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Might As Well Have Kissed a Death Eater by Cariel
Chapter 10 : Secrets Revealled part 2
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It had been two weeks since Hermione had fallen asleep in Ron’s room. Since then, she had been sleeping in her own room after that, but it was hard because Malfoy was still invading her thoughts at night. She tossed and turned every night, barely sleeping. Every night sick, twisted nightmares set up permanent residence in her head. When she woke with heavy eyes, she felt used. She wished she could talk to someone, but she felt so dirty, as if the dreams were all her own ideas. She knew she wasn’t to blame, but it was so sick and twisted, she was embarrassed by it.

It was another Monday morning. She never dreaded the beginning of a school week, hell, it was usually what she looked forward to all weekend, but it was getting monotonous. She pulled herself up and dragged her exhausted carcass into the bathroom to get cleaned up for class. She looked into the mirror as she washed her face and saw she looked like a zombie. What would people think? She didn’t care anymore. She brushed her teeth and dressed, meeting Ron and Harry downstairs to go to walk together, but of course Harry had already left ten minutes prior to meet up with the Slytherin girl.

Ron was worried about her, but he didn’t ask her if anything was wrong, knowing if he did, she’d simply rebuff him with a curt “I’m fine.” Instead, he just offered to carry her heaviest book which she allowed. He wouldn’t pressure her even though he wanted to know everything she was going through. He knew after that night she’d fallen asleep at the desk in his room that she wasn’t angry with him anymore about not being a Prefect. He also knew that something was preventing her from getting enough sleep.

All day, Hermione wanted him to ask her what was wrong because she hadn’t the guts to tell him outright. She didn’t want to appear weak. During the second to last period, she dozed off.

“’Mione…” Ron softly nudged her. “‘Mione…”

“Shove off—…foy…” she mumbled.

Ron poked her once more and her eyes opened. “Sorry, ‘Mione, but class is over and we have to get to next hour.”

“I was asleep? Oh, right…class.” She pounced out of her seat and ran to Potions.

Ron didn’t want to be late for Potions, so he followed her. Falling asleep in class now? Bloody hell, she must really have something wrong with her. He knew her homework grades were slipping, but obviously not to an extent that Hermione noticed…at least not yet anyways.

Draco was deep in thought as he trod past Potter and Marwood, but he wasn’t so deep in thought that he didn’t overlook Marwood’s gaze. He discerned she was looking at the Boy Who Shouldn’t Have Lived too fondly. He turned his nose up at the pair, sneering. He was suspicious that Marwood actually fancied Potter and that was not allowable. Marwood was a Slytherin; automatically a sworn enemy of any Gryffindor, especially Potter and his friends. At the same time, he wanted a piece of Hermione, so it was perfectly acceptable if she wanted to use Potter. He couldn’t begrudge her that.

He would have to make sure that was what Marwood was doing. Before Potions was over, he snuck out. Snape wouldn’t mind. He stole over to Marwood’s class and caught her before Scarhead arrived to walk with her wherever they planned on going. “Walk with me,” he commanded.

He said nothing more to her until they were close to the Slytherin rooms. “He knows you’re not a mudblood now...”

Laura merely said the entrance password and walked into the common room.

Draco entered after her and spun her around by grabbing her wrist. “Didn’t even both lying about your name? Or charm you hair a different colour?” he asked, stinging with sweetness. “What’s your new angle? You’ve got no sympathy card to play now.”

She batted her long lashes and her signature come-hither smile graced her face as she said, “Don’t worry.”

“Make sure he mistrusts his friends and seeks solace only in you and I won’t need to worry!” he told her.

“Quidditch is the farthest thing from his mind, Draco,” she cooed. “He’d much rather spend time with me.”

“That’s a start…” he admitted only slightly.

She stroked the side of his neck, sending shivers down his spine. “Don’t worry,” she repeated before exiting back through the portrait to meet up with Harry.

But Draco was vexed. She better not be fancying a non-Slytherin. She had an assignment and he needed to make sure she carried it out. He followed her at a distance, carefully observing her actions around Potter. Marwood was his new favourite plaything. He’d see that she earned the title of Slytherin Queen and this was her test.

A/N: Hold onto your knickers!

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Might As Well Have Kissed a Death Eater: Secrets Revealled part 2


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