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Alone With You by Embrilla
Chapter 1 : Alone With You
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It's outstanding how much war can change a person.  You can lose someone you care about, lose something you believe in, or simply lose yourself.


For Hermione she has mostly lost herself.  She and Ron had dated for about a year, but he ended up breaking it off with her.


He couldn't deal with her anyone; she had just changed too much. Hermione had started drinking, smoking; she no longer laughed, or cried.


She was an empty vessel, and Ron didn't want to see her throw the rest of her life away.


One night while at the bar, Hermione had met up with her old enemy, Draco Malfoy.  They talked for a little bit, and she went home with him that night.


He made her forget, at least for a little while, and she liked it. So she went back, and he always answered her call.


I don’t see you laugh

You don’t call me back

But you kiss me when you’re drunk


I don’t know your friends

Don’t know where you’ve been

Why are you the one I want.


As he heard the tapping on the window, he knew it was her.  She was the only one to owl him anymore.


It had been a year since that night Draco had first seen Hermione.


A year since she had started coming over late at night drunk out of her mind.


A year since he, Draco Malfoy had fallen in love.


Even though he hadn't seen her smile, laugh or joke, he knew it lay behind that solemn smile.


He knew the beauty behind the eyes that hid so much pain, and suffering, happiness, and tenderness.


Love makes a man do some crazy things, and boy was her crazy for her.


Draco had tried to owl her in the beginning, ask her out on dates, spend time getting to know her deep down, but she never returned his calls, and eventually he had learned to just wait for her to owl him first.


She did, and he always answered, no matter where he was, or what he was doing.


When she did owl him, she was always drunk.  She would stumble over, and he would give into everything she wanted.


Hermione never wanted to talk, just to sleep with him, and she would be gone in the morning before Draco would wake up.


Hermione never mentioned Draco to her friends, they wouldn't accept him anyways.


The only time they had talked was the first night.  She had really opened up to Draco, and he would never forget that night, but he couldn't understand how a year had passed and with that one conversation he could still love her unconditionally.


Draco knew he couldn't live like this though, loving someone who only used him.


He knew in a way that it was payback for all he did in his past, he had done it to so many girls.


He knew he had to end it, he couldn't keep falling more in love with the woman who left before sunrise.


Don’t put your lips up to my mouth and tell me you can’t stay

Don’t slip your hand under my shirt and tell me it’s okay

Don’t say it doesn’t matter cause it’s gonna matter to me

I can’t be alone with you



That night when Hermione came over, Draco knew he has to tell her it was over.


So when she got to the door, he stopped her before she could kiss him.


He told her he couldn't do it, he couldn't keep this up, and that he loved her so much, and he knew she could never love him back.


She kissed him, like so many times before, and as he tried to push her away, she slid her hands under his shirt, and whisper that it would be okay.


She said that it didn't matter that she couldn't love him, but he knew it did.  It mattered to him


Another kiss, and Draco gave in, knowing it would happen whenever they were alone.


He knew he would give in as soon as she kissed him.


You’ve got me out on the edge every time you call

And I know it would kill me if I fall

I can’t be alone with you


When Draco woke the next morning she was gone, no matter how early, he never did she her face, peaceful as she slept.


The next night, as he heard the tapping on an owl beak on his window, he knew it must have been her. Who else would owl him so late at night.


For a moment he tried to ignore it, but have up shortly and headed to the window to let the owl in.


He scolded himself for falling in love with her, for loving someone so unavailable.


He wishes with every fiber of his being he would wake up one morning no longer loving her, but he never did.


He knew he shouldn't allow her over, he couldn't be alone with her, he would give her everything she wanted, and be left alone in the morning, but he did, and she came.


Please don’t chain that door

I can’t win this war

Your body’s like a pill I shouldn’t take


When Hermione came over, she performed a quick spell, locking his door like every time before.  She didn't need anyone to interpret their nights tonight, it was her one good release.


Draco tried to protest again, and as he opened his mouth, she closed it with a firm kiss.  He knew he couldn't beat her, she was like a drug for him, he knew he shouldn't be doing, but he just couldn't help it.


She always won him over so easy, he could never win against her.


He knew he needed to stop answering his owls from her, to forget her scent, to forget her, but it wouldn't be tonight.


As the weeks flew by, Draco hadn't heard from Hermione in a while, and he knew it was for the best.


He slowly started to forget her scent, the felling of her hair, the emotion hidden in her eyes.


Draco hated that he was starting to forget, he wanted her scent to remain in the sheets forever, for her face to be in the halls forever, and her eyes to be in his dreams forever, but he knew it was best to forget, forget it all


I don’t see you laugh

You don’t call me back

But you kiss me when you’re drunk


That night, as Draco was just getting ready for bed, he heard the tapping on the window, and he knew it was her.


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