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Gold On the Ceiling by ataxaphobia
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Tuesday, October 27th started like any other day. I was sitting in my usual spot at the Ravenclaw table, reading the newest edition of The Daily Prophet. I have never claimed to be a morning person, and today was no exception. I was feeling a little grumpy, with the weak late-October sun doing nothing to improve my mood.

I could only be grateful that it was still too early for most of my peers and that I was able to could enjoy my breakfast in peace. Lazy buggers.

I was just finishing a rather long article about a recent Muggle attack when there was a tap on my shoulder, causing me to jump and knock over the butter dish with my elbow. Turning around, I was surprised to see my oldest friend James Potter.

“Jimmy!” I shouted raucously, the few people around me glaring. I threw my paper aside. Who needed bad news first thing in the morning?

“Hey, Sophie,” James rolled his eyes in annoyance but sat down anyway. “I have never understood your obsession with calling me that.”

I had started referring to James by the name “Jimmy” after seeing it in one of those Muggle picture shows my father had taken me to when I was eight. And for some reason, it just stuck.

I just smiled innocently back at my friend, taking a delicate sip of my steaming cup of coffee. My mood seemed to be improving enormously.

After a few moments of comfortable silence – in which I continued to sip my coffee and James ruffled his already messy hair– my curiosity kicked in against my better judgment. Damn my Ravenclaw ways.

“Not that I don’t love having you around or anything, but why exactly are you here? We haven’t spoken in months.”

Sadness was evident in James’ eyes as he was reminded of our failing relationship, but it was quickly replaced with a devilish smirk.

A smirk that scared the pants off me.

“I’ve got a favor to ask of you, actually. As you’re sure to know, my friends and I are quite popular.”

“If that’s what you want to call it,” I quickly mumbled, going back to me breakfast. James didn’t seem to hear, probably deflected by his huge ego.

“And with such great popularity comes many risks,” he continued. I sighed loudly, figuring we were going to have to move out into the courtyard before his head got too big for the Great Hall.

“Please get to the point.”

“Fine,” James huffed, clearly annoyed that his speech was being interrupted. He arranged his face into a more serious expression. “Look, Remus has a stalker and nothing we’ve tried to so far has worked at removing her. But we’ve got one last plan up our sleeve – get Remus a girlfriend!”

James smiled at me triumphantly, as if he had just told me he knew the exact location of the Holy Grail or something. I looked back at him blankly. “And you’re tell me this why?”

“And they say Ravenclaws are smart,” he muttered. Turning so that he was facing me completely, James placed his hands on my shoulders and looked me dead in the eye. It was a bit unnerving. “We need you to be Remus’ fake-girlfriend.”

He had to be joking. I snorted loudly like the lady I was. “Why can’t Loony Lupin get a girlfriend of his own?”

“We thought of that. But real girlfriends are complicated and bloody messy,” James said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. And he probably thought boys were all sunshine and daisies when it came to dating. “We don’t have that kind of time. And don’t call him that! He’s not ‘loony’.”

“Look, I don’t think—“ I set down my now empty mug, preparing a long speech about how he can’t just use people or play around with their emotions, but I was unable to get out even a few words.

“All you would have to do is sit with him in class and hold his hand in public!” James pleaded. “Please! We’ve talked about this, and you’re the only girl in our year we can trust!”

I rolled my eyes. Puh-lease!

“At least do it for me, Sofa.”

And suddenly I found my shoulders drooping, along with all my common sense. “Sofa” was the childhood nickname James had given me when we were six, and hearing him use it again after so many years really got to me.

“Fine,” I grumbled. I let my head fall heavily onto the wooden table with a loud thump.

“Brilliant!” James shouted, jumping to his feet. He leaned down next to my ear so and whispered. “Remus will be around at dinner to ask you to Hogsmeade.”

I was so embarrassed about seeing Remus Lupin that I almost skipped dinner that night. Almost.

“Damn my love of mashed potatoes,” I cursed, slumping down into my usual seat. “Damn my love of food!”

“If you’re dreading it so much, why did you agree?” asked the boy sitting to my right. Connor Linwood was easily my best friend, but the boy really didn’t have a comforting bone in his body – I always figured he had it removed so he could store more knowledge.

The priorities of a Ravenclaw.

A loud scoff came from across the table. Nola O'Doherty was the last piece of the trio and their resident potty mouth.

“James-bloody-Potter, that’s why! The girl would jump off the Astronomy Tower for that boy.”

“Thanks, Nola,” I said sarcastically, but not bothering to correct her friend. As much as I hated to admit it, James Potter really did have a lot of control over me. We had barely spoken since the moment we stepped off the train in first year, and most people would have a hard time believing we were ever anything more than classmates, but I just couldn’t seem to let him go.

I looked at my two friends, guilt weighing heavily in my stomach. I hadn’t told them the whole story about my new relationship with Remus, just that Potter had approached me about going out with him. To Nola and Connor, I was just going on a charity date with a boy too shy to ask me himself.

Pushing all negative thoughts aside, the three of us quickly fell into a discussion over our most recent History of Magic essay and were loudly debating the Goblin Riots of 1865.

“He was a barbarian! How can you sympathize with such a –“ But my rant was cut short as someone tapped me on the shoulder, giving her a sense of déjà vu about earlier that day.

I turned around slowly, conscious of the many eyes turned in my direction, and knowing exactly what was about to happen. I found myself looking into the hazel eyes of Remus Lupin.

He gulped nervously. “Hullo, Sophie. I’m not interrupting anything, I hope.”

Nola opened her mouth to interject, but I anticipated this and sent her a hard kick under the table. She muttered a few curses under her breath, but didn’t say anything more.

“Not at all, Loony,” I said, using the old nickname without a second thought. I noticed him frown slightly at the nickname, but when he didn’t press the issue, I figured everything was all good. “What can I help you with?”

At this, Remus perked up and squared his shoulders. It looked at though he had rehearsed this part. I giggled at the thought.

“I was wondering, hoping actually, if you would join me this weekend in Hogsmeade?”

I didn’t answer right away, happily letting the tension build. The curious stares of her peers seemed to burn.

Finally, I smiled with a small shrug. “All right, Remus. It’s a date.”

The second the words left my lips, a loud bang echoed around the large room. Everyone looked around to the Hufflepuff table as a small brunette girl stood up, clutching the broken pieces of her dinner plate. With a quick glare to everyone around her, she stomped out of the Great Hall, sparks flying out of her wand.

Rebecca Swanson, the one and only stalker of Remus Lupin, was seriously pissed off. And I knew exactly whom she was pissed at.

“I owe you one,” Remus whispered in my ear before walking back to his friends at the Gryffindor table. Shivers ran down my spine as I watched him give a reluctant high-five to James.

With a shake of my head, I went back to my mashed potatoes, already thinking of a million ways Remus was going to pay me back.

A/N: Its been years since I've written anything, but I couldn't get this concept out of my head and knew I just had to type it up! As for the full plot though, I'm just going with the flow. We'll see how it works out.

Updated on 9/19. Switched to First Person POV and added fixed a small inconsistency.

Amber x

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Gold On the Ceiling: Chapter One


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