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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 30 : Breathe
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Chapter 30

Rose stood still in the room of requirements. She looked out the window watching as the other students made their way to the castle from Hogsmade. Stacy had begged her to go but she couldn’t she had to stay, she had to prepare herself for what she was going to do. Taking a deep breath she leant against the window ceil feeling the harsh coldness of the brick shock her into reality.

The room was dark, the only light source was coming from the moon that was streaming in through the window, giving the room an odd white glow. It was also empty, she didn’t need the room for any specific purpose or requirement but she also didn’t want to be around all that clutter of lost things, so she chose empty. Empty was how she was feeling so she thought it would be an appropriate setting for her.

Rose had come in here to think, to justify her decision but at the current moment she found herself unable to think about it, partially because she knew if she thought about her choice she wouldn’t be able to go through with it. Breathing deeply she allowed the crisp air from the window to fill her lungs.

She glanced down at her watch, the ticking of the gadgets were practically mocking her as the minute hand got closer to striking midnight. Listening she heard the door open behind her. It was time. Closing her eyes she took on more deep breath to give her strength as she turned around quickly rushing over to Scorpius and kissing him roughly.

The kiss was something that Scorpius had never experienced in all the times that he had kissed Rose. It was gentile and yet rough, she kissed him as if it was her life that depended on it. Scorpius slowly entwined his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him, letting his lips mold with hers. There was something so perfect and intense about the kiss that Scorpius couldn’t help but get a gut wrenching feeling that something was going on. So pulling up all the strength he had in him he pulled away from her lips and breathed heavily.

Scorpius stared at Rose, the look on her face along with the sadness of her eyes told him all he needed to know, that that was meant to be the last kiss they were ever going to have.

Swallowing hard his stomach dropped and his chest became so heavy he thought that he might die. Rose only shook her head her bottom lip quivering as she did. “Scorpius,” she said her voice cracking at the end.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked slowly, his arms still wrapped around hers body, the lump in his throat making hard for him to speak without making himself cry.

Rose could feel his breath tickle her cheek as she closed her eyes not daring herself to let a tear fall. She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out, only hot moist air, breathing again she cleared her voice forcing the lump in her throat farther down “We were fools to think we could actually stay together and make this work.” She admitted the realization that she had had only a few days ago. “Are families were never going to accept us being together.” She said pulling away from his grip because it was too hard to stand so close to him only to hurt him.

“So you’re just giving up now?” Scorpius asked with a slight edge to his voice as he stared at Rose, he tried as hard as he could to focus on anything else in the room but he couldn’t his eyes were drawn to hers.

She knew that she wasn’t going to be able to make him understand. Choosing her words slowly she said “You can’t give up on something that was never meant to have a beginning,”

“That’s a fucking lie and you know it, we are meant to be together.” He spat allowing his pain to turn to rage.

Rose could feel her chest heaving as she breathed quickly, her face flustered “If we were meant to be together then we would be.”

Scorpius shook his head “You are the one who is doing this to us, you are the one choosing to end it.”

“Scorpius,” she yelled, hating the fact that he was blaming this on her “I don’t want to live the rest of my life with our parents hating us.”

“I don’t give a damn what my parents think.” He shouted, his chest heavy as he took deep loud breaths.

“But I do,” she said calmly, her chest feeling the slightest bit lighter, but the lump in her throat growing larger.

Scorpius sighed his insides felt raw “Is there anything I can do to change your mind?” he asked his eyes fixated on Rose.

“Nothing,” Rose whispered, her heart beat fast as it became harder and harder to be in the same room with Scorpius. The look on his face was painful to watch, she had succeeded in breaking his heart, something that she had never intended to do.

They stood still in the room. Both breathing roughly and not speaking. Scorpius wasn’t sure what had come over him but he suddenly felt himself rushing toward her gripping a hold of her in his arms and kissing her feverishly, pushing her back so that she was up against the stone wall.

He had to take it all in her touch, her smell, everything, he had to capture a memory. Rose ran her fingers through his hair, her heart racing as she felt her insides turn upside down. The kiss was so perfect that the pain was almost unbearable.  

Slowly their lips separated as they breathed in one another. Scorpius lifted his hand and tenderly touched her cheek, forcing her to lean into it closing her eyes. She didn’t want to leave but if she waited any longer then she never would. “I have to go Scorpius.” She said the lump in her throat still there.

Scorpius didn’t even try to fight the tear that had escaped from his eye “I can’t just watch you walk away.” He said pressing his forehead against hers, their bodies molded perfectly together.

Rose opened her eyes and stared into his, she could take it all back now and be forgiven, she could change her mind and stay with him all she had to say was that she loved him, that she wanted to be with him, but she didn’t. Instead she lifted her hand to his face, wiping away his tear with the palm of her thumb. She traced his face with her finger tips “Then don’t watch me walk away.” She whispered, the words tasting like venom as she said it.

Scorpius locked his eyes on her, “Rose I…” but she stopped him, her thumb pressed on his lips.

“Close your eyes,” she whispered softly.

Shaking his head he said “I can’t.” his voice full of pain.

“Close them,” she whispered again. This time he did as he was told closing his eyes so that all he saw was darkness.

Rose took a deep shaky breath, sliding her hand down Scorpius’ shoulder tracing his arm until she reached his hand that was still touching her cheek.

Scorpius could only feel as her hand cover the top of his and her fingers slowly slipped into the spaces between his fingers, so that he was still touching her cheek.

“Now count to ten.” She whispered.

Scorpius stayed silent, “Please,” she whispered her own voice not hiding any pain.

Scorpius felt the word as it brushed by him, nodding his head he began “One,” he said slowly.

Rose gripped the hand tightly as his palm burned into her skin. Turning her head in she kissed the palm of his hand slowly and then pulling the hand to her lips so that she could kiss each one of his fingertips.

Scorpius felt as she let his hand linger on her for a moment before she finally pulled it away from her face and then let go of it entirely. Her letting go of his hand left him feeling empty “Eight…Nine…Ten…” He opened his eyes and he saw nothing but the stone wall. He didn’t even feel Rose slide out from under him.

Quickly he turned his head, but she wasn’t there. The room was empty, still, almost seeming as if nothing had happened in it, as if it had always been that way. Scorpius breathed roughly the lump in his throat taking over as he rushed to the door opening to see if he could see her walking, or if she was really was gone. He thought maybe if he could catch he could talk her out of this. But when he opened the door and looked down corridor it was empty. Scorpius felt his body tremble uncontrollably and he started to cry slamming the door to the room of requirements he screamed loudly letting his pain engulf him. Rose Weasley had walked out of his life leaving him dripping in hurt.





“Seven,” she heard Scorpius say as she shut the door behind her, she let her tears flow from her eyes as she sobbed uncontrollably. That was by far the hardest thing she had ever had to do in her life. Rushing over to a pillar she leaned against it letting herself slide to the ground.

She was a mess and she knew that she was, pushing herself up against the pillar almost as if it was the only thing supporting her body right now. Her heart was racing as the tears stained her skin making her face sticky and moist she hiccupped when she heard the door open. It was Scorpius she knew that, biting her knuckle tightly so she wouldn’t make any noise she listened.

She breathed softly listening as he started to sob. Closing her eyes she couldn’t listen to this. She wanted to stand up and rush over to him, hold him and take it all back. But she couldn’t instead she held on to the pillar tightly forcing herself to stay put and listen as the door slammed shut a second time.

Rose’s body shook as her chest was heavy and tight, as she let out the slightest whimper. She had to get out of there so slowly pushing herself up, using the pillar for help she began to walk away from everything that she could have had with Scorpius Malfoy.




A/N: Alright please please please don’t hate me. Let me say that this was by far the hardest chapter I ever had to write, which was part of the reason that it took me a month to do it, that and also school started and I am taking a very heavy load. So what did you think of the chapter? I am curious if I got the emotions across in a believable way such as if you felt what they were feeling or if I need to work on that a bit more, so if you could tell me how I did on that, that would be great. As for the chapter itself how did I do? Was it good, bad, too sad to even give an opinion on? Please review and tell me what you think. Once again please don’t hate me.

On another note I know I have been a bit lazy with my chapters lately and updating and I am going to try and start to get my chapters up sooner. I’m hoping to get back on my every two and half week schedule that I was on before because I don’t like making you wait that long and I read a story once that was only updated once a month and I know it drove me about crazy so I am going to try and do better for the rest of the story and the sequel. 

So please tell me how it was and review. Only 3 chapters left.


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Fighting Temptation: Breathe


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