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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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A/N: Sorry that this has been a while, I've been posting up other chapters and starting new stories. If any of you want to check out my new story 'The Reason I Breathe' I'd love you forever :-D It's a dark Albus story.

Sorry that this one is short!

"I said go away!"

"Oh cheer up, what's got you in a huff?" Scorpius asked as he walked quickly to catch up with his friend.

“I can’t believe people are still laughing about what happened in the common room,” Albus muttered darkly, pulling his trunk along behind him, making sure to run over a few students toes and turning to glare at them if they dared to make a noise towards him in protest.

“Well it was hilarious,” Scorpius stated, dragging his own trunk behind him, he had somehow charmed it so it had changed colour to match his outfit for that day. He was going for classic black, black turtle neck, Black coat buttoned up with his black jeans and leather shoes. Teamed off with dark green gloves and a dark green scarf he looked amazing, and he knew it, making sure to wink at any guys that were looking at him.

Albus on the other hand had just thrown on whatever wasn’t in his trunk, which was an old jumper knitted by his Nan but had a big J on it because it used to belong to James, some jeans that had a large ink stain on them and a dark blue coat, he was also wearing some ear muffs.

“No it wasn’t! Everyone nearly saw my underpants!”

“You’re normally always walking around in your underpants,” Scorpius stated rolling his eyes at Albus as they neared the train.

“Yeah but that’s normally because I want to be, this time I had little choice to. Because of her!” Albus spat, Mariah wasn’t anywhere near them but Albus had reverted to only calling Mariah ‘her’ after finding out that the secret admirer letter was actually from her.

“It could have been a real letter you know,” Scorpius said as both him and Albus helped each other to put their trunks onto the train. Albus scoffed loudly, causing someone to turn and look at him with disgust. “She could have been admitting to her true feelings for you.”

“You can just bog off with your crazy ideas Scorpius,” Albus told him angrily as he pulled his trunk down the train, people only just managing to get out of the way before they got hurt by Albus or his trunk.

“You are really in a bad mood today aren’t you Al?” Scorpius asked, he only got a grumble in return. They entered the compartment that Amelia, Kelly, Adam, James and James’s girlfriend Sarah were occupying, Albus throwing himself into the only empty seat after he put his trunk on the rack; he crossed his arms moodily before glaring out of the window.
Scorpius shook his head as he put his hands into his pockets, looking around the room. “Any room for a small one?” he asked the group. Adam tapped his lap with a grin and Scorpius was tempted to sit on his lap.

“I would but then people would talk Adam and I don’t think you could handle the gossip,”

“Gossip smossip!” Adam said waving his hand around in a dismissive way whilst shrugging “Everyone already gossips about me and James here anyway. I think I’ve heard the rumour about us cheating together for the past five years now,” Adam said giving James a wink. James threw his arm around Adam’s shoulder and pulled him in for a hug.

“Yep although they’ve got it wrong,” James said as Adam hugged up to James with a smirk on his face, “Because we’ve only had a secret affair for the past two years. Adam here could never admit his true feelings for me.”

“Because back then they were only feelings of disgust,” Adam told James who laughed before giving Adam a few ‘digs’ in the arm with his fist. Adam yelled in pain before moving away from James laughing at him.

Sarah rolled her eyes at their behaviour before she stood up.

“You can have my seat Scorpius,” she told him, everyone looked up at her, including James who frowned slightly. “I’m going to go back to my compartment, I won’t be seeing my friends over the holidays so I want to say goodbye,” She gave James a long pointed kiss before walking from the room. Amelia shifted uncomfortably as Kelly shot her a quick look, her eyebrows raised at her.

“Goodbye to you too,” Adam called after her as Scorpius took the unoccupied seat. “What on earth is her problem today?”

James shrugged as he wiped his lips on the back of his hand, Amelia tried not to smile at the look that he currently had on his face, he seemed slightly disgusted and a little embarrassed. “Who knows? She’s been acting strange the past few days, always complaining that I never spend time with her, even though I try and see her as often as I can.”

Kelly and Amelia exchanged knowing looks, having witnessed a few fights between James and Sarah, they seemed to be getting more and more frequent nowadays.

“Hey it’s not your fault you want to get all the experience you can working with dangerous animals so you can get a better job. I mean god knows how she’s going to feel when you go to Romania for three years to work with your uncle Charlie.”

“What?” asked Amelia with a smile on her face, “you managed to get your place? That’s excellent.”

James nodded as he ran a hand over his hair in embarrassment as he smiled at her, Amelia felt her stomach fill with butterflies, “yeah I got it the other day, Uncle Charlie is arranging for it all. This way I can get in quite higher at the ministry when I apply there.”

“You see this is why you need to get as much experience as you can now, boys and girls. Work eats up all of this experience mumbo jumbo,” Adam told the carriage, the sixth years were all listening to him quite intently. “I mean Amelia you want to be a Healer so you should definitely go to the Hospital wing and ask if you can volunteer there for a few hours a week, it’ll really help you out when you get into healer training because you’ll already have ward experience and dealing with patients first hand.”

“That is actually a rather smart idea,” Scorpius stated, leaning forwards to look at Adam. “I don’t know why none of the teachers ever suggest for us to do that?”

“Well they do, but it depends on what teacher you have and how well you do in their class. Because if they don’t like you, there’s a high chance you won’t be able to help them out,” Adam told them with a shrug.

“Well it can’t work for all careers’ can it? Because I want to be an auror and I can hardly run around the school fighting bad guys,” Albus muttered the annoyance from earlier still in his tone.

“You can’t do that but you can get some extracurricular from your defence against the dark arts professor, that will help you when you know spells that most of the students at your auror class won’t,” James added looking at his brother, “not forgetting that our father is the head of the Aurors so you can go home and ask dad to teach you some stuff. I mean look at Lily, she’s already trying to get dad to teach her some more spells because she so badly wants to be a defence against the dark arts teacher. Lucy works at our cousin Victoires shop in the holidays because it’s where she wants to work when she finishes school.”

“A lot of students definitely won’t ever do that,” Kelly stated.

“Well if it’s what you want to, don’t worry about what other people think because it’s highly likely that you won’t be seeing them after you leave school anyway” Adam told her honestly. Kelly shrugged.

“Well I still think it’s embarrassing to help out a teacher,” she told him honestly.

“It may be embarrassing to you but it’s not to me, you actually learn to respect them a lot more than if you didn’t help them. You never realise how hard it is for them until you yourself are doing it.”

Kelly opened her mouth again but she was interrupted by Amelia who was sensing an argument about to start. “So what are everyone’s plans for the Christmas holidays?” she asked the group.
She knew that Kelly and James would be coming over to her and Adam’s house for part of the holiday, and that James would be staying over for New Year’s Day. Her and Kelly were going to be going Christmas shopping together.

“Well I’m going to pop over to the Potter’s house after Christmas, other than that seeing family,” Scorpius told them. Albus muttered something about seeing his family too, before not conversing anymore, he’s grumpy mood still evident.

The rest of the carriage ride was spent talking to each other about Christmas and the gifts that they had got family without revealing too much information to anyone in the carriage they were getting presents for.

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