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Invisibly Me by TheOnlyLota
Chapter 5 : OWLs in ball gowns
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Disclamer: I unfortunately am not blessed to have the first name of Joanne and otherwise i would be writing an official Maurader prequel ;)

It was the final day of OWLS, and all the girls could talk about was the end of exam ball that took place later that evening. As the fifth years filed out of the hall, Lily, Zahra, and Alexa all rushed to each other, and instead of discussing answers,( which Lily tried but failed to do) they started discussing the ball. The ball was for fifth, sixth and seventh years, as a sort of relief time, and a goodbye ball for the seventh years. Liam, Alex, Frank, and the Zanity twins were discussing Quidditch tactics, as Liam was continuing as Captain, and wanted to beat Gryffindor for once (A/N I know I put Liam as a beater, but I meant seeker, what I've got planned for him doesn't work if he's a beater) and making there way out of the hall and out to the MTS tree. The group soon was joined by Marlene, who completed the group.

"So, who are you going to the ball with, Zaby baby?" Alexa asked in a almost love sick voice, her and Lily smirking while Zahra glared.

"Stop it, just cause that Hufflepuff last year found the need to give me a 'pet name' doesn't mean you can use it. And speaking of Huffelpuffs, I'm going with Amos Diggory"

All the Lily and Alexa squealed, while Zahra gently blushed.

"Is he really sweet?"

"Isn't he a player?"

"What's his broomstick like?"

Zahra and Lily both hit Alexa, Marlene seemed to be out of it. " Merlin, you perverted freaks! I play Quidditch, so I wasn't thinking of that type of broomstick" the torrent of questions continued.

"How did he ask you?"

"And when?"

"And where?"

"And why did you steal Em's boyfriend?"

Marlene finally joined in the convasation, and now that she had started, she wasn't about to stop.

" Em has liked Amos for ages an ages, and just as she had a chance to date him, you take it away from her! And you Lily, you disgust me! You're always complaining how nobody knows you, yet a couple of people come up to Talitha talking about stuff that only you get. It's not you that's being forgotten, it's Litha. And Alexa, you're such a slut, Mary told me that you slept with both the Zanity brothers. At the same time! You three are all such bitches; not once have you come to see me at the Gryffindor table, and the times that you have, your just trying to stick your tongue down as many boys throat as possible! At least Gryffindor girls are nice! Do you know how hard it is to only be friends with people of a different house? No, and I have to suffer cause the only other people in my house is a slur, a whore and a bitch. So stay away from James, Amos, Frank and especially Sirus. At least the Ravenclaw boys aren't that bad. "

And with that, Marlene got up, and sat with the boys, who instantly became quiet at the arrival of the girl.

"Does that mean..." Lily started, her voice wavering slightly

"That she's no longer part of our group? Yes, and I say good riddance, the bitch." Lily and Alexa were astounded to her Zahra say this, she was normally the quiet one who settled arguments. Her and Lily were best friends because of this- Lily had the red hot temper, Mia was the calm before and after the storm.

"Zar, are you okay?" Alexa carefully asked, not wanting to test the bet that she and Alex had made about Lily teaching her infamous stinging hex to Zahra.

"What do you think! We just lost one of our closest friends to a couple of bitches from Gryffindor, and it looks like the boys are about to too!"

Zahra pointed to where the boys were, and it seemed like Frank's eyes were shining, the Zanity twins looked uncomfortable, and Alex looked about to burst in anger( Liam did too, but his love for the girl in front of him was seeping onto his face).

Marlene was telling the Zanity boys that Mary would be happy to have them any day of the week when Alex shouted " Get Away from us. Now"

Marlene's eyes widened, but she did not counter it as the girls thought she would, but instead gave a small glare to Alex, and what she probably thought was a seductive smile to the twins, and then ran off towards the lake, where Lily presumed the Gryffindors par her were.

All of a sudden she saw Snape being lifted into the air by none other than Potter and Black. Lily growled out loud, much to Zahra and Alexa's surprise, and stood up grabbing her wand and began storming over to them. But someone else got there first. Lily stopped in her tracks, seeing Talitha approach and gently smiled, slightly happy that there was someone else that was looking out for Sev, even if it wasn't often. Lily couldn't hear what was going on, but she heard one thing


The air resonated with the sound of that one word. Sev, no Snivellus thought that that was it was her, as she was the only Mudblood around. She all she could see was Talitha's own red hair storming away, and then she felt her own legs hurrying towards Snape and James.

"After everything I did, I stood up for you, I helped you, I even comforted you when you saw Talitha had started to like Potter" James' eyes brightened, but he was still noticeably confused about why Lily was speaking about her supposed self in the third person. " And now, after you thinking that I stood up for you, you call me a Mudblood. You disgust me. More than Marlene, more than Talitha, even more than Potter and Black .

With that, Lily stormed away, but not before engorging James' head and she had a slight smirk on her face as she did so.

"I just couldn't resist, he was being git to Snape- last time I'm hexing him for Snape though. " Lily said nonchalantly to Zahra, Alexa, Liam and Alex as they made they're way back to the castle to get ready for the ball

Later that night it was the ball, and finally James' chance to 'woo' Talitha, as it was a Masquerade ball. He was dressed in a smart muggle suit( the dress code was muggle) and had a black mask trimmed with white. Sirius was wearing the same as him, except his mask was white trimmed with black.
Neither of the boys had dates, as they were going to hook up with the girl of their dreams( or the girl that they got the drunkest, depending on how the night proceeded).
The two boys proceeded into the great hall , which had been transfigured into a big hall, with purple chairs and lilac tables, with a fountain in the corner. The actual dance area was almost a cobweb, with lots of lines in different shades of purple making up the dance floor. As they passed through the open doors, they were given a stone, only woth the instructions to keep it safe. The ball had already started, and there was already many couples that were on the dance floor. It was here that James and Sirius split, looking for their respective girls. It didn't take long for James to find Talitha, as she was also looking for James, though James did not know this.

As they twirled around James noticed someone, or something, in the corner of his eyes. A large group came in about 45 minutes after the ball had initially started, and one of the girls in the group caught his eye immediately. She had dark red hair that fell over the straps of her emerald green dress, that was lightly decorated with small jewels. The mask that she was wearing was white, which showed her emerald eyes, matching her dress as she gracefully moved over to a table. James' eyes widened, as he realised that she was his perfect 'green-eyed-girl and just carried on watching her. Talitha followed his eyes, and looked annoyed. She opened her mouth to say something just as Dumbledore stood up to announce dinner.

James was going to head back to his table but Talitha pulled on his hand, taking him to her table instead. The table had clearly been poorly enlarged, as the table had a square-like end to it, and there were a lot of people on the table, and luckily for James, they had all taken off their masks do he could tell who he was talking to. James, Marissa, a 7th year hufflepuff, Mary McDonald, Emmeline Vance, Amos Diggory, the Ravenclaw girl who was in the common room with Talithaand Liam, Alice Stuart, Frank Longbottom and Marlene McKinnon, the Ravenclaw that Sirius liked we're all on the table. It was clear to see that the Ravenclaw, Amos, and Frank all didn't want to be on the table, as they kept on glancing at the table that the green-eyed-girl was on. The conversation was very forced, unlike the green-eyed-girl's table, James couldn't help but notice, even after they had all said who they were.

Eventually the Ravenclaw, couldn't take it anymore, and got up from the table, much to Emmeline's delight. Amos grabbed her wrist and whispered a couple of things into her ear that James did not catch. They both proceeded then to get up, and head over to the green-eyed-girl's table. All the girls but Alice on the table scowled, and started talking. James tuned out and continued eating his dinner, occasionally hearing "whore... Slut... Man stealer... Bitch... She just can't keep her legs closed".

It didn't take long for people to start dancing again, and instead of dancing with Talitha, he went to find the green-eyed-girl, who he found dancing to the upbeat music with the Ravenclaw,who had her mask on again, Amos, another girl, and two other boys. James stood there watching ( yes, a bit like a stalker) until he heard a slow song. He slowly approached the girl who was dancing with a brown haired boy and asked her if she would like to dance.

The girl turned towards the boy and gently pulled on her left ear lobe, and said in her sweet, slightly Irish lilt" Sorry, but I don't think I can, Chambers here will be all alone if I do"

James was disappointed, and was about to tell the girl to stuff Chambers and dance with him, when the boy said" nah, it's fine Red. Enjoy yourself!"

James grinned while the girl scowled. "Well come'on! The longer you postpone dancing with me, the longer you're gonna to have dance with me for. "

This made the girl reluctantly put her arms around James' neck, much to James' delight, and James put his arms around the girl's waist.

They danced in silence for a bit until James decided to speak

"So...where were you on the train? I looked for you for ages but couldn't find you?"

"Umm, was that some sort of bad pick up line. Cause if it was, I don't get it. "

James laughed and the girl gently smiled, still confused, but it was enough to make James' heart flutter.
" Umm, you're the green-eyed-girl that I met on the platform. Born 30th January, muggle born, noticed that all potters have messy black hair" he ruffled his hair slightly at this, while the girl rolled her eyes" knew nothing about quidditch until me, and you left your trunk in the middle of the platform, and that's when I lost you."The girl was silent, the mask only showing that the emeralds that she called eyes wher wide open. " it was you, right? I mean it would be a bit awkward if it wasn't?"

" where were you waiting? "The girl finally blurted out, still looking stunned


The girl looked impatient as she repeated her question.

"Oh, I..."James pauses to recreate the normal thinking period for someone who didn't constantly think about the green-eyed-girl

"I was waiting in the compartment closest to the prefects, after, I searched the train and found Talitha, who I thought was you"

"Talitha? You thought I was Talitha? What about me being the green-eyed-girl? How the hell did you know it was me tonight! Talitha has brown eyes!"

" I only saw a flash of colour in your eyes as most of the time you weren't looking at me! It's not my fault!"James was immediately on the defensive, trying not to make the girl leave. He obviously failed, as the girl shook her head, and made to walk off but James held her and asked " Please, tell me your name, I need to know"

"No, you don't need to know, what about Talitha, you love her."

" yes, but I don't know why I still liked her after I found out that she wasn't you. I've loved you since the moment I set eyes on you"

The girl flinched for some reason before replying. " You don't even know me properly, you just know basics. And I don't love you so you can't love me!"

At that moment Dumbledore stood up, to announce what the stones were for.

" As you know, we have a series of three events that rotate so that all students at the school will experience all three end of year celebrations. The Year's event celebrates relations between others but also thanks to the masks how you judge one another on things other that facial appearances. 3 kisses will be shared between you and your current partner. One shall be shared between the two of you with masks on. Then the stone will select one of your masks to come off and you will kiss again. Needless to say, the last kiss will come when both masks are off. The stone that every male person was given will insure that all three kisses happen. Enjoy"

They girl tried to get away, but James held her wrist, slightly upset that she seemed to hate him so much that she wouldn't even kiss him. " Am I really that bad a kisser?"

"I wouldn't know, I'm one of those lucky few that hasn't kissed you"

"I wont kiss you if you tell me your name" James suddenly felt a pair of soft lips against his own, but the girl pulled away before he could respond properly. " Kiss 1 done, do you want to take off your mask, or..."

James took of the girl's mask with an un-sticking charm( he knew that the girl at least had some sense, as there was bound to be some people who used permeant sticking charms) but discovered that he still had no idea who the girl was.

He gently stroked her cheek with his thumb, holding her closer as he scanned her face again, drinking in her gorgeous face but not really taking in the features that would identify her. "You're so beautiful, how don't I know you, or at least recognise you?" The girl immediately looked down and blushed lightly. Her fists still clenched though as if she had some illness to compliments she looked up at him again, her green eyes glinting as she said " I'm the girl that people look at, but never see", before quickly pecking his lips and resuming her gaze at the floor.

After James had taken off his mask, the green-eyed-girl gave him another quick kiss and rushed back to her friends. James now had a mission- he knew that the girl was going into 6th, all he had to do was narrow it down, one girl at a time.

Alex was standing in the middle of Liam and Alexa, who were both feeling awkward after their kisses. He was enjoying their awkwardness, and kept asking when the wedding was, or how many children they planned to have. It came to the point where both Liam and Alexa had there wands out, ready to hex Alex to kingdom come, when Lily came rushing over to the table, lightly blushing and looking mortified. All three started to smirk at Lily as they knew what had to have happened. Lily though, ignored the Alexs and grabbed Liam by the wrist, dragging him outside to the MTS tree.

"Lily- What the- I kissed- you and James!"Liam spluttered as soon as they where sitting down.

Lily arched an eyebrow" You kissed, who?" Liam turned bright red and opened his mouth to answer when Lily rushed on, dismissing it quickly much to his delight.

"James knows that the green-eyed-girl exists and that it's me. Well, he doesn't know that's it's me as in me, Lily Evans, but he does know about the green eyes and everything. "

"Why can't you just tell him that it's you, or show him next year? " Liam obviously didn't get the seriousness of the situation, causing Lily'a temper to spark.

Lily was now standing " Cause he thinks he loves me! To him I'm the perfect green-eyed-girl who he can make weak knee-ed every time he says stupid cliché things!Im not gonna give him the stupid satisfaction of me, walking out into the hall next year green eyes blazing and pronounce my love for him. Or even publicly hate him like Talitha tries to. Merlin Liam what make you think- actually. "

Before Liam could even move Lily performed a strong hex on Liam's butt making him scream in pain and whimper. As Lily heard this she realised that she wasn't angry at Liam, but James.

"Look Liam,-I'm the invisible girl- never noticed, never seen, never heard. That's how it is right now for me Liam and I'd like it to stay like that for a while"

" maybe that's how you want it Lils, but as soon as he realises that you have green eyes Potter's never gonna allow that to happen. "Liam was still noticeably pissed at Lily, but calmed down for her sake, lying on his stomach to avoid provoking more torture to his butt by sitting on it.

Lily groaned, throwing her head back as she looked at the lake, with blank eyes. She then looked back at the tree but Liam suddenly hexed her hands together.

"You can't climb our tree in that dress. Do you know how much shopping you had to drag me and Alex along to f-"

"As soon as he realises that you have green eyes Potter's never gonna allow that to happen. " Lily whispered to herself. Suddenly she grinned and turned to look at Liam, who was petrified at the sudden personality change. "as soon as he realises that you have green eyes Potter's never gonna allow that to happen, Liam, not to sound cliché cause you know how much I hate that, but your brilliant! I might just love you!" and she threw herself onto Liam, hugging him.

Liam gently patted her back, and was slightly bemused by her reaction. " it's nice to know that you love me Red, but I'm sort of in love with someone else. I mean, your great and all, but I more love you like a sister, rather than..." Liam trailed of, as Lily lightly punched him.

" Three things, 1- I love you like a brother too, 2- don't call me Red, or at least not when James is nearby and 3- we're kinda going off track, don't you want to find out what my fabulous idea is that you helped me think of. "

"I'd rather see whether I can get over Marlene by seeing her become a slut and fawn over Black"

"Fine, turn my eyes blue first though."


"As soon as Potter realises that I have green eyes he's never gonna allow me out of his sight, so, I get myself a pair of blue eyes, and Voila! He won't know anything. "

"Why don't you dye your hair brown, or black"

" I like my red hair, plus, of you suddenly call me red out of habit, we're done then aren't we. "

Liam sighed" Fine, why did you even go off with him anyway?"

Lily suddenly got up, wand in hand and a mischievous look in her eyes. "Do you remember the ear lobe thing, that we would use if we didn't want to dance with someone" Liam nodded" well, Alex did as well, but he chose to ignore it. Do you want to watch?"

" Hell Yeah! It's about time someone other than me got a stinging hex to their privates!"

The two friends ran back into the hall, not caring that the bottom of their dress and suit were covered in mud and grass stains.

Okay readers, if you are still reading this anyway. Sorry for the long wait for this, but the queue to upload is quite long. Anyway, this is the last chapter of the whole book.

Or at least the last chapter of 5th Year. After this you'll be getting a proper story with no weird flash backs. I would still appreciate it of someone could make a banner. And sorry to OpalPixieChick, but I'm still on my IPod, which means I can't reply to all your reviews, but you're the reason I'm writing this write now! It means so much to me to get these reviews.

So please, Review!!!


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