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Finding Love: The First Year by HPluvergirl
Chapter 5 : The First Task
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By the time George actually stopped avoiding me so I could tell him my answer, it had been weeks, maybe a month. Allen had gotten very pissy.

"Al, please!" But he had walked away. I hadn't seen him. So I wasn't exactly in love with him, but I did like him. So I had been single, until I asked George to take me back. I had to beg and grovel, then he said yes.

It's now time for the first task. I'm scared as hell. Harry and I had gotten a Hungarian Horntail to face. Yea, the champions have to face a DRAGON! 

Harry had just gotten finished. "Now Ms. Black will have to face a different Horntail." I hear Ludo Bagman announce. 

I walk out of the tent and into the arena. Everyone is there. I see Allen.

"You may start…now!"

I see the dragon. It breathes fire in my direction and I roll behind a rock. I don't touch it though.

"ALI!" I hear George scream.

"KILLER!" Allen screams.

I come out from behind the rock. Everyone screams. I look and my robes are on fire. I point my wand at the spot. "Aquamenti!" I yell. 

That gives me an idea. Dragons are terrified of water. 

"Aquamenti." I whisper. It shoots out of my wand tip. I twirl it around and it forms a water funnel. 

The dragon roars. "Calm down girl. I'm not going to hurt you." I say. I stop the water. I approach it, holding out my hand. It roars again, and advances towards me. Everyone screams. "Shh girl." I put my hand on it's snout when I'm close enough.

"It's okay. You're safe. Nothing bad is going to happen. I just want your egg. Then you're going to have it back." I say. I don't really know why I'm talking to her like she understands me. But I think she does. But only because she's moving aside. I see the egg. I point my wand at it. "Accio."

I pat her snout again. "Thanks girl." I back away.

"Now that was incredible! All you dragon people, did you see that? She deserves a place in your ranks one day! She actually communicated with the dragon!" Ludo yells.

"Hey Mr. Bagman! The dragon is a she, so I suggest you call her a 'her' or a 'she'!" I yell. He laughs, and I walk out of the arena. I see Ron's older brother, Charlie, coming in.

"Charlie, be gentle with her. She need some TLC. I think she might be getting ready to produce an egg." I say.

"Thanks." He says. He smiles at me. I go to the Medical tent.

When I get there, Harry is there along with Ron and Hermione. Harry and Ron had gotten in an argument, but apparently they made up. 

"Ali, that was bloody brilliant!" Ron says. 

"How did you do that?" Hermione asks. 

"She's getting ready to produce an egg. Her maternal instincts were kicking in already. Once she realised I wasn't about to harm her, she trusted me."

"How could you possibly know that?" Harry asks.

"I could sense it." I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around, and see Allen.

"That was fantastic." He says.


"See, I told you that you weren't going to die." 

"Yea, well there are two more tasks left." I see George and smile. I push Allen aside.

"That was amazing, darling." He says. I smile. "There's that beautiful smile."

"Thank you, love." He kisses me.

"I can't believe you Ali!" Allen screams. We're by the lake. I had just told him that George was avoiding me, so I hadn't given him my answer.

"I can't help it! Every time he sees me, he speeds up and disappears!"

"If you really wanted to give him an answer, you would find him! You're forgetting who you're talking to! "

"Listen, you find him, and bring him to me! I'll give him a fucking answer!"

Just then, George comes and snogs me in front of Allen. When I break away, Allen is walking away.

"Al, wait!" But he walks away.

I hadn't seen him since until today. I break away from George, just like I had that day. But instead of seeing Allen walking away, he's standing there, waiting. I walk away from George, and go over to him.

"Thank you." I say simply.

"For what?"

"For being here today." He hugs me. And for the first time in weeks, I hug back.

"I would've faced her with you if I could've. But as it was, you did bloody brilliant."He brings a hand to my face. "I want to kiss you so much right now." He whispers so only I can hear him.

"I know you do." I want to kiss him to. But George is right there. He hugs me so tight, I can barely breathe. "Al…can't…breathe." 

His hug loosens. "Sorry." 

"It's okay." I break away from Allen. I walk back to the medical tent. I'm starting to get a little faint.

"Ali, are you okay?" Harry asks. 

"I'm feeling a little dizzy. And my leg hurts a little." That's the understatement of the year! My leg feels like it's on fire, and I'm about to pass out!

Just as I think that, all the world goes black.


"When will she wake up?" Allen asks.

"That, I'm not certain of." Madam Pomfrey says.

I haven't heard anything in I don't know how long. I gingerly open my eyes, preparing for them to be burning from the sunlight. But there isn't any sunlight.

"But I think that might be now." She says.

"Allen?" I ask.

"Hey Killer. How are you feeling?" I see Madam Pomfrey bustling away.

"I've been better. How long have I been out?"

"About a week."

"Really? Who all have been to see me?"

"Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, Lee, and Draco."

"I wonder why Draco came." I look at him. "He is a complete jackass." He laughs. That perfect laugh.

"True that." He says. Just then I hear footsteps approaching my bed. The curtain moves and I see George. He smiles at me. Allen gets up and walks away.

"Hey." George says. That's when I notice a bruise on his cheek. I don't ask about it, though.

"Hey." He sits down. "Oh, I see. I'm out cold for a week, and I don't get a kiss from my boyfriend. That's real nice." I tease. He smiles. He comes over to me and kisses me. I kiss him back.

But it doesn't feel right. I'd have thought that being knocked out cold for a week would make my thoughts about this go away. But they haven't. I still yearn for someone else.

Who should I thank? Hmm. I have to thank you, my readers, for sticking with this story. I really should thank Gini who gives me confidence. Starr, for making me realise what to do. Field, for making me know what true love is. That's all, I guess.

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Finding Love: The First Year: The First Task


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