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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 7 : Run for Cover
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Chapter Seven

I know that I don’t control Lily’s life, I know that she is perfectly entitled to date whoever she wants, however she wants to and whenever she wants to. I know that she’d punch me in the jaw if I tried to tell her what to do, I know that would only make her more determined to do it, I know her brothers are more scared of her than she is of them and I know that if it was any boy Lily was dating I’d be fine with it. Not fine with it, I am in love with the girl after all, but I’d at least be able to accept it if the boy was a nice guy who I know would treat Lily with the respect and kindness she deserves

But it’s Scorpious Malfoy; the guy is a jerk pure and simple. He’s a bully who picks on those weaker than him just because he can and to make himself look good in front of his silly little Slytherin whores. He’s a snob who looks down on so many people, myself included, because they haven’t had the money or the privileged background that he was raised with; not that his family deserve that wealth. For these reasons I was Scorpious Malfoy’s main target throughout first, second and third year

He and his gang of friends would chase me down corridors, they’d make fun of my tatty shoes and battered old books and school robes, he’d make digs about me being related to muggles and he even put my head in a toilet once

Moaning Myrtle was pissed

But then something happened; between third and fourth year puberty suddenly hit in. I’m an August baby so pretty much a year behind most of my year and had always been very small, however during that summer I grew and filled out a bit more. When I returned to school, I was taller than Scorpious (Still am by the way) and when he tried something on the second day of term I knocked him down in one punch. I didn’t even get in that much trouble, a week cleaning trophy cabinets was fully worth it after what I’d just done

Ever since then Malfoy has left me alone, he makes the odd jibe now and then like the other day outside the forest but mainly we kept out of each other’s way. This is what is annoying me about the whole situation; it was Lily for all of those years telling me to stand up to him, that he was a jerk and that he’d end up very lonely and alone. It didn’t make sense – I know she fancied him a bit once upon a time – but why would she go from loathing him one minute to being his shag buddy the next

I wanted to confront Lily, I really did but then I realised something. I have no proof; not one little bit which meant she could easily tell me I got it wrong or accuse me of lying and break off our friendship, I really didn’t want that. Clearly something happened between the two of them that caused them both to be in foul moods for days, maybe it was over, maybe she’d come to her senses and got rid of him. I decided to keep quiet over my suspicions for a while yet – like I say I could have got the whole situation wrong

Pushing Lily and Malfoy to separate parts of my mind so they couldn’t find each other I realised the next day was my date to Hogsmeade with Abi. Except it wasn’t really a date, as far as I’m concerned it’s just two friends of the opposite sex meeting up and spending the day together just hanging out. I knew that, Abi seemed to know that it was just everyone else who seemed to be having trouble accepting that there was nothing else in it.

“Come on Ollie” said Melissa over dinner the night before my arrangement to meet and hang out with Abi in Hogsmeade “She fancies you so much, it’s quite tragic really. I was in the bathroom with Roxy the other day and she was there. She couldn’t stop going on about you to her silly little friends”

With a loud sigh Lily suddenly appeared and sat herself down in between myself and Ben. She was at least speaking to me now she said she hadn’t spoken to me for those few days because she was in a bad mood and wanted some space. I had learned over time not to question Lily’s reasons for her bad moods though this time I had figured out why she was in a bad mood for the sake of a quiet life I decided to not make a deal and just accept her apology

“What are we talking about?” asked Lily as she began tucking into her jacket potato. I looked down at my food; I was a bit shy talking about having a date with a girl in front of Lily. Not that it would bother her she’s most likely just come from a bonking session with Malfoy in a broom cupboard

“Just Ollie and Abigail the swot Clayton” said Melissa laughing again; Hugo and Ben simply rolled their eyes and carried on eating whilst Lily perked up and looked somewhat interested “The little twits been on about him all day, she’s pathetic it’s like she’s in love with him or something. She’s so desperate it’s sad”

“Oh will you just shut up” snapped Lily; Melissa had awoken the beast within and from the look on her face Melissa knew it. Why wasn’t she running? That’s what I did “Why do you have to be so downright rude and nasty about people? Ollie’s one of your best friends and you’ve just said anyone who wants to go with him is desperate right in front of his face!”

Melissa looked terrified and rightly so, she was still at the table though so good for her. I would’ve locked myself in the boy’s toilets by this point

“Abi isn’t desperate” Lily continued “She genuinely likes Ollie, she has done for years and she’s happy he’s agreed to go to Hogsmeade with her. I’d brag if my crush did that and I know for sure you’d never fucking shut up about it” Melissa looked close to tears at this point; for a moment she looked as if she was going to fight back but decided against it and ran out of the great hall as Lily sighed sat down and resumed her meal as if nothing had happened and the whole great hall, teachers included, were looking at her

I saw Abi; face down on the table clearly mortified Lily had just blurted out her secret in front of the whole school. Lily’s fierce demeanour is one of the things I loved most about her but on this condition I wasn’t grateful for it; I was annoyed, really annoyed

And my mash potato had gone cold


I’d just like to thank everybody who has reviewed so far and applaud some of you on your detective skills thus far. I would however like to warn you that with this story, nothing is certain

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