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What happened to forever by 227743Weasley
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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 Betha had spent the last three weeks avoiding Rose at all costs, which was quite hard considering they were roommates. Betha was going on her twenty second Rose free day and it was going to be just like the rest. She walked to class, alone and then her bag split open, a few feet away from the potions class room. 

"What the-" she mumbled. She heard footsteps behind her

"I am so sorry, I just knew that if I tried to talk you would ignore me." it was Rose, shestarted to help Betha pick up her stuff.

"Thanks" Betha mumbled.

"Look I am sorry about what happened but it's not my fault" Betha began to walk

"Elisabetha Luna listen to me!" the girls stared at each other

"Fine talk"

"You act like this is my fault. I didn't tell him to break your heart. I didn't even know. Please" she begged

"Rose I don't blame you but I look at you and think of him. It's to hard"

"So your willing to throw your friendship away because of who I am related to"

"A persons family says a lot about them"

"If that were true don't you think I would be beating Scorpoious up instead of snogging him"

"Holy crap. What did I miss. Fill me in...Nosy Rosie" the girls hugged. Thyey had made up. Life was finally turning back to normal.
Scorpious Malfoy" the pale boy stuck out his hand. She werally shook it


"How are you" she eyed Rose skepticlly. Rose grinned.

"Very well and yourself?"

"Very very good" he eyed Rose. Ah the true Scorpious has come out.

"So how long had you been together"

"Since the train" Rose elbowed him

"Oh sorry"they stared at her

"You can bring up the train it's not like everytime I hear about it I'm going to implode or


"Implode?" Scorpious looked at her

"Never mind, just stop walking on you toes when you are around me. I am fine" they stared at her skeptically

"Seriously I am fine"


"Drop it Rose"

"You don't understand Scorp"

"Drop it Rose or the tickle monster comes out"

"Thats not fair, this is a serious situation" Scorpious looked at Betha. She nodded and began to tickle Rose to her death.

"Yo Malfoy! Hands off" Albus stormed over

"What the fuck do you want"

"Shut up Crumser, you know the whole world does not revolve around you"

"Oh no it just revolves around you and your fucked up life"

"My life is not fucked up thank you very much, it is perfectly fine. It has been for about 6weeks now"

"Really? Then how come you find the need to pick on innocent couples"

"These two innocent couple?" he laughed, no one else found it funny.

"They both have their v cards in tact, they seem pretty innocent to me"

"Yeah well your fucked up in your head so Voldemort would seem innocent to you"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, now Malfoy stay away from Rose or you will regret it"

"I am not scared of you Potter"

"You should be"

"Oh yeah?" Both boys started throwing punches, Rose screamed for them to stop, but Betha just sat there, speechless, slowly dying inside.
Betha was alone again. Scorpious was in detention and Rose was in a family meeting. She was alone and it wasn't the first time. She was becoming accustom to sitting on the floor of a corridor.

"mind if i sit" she looked up at him.

"Uh yeah I guess but as soon as I regain feeling in my legs I'm going to get up"

"I don't care" she smiled

"so how did tryouts go?"

"say hello to the new ravenclaw chaser"

"Where?" she pretended to look around

"Very funny" she smirked

"Thats cute"


"That smirk"

"Oh" she blushed. Why was she blushing, she hadnt blushed in weeks.

"So how are you feeling"

"Great, really great" lie.


"Never better" lie again

"How about we stop lying and you tell me what's killing you" she stared into space

"Ok let's play a game" she looked at him

"I have to guess what's wrong with you and then you can guess what's wrong with me,if I guess correctly."

"Is it family?" she shook her head

"umm friend drama?" she shook her head again.


"Al- what?" she couldn't hold back a smile

"Its what the twins and I started calling him. Since he was such a dick to you"

"Oh, that's umm sweet of you for caring" tears filled her eyes and she looked up athim. He leaned in and kissed her. After a few minutes she pulled away. He stood up and walked away. She never did get to ask what was wrong with him. 

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What happened to forever: Chapter 3


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