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Southern Comfort by Muse2488
Chapter 19 : Birthday Surprises and Proclamations.
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Easter break went great and it was really nice to take a break from all of the school work and studying we'd all been doing. We spent the remainder of our break playing Quidditch, looking at some of the prank products Mr. George Weasley was working on, and just hanging out. I spent a lot of time with my Dad and he even suggested a few songs for me to sing at Teddy's and Vic's wedding. I practiced a few with him, having him play his guitar and help me sing a few songs. Of course we eventually grabbed the attention of everyone else and soon they were demanding that my Dad and I both sing.



"Jace, surely you aren't hiding the fact that you have a gorgeous voice just like your daughter does?" Ginny chided. Dad sent her a sheepish look and rubbed the back of his neck.



"I may know a note or two." My Dad replied.



"You two should sing a song!" Dom suggested enthusiastically.



There was a chorus of 'yes you should!' and 'that'd be brilliant!' And of course my Dad doesn't ever get nervous about anything, so he just shrugged and picked up his guitar and looked at me expectantly.



"What? I've already sang for these crazy Brits! Twice!" I cried.



"You know they say 'three times the charms.'" Starlene interjected. I shot her a look which she completely ignored of course.



"What do ya say kid?" My Dad asked.



I looked at him with a slightly incredulous look before giving up and sighing, but then I got an idea that warmed my heart.



"How about the song we wrote when I was ten?"



"You two wrote a song?" Hermione asked.



I nodded. "I was 10, it was about a year before my Mom died and we sung it at the state fair and won first place."



"Well now you have to sing it." Angelina said.



I rolled my eyes and my Dad chuckled before strumming at his guitar, playing the folksy tune I was so used to. He started the song, singing about how all I need to do is remember good times whenever I had a nightmare and promises to stand guard and protect me. The chorus came next and that's where I harmonized with him.



I'm gonna watch you shine, gonna watch you grow.



Gonna paint a sign, so you always know.






As long as one and one is two, there could never be a father who loves his daughter more than I love you.



We sang a few more verses about what to do when I grew up and how he'll always be there for me before we ended with the chorus, with him holding the last note. During the entire song my Dad never took his eyes off of me. He was grinning from ear to ear the entire time and I couldn't help but beam back at him. We hadn't sung this song together in quite some time; it felt good to sing with my Dad again. Once the song was finished we both turned back to the audience we had. Harry had his arm around Lily and Ron was holding Rose close to his side, the same with Bill and Dom and George with Roxanne and Starlene.



"That was beautiful." Ginny gushed.




"You two wrote that?" Angelina asked wiping a few stray tears from her eyes.






"Yup. Me and Paislee spent two whole weeks working it out until we got it perfectly." My Dad said as he ruffled my hair affectionately. I rolled my eyes and ran my fingers through it, trying to fix it. My hair was really getting long, I practically didn't even have bangs anymore and I knew I needed to get it cut soon, especially before Vic and Teddy's wedding. The adults gushed some more about the song and we soon moved into the living room for some tea and cookies. Well, the American version of cookies, these Brits called them biscuits. It was our last night so we decided to hang out together as a family.






These people considered me their family. It was such a new experience for me that I often found myself wanting to slip away as to not intrude, but then I was immediately pulled into the fray of the Weasley/Potter household as if I had been here my entire life. I don't have any siblings and I was never one to fit in except with three other people my age so I didn't exactly have great social skills. I was learning though. And the Weasley/Potter clan were great teachers.



We awoke early the next day to catch the train back to Hogwarts. My Dad got a bit misty eyed as he told me bye and I could barely hold my own tears. Each time I visited it seemed even harder to leave. University was going to be torture now that we were going to be continents apart, but I guess that's part of growing up. It sucks. We had the weekend to recuperate and it was much needed after our fun filled week at the Burrow.The Professors, however, gave us no such break once classes resumed. We were immediately bombarded by practice exams, lab practicals, and homework up the whazoo! Even Teddy wasn't giving us a break. On top of all that, I had to go to Disapparation classes with all the 6th years. I stuck close to Al, Scorpius, and Rose; the four of us always ensuring our hoops were right next to ours. I got a few teasing words thrown at me by my friends and other acquaintances, but I just scowled at them or snorted in laughter because in all honesty some of the these they said were pretty funny, even if it was at my expense. The test came quickly and we all passed with flying colors and I couldn't wait to try it out actually outside of school. Out of all things magical, this was one of the coolest. Don't get me wrong, I love spell work, but there's something really amazing about being able to transport from one place to another. I couldn't wait to be able to show it off to Kerianna, Brittney, and Lisa.




James and I didn't get a lot of time together alone, but we knew that was going to happen. So we stole as many alone moments as we possibly could. There were nights where I would have Lily give me the cloak so I could sneak up to James' room and convince him to take a midnight stroll with me. He brought out the adventurous side in me. Other times I'd be walking back up to the Common Room by myself minding my own business until suddenly an arm grabbed my elbow, pulling me into a broom closet and James' lips would be crushing into mine. Those moments were some of my favorites, but nothing beat being at the Lake together at night; the moon and stars shining so brightly, James' arms wrapped around me as he whispered old poems to me. James loved to read. He would never really admit it to anyone, but he loves Shakespeare and often I'll find notes in my books or in my bag from James that had Shakespearean sonnets written on them. I lived for these moments.



We had been back for about a month and June was creeping upon us quickly; so was my birthday. The day before my birthday was the last Hogsmeade weekend and James and I were going to go on our date then. I had purchased a nice spring dress while at the Burrow and the girls promised to help me get ready.



I was nervous as hell.



James and I had spent a lot of alone time together in the past few months, but we had never been outside of the comfort of Hogwarts or the Burrow, and I was a bit on the terrified side. I didn't exactly have what normal people called the social graces. I was clumsy, shy, awkward, and extremely sarcastic. James knew this of course, but he never had to really deal with me in a too public kind of situation. What if I embarrassed him? What if he didn't want to be with me after this because I fall out of my chair or something? What if I end up spilling hot soup on him and burn him so bad he never wants to be with me again?!






I may be overreacting here a little bit.



Starlene and Dom were working on my makeup while Roxanne and Lily did my hair and Rose was piecing together my outfit.



"I'm so excited for you!" Starlene squealed.



"It's not that big of a deal Starlene." I said with a sigh.



"It's yours and James' first official date. This is a huge deal." Starlene insisted.



"Aren't you nervous?" Rose asked.



"No." I lied.



"Liar." Lily commented. I shot her a look and she gave me one right back.



"Fine! Yes I'm nervous, I'm nervous as hell. I'm going to say and do all the wrong things, I just know it."



"No you won't." Roxanne said.



"Yes I will." I insisted and Lily pulled on my hair sharply.





"Ow! What the heck Lily?" I cried.





"Sorry, my hand must've slipped. I have this slight allergic reaction whenever I hear a load of rubbish." She told me.



"Lily's right. This is going to be perfect and then tomorrow is your birthday and we'll have a nice little party here and then in three weeks we have finals and then we'll graduate!" Starlene said excitedly.





I smiled kindly at them, knowing they were dodging the whole University subject. I knew they didn't want to think about me leaving. In all honesty I didn't really wanna think about myself leaving, it made me sad to think I wouldn't constantly be surrounded by these crazy Brits anymore. It made me even sadder to think of having to leave James. He might be the only boy I've ever really dated, besides Braeden of course, but we truly have something special. He makes me a better person, makes me try new things and makes me feel as if I'm the most important person in the world.



I love him.



I was pulled from my musings as the girls said I was done. I looked in the mirror and smiled widely at all of my friends. They knew me so well. My hair was curled and hung past my shoulders in thick wavy curls. My makeup was minimal and very natural looking with a light brown eye shadow accented with black eyeliner and a bit of mascara. The dress I was wearing was Aquamarine in color and strapless, which brought out the blue in my eyes. Rose paired it with white sandals that had a slight heel to it.





“Oh Paislee! You look so beautiful!” Rose said.



“If my git of a brother doesn't’t drool at the sight of you I’ll have Dad disinherit him.” Lily said.



“He better not drool, these are new shoes.” I said in mock arrogance.”



The girls all laughed at that.



“Well, better not keep him waiting. We’ll be here when you get back, ready to hear every detail!” Starlene said enthusiastically.



“Well, not every detail. I do not want the snogging chronicles of my older brother, or any other intimate details that may happen.” Lily said.




I blushed furiously before crying out in outrage. “Lily!”





“What? If you and my brother are going to be snogging and doing other things, I don’t want to hear about the more intimate details!”



I covered my face with my hands. “I’m gonna kill you Lils.”



She simply laughed at me and all but pushed me out of the dorm. I walked down to the Common Room and saw James.



He grinned when he saw me.



“Wow.” He said when I reached him.



“Wow what?” I asked.






“Wow you. You…look amazingly beautiful Paislee.”



I blushed. “Thank you.”



James cupped my cheek and kissed me softly on the lips. “You ready for your birthday surprise?”



I looked at him with confusion written in my expression. “My birthday is tomorrow.”






James winked at me. “I know, but we’re celebrating by ourselves, just the two of us, today.”






“Really. You’re going to have a huge shindig tomorrow and I won’t be able to steal you away for more than a few minutes at a time so I thought that you and I would celebrate it today; just the two of us.”



“That sounds wonderful.” I told him with a smile. James offered me his arm and I took it as we followed the throng of students flowing out to the carriages to be taken to Hogsmeade.



 James and I got a carriage all to ourselves and soon we were entering the small village. James helped me out of our carriage and soon we were walking up and down the streets, taking in all of the sights. James told me a few stories of the history of Hogsmeade as we grabbed an ice-cream cone. We eventually made our way to the Three Broomsticks where we ordered a butterbeer for each of us. We got a table in the corner for some privacy.



“I’m so glad you’re not like other birds.” James said to me.



“What do ya mean?” I asked.



“Just that, most girls would expect a first date to be at Madam Puddifoot’s and I’m pretty sure I would rather listen to Granddad Weasley talk about telephones for an hour then go there.” James said with a grimace.



I laughed at that. “Well, I’m glad you’re not like other guys and try to take me there without asking if that’s what I wanted. I would rather give Starlene full access to dress me for a month than go there.”



James barked out a laugh. We made small conversation, stealing a kiss here and there which was new for me. I had never kissed James in a public place like this before. I knew I was blushing furiously and I could feel James smile against my lips.



“You ready to get out of here?” He asked. I nodded as he took my hand and we walked back out into the streets. James led me to a small park with a creek running through it.



It was beautiful.



There was a small bench next to the creek underneath this huge pink blossom tree. Pink petals littered the floor around the bench and they were so fragrant I could smell them before we even sat down. James wrapped an arm around my shoulder and I rested my head against him. We sat there in silence for a few minutes before James removed his arm from my shoulders and started digging through his pockets. He pulled out a small box that had a red and gold bow on top of it.



“I know it’s not your birthday yet, but I wanted to give you your gift privately.” James said as he held the box out for me to grab.



I beamed at him. “Can I open it now?”



James laughed. “Of course you silly girl. Open it now!”





I tore at the packaging and slowly opened the black felt box underneath. I gasped when I saw the most exquisite bracelet with a diamond lined heart hanging from it.



“James! It’s beautiful!” I whispered. I took it out of the box and examined it more closely. On the back of the heart charm James had our initials carved into it. ‘J.P. & P.H.’



“Do you like it?” He asked.



I looked at him, my eyes brimming with tears. “I love it.”



James smiled and helped me put the bracelet on. It fit perfectly and I was so happy I felt like I was going to burst.



“This is the best birthday present ever.” I told him as I kissed him. James smiled back at me and cupped my face.



“I have something to tell you.” He said to me.



“What’s that?” I asked, never taking my eyes off of him. He smiled at me before running a hand through his hair and then bringing it back down to my face.



“I can’t imagine my life without you Paislee. You have become such an important part of my life…such an important part of me. When I first met you on the train last September, you practically took my breath away. I remembered thinking ‘Oh for the love of Merlin, I’m a total goner.’ You were so beautiful and you didn’t even know it. I couldn't’t get enough of your eyes, even though you were scowling most of the time, the blueness of your eyes held me captive and I couldn't’t look away.” James told me.





I felt myself blush and he chuckled as he continued. “And then you started talking and I was mesmerized with your accent and not soon after you blushed and I wanted to make you blush as much as possible.”



“Well you do a great job at that.” I told him with a laugh.





“It didn’t stop there of course, because soon after that I heard you laugh and that sound was so wonderful that making you blush wasn't’t enough, I had to make you laugh. And so of course I flirted shamelessly with you, made a complete git of myself; but I didn’t care. You were laughing and it was wonderful. And then of course I find out your hopelessly ticklish and it’s much easier to get you to laugh that way than to make a git of myself.” James said with a smirk.



“Prat.” I said and of course he laughed at my use of the British term.



“Months went by and I was with Kaelynn and every moment I was with her had me wishing I was with you. And when we kissed…oh Merlin…that was the greatest night of my life. It was brief, but it was enough. Enough to know that I never wanted to kiss anyone else ever again.”



“James…” I blushed furiously again.



“What I’m trying to say is…I love you Paislee.”



My heart stopped beating. The world stopped spinning. And the only people in the world at that exact moment were us. I felt tears gathering in my eyes and I couldn't’t help but let a few fall. James wiped them away with his thumb.



“James, I love you too. So much so that it scares me sometimes. I’ve never felt like this before and it’s so wonderful that I never want it stop no matter how scary it is.” I told him. James’ grin grew and soon his lips were crashing against mine as we gripped each other tightly, trying to get closer to one another even though there was no way we could. I was so happy and I couldn’t imagine feeling happier. James had just told me that he loved me. He loved me. And now he knew that I loved him as well. There were still so many uncertainties that we had yet to meet, but I knew we would tackle them…together.



“You mean everything to me Paislee.” James whispered against my lips.






A/N: Okay I know it's been a while my friends, but the unthinkable laptop broke. I KNOW RIGHT?! HOW AWFUL IS THAT?! I wanted to cry, I did cry actually. I lost a lot of stories that I'm trying to get back still. I finally have a new laptop and I'm super happy about it. I apologize for the long break in between chapters, but if this laptop is as great as I believe it is, then I should be able to update more quickly. So what did you think of the chapter? Too friggin' cute huh? What do y'all think is gonna happen now that they both have admitted their love for one another? And how do you think Paislee's party is gonna go? Please leave me some love as they give me warm and fuzzies!!! =]]

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