saw her presents on the table as always. This year I counted 2 medium sized presents, 2 smaller presents and the usual stack of cards from her family and friends. As she sat down her mum placed a stack of pancakes in front of her and wished her a happy birthday.

After I had finished eating my pancakes and was picking at my muffin my parents handed me the smallest of my presents to unwrap first. As I unwrapped the present I saw the corner of a beautifully decorated silk material. I quickly ripped of the rest of the paper and gasped in shock. Surely that had cost a lot of money was one of the thoughts in the back of my head.




“Oh My Merlin” I screamed.




As I started admiring it mum flicked her wand and the material rose into the air then hung itself from the roof as if on display. Still admiring the fabric I reached blindly for the second small present and opened it. Inside I found a fabric covered box. While holding my breath I opened the box to reveal a beautiful ruby gemstone locket.




As I admired it mum said “open it Bella, there’s another surprise inside”.





When I opened the locket I saw my picture and an empty slot.





“Whose picture am I supposed to put in the empty slot mum?” I asked.





“You can put whoever’s picture you want in there Bella” mum replied, a smile gracing her features.




This time dad flicked his wand and the necklace drifted onto my neck and fastened itself.




“I think you are really going to like this present Bella” dad told me as he handed me one of my larger presents.





“Really?” I asked as I started to curiously open the present.





I gave a squeal of delight loud enough to wake the entire hollow when I saw the tiny jet black kitten with emerald green eyes inside with a lilac ribbon tied around its neck.





“Ninja!” I screamed with excitement.








I turned to my parents with disbelief in my excited eyes, “are you serious? My own kitten!” I asked loudly.




My parents started laughing and replied, “Yes Bella, your own kitten. Now would you like to open your last present?”




“Yes!” I half screamed, still getting over excitement long enough to sit still for five minutes. Inside my last present I found cat toys, a cat bed, food and supplies to go along with my new kitten.





After this I started on my reasonable sized stack of cards. It took a long time for me to open them all because there were at least thirty. Inside each card I found two Galleons as a birthday present. When I reached for the last envelope I recognized my school seal on it. My booklist had finally arrived and I was super excited because this was the year that I might get to be Head Girl. I opened my letter and a shiny red and gold badge slid out with it. I screamed with happiness at being made Head Girl that I didn’t bother to pick up my letter until after I finished my crazy happy dance that I had made up in 1st year. I scanned the letter and was disappointed when it didn’t mention who the Head Boy was. Guessing I would find out at school I gave my booklist to mum then went upstairs to wake up my sister. 






Whoops forgot to mention that I have a sister didn’t I? Well I do and her name is Gabby and she finished 7th year last year and was made prefect and head girl in her time there. She has red hair that goes half way down her back like mine and she has blue-green eyes and fair skin. She is tall and has blonde streaks through her hair. She turned 19 a few weeks ago.

I rushed upstairs and to the end of the hall to my sister’s room.




I barged in and started jumping on her bed yelling “I’m head girl!” over and over until she finally got up and started jumping with me in celebration of the news.




When we finally stopped, probably due to being exhausted from jumping non-stop for a while, Gabby grabbed her wand from her bedside table and waved it at her wardrobe. The doors burst open and my present came zooming across the room to her hands. She gave me a hug and wished me a happy birthday before handing it to me. I un-wrapped it excitedly and was extremely happy to find a card with her measurements and a small box containing a fine gold anklet with charms. I decided to look closely at the charms later as Gabby had taken it out of the box and was fastening it around my ankle. Then she lifted her pants leg to reveal her anklet that she had gotten from me when she was 17. She pointed her wand out our anklets and I put my hand above them and we started to recite a spell in perfect harmony.








‘Sorores coniuncta per amorem st catena simul in saecula. Nihil potest separare vinculi ipsi participant sempiterna saecula.’ As we said the spell the anklets glowed gold then faded as we finished the spell.

It was an old spell that had been in their family for centuries to bond two sisters together so that they wouldn’t lose one another like in 1347 when two sisters were separated from each other and never found each other because they drove themselves mad from loss and grief of losing one another. Hence the next two sisters created the spell to bond sisters together so as to avoid it happening to more innocent sisters. There were charms on the anklets to represent their family, friends, strengths and talents to show their personality. After a minute Gabby went down stairs to have some breakfast and I went to my room to start designing some things for Gabby which is why she gave me her measurements. I had been begging her for ages to let me make something for her and it seems she had finally relented to my superior charm and nagging skills.

When I finished my rough designs of Gabby’s outfit I went into her room and started to make an inventory of all of her clothes by laying them on her bed then casting a wandless charm to get their design to be instantly transferred to one of my new sketchbooks. I did this for all of her accessories and shoes as well. When she was finished she started to mix and match her designs with Gabby’s clothing to find the best combination. As I was about to start adding some accessories to see if they would make a certain outfit look better mum called me downstairs for lunch.






Lunch consisted of Sheppard’s pie and rock cakes. Two of my favourite foods. I think I could get used to having my favourite foods all the time. After lunch I went upstairs and changed into a light purple singlet top with a cream v-cut knitted jumper over the top with dark skinny jeans and ankle boots. On my wrists I wore an assortment of purple, gold and silver bracelets. I wore a silver ring with a ruby cut into a heart on my right hand and a gold, diamond and ruby ring on my left hand. The diamond and rubies were in the shape of squares with the rubies turned to look like diamonds. Waving my hand at my hair I charmed it to be slightly wavy as my hair is naturally straight. I placed a white headband in my hair and placed my ruby earrings in. My earrings hung just below my ear and are in the shape of ovals on the ends of short chains. When I finished I went into Gabby’s room while she was in the shower and summoned an outfit for her from her wardrobe that I had matched while working on my designs. I left and waited for her to finish and come in so I could do her makeup. Luckily I don’t need much make up because my skin is fair but I have dark lashes and my cheeks look rosy without me doing anything so I don’t bother with it much because it already looks like I have makeup on. All I put on is some moisturiser and light gold-brown eye shadow. It is more fun doing it on Gabby though because I always know what will go best with her outfit even if she doesn't and she feels the need to wear makeup. I have no idea why though.

When Gabby came into my room she was wearing a light green singlet top with a dark v-cut knitted jumper over the top with white jeans and black knee height boots with killer heels. She had an assortment of green and gold bracelets on and was wearing sapphire earrings and rings like mine. When she sat down in front of my vanity I put a charm on her hair to make it slightly curly and then pulled it back into a pony tail. I pinned up the sections of her hair to make a messy sort of bun with loose strands of hair here and there. I finished it by putting a black ribbon around the base of the bun to make sure it definitely stayed in then moved onto her makeup. I put a smoky-grey eye shadow on then black eyeliner and mascara. I fished it off with a super light reddish lipstick to compliment her hair. She looked stunning and I finished just as the doorbell started ringing to announce the arrival of my guests.

As soon as I heard the doorbell ringing I was at the door so fast you could have sworn I had apparated there. I opened the door and saw a bit of long blonde and short brown hair before I was having the air crushed out of me. I loved my friend’s group hugs because they were always so friendly and excited.




As we pulled out of the hug I squealed “Cassandra! Anthony! You came!”




They just laughed at me before coming in and handing over their birthday cards. This wasn’t unusual since their parents never knew that they actually got each other better things than vouchers for book shops because everyone assumed that because we were smart we were bookworms. Of course we weren’t but we never told them that. We had tried once but they just said we had no idea what we were talking about and ignored our protests that we knew exactly what we were talking about. Anyway as we were walking into the backyard the doorbell rang again but this time my sister answered it. She led the people to the garden where Cassandra, Anthony and I were talking. They were complementing my outfit and how I had such great taste. Well Anthony was basically just nodding and saying ‘yeah’ to what Cassandra was saying but I didn’t mind. It was always like this. As Gabby lead the rest of my friends into the garden my besties and I stood up and went over to them and hugging them since it had been 2 months since I last saw them on the school train.

As soon as everyone had arrived my dad turned up the music on a muggle device called a docking station where you can play music off of another muggle device called an iPod. Luckily dad is muggleborn so he knows how to use both. About an hour later we went inside and sat at the table for some food. There were cocktail frankfurts, sausage rolls, lollies in little bowls scattered here and there along the table and a wide assortment of other party food and sweets. Everyone was sitting around the table talking and eating for about an hour before my mum announced it was time for me to open my presents from everyone. As I expected at least half of my presents consisted of vouchers for different wizarding book shops. About a quarter of my presents were quills, ink and parchment and another quarter was either a voucher to a wizarding clothes shop or some clothes my friends thought I might like. One of the last presents I opened was a beautiful gold butterfly clip engraved with roses and lilies, my two favourite flowers. There were some rubies dotted in the rose’s petals and some diamonds dotted on the lily petals. Everyone in the room thought it was beautiful but we couldn’t figure out who had given it to me since no one owned up and all that was on the card was ‘enjoy your birthday. A’ in fancy writing. I quickly swept the top half of my hair back and used my new clip to hold it back. As I picked up the last present I saw Cassandra give me a wink as I started to open it. Inside were a bunch of wet start fireworks, a deck of exploding snap cards and lots of different joke and prank items. My face lit up in delight and amusement as a lot of my friends struggled to hold their snickers back. A few of them believed the rubbish their parents told them and that the proper birthday present was a voucher for books or school supplies which in my opinion was a load of dragon dung.

While my dad moved my presents into my room my mum bought over a delicious looking sponge cake. It had light purple icing and dark purple writing that wished me a happy birthday. As everyone sung happy birthday to me I blew out all of the candles and picked up the knife beside the cake plate. I let the point rest on the middle of the cake before slicing down into the cake and pulling the knife out. As I expected the knife had come out dirty so I had to kiss the nearest boy. It was an odd tradition in my family but no one seemed to mind it so I looked around and the closest boy happened to be Anthony. I went up to him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before going back to my seat beside Cassandra. Cassandra snickered under her breath as I sat down. I asked her why and all she did was start giggling while trying to tell me.





When she had finally gotten her giggling under control she whispered under her breath “he went so red when you kissed him. Didn’t you notice? I think he’s still a bit pink.”




I looked over at Anthony and saw there was a pink tinge that definitely hadn’t been there before.




“Why would he have blushed though? It’s not like he’s got a crush on me” I whispered back to Cassandra.




She didn’t have any time to reply as my dad had wondered over and was handing us a large piece of cake each.





“You better hurry and eat that. Everyone’s parents are going to be here soon” he told us and with a quick subtle wink at me he swept back towards my mum.

As soon as everyone had finished eating parents began arriving and leaving almost as quickly as they collected their child. They all wished me happy birthday before they left though. Going back upstairs after everyone had left I entered my room and looked at the clock. It was 10:30. I hadn’t realised it had gotten so late which meant I would have to hurry to get to the lily field on time to meet Anthony for whatever is probably crazy reason was. Of course I could have just used my powers to see why but I liked being surprised and I didn’t want to ruin it. I grabbed the invisibility cloak and slipped it in my pocket before stepping up to my window and transforming into my animagus form so I could climb down the tree that is so conveniently placed outside of my window so that I could climb to the ground safely and go out without being caught going out the front door. I jumped down and pulled the cloak over me before slipping out the side gate and walking quickly to the edge of town. I eventually made it to the lily field as the town clock chimed eleven.

While the clock chimed I looked around and saw Anthony appear as if out of thin air but I knew that he was wearing an invisibility cloak as well so I didn’t freak out. I pulled of my cloak and walked over to him. He smiled at me as I approached. For some odd reason my stomach had been doing flips whenever he did that lately. We hugged quickly before he drew a box out of his pocket and handed it to me. I looked at him curiously before opening it and was shocked but pleasantly surprised to see a silver watch. He took the watch out of the box and pointed to the number 12 on the watch.

“When you press this number you and anyone else touching the watch will be portkeyed to your living room. Number 3 will tell you where and what someone is doing. Number 6 alerts me and Cassandra to apparate or portkey to where ever you are. It’s connected to mine and Cassandras watch. And number 9 turns the watch into a pensieve until you push the number again because it’s the only thing that stays there while it is a pensieve. Did you get all of that?”

“Yes,” I breathed “its beautiful Anthony, thank you.” I reached up and hugged him and then before I knew what he was doing he was kissing me and I was kissing him back.

As soon as he realized what he was doing he pulled away and started apologizing saying that he didn't know why he had done that while I laughed quietly at him.





"It’s okay Anthony. Just stop apologizing before I whack you over the head!"




He was just about to reply when we heard a high cruel laugh behind us. We turned around to face the man standing there. His face was pale and his red eyes were like snake eyes and he had slits for a nose. He laughed again and my anger level started to rise as I realized who it was standing before us with his wand drawn.

It was Voldemort.

Thanks for reading! Sorry if I leave you in suspense for a while because I am too busy to get the next chapter up! I have apoligized in advanvce so please don't get mad if it takes a while! Hope you liked it!
PS the translation for the spell they use on the anklets is 'Sisters joined by love and chain together forever. Nothing can separate the bond they share for evermore.'


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