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Just any other year at hogwarts... by HorseMad99
Chapter 2 : 'You interrupted my gawping time!'
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A/N: Heyy guys, Im sorry it took so long but i have been so busy lately, here it is though and I will start editing chapter 3 as soon as I can and the put it into the queue. Anyway I hope you enjoy it please review and feel free to give me any advice :)

  A/N2: Hello, so here is the edited version of chapter 2, please enjoy!




“ALBUS POTTER! You better get your arse down here right now or I’ll move it for you!” Yelled Evie, “I do not want to sit next to Bertie Hobbottle!” she added as an afterthought.

“Oh, don’t you worry, I will never let that happen,” hisses Ava before yelling, “Come the fuck on Bridget!”

Saffie laughed, Rose was off gallivanting in an attempt to find Scorpius which left me and Evie staring at Ava in confusion.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure Al hasn’t changed his name to Bridget!” exclaimed Evie not extremely confused.

“It’s from a muggle film,” explained Saffie. Evie and I still didn’t get it but we went along with the joke anyway. Al eventually trudged over towards us. He was in full grump mode, this was because as he put it he ‘didn’t get on very well with mornings’ but that’s just guy language for I am so lazy.

Rose had appeared again however she still hadn’t managed to find Scorpius.

“Where is that boy!? Has anyone seen him?” I shook my head to indicate as best I could that I had no idea where he was. Of course I couldn’t actually articulate any words because my mind was elsewhere- which obviously wouldn’t be over the other side of the platform where Nate Parker was standing, of course it wouldn’t what a simply stupid idea. Nate Parker was the most beautiful human beings ever to exist on this earth (at least that I know of anyway) and I couldn’t help but gawp. In a cruel turn of fate I wasn’t allowed to dwell on his immense amazing-ness (is that even a word? Well it is now!) for any longer due to the interruption of Evie.

“Fliss!” she hissed, “Oi Fliss!” I turned around to look at her; “Could you be any qmore obvious?” she asked laughing as she did so.

“Actually I could” I retorted, Evie rolled her eyes but I continued anyway, “I could stick a huge sign on my head that says ‘Yes Nate Parker I am staring at you, and yes you are the most gorgeous person ever to waltz into my life!’ see now that would have been embarrassing” then I blushed after realising what I had admitted to her.

“Oh, I think it is really sweet, in a stalker-ish kind of way,” added Saffie grinning after seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

“At least I’m not as much as a stalker as Hayley, don’t you remember when she tried to get a paper round near Al just so that she could see him every day?” I added.

Everyone laughed at the mention of Hayley, except for Al who grimaced; he remembered it all too well. Hayley was creepily obsessed with him and called him ‘Albie Palbie’ which Al found frankly unnerving (and sick to think about) and the others just thought it was absolutely hilarious.

“Come-on, or we really will have to share a compartment with Bertie,”

In the end we found Amie Parkinson-Grove in a compartment alone and decided to join her. Amie was a victim of Hayley’s taunting, in first year most people hated her before they even got the chance to get to know Amie. It was all because her mum was Pansy Parkinson; the girl who tried to give Harry Potter up to Voldermort. As it turned out, Amie was the complete opposite of her

mother, she was really sweet and a good friend. None of us really understood why she was sorted into Slytherin rather than Hufflepuff.

“Oh SHIT!” Al muttered to himself.

“What’s wrong?” I asked slightly worried by his sudden outburst.

“Hayley is coming, hide me!”

“Albus Potter you’re the one with the bloody invisibility cloak, hide yourself you idiot!”

“Oh right,” he muttered before grabbing the cloak from a bag and chucking it over himself just in time- not a moment later Hayley opened the compartment door and walked inside followed by her ‘minions’ it was the only way to describe them. They were not really her friends because they, like her, were under the illusion that Hayley was actually popular. On a daily basis Hayley made the unfortunate mistake of thinking infamy was popularity, poor thing. 

So Hayley sauntered in followed by Erin Scarlett who wore a matching sneer, how lovely and pleasant.

“Oh look, it’s the dork club!” she cackled. Who uses the word dork anyway, we’re not American. I’m just English, born and bred. My whole family is apart from my Dad’s uncles. They were Australian but the accent was so annoying, we didn’t see them often.

Hayley seemed slightly annoyed by the lack of reaction, though she didn’t show it.

“Where is my Albus?” she asked, she said ‘my’ as though she owned Al, but he had never shown any interest in her at all. I groaned not wanting to make up an excuse which I would inevitably have to do seeing as the others were showing no sign of answering her.

Resigned to my fate, the cogs started whirring as I tried to formulate a reasonable response but apparently it wasn’t possible because all I could come up with was, “For goodness sake Hayley, you’re delusional. He DOES NOT love you nor will her ever love you,”

Perhaps it was a bit harsh, albeit true, but it needed to be said. I have to say the single second when her face fell as she realised the truth was priceless, she quickly recomposed herself. Her face formed a frown and a completely false insult formed in her brain just waiting to be spoken.

She scoffed, “You just think you have a chance with him don’t you Felicity!” she spat out my name, accentuating each syllable with distaste.

I felt Al squirm beside me, he probably felt bad for making us have to deal with Hayley. He probably assumed that she would give up as soon as it was obvious that he wasn’t with us.

“You actually do, ha! I can’t believe it!” she burst out into fits of laughter whilst I simply shook my head at her stupidity. As I did so I heard footsteps outside the compartment which came to a stop as the owner paused to listen to the conversation. It didn’t bother me particularly; we were all used to it. It was just what came of being friends with possibly the most famous wizarding family of the time.

I was hoping Hayley would have been bored by our lack of reaction by now but she persisted, determined to ‘win’ the situation.

“Well anyway, I know Albie and he would never like a skank like you,” she hissed her lips curling into a victorious smile which didn’t last for long though. The eavesdropper pushed Erin and Scarlett out of their way and as Hayley turned round to see who it was, Hayley was slapped in the face.

“How dare you!?” she snarled her face close to Hayley’s scared one. Hayley stumbled backwards, holding her hand to her cheek which looked like it had been died red.

The new arrival was Alicia Major, my cousin. I don’t think I had ever appreciated her short temper and quick reactions more than now. I have been on the wrong side of her temper before and her quick comebacks that sound like she’s a sassy goddess (which she is too be fair) make your feeble ‘uhhh…umm’ seem even more feeble than usual.

“No one calls my cousin a skank, have you got that?” she yelled at Hayley. I have to admit that Alicia can be really scary when she is angry, “It’s just a bit ironic, she is the one who resorts to staling boys, right?” She muttered to me and I nodded. It was the unfortunate truth for Hayley and her targets anyway.

Hayley didn’t seem too bothered by the whole situation; if I had said it to her it would have been a completely different story. Shit would be going down.

“Whatever, the headmaster’s going to hear about this,” she added in an offhand type of way. I supressed a giggle imagining Hayley telling Professor Muddlepod. Alicia seemed to see the humour in the situation too, it was all she could do to stop herself from laughing.

“Who do you think he is going to believe? You, a fifth year who ladles on her make-up or me a seventh year and head girl? Hmm, let me think.” Alicia laughed.

“Oohh, burn!” whispered Ava from the corner, Ava was definitely enjoying watching Hayley squirm.

After a short silence in which Hayley opened and closed her mouth like a fish, she finally gave up and left the compartment muttering a quick “Whatever,” as she did so.

“You alright Flissy?” asked Alicia after Hayley and her minions had finally disappeared from sight. I nodded, Alicia was the only one allowed to call me ‘Flissy’ except for maybe Charlie but that was only when I was in a good mood.

“Come on you to, the prefect meeting starts in a minute,” she added gesturing to Rose and the now visible Al.

In first year Hayley and I had been best friends. I remember meeting her on the Hogwarts Express, she was all on her own after having been abandoned by her older sister Grace, she had no one to sit with.  I felt bad seeing as I already knew Al and Rose so I asked her to join us in the compartment. From then on we were best friends and it didn’t matter that she was then sorted into Slytherin and I into Gryffindor. Hayley had always been friends with the others too but we were always the closest. Then in second year Hayley slowly stopped talking to us until it got to the point when we didn’t talk at all, we were all confused obviously. We had no idea why our friend had suddenly dumped us for the creeps in Slytherin. So naturally we confronted her only for her to call us bitches and say she never wanted to be friends with us again. From then on Hayley dedicated her life (okay so this is a bit of an overreaction) to making my life a living hell and all I can say is she does a good job of it at times.

“I’m really fed up of her, she acts like a bitch and now she waltzes back into our lives and guess what she acts like a bitch. I’m not going to take her shit anymore,” I said determinedly. I let her push me away for too long, but don’t worry I am not going to start shouting out a huge inspiring speech because to be honest it’s just too…dull.

“Okay Fliss but when Hayley breaks your neck, I’ll carry you to the hospital wing,” joked Al.

“Better not Al, Hayley might go all psycho jealous bitch on us,” added Ava, this made them all laugh.

For the rest of the journey we all chatted about everything and anything, Al ate more cauldron cakes than I previously thought possible and Saffie finished reading three of our textbooks and finished four more chapters of her novel.

We spent the majority of the time pondering- that makes us sound so intelligent- what 5th year would be like, not the exams though. Oh no, I am talking about the parties. All the best parties are hosted by 6th or 7th years, but a well-known fact about these parties is that you can’t attend unless you are 5th year or above. We were all ­–possibly with the exception of Saffie-­ so excited that we were going to attend the parties of Hogwarts legend.

The chatter fell in silence until Evie suddenly burst out with, “Fliss, what is that sitting on your trunk?”

I looked up at my trunk to see my kitten; he had crawled out of my pocket where he had been sleeping on to the top of my trunk where he was not yet again sleeping. I rolled my eyes at the kitten, how much did it need to sleep.

“He’s my new kitten, who is currently called cat. He was a birthday present from Mum,” I replied.

“Ahh,” cooed Evie, “wait, did you say he was called Cat? Great name Fliss,”

I was notoriously bad at naming anything; I used to have a cuddly toy rabbit called rabbit. Then again which child didn’t have a cuddly toy named as the animal that it is.

“How about…Aristotle? He was a muggle guy, thingy, person who was famous for something or other,” offered up Saffie. I grinned; I really did wonder about all the things that Saffie knew, it was amazing that her brain could contain it all.

“Ahh! That’s really cute!” agreed Evie. So it was decided, the little black ball of fluff lifted his head and mewed in recognition of his new name before promptly falling asleep again. It’s surprising how alike we are.

Soon enough we were nearing Hogsmede station, Al left the compartment so that we could change and somehow when he reappeared it seemed that he had found somewhere to change too. The train slowed until it came to a standstill, the newly named Aristotle jumped onto my shoulder and the seven of us left the train. We headed straight towards the line of carriages waiting for our arrival, before climbing in I went to see the thestral pulling the carriage.

I remember seeing Grandad John die; he was my mother’s father. I had never known my dad’s side of the family, he had been pureblood and they hadn’t approved when my Dad married my muggleborn Mum because of that my Dad decided to take my mother’s surname rather than her taking his.

Grandad John died after a heart attack, I remember being with him in the muggle hospital. I was only 8 years old at the time but the first time I had ever seen a thestral wasn’t until the end of my first year at Hogwarts.

It was the night that Mum had sent me the letter telling me about Dad, I remember running down to the forest and simply crying. I was disturbed by a young thestral who I later named Maple, she could have only been a couple of weeks old, I had never seen one before but they fascinated me rather like dragons had once fascinated my father.

“Who is it?” asked Saffie, she had appeared silently beside me. Even though she couldn’t actually see the thestrals, she knew how special they were to me.

“It’s Maple,” I replied before giving Maple one last pat and getting into the carriage.

Upon departing from the carriage, we headed straight to the great hall, it was already filling up with many hungry students and teachers who were struggling to keep the noise level below a cacophony of sound which could rival the cheers at the quidditch world cup. As the final students and teachers hurried in we all gradually fell silent waiting for the first years to arrive for the sorting ceremony.

“Oh for goodness sake hurry up, I’m so hungry,” groaned Al.

“You can’t be as hungry as me!” moaned Fred Weasley who was sat slightly further down the table. None of us paid any attention to the sorting ceremony; no one had relatives that were joining except Evie whose little sister Lottie was going to be a first year.

When the sorting hat finally called, “Lottie Mathews,” a little girl with blonde ringlets scurried up to the stool and almost wrenched the hat onto her head. The hat made no hesitation in shouting ‘Gryffindor’ loudly for everyone to hear.

Unfortunately for Al, Lottie was nowhere near the final first year to be sorted. They just kept on coming and I began to wonder whether they would ever stop but at last they did and Professor Muddlepod announced that the feast could begin. The silver platters were suddenly filled with many different foods all of which seemed to end up on Al’s plate. He was scoffing his face and though he may have been excessively hungry he did look like a complete pig. Ava also filled her plate; she was one of those lucky people that could eat whatever they wanted without having to worry.

After that there were the general start of term notices and before we knew it we were making our way through the sea of titchy people towards Gryffindor tower.

“Oi! Midgets move!” I yelled, just then Lily Potter turned around her face like thunder only to announce that she was definitely not in any way a midget. Lily was in third year but to me she was still quite short. Ava and I made our way past all the lower years until we reached the nearest secret passageway which we slipped into. I sighed in relief, thank god for all of our short cuts.

“What’s the password?” asked Saffie who had just appeared beside me looking decidedly flustered.

“Carpe diem, I heard one of the midgets…I mean I hear Hugo say it,” I replied.

“Where’s Rose gone?!” I muttered to myself looking around for her trademark red hair. It was then that it dawned on me that she would be doing prefect-y stuff like showing the first years to the common room.  I told the others that I was going to wait for Rose so they left me outside the portrait hole. It wasn’t long until Rose arrived, she quickly directed the first years to their dormitories before turning towards me.

“Thanks for waiting,” she said gratefully.

As we walked through the common room I spotted Nate again.

“There he is!” I whispered to myself, I couldn’t help but stare as we made our way towards the stairs.

“Fliss, FLISS. You’re doing it again!” Rose hissed at me.

“Doing what? Anyway, you interrupted my gawping time!” I muttered distractedly before promptly tripping over my own feet and falling face first onto the floor. I may be a girl but that didn’t mean I could multi-task, clearly walking, talking and gazing at Nate was far too much of a challenge for my uncoordinated limbs. Rose rolled her eyes as she saw me sprawled on the floor then she just left me lying there and walked off up to the dormitories. I really hoped no one had seen me so I quickly got up and scampered off up the stairs after Rose.




EDITED: 1/4/13

Hello, so here is the edited chapter, I know I am being really slow at updating the edited chapters so sorry but I hope you enjoyed it.

REMEMBER: one review = one metaphorical mars bar

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing :( 

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