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One Generation to the Next by FabionPrewett22
Chapter 23 : Why
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(James’s [2] point of view)
Three minutes have passed since Dumbledore told us about Lily and all that‘s happened is the powder stuff stopped being blue. Lily has refused to look at either of us and just keeps staring at her hair in horror. I’ve tried to ask questions, but Dumbledore just gives me a look that say “don’t talk”. I take another glance at my sister and see that she is know looking at Dumbledore with an emotionless expression. Then she opens her mouths to speak.

“I would like to know what makes you think that I have magical properties other than your basic wizarding magic.”

Dumbledore looked back down at the gunk, the wand, and Lily’s hair, then he peered back up at us and sighed.

“Miss Potter as you witnessed I spread a clear powder over the three objects on my desk. First the potion and the wand, and lastly your strand of hair. This powder is specially designed to identify whether or not unknown components came from a specific magical source. This powder can either stay clear, meaning the components did not come from the source, turn red, meaning there is a possibility that the components came from the source, or turn, as you saw, bright blue. This last color means that the components in the objects have indeed come from the specified source . Since the powder over the potion, wand , and hair turned blue in color all the unknown magical components came from your strand of hair and therefore you.”

“So your basically saying I put something from me, in the potion to make it explode and somehow the wand.”

“Yes, that is basically what I have concluded.”

“But how did it get in me? Where did it come from? Why hasn’t this happened before?”

“Actually Lily, there was that time in your first year when your potion sparked for no reason and the one time mom let us play with the ingredients in the kitchen and the food we prepared came out purple. I remember you yelled at me for putting food coloring in it and all along it was just you. I think you owe me an apology.”

“Your right, I always thought that potion sparking was a freak incident, and I’m not apologizing, but that doesn’t explain how it’s in me.”

“I believe I have an idea. This instance isn’t unheard of, there have been wizards over time who experienced odd happenings with their magic only to find out it was them causing it. These wizards all happen to be female and somewhere along the line related. From this one can only assume that you inherited these magical properties.”

“So she got them from our mom? But how come she doesn’t have them?” I asked.

“Surprisingly it may have not been her at all. I never said it had to be woman to pass on the magic, men could also be carriers and just not have it expressed.”

“So I could have gotten it from my dad?”


“Wait how could she have gotten it from our dad if our grandma is a muggle born?”

“Again Mr. Potter you have jumped to the conclusion that it has to be a woman to pass on the magic. Your father could have inherited the magic from his father and he could have inherited it from either his mother or his father and we still can’t rule out your mother. She may have passed it on to Lily, but have not expressed it herself. We may never exactly know which one passed it on.”

“So potentially Lily, Albus, or myself could pass it on to our children?”

“Lily is the most likely out of all of you to pass it on because she expresses it now. Neither your brother nor you could even have the possibility to pass it on. Do you both understand now?”

“Yes professor. I inherited the magic from either my mother or father.”

“Correct. Now the only thing left to figure out is why the magic reacted the way it did with the potion and your wand.”

Dumbledore became silent for a minute, thinking about why it happened. While he was doing this I looked around his office trying to figure out what things were. Over in the corner by the window there was a dark, decorative cabinet with the door slightly ajar and a glowing light coming out through the opening. Right behind his desk there was a perch for a bird with ashes lining the bottom. Portraits of the various headmasters I never noticed before were all looking directly at us with obvious interest in their expressions. Lastly, there were various spinning trinkets scattered about and multiple cabinets and dressers lining the wall probably containing even more magical stuff then what was already visible. At last Dumbledore turned his gaze back onto us and I was ready to hear what he had come up with.

“I think I have figured out why. The magic inside you, Lily, is the purest kind of magic there is. So pure in it’s nature that it can only affect and be affected by other pure substances. The potion you were creating must have contained such an ingredient. Both pure components in close contact caused a reaction and therefore for the potion to explode. Now the wand is a different story.”

“The core of your wand contains the hair of a unicorn, the purest magical creature alive. Such purity in contact with the magic inside you caused the occurrence of the smoke that ultimately took you back in time. I believe the breaking of the tip caused the exposure to some part of you. Now the era to which you traveled had to be specific to both the wand and the magic though. So the fact that you came here means that both elements had a specific connection to this time period. The wand came from your father’s godfather’s vault at Gringotts. I’m going to assume here that his godfather was Mr. Black.”

He looked at us for approval so we nodded our heads to affirm him.

“Good. The wand did not come from Mr. black though so I can only assume it came from one of his relatives. Since wands with that specific core normally choose females I can infer that it was possibly his cousin or aunt. I know for a fact his mother had dragon heart string as her core so she can be ruled out. The wand then must have been in the possession of its owner during this time. Since the smoke had to bring you to a place tied to both the wand and the magic it must have brought you here mostly due to the owner of the wand since your relatives containing the magic span over centuries. “

“That explains why were in this time, but why did we come to Hogwarts?” Lily asked.

“Wherever you happened to be at the time of the reaction is where you would have been sent. For instance, if you had been in France you would have been transported to France during this time period.”

“Okay that makes sense. But now since we know why we came here how are we going to get back?”

“I believe the instance must be recreated, but instead of sending you back in time the smoke will send you into the future at the exact moment you left.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Well the smoke has to send you somewhere connected to both items and the next possible time frame is in the future from whence you came.”

“So potentially we could go back right now?” I asked.

“Potentially yes, but it will need some preparing such as the modification of the memories of Miss Evans, Mr. Potter, Black, and Lupin. Plus those of professor McGonagall, Madame Pomfrey, and myself. Furthermore we have to put you in the dungeons where you first arrived because if we did it in my office you would return to your time in this office. Also I suspect you would like to say goodbye to everyone.”

“Wait, we get to keep our memories?”

“Yes. Since you are from the future I see no problem in letting you keep the memories of your time here as long as you both promise to never attempt to come back.”

He looked directly at me and I tried to hide my face as best as I could.

“Now I believe it is almost dinner so you both of you may be excused. “

“Dinner! That means we’ve missed lunch and both our classes afterward. How are we-oh. Never mind, that doesn’t matter anymore since we’re leaving tomorrow.”

I looked at Lily as if she was insane for even thinking about that and she just shrugged her shoulders in response. I continued staring at her while Dumbledore talked.

“If there isn’t any more questions you both may go now. I will summon all of you tomorrow morning before classes start. Goodnight.”

We got up out of our seats rather abruptly and walked out of his office. Right before the door closed I looked back and saw Dumbledore staring at his desk with a grave expression on his face. I could only hope that it had nothing to do with us.

AN: Mostly talking I know, but pretty interesting stuff right? Only one more chapter left then adió s for this story. Hope you liked it and don’t forget to review!


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