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Hogwarts, Marauders, a Seer and a bit of Magic by DitaYolo
Chapter 1 : Hogwarts Express
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Remus Lupin stood in front of the platforms nine and ten, wondering if he could be anymore silly than he already was. Walk into the wall, they said. You'll pass right through it, they said with smiles. Well, maybe his parents were crazier than he dared to believe, because this sure looked like a rather solid wall to Remus.

He sighed in frustration, wanting to kick something. Did they finally get annoyed with him, or even worse, scared? Were they doing this only to get rid of him? Remus Lupin was a werewolf. And  being that made him very scared and frustrated, and that would change into an anger as soon as he started doubting in someone’s intentions. He was eleven and he was almost alone at a train station, miles away from his family who apparently couldn’t come today and were very sorry, but his great uncle was recently rushed into a hospital and they could not leave him alone. “You’ll be fine with Lucy.”, said his mother while holding him in his arms. When he pulled away from her, silent tears were rolling down her cheeks. She told him to be careful, but not too much. She said Hogwarts was the place in which she had the time of her life and did not want him to miss it only because of his state.

“I’ll push you if you don’t start already.”, said a small voice coming from his left. Remus turned to face Lucy, his little friend dumped out there with him. She was born in a muggle family, but her magical side could be very easily explained; her biological father (wizard) left her and her mother before she was even born. “I’m serious.”, she stated sharply, boring her dark eyes into his light ones.

Before Remus had time to answer, they heard a mocking voice from behind them, and they turned around, facing another eleven year old bloke. He was taller than Remus and had dark shaggy hair and cold, bright eyes. His lips were curved into a grin. “No, I’m Sirius.”

Lucy narrowed her eyes at him, but Remus just rolled his eyes. “Come on Lucy, it’s now or never.” He pulled her toward the platform. Grabbing their trolleys with their trunks and animals, they reached the platform, half walking, half running. Remus felt a lump in his throat and Lucy made a weird noise when she felt her trolleys going out of the control. She could not stop them anymore, and if everything was a lie, she was about to hit into a solid wall.

Remus was the first one that crossed the platform. The wall in front of him, that seemed as solid as the floor beneath his feet, was in fact as solid as air. He let out a small gasp when his trolleys stopped; in front of him was the great Hogwarts Express.

Lucy was breathing fast when she stood beside him again. She was a muggle; this whole wizard thing left her breathless and speechless. It was harder for her to understand everything that happened around her than it was for Remus, although he knew how she must’ve felt.

“I – I can’t believe this!”, she squealed and clapped her both hands over her mouth. She looked at Remus, her dark eyes sparkling. He smiled at her, but then his smile faded. Her naturally golden brown hair was turning red. Actually – he wasn’t sure if brown was her normal colour, it was only the one she had always when they were in public.

“Lucy, control yourself!”, he hissed and looked around, while the startled girl made a face.

“Rem, I think it’s OK here. No one should panic.”

Remus sighed with defeat. “Sorry, it’s becoming a habit.”

“I know how you feel, trust me.”, she pushed the trolleys in front of her and started walking. Her hair was normal back again. She had had a dreamy expression on her face while looking all around them. Remus did the same, admiring the people around them, both happy and sad children, worried parents, very annoyed animals and the steam and wheezing from the train.

“We’re going to Hogwarts!”, he loudly stated, suddenly realizing it. He looked down at his loyal friend who was beaming with joy. “We are actually going to Hogwarts!”

Lucy nodded her head and laughed along with Remus. “Come on, let’s find a compartment.”

Remus nodded and followed her through the crowd.

They found an almost empty compartment, with only one small girl inside. They went in and Lucy smiled at her politely. The girl had beautiful dark red hair, emerald green eyes and pale skin. But her face was down, and she had a distant look in her eyes.

“Mind if we come in?”, Lucy asked. The girl gave her a small smile that did not seem completely real.

“Of course not.”


Remus and Lucy sat across each other, next to the door.

“I’m Remus.”, said the little werewolf, nervously glancing at the redhead. “And this is Lucy.” 

“Nice to meet you, my name is Lily.”, the girl responded.

They sat in silence for the first few minutes, and slowly, the train started their trip toward Hogwarts. When she felt the moving, Lily sadly sighed.

“You know Rem, I think I am not going to change my hair for some time. Let it be the way it is for the first few months in Hogwarts.”, Lucy broke the silence, significantly gazing at her friend.

He grinned. Although it looked like Lily really was not listening, he played along.

“I agree. It’s better this way for now.”

They laughed and talked about Hogwarts, and even Lily would sometimes jump in with some exciting and interesting fact about school.  Then the compartment door opened and three boys peered in.

The laughing and talking stopped immediately, replaced by an awkward silence.

“Err – hallo.”, said one boy. He had glasses and black hair that looked like something exploded in it. “We can’t find a compartment with enough space for all three of us. But it looks like you have some place, sooo could we jump in?”

Then Lucy noticed that the other boy was the one that Remus and her met in front of the platform.

Her eyes widened and he noticed. The grin on his face grew and when Remus answered positively, he sat beside her. She stood up and quickly took the place across Lily. Remus sat next to her, and Sirius sat next to Lily. The boy with the glasses presented himself as James and sat next to Remus, while the last boy, shorter and paler than the others, sat next to Sirius.

“I’m Peter.”, said the boy.

“Sirius.”, the boy with the grin raised his hand. Lucy felt her stomach twist when he voiced.

“Lily.”, said the redhead across Lucy. She looked distant again, not daring to look at any of them, instead just staring out of the window.

“Remus.”, added Lucy’s friend.

“Lucy.”, metamorphmagus girl said.

Remus was soon caught up in a discussion between Peter and James, while Sirius hummed something that sounded very sad. Lucy was starting to get nervous and it wasn’t releasing her when she saw that Lily looked sick. The sound of everyone’s voices became too much for her to handle; she knew something was about the happen to her.

The girl felt something in her snap and raise her blood pressure. That was not a good sign, though it was the one she knew all too well.

Lucy got up to her feet in a quick move. Remus stopped arguing with James and looked at her worriedly.

“Lue, you OK?”

“’Course I am, I am just… going to walk for a bit.” Lucy bit her lip and sighed. “All of this is very new for me.”

Remus nodded – even if he did realize the real reason for her sudden movement he did not question her any further. He did not go after her when she got out of the compartment – and she was grateful for that.

She walked past many compartments until she finally found an empty one. And James said there weren’t any. Well, they were probably only too lazy to look for one. Lucy slammed the door shut and collapsed on the seat next to the window. It was raining. Little drops of heaven water were hitting the windows in a very melodic rhythm. She thought she could stay like that forever, watching the green fields mix with grey sky…

But the storm inside of her was stronger and she sighed, giving in.

Blackness that she saw at first while closing her eyes was soon replaced by a firework of colours and movements. She inhaled a sharp breath, feeling the vision coming.

Yes, Lucy was a Seer.


Severus Snape was exhausted – he had searched every part of the whole train looking for a specific little girl; and had not found her anywhere.

He felt on the verge of tears, which was very rare for a boy like him. He had been through so much; yet only one small person in the whole world could make him feel so devastated.

Suddenly, he saw something red by the corner of his eyes. His heart jumped with hope; there she was, sitting by the window, crowded by four boys around their age.

Severus quickly walked in – he had had to make her listen. And besides, he knew she would.

She was always so good to him.


While Severus Snape talked to Lily Evans, interrupted by the boys next to them very often, Remus got a little worried. Lucy was gone for almost an hour. But he knew she sometimes took even more time than that. And besides, they were off to Hogwarts; nothing bad was to happen to any of them fort a long time. She was safe here.

That was why Remus decided not to go after her, yet she was a clever girl.


Mary McDonald was the first student to get out of her compartment when the train stopped. She had wanted to see Hogwarts as soon as she could; her older brother used to tell her magnificent stories about the place.

As she was passing by a compartment near the door, she saw a girl in there, stretched across two seats in a position that looked rather uncomfortable. Mary, the good girl she was, quickly stepped in the compartment and gently touched the girls shoulder. Little brunette opened her eyes very soon, not looking sleepy at all. Mary thought she could have had nightmare.

“Hello, I’m sorry to wake you; but we’re here!”, Mary tried to be quiet not to scare the girl in front of her, who was just raising up to her feet; but the excitement she felt was no longer to be controlled. Brunette’s dark eyes (Mary couldn’t define their colour) widened and she smiled excitedly.

“We are? Oh dear! Let’s go!”

Mary smiled at her and extended one arm to her. “I’m Mary McDonald.”

“Lucy Witsberg.”, they shook their hands and exited the compartment into a very rough crowd that moved quickly toward the village of Hogsmead.

Lucy was lucky that she already changed before arriving at King’s Cross, although in that time, in the middle of a muggle world she felt very embarrassed.

The rain has stopped, leaving mud all over the place, and the sky was still grey, although it was almost dark now.

Mary and Lucy jumped down to the ground of Hogsmead only to jump again, startled by the loud voice and giant looks of a man with huge dark hair and beard.

“Oh, he’s definitely got something to do with giants.”, Mary gasped, amazed. Lucy, on the other hand, stood close to Mary, feeling her heart pound in her chest.

“Firs’ years follow me! Please, come ‘ere!”, shouted the great man.

Mary dragged Lucy towards the giant and they stood in the line with other boys and girls of their age.


Lucy turned around at the sound of a familiar voice. Remus approached her rolling his eyes.

“You could of said you were not going to come back.”, he told her.

“I’m sorry, Rem, I fell asleep.”, she shrugged. He snickered and waved his hand at her.

“See you at Hogwarts.”, he said, and Lucy immediately smiled wide.

The giant continued speaking and this time Lucy was not so afraid, seeing that even Remus did not feel threatened.

“I’m Hagrid, the Keeper of the keys and ground at Hogwarts. I’ll watch at all of yeh while yer stayin’ here. Better be good.”

He led them to the lake where they boarded into the boats. Lucy sat in one along with Mary, Lily, and a boy who looked sick with his pale skin and dark greasy hair. He looked like he was hiding something. He also looked scared. Lucy was confused at his appearance – she did not know what to think about him.

She threw one glance at Remus, who was chatting happily with the three boys from the train. She felt her mood changing; she was sad, knowing he was happy without her now. Peter caught her staring and offered her a small smile. She smiled too, as good as she could, and turned at Mary.

All of her sadness disappeared in two minutes, when she heard gasps and let out one herself.

Glowing in the dark, looking both mysterious and safe in the same time, the glorious Hogwarts grew above them.

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