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Against the Odds by yerawizard27
Chapter 6 : Trouble
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Uh, oh, we're in trouble, we're in trouble

Uh, oh, we're in trouble, something's come along

and it's burst our bubble.

Uh, oh we're in trouble, book us a ticket on the next space shuttle.

Shampoo - Trouble

The first few days at Rose's went by very quickly.

We spent our days shopping for Christmas presents, baking gingerbread men and having snowball wars with Ron and Hugo. Yes, Ron and Hugo. Ron is such an overgrown child, it's hilarious.

Before I knew it, it was Christmas eve, and we were going to floo over to the Burrow to spend the night and Christmas day with all the other Weasleys and the Potters.

Rose was in the shower and Hermione was getting dressed. I wasn't sure where Ron and Hugo were.

I was ready to go, wearing regular dark jeans (I tried to ignore how tight they had become around my waist and the deep red grooves in my skin they left behind) and a grey open-weave jumper over a white tank top. I wore my hair wavy down my back, taking full advantage to show off how shiny it had gotten recently.

I was pacing the living room while I waited for the others, and I thought of James. I wondered how he would react to the news. I had to tell him soon, as I only had about two weeks until my scan. Although I don't want to do tell him now, on Christmas. There was also the fact we weren't speaking, which may make the situation slightly awkward.

I strolled around the downstairs area of the Weasley house. It was obvious they had money, but they didn't really show it off too much. I walked into the library, one of the biggest rooms in the entire house. Rose and Hermione were both total bookworms, so I wasn't surprised to see this room on my first trip to the Weasleys.

I scanned the shelves absent-mindedly after I entered the room.

I then noticed Hermione had categorised her books by genre. I rolled my eyes. She was definitely Rose's mother.

After a few minutes of browsing, I saw a baby name book. Smiling to myself and gently touching my stomach, I opened the book carefully. I flicked through the pages and saw a few names had been highlighted and the pages dog-eared from previous use.

I was just contemplating the possibility of having a boy or girl when I heard footsteps walking down the hall towards the library. I shut the book quickly and I just set it back when Ron entered the room.

The smell of fire whiskey filled the room and I noticed Ron holding a crystal glass. He winked at me as he took a sip.

"I'm going to need it if I'm spending the next few days with my mother" He smiled.

The smell invaded my nostrils and it brought me back to that night.

James looked up as I approached him. I looked back at him, determined not to lose my confidence. I hear Ruby yell "At least fifteen seconds!" at my back.

I shot her a glare but continued walking. I stumbled a little as I reached him and he grabbed my arm to steady me. My arm felt hot where his hands had connected to my skin.

"Hi" I breathed. "Hi" he smiled back at me. I saw Ruby move to stand behind him and tapped her watch playfully.

I sighed. "Sorry about this" I murmured, and reached up to kiss him.

I felt as though my entire insides melted and my knees weakened. I kept my eyes open though, watching Ruby count down from fifteen. After the first few seconds I felt him kiss me back and I could not imagine being any happier. I closed my eyes and just fell into the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers up through his dark hair. It was just as soft as it looked. His hands tightened around my waist and I felt, rather than saw, his smile on my mouth.

I was vaguely aware of Ruby tapping me on the shoulder. I batted her away and grabbedJames' collar. I opened my mouth and I felt his tongue invade it. My heart fluttered and I kissed him back just as enthusiastically.

I heard Ron say something else but I was too caught up in James' kiss to actually hear what he said.

"I'm sorry, what was that you said?" I asked him, embarrassed for tuning him out.

He laughed loudly. I smiled at him and he continued. "I was just saying we should tell the the family to hurry up, unless they want to be late."

I agreed with him and went off in search of Rose.

Once we were all lined up and ready to go, I eyed the fireplace warily.

I was a bit hesitant about the flooing, even though when I had asked Madam Pomfrey during one of my many visits to her, full of questions, and she had assured me it was safe until I was at least thirty two weeks pregnant. I stepped into the green flames, but crossed my arms protectively over my stomach before shouting "The Burrow!"

As I stepped into the living area of the burrow, I saw Hermione who had just left before me hug Lily.

I smiled at Lily but her eyes fell to my arms covering my stomach and raised her eyebrows questioningly.

I quickly released my arms and went over to say hi to her just as Rose shot out from the fireplace.

She coughed and brushed the ash off her muggle jeans and jumper

Scorpius rushed over to help her stand up. He was staying with the Potters this Christmas since his parents were of skiing or something. Which means...

"Excuse me," I muttered to Lily, making a beeline to the bathroom before James spotted me and asked to 'talk' again.

It didn't matter though because before I could go anywhere I heard my name being called from across the room.

I looked up to see Harry standing with Ginny by the door to the kitchen. Harry smiled at me brightly. "Violet! I didn't get a chance to talk to you on the platform! How are you?" Harry asked as he gave me a hug.

I forced a smile back at him. "I'm good, How are you?" Apart from the fact I'm pregnant with your grandchild and your son has no idea, I added in my head.

Shit! What if someone was Legilimens? I looked around quickly for a disapproving glare. My eyes darted around the room and I saw Scorpius, Al, Roxanne, Percy, Molly, Lucy, Audrey, Hermione, Bill, Charlie, Ron, Hugo, Arthur and... him. I locked eyes with him. He was chatting with his cousin Dominique, Bill and Fleur's daughter. He looked at me for a second longer when I saw his lips mouth "excuse me" to Dominique.

And he started walking towards me, never breaking eye contact. I squeaked and turned to Harry and Ginny. "Sorry, I have to go check on something." They nodded kindly at me, Ginny gave me a knowing wink and their gazes moved to James who was getting closer and closer by the second.

I dashed off to find Rose who I had seen go into the kitchen. She was in their talking to Nana Molly. Even though I have absolutely no relation to the Weasley family, their grandmother always insisted I call her Nana.

I said hello and Nana Molly gave me a quick hug. I grabbed Rose's arm. "C'mon let's go for a walk" I smiled at her and she smiled back, and we slipped out the kitchen door into the snow.

Dinner that night was uneventful. I sat as far away from James as I physically could.

I started having a good chat with Dominique. She graduated form Hogwarts last year and was now working as a model. She was really nice, surprisingly. You would assume she was a total bitch because she was so beautiful. Her hair was a waterfall of strawberry gold and her eyes were such a beautiful shade of blue.

If I swung that way, I would totally go for her.

I giggled to myself just as I caught Lily's eye from where she was sitting across the long table from me and I smiled at her, realising I hadn't yet had a chance to talk to her.

She returned my smile but she looked questioningly at the gherkins I had nicked from the pantry and I was mashing up with my potatoes.

I know that sounds disgusting, and a few months ago I wouldn't even had considered it, but right now I'm telling you it tastes like heaven.

Actually, if only I had some chocolate sauce to put on top of this, it would be perfect.

I felt my mouth water just thinking about it. I shrugged at Lily and continued eating my dinner.

A few hours later, Ron and Harry waved their wands about the living room, muttering incantations under their breath. Pillows and blankets emerged on the floor around the room. One for each of us teenagers, as there were only enough bedrooms in the Burrow for the adults.

Rose and I took the two 'beds' in the corner, and Lily took the one lying sideways at the bottom of them. There was a couch in the centre of the room that Molly, Percy's daughter claimed for herself.

I wouldn't mind if she was nice about it, but she just jumped on it without saying a word to anyone. I know it sounds terrible, but out of all the Weasleys, I liked her the least.

Her sister Lucy, a very quiet girl with short red hair and big blue eyes, took the bed on the floor beside the couch next to Roxanne, George and Angelina's daughter, who even though was younger than me, I couldn't help but be jealous of her flawless caramel skin and flowing black hair.

Al, Scorpius and Louis took three beds together in the corner of the room, and James and Fred settled down beside each other on the other side of the room.

We all lay down, and quite quickly, I heard the deep breathing and snores (Ahem, Rose I'm looking at you.) all around me. I stayed awake for quite awhile, very aware that the father of my child was only a few metres away from me.

After what was probably hours, I finally fell into a restless sleep.

I awoke groggily the next morning. I looked up at the ceiling and frowned. Where was I? I looked around me and saw all the sleeping teenagers and I smiled to myself.

"Merry Christmas, love." I thought towards the baby as I stretched my arms above my head and yawned. As I twisted over on my side to nudge Rose awake, I felt my stomach turn over and I gagged. Shit. I really hate morning sickness.

I stood up quickly and quietly, jumped over Lily lightly and then dashed silently towards the bathroom. I moved swiftly, opening the door quickly and closing it gently behind me. At Hogwarts I would cast a silencing charm on the room, but since I wasn't of age yet, I couldn't do it here. Nor did I have the time. Plus, everyone was asleep, anyway.

I knelt down and neatly deposited the contents of my stomach into the toilet bowl. When I had finished, I flushed the toilet and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I walked towards the mirror and examined myself.

I was deathly pale, with terrible bags underneath my eyes and hair like a scarecrow. Sighing, I leaned forward and took a mouthful of water straight from the tap, gargled and spat it back out again. I pinched my cheeks to try and give myself some colour, and then grabbed my long dark brown hair and braided neatly over my shoulder.

I silently unlocked the door and stepped out into the quiet hallway.

"Were you just getting sick?!"

I jumped about a foot in the air and let out a shriek. I twirled around to see a fourteen year old wearing familiar pink pyjamas covered in fluffy yellow ducks.

I glanced around me quickly to see if anyone had woken up at my outburst. I heard faint snores coming from the living room.

"No" I said solemnly looked Lily in the eyes. I could be a great liar when I wanted to be.

"I just heard you! You were vomiting your guts out!" Lily exclaimed.

"Shh!" I shushed her as I pulled her into the bathroom. "Do you want to wake up the entire house?!" I stage-whispered to her as I locked the door.

"I don't care! Why are you lying?" Lily demanded. "Shut up Lily! everyone will hear you!"

"Why were you getting sick?" Lily asked quietly, a sudden change from her shouts moments before. It seems she inherited her mother's quick mood changes.

"I-" I started when she interrupted me. "Don't even try and lie, Violet. I heard you."

I sighed in resignation. "I think I have a tummy bug or something." I lied very convincingly, looking Lily straight in the eyes.

"If that's true, then why did you lie when I first asked?" Lily stared me down. Fuuuck. I really did not think this through.

I racked my brain for some excuse. "I... um... didn't want people to know I was sick... You know what Nana Molly is like. She, Ginny and Hermione would be flapping all over me." I tried to roll my eyes as believably as I could.

Honestly, I loved it when they fawned all over you like mother hens. My mother wasn't like that.

"Violet,-" Lily took a deep breath as if she was gearing up to say something she didn't want to say.

"Are you... pregnant?"

A/N: Dun dun duuuuuuun... What will happen next? Will Violet reveal? Will James find out? Will Lily forget about what she heard and act like nothing happened?

Wait and see... *cackles evily*

~yerawizard27 x

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Against the Odds: Trouble


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