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A Green Rose by Moaning Myrtle 7
Chapter 14 : The Quidditch Pitch
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‘Oi, Malfoy!’ Rose shouted up at the sky, as the broomstick zoomed towards her.

Scorpius jumped off his broom and tucked the Snitch he was holding into his pocket. At first he was confused, but as Rose got closer and he saw the expression on her face, he realised why she was here.

‘You! You’ve just broken my best friend’s heart! I warned you never to hurt her! She loved you and you took advantage of her! Why did you ask her out in the first place? You never exhibited any interest in her before!’ Scorpius waited for Rose to finish before he responded.

‘I know… I know that I’ve acted like an idiot. And I feel awful. Do you think I wanted to hurt Tabitha?’

‘I really don’t know Scorpius- it would certainly fit the impression I’ve had of you up to this point!’

‘That’s not really true though is it?’ Scorpius took a step towards Rose, his voice rising. ‘Because I didn’t get the impression in your letter that you thought I would be the type of person to hurt her. In fact, you asked for a truce!’

‘Well I’m sorry that I was trying to be nice to the boyfriend of my best friend because I didn’t want to upset her! But I guess you wouldn’t recognise that, because you don’t care whether you upset her or not!’ Rose and Scorpius were now inches from each other, both red in the face.

‘I did what was best for her- do you want her to be in a relationship with someone who can’t reciprocate her feelings?’

‘The optimum situation would be if SHE DIDN’T GET ASKED OUT BY SOMEONE WHO COULDN’T RECIPROCATE HER FEELINGS!’ Rose now found herself yelling, anger coursing through ever vein in her body.




‘Scorpius- she didn’t know you didn’t love her.’ Rose fell silent, allowing her words to sink in. Scorpius looked down, his forehead brushing Rose’s nose.

Rose looked at his bowed head, feeling the shame emanating off him. She had more respect for him now than she’d ever had. Although she was still angry, she didn’t seem to have the capacity to yell at him anymore.

Scorpius lifted his head, meeting Rose’s eyes.

‘Why did you break up with her, Scorpius?’ Rose whispered; her eyes still locked onto Scorpius’.

‘I like someone else…’ He was whispering too.


He pressed his lips to hers briefly, pulling away before Rose could decide whether to reciprocate.

‘Haven’t you guessed yet?’ Scorpius smiled, his forehead grazing the top of Rose’s head.

Rose looked into his eyes, so close to hers. Seconds had passed since he had kissed her, but her lips still burned- no matter how often she pushed them together. Rose dropped her gaze to the floor, trying to find some reason to stare at Scorpius’ muddy plimsolls longer.

She looked up slowly, cursing silently when his eyes locked onto hers. They were grey, firstly- grey and questioning and patient and paralysing.

And then she couldn’t see his eyes at all, because her eyes were closed.

And she was kissing Scorpius Malfoy.

She didn’t know who had started it, but she knew it wasn’t wholly unlikely that it hadn’t been her. In fact, both of them were so invested in the activity that it could have been a mutual decision.

Rose could feel his arms around her back, pulling her closer to him. She leant in, her arms slipping around his neck- hanging on so that she could stand on her tiptoes.

This wasn’t like kissing Toby. Toby was slower, unable to perceive when she was ready to move on. She was in control with him: if she pulled him closer he would do the same, if she broke the kiss he would retract immediately- leaving her wondering if he was desperate to get away.

Yet with Scorpius, no one was in charge. In a relationship where one was always trying to get one up on the other, it was refreshing to be equals. Rose couldn’t deny: she liked kissing him.

Then, she felt a tingling on her arm, a band of pressure around her wrist that snapped her back to reality. She realised her bracelet was digging into her, but it was more painful than it should have been. She shook her arm slightly, but it did nothing to relieve her.

She opened her eyes a little, pushing the bracelet further up her arm so she could see the mark it had left on her wrist. She felt the pressure subside, but the tingling was still there.

Scorpius was oblivious to what was going on so Rose continued as if nothing had happened, but she couldn’t get rid of the mental image of the bracelet. Then another image appeared.

A surge of guilt hit her, starving her of oxygen and bringing tears to her eyes. She pulled away from Scorpius, who looked hurt and confused, and started to walk, then run away.

‘Hey! Wait- what is going on?’ Scorpius shouted at her as he followed, catching up until he had enough of an advantage to swing in front of her.

‘Just leave me alone! Why did you start this?’ Rose tried to get around him, but he kept dodging to prevent her from walking away.

‘Why did I start this? You wanted to just as much as me! Come on, admit it!’

‘Don’t be stupid- I hate you, I always have!’ Rose knew that she was lying. She knew that he too knew she was lying. She turned around and tried to run away, but he appeared in front of her again.

‘Hold on a second! You don’t kiss someone you hate and you know it-‘

‘You kissed me!’

‘Yeah, at first maybe, but I definitely felt some response from you,’ Rose opened her mouth to retort, but Scorpius cut her off. ‘You can yell at me for starting this whole thing until you’re blue in the face, but you kissed back and you know it!’ His voice had started to rise, and Rose had the distinct urge to kiss him- compensating instead by yelling at him.

‘I have a boyfriend! And until today you had a girlfriend! What the hell were you thinking?’

‘What was I thinking? I’m getting so sick of reminding you that YOU KISSED BACK!’

‘I got confused-’

‘So you don’t deny it-’


‘No, not like last time… I kissed you because of last time…’

He seemed to be getting closer, but Rose recoiled. She couldn’t again- she’d feel worse.

Rose turned around back to the Castle, and walked off. This time, he didn’t try to stop her.

‘I’m sorry if I’ve made things difficult for you,’ Rose stopped to listen, but didn’t turn around, ‘but I won’t apologise for kissing you. I’ve wanted to do it ever since… for a long time.’

Rose walked away quickly, not looking back once until she reached the door she had stormed out of half an hour ago. The grounds had been dark, so the light of the corridor blinded her briefly until her eyes adjusted. Even then her vision was blurry, the tears that had formed covered her eyes in a watery sheen. She stepped aside, leaning against the wall where she left her bag, and sank to the floor.

While she was out there she had tried not to cry, but now she was safely back in the Castle there was no reason to hold back.

So Rose Weasley started bawling. She reached into her bag, rooting around for tissues. Then she remembered she gave them all to Tabitha and cried even harder.

When the tears finally reduced, she got slowly to her feet. She looked at her watch, and decided to go back to her dormitory and get straight to bed. Then, her eyes found Toby’s bracelet, the red mark still circling her wrist. She ripped it off and stuffed it into her pocket, before running down the hall to the common room- tears still streaming down her face.

James waited until she had disappeared around the corner before he walked out of the shadows and followed her.


Author’s Note:

The mystery is solved! Was it what you were expecting? Are you happy with what happened?

This has been, by far, the hardest chapter to write! Therefore, you better have enjoyed it! Many thanks to Bethwa for proof reading- without you there would be several misplaced commas that would have deeply ashamed me! :-)

We are nearing the fifteenth chapter- I’m planning something epic, but I’m not sure how it’s going to translate into words… We’ll see! ;)

Until then, I’d love to hear what you think of the chapter and the story so far. Did you like the way the bit on the Quidditch Pitch was staggered into two chapters? Please leave a review if you have the time and words!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having an awesome day!


P.S. I set up a Meet the Author topic on the forums if you want to ask me any questions. You can find out about where storylines are going or ask me questions about Harry Potter in general. Head to my author page for the link! Speak to you soon! :)

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A Green Rose: The Quidditch Pitch


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