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This changes everything by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 7 : The prison
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The dark, dingy room was small and cramped. When Hermione had first been roughly shoved in here she had thought it was a cupboard, but it turned out to be a small room. The only objects in the room were a mattress and a rusty metal bowl that held cold soup. That was all she had been fed since she had arrived, cold soup twice a day. Hermione was curled up in the corner of the room, her arms wrapped around her knees and her face down.

She wasn't going to show whoever had put her here how upset she actually was. She wasn't crying, she had cried herself dry and now all she really wanted to do was sleep. She didn't know how long she had been awake, and she didn't know how long she had been in her make-shift cell for. It could have been hours or it could have been days for all she knew. After about five minutes of trying to fall asleep, Hermione just gave up and stared at her dirt covered fingernails. The idea that she, Hermione Jean Granger, who jumped at the slightest noise in the night, would fall asleep in a situation with no idea who would walk through the iron door next was almost laughable. Time continued to pass but Hermione had no memory of it, she was lost in herself trying to forget where she was. A nauseating feeling brought her back to reality and closing her eyes she tried hard not to be sick. It was easier to not be sick when she suddenly became distracted by the door opening. Glancing upwards she only saw the silhouette of a person as the light from the place outside of the door met with the darkness of Hermione's prison.

“Up, now!” Scrambling to her feet Hermione tried to remember if she had heard the voice before, she didn't think she had but she also didn't think anybody’s voice was that deep. If that was so then her kidnapper was smart and that made escape that little bit harder. Moving slowly towards the door she didn't struggle as her hands were bound together behind her back and her eyes were covered with a rough, scratchy material. Feeling a hand on her back she tensed but the hand only pushed her forward and she realized that she was being taken somewhere else. This should have been obvious from the word up but her brain wasn't working. It wasn't connecting all the pieces and it made her feel weak.

She really needed some sleep. Her feet tripped over one another as she was pushed forward and made to take a series of turns. Left, right, right, right, left. She tried to remember but she was too tired and it was taking all her energy not to fall. Hearing a slam behind her she jumped slightly before the blindfold vanished, though her arms remained heavily bound together.

“Sit!” The man barked at her and she could see him better now, but for how heavily clothed he was it didn't really help. His eyes were covered by a plain black cap that was pulled so far down his head that she couldn't see his eyes but she could see tufts of faded brown hair poking out from underneath the cap. His robes were pulled up to his chin and she could see a pair of black heavy looking work boots peering out from the bottom. By the boots and cap she was going to guess he had muggle relatives, but she couldn't be sure.

Slipping into the hardback wooden chair she glanced quickly around the room. It didn't look much different to hers, except this had a chair instead of a mattress and it was brighter. The man was facing her so Hermione guessed he was watching her, though she couldn't be sure because of that stupid cap. The door opened and another man walked in. Hermione stared at him and inwardly groaned to herself, the second man was smaller then the first man but he was covered up exactly the same, just without the boots.

“Hmm, a pretty little thing like you must be worth quite a bit.”

She shivered and managed to bite her tongue to keep herself from angering him.

“Yes, you would get me quite a bit of money, but I don't want money. I'm going to use you to get me fame,” the man said silkily. “Now how long do you think it will take before I can look like a hero and take you back home, a week?” He continued to talk to himself but Hermione had stopped listening, she couldn't believe it. She was only here because some guy wanted to play the hero, but at least this meant she could go home. “...tragic, so I suppose it should look like an accident because they'll check my wand so maybe a mis-guided shot in a battle.” Her body froze and a chill seeped through her bones, was he really talking about her death?
“Now, on to the matters at hand, you are going to do something for me. Hold real still while I do this mind, we don't want any accidents.” She held her breath as he walked forward, his voice had lost the deepness and she now thought it sounded like his own.

There was something about his voice, she didn't recognize it but it felt calming all the same; like how a relative who she hadn't seen in a long while might sound at a funeral.

“Hold her still!” The first man barked at the other one and they both walked towards her but the second man placed both his hands on her shoulders and held her down. He first man drew his wand out and aimed it at her neck, she could just see it out of the corner of her eye and a bead of sweat rolled down her forehead. Was this the end? Was she going to see her life flash before her eyes?

“Perfect,” he muttered and removing a piece of parchment from the inside of his robes he rubbed it on to her neck. It was only there for a second and when he removed it she saw a splash of red ruining the parchment. It took her a second longer to realize that it was her blood, and by that time he had already vacated the room. There was only the second man left and he didn't look to happy. Nobody spoke and the only sound was that of Hermione's breathing.

The door opened with a bang.

“Take her back, since you were supposed to bring her here,” the second man nodded before walking over to Hermione and pulling her up. They had started to make there way to the door when the first man drew his wand, again. This time it was pointed straight at Hermione's face and she bit her lip. How many times was she going to see a wand pointed at her. To her surprise the only change was that she was now blindfolded again, which she supposed she should have guessed was going to happen. After being pushed back to her prison, the blindfold and the rope that had been binding her hands together were both removed. She rubbed her wrist and watched as the door closed behind her, looking her back into the prison. As she sat back down on the mattress she forced herself to close her eyes and try to sleep. Her head lent back against the wall, she wrapped her arms around her knees and after a while she did eventually drift off to sleep.

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