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Might As Well Have Kissed a Death Eater by Cariel
Chapter 11 : I Want You, I Need You, But I Can't Have You
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A/N: be forewarned- there’s sex in this chapter, that’s partially why the PG-13 rating (more like TV-14)

Once Draco tired of watching Marwood throw herself at Potter, he found his way to the library. When his eyes fell on the slim, yet voluptuous figure of Granger, he had quite forgotten about Scarhead.

It was just about four in the afternoon and Hermione was alone at a desk towards a corner of the library. She looked like she wanted to hide from the other Gryffindors, but she wanted to be around other people in order to stay awake so there were plenty of other people in the library, they just weren’t sitting close to her.

Watching her uncross and re-cross her silky legs, Draco was intoxicated. He approached her from behind and whispered in her ear a nasty comment while touching her inappropriately. He tempted her with what he wanted to do to her. “You want me to…”

She hated the things he said to her, the way he was fondling her, but most of all, she hated that she felt she should give in to him. “You know you want it…” She blamed her surrendering feelings on her sleep-deprivation. She had to remind herself who’s fault it was and eventually pushed him away from her.

After she pushed him, he sat down next to her with his hand on her neck, gleeful that he was wearing her down. ‘Soon, Granger…’ he thought to himself. She was a challenge and it turned him on. He’d get revenge on Potter through her.

Draco was jealous of Potter and at the same time, to a certain extent he was jealous of Weasley as well though he’d never admit it.

He said slowly, “Your,” he slowly drew his index finger across the lower part of her neck, “loss.” He stood up and exited the library grinning like a victorious dark knight.

Ron entered the library just when Malfoy was leaving. He saw the malicious grin on Malfoy’s face and ran to find Hermione at the back of the library. When he found her, he saw she was obviously upset. “He did it again, didn’t he?”

She turned away from him, unable to meet his eyes, but she didn’t lie to him. She softly answered, “Yes.”

Ron’s eyes bulged as his anger reddened his face. He should have been there! “I’ll kill him!” he vowed.

Hermione pulled him down next to where she sat saying, “Don’t …please… Just stay here with me and keep me awake to study. We’ve got a test tomorrow.” She hated that she wasn’t thinking straight because she was sleepy thanks to Malfoy and knew it was only a matter of time before he succeeded in whatever evil plan he had set for them. If she was at full capacity, she could curse him…

She asked, “How’s Harry?”

“Fine I guess,” Ron told her. She was changing the subject. “He seems happy about having a girlfriend.” He couldn’t help, but let his eyes fall into hers when he said the word ‘girlfriend’.

She probed further when she realized he was staring at her. “How is that Slytherin girl?” She refused to call her by name or even acknowledge that she was Harry’s girlfriend.

Ron thought quickly. Should he tell Hermione that Marwood had lied to Harry? He wanted to tell her everything but he didn’t want her to feel anymore stress. She had enough on her mind plus having to study. “I don’t think she’s much to think about.”

Content with his answer, she looked back at her homework.

Ron sat there, wishing that nothing was wrong with her. If she was all right, then he could tell her everything about Harry and that Slytherin girl. He could talk to her about everything and then…he could ask her out. After a few minutes of blissfully daydreaming about Hermione, he asked, “You going to spend your whole day swotting? Or would you like to play a game of snap?”

Instead of replying, “I’m going to study, of course! All you think about is games when-blah blah blah…” like he expected she’d say, she remarked, “Sure.”

If she was actually taking him up on an activity that wasn’t school-related, she must be exhausted and not thinking straight. Ron didn’t mind at all.

Deliciously lustful Draco returned to the Slytherin common room after his glorious temptation of Granger. Though he was wearing her down, she wasn’t giving in to him yet and he needed some release. When Laura slinked over to Draco’s side after she returned to the common room, he was nearly bursting with desire.

“Where ya been?” she asked, her perfectly straightened ivory teeth glistening.

Draco didn’t reply, but observed her school-issued skirt had been folded over a few extra illegal times so her thigh was visible. Gods! If Granger had given in to him, he wouldn’t need Laura now. The last swish of Laura’s skirt was all the stimulus he needed.

In less than a second, his hands were roughly grabbing her waist, forcing her to be face-to-face with him. She gasped sensuously at the rough treatment, but made no move to stop him. His lips were on hers and her hands were pulling at the fastening of his slacks. In mere seconds, he was on top of her half naked form on the Slytherin couch.

They were oblivious to the fact that they were in the centre of the open common room on the couch in the middle of the afternoon.

“Thought you didn’t like me anymore,” she remarked after he had finished.

“Just reminding you how good you have it,” he responded. Something Potter would never be able to give her.

He was about to get up, but she somehow was able to force him back down with her body on top of his. He thought he owned her, but she was more calculating than him. She knew about his fascination, or rather obsession with Granger. She knew he needed her because he couldn’t have Granger, so she’d use it to her advantage, hopefully changing his need into desire for her. She would make him beg. He would be hers.

Other Slytherins were in the room watching or talking about them, but they didn’t seem to care. People would talk, that’s what they do. Eventually he was done with her. His lust disappeared and tossed her out like a slag ordering her, “Go back to Scarhead.”

She sniffed regally, folding her skirt one time more than it was folded earlier. His hand went up her thigh and she slapped it away, walking gracefully through the portrait.

A/N: Evil enough? ::grins::

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Might As Well Have Kissed a Death Eater: I Want You, I Need You, But I Can't Have You


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