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Remnants by CoverUps
Chapter 1 : Prologue: The remnants of a war
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AN: this is my first story here and also the first time I write a Harry Potter fiction, it's been awhile since I last read any of the books so if there is any wrong information throughout the story feel free to correct me - kindly, please.

Disclaimer: you know the drill, everything you recognize is owned by Jo Rowling, and I don't profit of this story in any way.


 The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.

Frederich Nietzche

    The man looked at the mirror and smiled contentedly.

   It was time.

   He put  the mask before his eyes , the same mask he had used, ah so many years ago, in darker times – no, he corrected himself, better times.

    He had waited so long for this, twenty-five years, he waited, in silence, hovering in the dark hours and concocting his plan, the one he would set in motion that same night, for tonight a Dark Lord would rise from the ashes and take the place his master so many years ago had emptied.

   He walked in silence out of the manor and apparated away into a quiet meadow, it seemed so easy, that after more than a decade the most powerful wizards of their time would have gotten sloppy. He wondered if they even thought about the possibility of another war.

  ‘Of course not,’ the man muttered venomously, ‘if those muggle lovers had, I wouldn’t be here tonight.’ He chuckled to himself, and the sound echoed through the clearing.

  If anyone in that thing – he wasn’t sure to call it a house – was aware of the man lurking outside, they didn’t show. And so, when the Burrow crumbled, the Weasleys went down without a fight.
  And so went many others.

  Pointing his wand upwards, bright green light flashed before his eyes, illuminating the night sky but leaving a skull burning where seconds before there had been innocent clouds. Those, who had lived through the war, would recognize the symbol as what had been called the Dark Mark.


*   *   *




The Return of Darkness?
by Rita Skeeter 

  Tonight Wizarding Britain awoke with dark magic stirring the air. In several different places the Dark Mark was found burning a faint green in the sky, homes and working places were attacked, mostly places related to those who fought for the Light side in the last war, twenty-five years ago. Entire families have gone missing – except for children who are now in the safe grounds of Hogwarts – including such as the Potters, Weasleys and Lovegoods.

 This leaves questions to be answered. Is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named back? Was he ever truly gone? Or is this the art of one of his minions seeking revenge? Or, yet, is there another Dark Lord in the rise?

  Unfortunately we do not bring the answers for you.

Famous auror and Metamorphmagus, Teddy Lupin, said the department of Law Enforcement is working on the case and refused further comment.

See more at page 7


The blue haired young man sighed after reading the article. It was a rarity to the paper to tell the truth and when they did it was because truth couldn’t get much worse. And it only served to confirm his thoughts, what was to come was worse than anything he had ever faced and without the help of his godfather and extended family would he get through it, at all?




AN: I know this is paynfully short but it's only to set the story, so tell me what you think and if I should continue this or not. Constructive criticism is welcome and highly appreciated. Sorry for any typos or grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.


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