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I love you, Mum by erinn1197
Chapter 12 : Chapter 11
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 Time at home flew by so quickly and I was soon packing stuff for Tyler for a week at the Potter’s. I knew Al and Lily will be there for the week. Scorpious was too since he’s basically the Potter’s fourth child. Last, Alexia was going to be there too. Oh, what fun that’ll be. I finished adding Tyler’s duff into my duffle bag, thankful that Mum added the expanding charm to it.

“You go over with Tyler first.” James said. “I’ll take your stuff with me after you. Just say ‘Potter Manor.’”

I handed James my bag then grabbed a fist full of Floo powder, shouting the words James told me. Soon we were tumbling out into an elegant family room.

“Oh Harry, Nikkole is here! Hurry up.”

“You must be Ginny.” I smiled and walked over to her, brushing Floo powder from Tyler’s hair. “This is Tyler.”

James tumbled out of the fireplace, my duffle bag in hand.

“Hey Mum.” James smiled.

“Hi darling.” Ginny said. “Harry, come out here and say hello.”

“Ginny, calm down. I’m right here.” Harry said. “Hello Nikkole.”


This was awkward. I was talking to the savior of the wizarding world and Tyler’s granddad.

“James, why don’t you go show Nikkole to her room?” Ginny suggested.

I bounced Tyler up on my hip and followed James through the grand halls. This place was huge.


I looked up to see Alexia attacking James. Great.

“I missed you so much.” Alexia gushed. “I just got here yesterday and it’s been nothing but boring without you here.”

Then she began to play tonsil hockey or whatever. I grabbed my bag and made it out of there. Tyler did not need to be seeing that. It’s scarring for a one year old.

“Nikkole, you’re here! Oh thank Merlin, I was about to kill Alexia.”

“Lily.” I smiled.

“Is this my beautiful little nephew?” Lily asked. “Let me see him, please.”

I handed Tyler over to Lil and she began to coo at him.

“Hi Tyler, I’m your Auntie Lily.” She gushed. “Look at you! You’re just so adorable.”

“So, could you show me to our room Lily?” I asked. “James and Alexia started going at each other.”

“Ugh, gross.” Lily gagged, making a face. “Your room is right next to mine. Feel free to come visit because I have to share with Alexia.”

“Ouch.” I said.

“Oh, she bitched about how she had to share with me and why you got your own room. I think Mum made it pretty clear that if she whines again, she’s gone.” Lily said.

We went to the guest room and I tossed my duffle bag on the bed.

“Lets go down to the basement.” Lily said. “You’ll like it. Mum and Dad never go down there and we do whatever we please. Al and Scorp should be down there.”

“Want to go play with the big boys Tyler?” I asked.

Tyler nodded and giggled so Lily led the way down to the basement.

“Albus Potter, turn that music down!” Lily yelled.

“Sorry Mum.” Al said.

“He thinks I’m Mum.” Lily whispered. “I do a pretty good impression of her.”

“Al, it’s just Lily.” Scorpious said. “And Nikkole with a baby.”

“Hi guys.” I smiled.

“Nikkole with a baby!” Scorpious repeated but with more shock. “Nikkole has a baby with her!”

“Yes Scorpious. This is my son, Tyler.” I introduced.

“Yea mate, didn’t I tell you that James screwed her and now I have a nephew?” Al added.

“Nephew?” Scorpious asked. “You forgot to mention that.”

“Well, you can meet him now.” I laughed. “Tyler, want to go say hi to Uncle Al?”

Tyler was shy around other guys. The only male he really knew was my dad. Girls he wasn’t shy around since he was with them most of the time.

“It’s okay. He won’t hurt you sweetie.” I said. Uncle Al is very nice.”

Tyler still refused to go to Al and preferred to stay with me.

“He’s just a little shy.” I said. “He’ll warm up to you soon though.”


After chilling out in the basement for a while, it was finally time for supper. James and Alexia had enough decency to show up.

“Ginny, this looks wonderful.” I smiled, making a plate for Tyler.

“Thank you darling.” Ginny said. “You can also make something else if Tyler doesn’t like it. There’s plenty of food in the kitchen.”

“No, he’ll be fine. Tyler loves turkey and corn.”

As I put Tyler’s plate on his highchair tray, Alexia glared daggers at me. I heard her mutter a few words but I paid no mind to her. Alexia just could handle the fact that I had a kid with her boyfriend, that I shagged him. I bet James is only with her because the bitch is an easy lay.

Okay Tyler, Mummy is going to run upstairs to get some bottles but I’ll be right back.” I said. “You be a good boy, okay.”

“What a whore.” I heard Alexia say loudly enough for me to hear but not Ginny and Harry.

When I was grabbing the bottles, I switched my stuff with Alexia’s. I wasn’t going to make Lily suffer with that bitch.

“Alexia, I hope you don’t mind but we’re switching rooms.” I said as I walked into the kitchen.

I poured some milk into the bottle and gave it to Tyler.

“James, you and Tyler need to have some bonding time.” I added. “So tonight after supper, it’ll be just you and Tyler…no one else. Bonding with your child is very important to a good relationship.”

“Are you kidding me?” Alexia complained. “He just got here.”

Ginny opened her mouth to say something but I brushed her off. I was going to deal with Alexia tonight. Bitch is going down. Then I opened my mouth.

Tyler, Mummy just wants to protect you.


Author’s note- Sorry for such the long wait. I hope you all will forgive me though : )

Because here is chapter 11! Part two of the story : )

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I love you, Mum: Chapter 11


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