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Summer in the Fall by jamessiriusgryff
Chapter 3 : Albus the Slytherin?
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“Have you seen Dom? She didn’t come back to the dormitory last night” I hear Summer ask a miserable Fred in the Great Hall at breakfast. He is piling scrambled eggs with broccoli on to his plate. Don’t ask me why, Fred is a little different in case you hadn’t noticed yet.

“Haven’t seen her sorry” He replies. This is not like Fred, he is very protective over Dominique, and so am I. Logan didn’t return last night either and I am beginning to worry. Why are they both missing? Did they get caught or something? Of course, it’s understandable for at least one of them to be missing, but both?

“You know what, Logan didn’t come back either” I join in on their conversation; Summer gives me a sour look. What the actual fuck. How much moodier can this girl get? It’s like the devil lives inside her at times and decides to control her or something. “What?” I snap at her,

She stands up, says something I can’t hear to Fred and moves gracefully through the great oak doors. Did I just say gracefully? Well isn’t this awkward. I don’t even know what gracefully means. Fred doesn’t seem to notice right now, since he has a very blank expression on his face and is staring at the salt shaker with intensity.

“Hey Fred” I say, waving his attention away from the salt shaker and back to me,

“Hey James, I was just thinking and realised that well, we are both single” Fred replies. I am surprised with the level of enthusiasm he showed.

“Well aren’t you observant” I smirk at him in reply, he shoots me a glare before continuing,

“I say we throw a party” He is getting excited just talking about it, the Gryffindor Common Room parties we throw are brilliant, everyone is surprised at how we can get alcohol into the castle and nearly half the students are squeezed in there. “Invite a bunch of girls, not Alice of course,” he shakes his head at the thought of his ex-girlfriend and I can’t help but be happy not only for him, but for myself. Not having to put up with her is a great relief.

“Excellent idea Fred!” I pat him on the back, why didn’t I think of that. Fucking hell James you are losing your mind. “This weekend, I’ll spread word around.”

I jump out of my seat the moment after I say this and stalk off to a bunch of girls who are just down the table from where Fred and I were.

“Hey girls” I flash them my charming smile before sliding in the seat next to the girl with brown hair before realising it was Willow and her group of friends. My memory is at top notch today, usually I wouldn’t remember a girl like Willow. They all greet me fluttering their eyelashes so fast I think it would be hard for them to actually see me.

“So, Fred, Logan and I are planning a party-” I begin to say before all the girls squeal with delight. That’s right. They squeal. “Anyway, it’s going to happen Saturday night, so it would be great if you helped spread word around”

“Oh this is going to be so great! We were hoping you guys would host one soon!” Willow says before grabbing my face and begins snogging me.

At the breakfast table it wouldn’t be a nice sight for some, but who am I to complain about a right snog before class? If I pretend that it’s Summer, it feels even better. Maybe if I pretend she is Summer, I might get through this Hogsmeade date she arranged. Maybe if I pretend she is Summer we could get married… Wait what? She breaks off and I wish she hadn’t, I was getting lovely views of Summer and I being together forever.

“Walk me to Charms?” She requests. Bloody hell I hope she doesn’t think I am willing to be in a relationship with her. I barely know the girl. All I know is she is a year below me and the Dom of her year, which doesn’t exactly bother me.

“I would, but I have Herbology. Professor Longbottom would murder me if I were late to a lesson on Gillyweed” She gives me a sympathetic smile before departing the Great Hall. I can’t deny that she’s attractive, because she is. But she just can’t compare to Summer.

On my way to Herbology I mention the party to as many people I can, including Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs. I see Albus departing from the Herbology Greenhouse, waving good-bye to Neville with his best mate Scorpius Malfoy. Even though he is a Malfoy, he isn’t a bad guy. He spends the holidays with us sometimes, and my cousin Rose Weasley is insanely in love with him. I decide to be a top brother. A split second choice by myself.

“Hey, Al” I shout before he leaves my sight.

What with all the people around I could lose him with the blink of an eye. He glances around, wondering who said his name before I see Scorpius point at me and Albus rolls his eyes, but stops for me to catch up with him. I make sure Neville isn’t around to overhear what I have to say to Albus since he is Head of Gryffindor House.

“Fred, Logan and I are throwing a party Saturday night, you in?” I ask. I know, not the politest way to ask, he doesn’t look surprised.

“I know” He says,

“How-” I ask before getting cut off,

“Word got around the school” Scorpius answers for Albus,

“Well then?” I ask looking at them impatiently,

“What?” Albus replies with an equally impatient look on his face,

“Do you want to come?”

“Why would I want to come?” Albus suddenly snaps and starts walking up towards the castle, I grab him by the shoulder.

“Look, I’m trying to be nice to you. You can’t just blow me off like that” I glare at him, I feel Scorpius’s eyes on me,

“Why the fucking hell not James” He has anger flaring in his eyes and sounds immensely like our father.

“What have I done to you, to make you this fucking pissed off at me?” I ask, raising my voice a little,

“What have you done?”

“Yeah. Last time I remember doing anything to make you upset was four years ago. Four Albus” I snap at him. I vaguely even remember kissing his muggle girlfriend on the cheek.

“So you are denying it then?” He asks, taking a step closer to me. We are nearly the same height; I am just a little bit taller than he is. I panic. Deny what? I scan my head; I haven’t done anything else, have I?

“Deny what?”

“This morning. Breakfast. Who were you snogging the brains out of?” Albus says, fury rippling through his voice, some students have stopped to watch the only two Potter brothers brawling. Scorpius is standing nearby, not sure of what to do. He seems to have slipped into the crowd, among the shadows.

“What, Willow?” I reply and then my stomach drops.

All holidays Albus was raving over some girl that he liked and was going to ask out. All holidays he was preparing himself, practising with Lily, I remember it almost too clearly. That girl’s name? Willow. What the fuck is wrong with me. I am a horrible brother. I hope he punches me.

“I- I didn’t, uh, I” I stammer. Smooth. Real smooth James. There was a pause,

“Have fun in Hogsmeade with her too. Yeah, I finally worked up the courage to ask her out, and guess what? My own brother beats me to it” Before I can stop him he has his wand out, pointing it at my neck. I do nothing as he pushes me against the wall, holding the scruff of my robes in his hands.

“Al, I didn’t realise-”

“I bet you don’t even know her surname?” He asks, actually it was more of a demand. Now I understand why he is a Slytherin. I don’t reply and he starts laughing. Maniac laughter. We are blocking the suspension bridge entrance and I can see people poking their heads over the crowd to see what is happening.

“I forgot” I yell out, as loud as I can and I don’t know why.

“Oh you forgot?” He is smiling again, which scares me a little bit, he pretends to put his wand away as the crowd laughs. Why am I letting him make a fool of me? Because I’m guilty.

“Yes, I forgot and I’m sorr-”

“Sorry is going to make everything better, isn’t it Scorp?” Scorpius gives me a sympathetic look before shaking his head at Albus; at least he is a loyal friend.

“Diffindo!” Albus slashes his wand unexpectedly, a deep cut appeared on the side of my right cheek, he doesn’t let go of me.

“What the bloody fuck Albus!” I shout at him before throwing him off me. How dare he attack me over a bloody girl he likes? I would have done nothing if it wasn’t fatal injury. Diffindo causes deep cuts, and I mean deep.

“Oh, James, careful there you might get expelled. You know I’m prefect right? Anything you do I can report to McGonagall” He smirks, that smirk is mine. It was like looking in a mirror.

“What’s wrong with you? I’m your brother Albus. Does that not mean anything to you?” My voice has definitely raised, along with my temper.

“What’s wrong with you?” He mocks me, yet means it. We both have our wands drawed and pointing at eachother. I can feel the cut stinging. “Popular, bad-boy, Quidditch Captain James a little bit angry is he?”

Maybe Lily is right. We are jealous of eachother. I want to be the favourite of dad. I want to be the favourite of the Professor’s. I want to be noticed by the older generation, who seem to have no interest in me. Albus wants to be popular with the girls. Albus wants to be the bad-boy. I’m not a bad-boy anyway so I don’t know where he gets that from. He could do just as well as me with girls if he actually tried. He actually cares about the girls he dates. The only girls I care about are my relatives! And Summer…

I decide I am a horrible brother. I lower my wand and put it away. I glance at him, 3 meters away from me and begin to walk off, down towards the Greenhouses. Be the bigger person. That’s what I keep telling myself but I feel like a prick. I hear a distant yell but am too late to turn around.

I was thrown off my feet and plummeted several metres into the sky before landing hard on the ground again. This cracks me. I aim my wand at the rock and flick it. I learnt to do non-verbal spells in my fifth year and discovered my talent. The giant rock hits Albus straight in the shoulder. He tried to blast it apart but my magic is too powerful. I’m not being arrogant, but with some spells I am truly a master. It knocks him to the ground, he aims another at me but I duck and it narrowly misses my head.

“Stop! Stop it Albus!” I block three more of his spells. This was getting out of hand; I should never have attacked back.

“Attack back!” He screams, “Attack back, you coward!” He fires another three spells in a row at me and I deflect them all.

I flick my wand and he is thrown off his feet and into the crowd. I continue making my way down to the Greenhouses and he does it again. A huge, deep cut has been slashed through my robes and starts from the back of my neck, down to my lower back. I collapse. You would too if your back was split open. I hear him laugh in triumph. I never knew he liked her so much. I didn’t even mean it… I hear footsteps running down to where I was right before I black out.


I’m wake with a start and instantly regret it. Looks like Madame Pomfrey couldn’t find a potion to fix my back that felt like it was split open. I vaguely wonder what time it is, it looks to be early morning by the sounds of the birds outside. I sit up and try to stand before Poppy, (that’s what I call her since she loves me and I’m nearly always in here) rushes over to me.

“James! James Potter you lie back down this instant!” I sigh and decide to do what she says, even though she is most definitely over-exaggerating.

“You need to rest and let that cut regrow” She explains and after a long pause she blurts out, “The Headmistress has reported a meeting with you, your brother and your parents this afternoon. I was told to keep you here until she comes to collect you”

“Thanks Poppy, once again” I flash my charming smile and she blushes. Lovely little old woman she is.

“Mr Zabini and Miss Weasley were in here not too long ago either, they had to leave for class” She explains,

“Did they say where they- uh, did they mention anything?” I ask, I probably shouldn’t let slip that they both hadn’t returned to their dorms last night.

“Actually yes” She gives me a worried glance, “They said not to worry, they weren’t far away” She leaves the room hurriedly after that and there was silence.

What the bloody fuck am I going to do all day lying in this stupid bed? I hope someone will come and visit me. Surely not everyone I know would be in class right now? I regret it though. I regret saying that when the doors reveal Willow. Willow something.

“Oh my goodness James! I am so sorry I caused a fight between you and your brother!” Like hell she cares, it has probably raised her status easily.

“It’s fine, you know I really think that Albus-”

“Of course I don’t pick Albus over you, I’m glad you asked” She smiles before grasping hold of my hand. Why is she doing this to herself?

“No, I never asked that. I said I think you should choose-”

“I mean” She continues, not bothering to listen what I had to say. “You are obviously the nicer brother. He attacked you! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was rather sweet how he asked me though you should have seen what he did”

She rambles on about how Albus bought her one hundred roses and placed them from her dormitory to the Great Hall where he actually got down on one knee and asked her if he could take her to Hogsmeade. I never thought Albus had it in him.

“But the way you approached me, you know” She smirks, “Confidently and all, as if you already knew what my answer was. I just couldn’t forget that” She smiles before pecking me on the lips.

“But I didn’t send you any roses? I didn’t go to that much trouble like Albus-”

“I thought it was a bit creepy” She continues, it looks like I’m some invisible person to her because she didn’t notice I had even said anything. “How he knew where my bed was. At first I thought it might have been you…” I decide to tune out. This girl is insane. She deserves Albus, not me. Not that I even want her.

I imagine Summer sitting next to me, holding my hand instead and feel much happier. It is just something about her… ever since I saw her I knew she was a challenge. I am going to get her if it is the last thing I do. And I’m worried that it might actually be the last thing I do. For those of you who haven’t noticed, she has a little piece of bloody Voldemort living inside her sometimes.

“And then, when I said ‘no’ to him, he stormed out of the Great Hall, I never expected him to find you though” She says and for some miserable reason I think she has stopped talking for once in her life. “Oh I’m so sorry! I should have stopped him James! I never thought he would do this to you!”

I would rather confront McGonagall than be in here listening to Willow (don’t know her surname) talk for hours and hours. I begin to think she will never leave. Ever. But when Rose Weasley and Lily Potter enter, she flees. She actually flees. It is probably Rose, she is a lot like Dom. Sometimes worse. They don’t get along the best, her and Dom and it is sometimes funny watching them bicker at Christmas.

“Lily!” I exclaim, “Rose! Please do not ever leave” I mutter as they take a seat each side of me, I grab each of their hands,

“Bloody hell James what’s wrong with you? When have you ever want Lily and I not to go?” Rose laughs and sounds immensely like Uncle Ron.

“Willow was in here and she is Siriusly driving me insane” I reply, the sound of her name makes me flood with guilt, but did you see what I did there? Siriusly…

“It’s not like you don’t deserve it” Lily mutters at me, she can be very cold and sour when she wants to be. Like now. I take in every word she says, because it is almost always right.

“I’m not saying I don’t deserve it” Lily shoots me a glare, “Fine. I’ve been a piss of a brother lately but I seriously didn’t realise that she was the girl Albus was fawning over” I snap at her,

“How many ‘Willow’s’ do you think there are in Hogwarts?” Rose smirks at me,

“Fuck up Rose. I had totally forgot and she’s lying, I never asked her to Hogsmeade! I would be more than happy for Albus to take her!” I exclaim. Why is everyone acting as if this is my fault?

“I suppose it wasn’t an excuse to slice your back in half” Lily agrees, “I’ve already talked to him and he knows he should never have done it”

“Didn’t sound like it to me when he laughed” I mumble to myself, they both hear me and have nothing to say. “I mean, I didn’t even attack back and he still felt the need to do this to me”

“That’s why he did it” Rose says impatiently, “Because he wanted to be better than you at something! I’m not saying he isn’t. But well let’s face it you are a brilliant Chaser and you are more popular. He wants to show you up, prove he is just as good as you”

I don’t reply.

“What about with the family? Who do they all love the best? Albus. Grandma, Grandpa, Bill, Percy, Audrey, Fleur, Ron, Hermione, Angelina. Even my own parents” I snap at them, “No one seems to notice that I even exist”

They don’t reply to this because they know it’s true. Albus has always been the favourite of the Potter brothers.

“You two are unbelievable” Rose states and throws my hand away, “I mean you are basically a copy of eachother and you don’t get along!” She storms out of the Hospital Wing. What the bloody fuck Rose Weasley, Lily gets up to leave to,

“Lily! Are you insane? You can’t leave me she might come back!” I shout as she runs out after Rose. She shrugs and closes the door behind her. Well thanks a lot relatives. I have what? Ten relatives at this school and two of them have come to visit me? They are just lovely human beings.

McGonagall eventually comes to collect me and when we arrive back in her office there a four chairs, three of them occupied with my younger brother, my mother and my father. I take a seat and can’t help but feel guilty as Albus starts to explain what happened.

“I can’t believe you James!” My father says with a disappointed tone to me. I was expecting this. He always seems to find a way to blame me if something happened. Even if it wasn’t my fault.

“Why not? I mean, it is the type of thing he would do” Albus says with a smug look on his face. If I were the one who sliced my brothers back open, I would feel a little bad, but he doesn’t seem to mind. That is the difference between us.

“Yeah, it is” I decide to say. Because it is true. It would be the type of thing I would do. But this time I really didn’t mean to. “Let’s just avoid the most important part of the situation why don’t we?” After a moments silence I decide to continue. “I mean, it’s not like Albus sliced his brothers back in half because his brother kissed a girl he liked” I snap at them sarcastically.

“Kissed? You probably shagged her for all I know!” Albus says, at the word ‘shag’ my mother turns very pale. McGonagall gives me a shocked expression and even my father avoids eye contact.

“Why not? It is the type of thing I would do” I mock my brother’s words,

“Fine then! While you’re at it you may as well shag the remaining girls in the castle you haven’t yet! That’s only about two or three of them, right James?” His voice remains casual, as if he is discussing his favourite colour or something.

The room turns very awkward. And I find that everyone is avoiding eye contact with me. My parents wouldn’t want to know who the fuck I have shagged, bloody hell Albus.

“Shall we continue then?” McGonagall breaks the awkward silence that erupted in the small office, “Since James didn’t actually use his wand to hurt Albus, he may leave. The punishment however will only be discussed with Albus and his parents alone so I must ask you to leave James” She tries to smile at me but the corners of her mouth just twitch.

“Didn’t do anything to hurt me?” Albus spits at me, his temper rising by the second.

“Look, Albus” I grunt at him, “I’m sorry” I don’t think the word ‘sorry’ has ever left my mouth. Ever. Because I shouldn’t be sorry for anything, everything happens for a reason.

“Yeah right, you’re probably laughing with victory on the inside” He yells back at me, causing several of the portraits to leave, probably to go to a more quiet side.

“Oh yeah” I reply sarcastically, “It’s not my fault she chose me over you!” I know I shouldn’t have said it but it’s not like he doesn’t regret slicing my back open.

This pushes him to the limit as he jumps out of his seat to try and reach me. Before he can my father grabs him by the shoulder and coaxes him to take a seat again,

“I hope you’re happy James” He says to me with that same disappointed tone. Honestly, what in Merlin’s beard have I done to make him disappointed? “Just leave”

I laugh at him, “I know, that’s all you’ve ever wanted me to do, right? Leave” I snap at my father, the last I see of my father is the look of shock written across his face as I slam the door shut.


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