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I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good by SlytherinSweetie
Chapter 5 : The Mourning Period
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 The next few months went by smoothly for the group of teenagers until one day Professor McGonagall walked into the seventh grade Gryffindors Herbology lesson on Monday morning. 

"Professor Sprout I need to borrow Marlene McKinnon." McGonagall said sternly. 

"Of course, McKinnon, Evans will give you the notes." Professor Sprout pointed Marlene out the door. 

Marlene followed McGonagall up to her office and took the seat that Professor McGonagall offered her. 

"What I have to tell you Miss McKinnon it's ... well it's unpleasant." McGonagall said awkwardly. 

"Is it my parents?" Marlene asked. 

"Yes, they were found in Grenich, England. The Auror department is not giving anymore information." McGonagall said with a sterile voice.

"Oh, ... is that all?" Marlene asked.

"Miss McKinnon if you need anything I am here to talk to you." McGonagall said seriously. 

"I ... I just want my friends." Marlene said getting up and pratically running out of McGonagalls office. 

She ran all the way down to the Herbology green houses just in time to see Lily walking out of the lesson carrying her bag. Marlene practically trampled Lily before she asked that they go up to the head dorms in order to talk. 

"My parents are dead." Marlene blurted out the minute they entered the head dorms. 

"What?" Lily couldnt believe what she heard. 

" McGonagall just told me." Marlene bursted into tears. 

Lily didnt know what else to do other than hold Marlene as close as she could. Marlenes parents had been like a second family to her and now they were gone. Lily started crying too. 

After lessons were over James and Sirius went to find Lily and Marlene, who they hadnt seen since Herbology. They were getting worried about them. The first place they checked was the head dorm where they found Marlene and Lily crying on the floor. 

"What happened?" James asked immediatly getting on his knees to be face to face with Lily. 

" My ... my parents are dead James." Marlene said before Lily could get a word out. 

"No ... Marlene ..." James was speechless. 

Eventually the whole group was in the head dorm wondering what to do next when James reiceved an owl. 


The McKinnons were found dead this morning, Marlene has already been informed. We are bringing you and Marlene home tomorrow morning and the rest of your friends can come on Friday for the funeral and the start of winter holidays. 




James told the rest of the group and Marlene practically clung to Lily. She didnt know if she could face her empty house with out her best friend there. She didnt know how she was going to face any of this. She was a sixteen year old orphan, and she didnt like it one bit. 

the next day the Potters picked James and Marlene up at the front gates of Hogwarts and brought them back to the family compound. The Potters told Marlene she could spend as much time as she wanted at their house but she couldnt stop staring at her own house a few hundred yards away that now belonged to her. And then it hit her. 

Everything that had belonged to her parents was now hers. What was she suppose to do with all of that. It was much more than just the Manor she was looking at, it was three vacation homes in different parts of the world, it was hundreds of house elves, it was millions of Galleons and Pounds, and a Quidditch team. That was a lot of responsibility. 

"Marlene, sweetheart we need to talk to you." Mrs. Potter called Marlene to their kitchen table. 

"What do we need to talk about?" Marlene asked quietly. 

"About whats going to happen over the next year or so." Mr. Potter told her. 

" In your parents will you were left everything ... with constitutions of course. We are going to overlook everything until you are seventeen years old, and will continure to aide you until you have a career or are married." Mr. Potter told her.

"Of course we'll always be here for you Marlene, we love you.' Mrs. Potter said. 

" Alright ... what does oversseing entail?" Marlene asked.

"You would know everything that went on of course it's just that the business side of it all, the meetings and the dealing with the banks and what not would go through us." Mr. Potter explained. 

" Oh, alright." Marlene said quietly. 

"Why dont you go get some rest darling, you've had a long day." Mrs. Potter said sweetley and Marlene went upstairs her mind occupied about her parents funeral the next day. 

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