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Delinquency by TheCarrowChild
Chapter 5 : Picking Up the Pieces
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Lost in the feeling of his lips against mine, my brain completely quits functioning. Everything in me is telling me to stop this, telling me this is wrong, that I’m not supposed to be doing this but I can’t pull away. I’d never realized how much I’d missed him, I’d never let myself miss anyone. And before I have time to digest anything that’s currently happening he pulls away from me as quickly as he’d pulled me to him.


Running his long fingers through his hair nervously he stammers out, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I—I—need to go.” He grabs his briefcase and the blazer he’d discarded and says another I’m sorry as the door slams shut behind him.


Numb, I stare at the door for a long while not knowing what it is that I feel. After a while, I don’t know how long, but eventually I pull myself away and out of my own thoughts. Resolved to move on as if nothing had happened, I go to my kitchen to make a cup of tea.


As I’m finishing up my cup I hear a small pop come from my living room and know exactly whom it is that’s come to see me. I get a cup ready for him and have it sitting in the spot across from me. As he enters he gives me a reassuring smile and gladly takes a sip of his tea.


“Well Alyona, it seems we’ll be seeing each other again.” A small smile creeps upon his face and I see a twinkle in his green eyes. I realize then that he was my only friend in the world and I’d missed his visits.


“Yes, Potter it seems I’ve chased off Malfoy successfully. Now, when is it I can be expected to be back in my old childhood home that I’ve missed ever so much.” The words spill from my mouth dripping in sarcasm as a smirk meets my lips.


“Soon enough, but first there’s actually someone I’d like you to talk to. If you think you’re up to it?” he stares into his cup as he finishes, which makes me nervous. He’d never had an issue with eye contact…that was until now.


I was glad he wasn’t pushing the issue with Malfoy, although I was wondering what was said Potter to get off the case. I was also very curious and nervous as to whom it was he intended to have me talk to.


“As long as the person you want me to talk to isn’t my brother…we’ll have no issue.” I say tapping the side of my cup with my fingernails.


“He’s asked to speak with you actually. He wants to know what happened back then, Alyona this is the final part of your recovery. We at the Ministry would really like it if you could make amends with your brother so you’d at least have some familial support. We have no way of knowing what this transition is going to do to you so we’d like for you to have someone with whom you can rely on. You will still have weekly visits with me just so I can see how you’re adjusting. Would you please consider speaking to him? He’s not angry with you, says he never was, he hated your father for tearing your family to pieces and for stealing his little sister. He never hated you Alyona and he wants you to meet your nephew.” As he finishes his speech I just stare at him, trying to process everything he’s just said to me.


My mind reels with all the new happenings in my life. I wish desperately for a time turner to go back just a couple of days ago when my life was normal…or at least the normal I’d become accustomed to. First, I have to deal with Malfoy, then he kisses me, and now Alec wants to talk to me. I can feel my stomach churning in anticipation and almost lose my lunch right on my table.


“I need more time before talking to Alec. Tell him it’s nothing personal I’m just finally dealing with everything and I just…can’t handle the emotions that I’ll feel if I talk to him about it. I’ll talk to him Potter but it won’t be until I’m ready and I mean completely ready to delve into that day. You understand right?” nervously I move my hands in my lap, trying to distract myself and get the quavering in my voice to stop. I was a Dolohov..we weren’t weak and right now I was like a puddle of jelly.


Harry just smiles across the table at me and takes both of our glasses and puts them in the sink. “I understand Dolohov, now would you like to take a trip? Your house is opened up again and we’ve cleaned it up and your house elves are still there waiting for you to return. You’re not staying I’d just like to see what being in the house does to you, I don’t want you to be there until you’re ready to be there.” The kindness in his voice almost makes me lose it right there, but I quickly regain my composure.


“How are we traveling?” I say putting a smile on my face despite the fact that I can feel that the color has completely drained from my face. You see it wouldn’t be so horrible visiting my home if it hadn’t been the last place I’d seen my mother alive.


"We'll be traveling by apparition to get to England and then by train to get to your house and along the way you'll tell me why Malfoy requested off this case." my jaw drops at this revelation, to which he smiles and I see that devious twinkle in his eyes again, "You didn't honestly think I was never going to ask you about that now did you?" 

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