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A Year of Change by Erudessa94
Chapter 24 : The End.
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Hogwarts was silent.

The castle stood waiting for the moment the final battle would begin.

Ginny stood with her shoulder pressing slightly on Draco’s. Even this slight contact made her feel stronger, safer. She knew she didn’t need to be in contact with him to feel his strength but she wanted to be as close to him as she could. Who knew what would happen next. This could be her last chance to be close to him.

They stood at the entrance to one of Hogwarts many hidden passages. This one happened to lead to the Whomping Willow. As soon as the signal was given by Dumbledore they would enter the passage and make their way to end the war.

Ginny could feel the tension that engulfed the castle. Everything they had worked for lead up to these final moments. She could feel the pressure that was placed on Draco and her. If they succeeded everyone succeeded. If they failed everyone failed.

The fresh spring air created a misleading atmosphere outside the castle. While flowers bloomed and trees sprouted leaves Voldemort prepared to destroy the last stance of resistance. Death eaters were quickly surrounding the castle as Voldemort stayed behind in the shrieking shack. He awaited Draco and the details of Dumbledore’s attack plan.

While Voldemort waited for Draco to appear Dumbledore sent Ginny and Draco the signal for them to go. They ran through the hidden passage. Their steps were in time with each other as they quickly progressed underground towards the whomping willow.

As they made their way to the end of the passage they stopped to collect themselves. Now they would need to make their way through the secret passage below the whomping willow to the shrieking shack. First they had to prepare.

Draco smudged dirt over himself and Ginny. It had to look like he struggled to get a hold of her. Ginny used a charm Hermione had taught her to create wound like appearances on their bodies. The only thing left was for Draco to tie Ginny up and carry her “unconscious” body to Voldemort.

Ginny took a deep breath to prepare herself and turned towards Draco. She knew time was of the essence but she couldn’t resist wrapping her arms around his neck. She needed a hug. His arms closed around her and for a moment they simply stood, embracing one another in silence.

“I want you to know no matter what happens next I have no regrets.” Ginny said, still holding Draco tightly to herself.  “I wouldn’t change a thing that happened this year even if it leads to my own death.”

“Don’t say that, Ginny” Draco said angrily. “We are both making it out of this. Voldemort will be the only one dying”

“I love you, Draco”

“I love you too, Ginny”

Their moment together was now over. Ginny turned and placed her hands behind her back, ready for Draco to tie her up. He gingerly wrapped enchanted rope around her wrists and ankles. The rope was enchanted to break as soon as Ginny whispered an incantation however if Voldemort tested them they would appear to be unbreakable. Draco lifted Ginny up, bridal style. Being careful not to handle her too roughly.

“You can’t hold me like this if you want Voldemort to think I’m your hostage. Throw me over your shoulder or something.” Ginny was obviously more comfortable with the way he was holding her now, as was Draco, however it didn’t fit the situation they were trying to sell. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to break or anything. I can handle being manhandled.”

Draco smirked at her choice of words and Ginny rolled her eyes. He took her advice and slowly transferred her over to his shoulder. Ginny was extremely aware of how close her ass was to his face and the low chuckle emitted shortly after the transfer made it obvious Draco was too.

This position was extremely uncomfortable but Ginny would have to suck it up. Draco began to walk towards the shrieking shack quickly. Each step he took had Ginny’s head bouncing on his back. It was times like these she wished he had a little more padding and a little less hard muscles. However she was sure those muscles would come in handy later on.

They made their way in silence. Ginny was meant to appear unconscious so she worked on slowing her breathing and closed her eyes. Ginny tried to control her nerves as the sound of Voldemort’s voice slowly made its way to them. He seemed to be shouting out orders to someone.

Ginny felt Draco’s arm lift and knock on the door. Voldemorts cold voice allowed them entry. Ginny took a deep breath and tried to appear as unconscious as she possibly could while every inch of her tingled in fear.

“What is this?” Voldemort asked in a mix of disgust and surprise.  “I did not ask you to bring anyone.”

“I’m sorry, my lord” Draco said flatly, bowing towards Voldemort. He could barely control the disgust he felt at showing respect to such a monster. “I was able to get away from everyone except her. She wouldn’t leave me alone so I had no choice but to bring her with me. Everyone thinks we’re working on wards together so it won’t be a problem and I think you’ll find that she may come in handy later. You see this is Ginevra Weasley,”

“Ah, little Ginny Weasley,” Voldemort said in a sickly sweet voice. He moved to touch Ginny but Draco couldn’t stand the thought of Voldemort touching her.

“Don’t touch her!” Draco nearly screamed. Voldemort stopped in shock and outrage. Draco recovered and tried to cover up his mistake. “I don’t trust her. She appears unconscious but who knows what she could be planning. I think we should leave her untouched until we find a use for her”

Although Voldemort was angered by Draco’s outcry he understood the logic and fortunately cared more about Dumbledore’s attack plans than the hostage. Draco immediately began to divulge all of the details of the fake attack plan Dumbledore had come up with.

“The forces are all centered around the entrance hall. They think you’ll try and stage a full head on attack. That leaves the back of the castle and the towers vulnerable.” Draco gave Voldemort all the information he wanted to hear without thinking twice “I propose you send a dozen or so death eaters to the back to infiltrate the castle. Then the rest should attack the sides where there are no defenses. Leave the front alone”

“You are sure these are Dumbledore’s plans?” Voldemort asked coldly. His eyes met Draco’s. He quickly bore into the depths of his mind searching for any clue of deception. Instead of seeing the true plans being discussed by the group Voldemort found false memories Draco had created of Dumbledore sharing the false plan with himself.

“I’m positive.” Draco said firmly. “Dumbledore gave the final orders as I was leaving to come here.” Voldemort was pleased by the information and immediately gave his own orders to the army of death eaters.

“Why don’t we have some fun while we wait to claim our victory” Voldemort said with a cynical laugh. Draco knew he wouldn’t approve of Voldemorts sense of fun but what he wasn’t expecting was Voldemort to reach towards Ginny’s unconscious body.

Draco snapped.

The anger and disgust Draco felt was uncontrollable. Power surged through him and burst towards Voldemort causing him to fly back. Draco could see Ginny stirring, she was dying to react but she had to play her part.

“Draco!” Voldemort shouted in sheer shock “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m doing exactly what I came here to do” Draco replied firmly. Ginny whispered the incantation that would free her from her bonds and jumped up to stand besides Draco.

Voldemort hesitated for a moment in utter shock but soon had his wand drawn and a long duel ensued. Draco and Ginny worked together, throwing spells and creating shields. Voldemort was strong but the combination of Draco and Ginny’s powers were stronger.

Dracos anger at what Voldemort had attempted to do gave him even more strength however it took him a moment to gain control of it. He had never been that angry. The thought of him touching Ginny caused a surge or power and had uncontrollable eruptions of magic bursting from him.

Ginny took over for a moment, throwing non-verbal spells as well as holding a protective shield up as Draco tried to gain control. He took a breath to steady himself then counted to ten. These were exercises they were taught in training. Soon he had his anger under control and used it to his advantage.

Each spell he threw towards Voldemort held more power than ever before. Voldemort ducked and dived while attempting to throw his own spells. He dived behind a crumbled wall and for a moment the spells stopped. Ginny and Draco took a moment to collect themselves as well.

That proved to be a mistake.

Voldemort lunged from behind the wall. His body flew towards Ginny and before Draco could even take a breath both Ginny and Voldemort were gone. Out of sight with no trace left behind. In less than a second the fact that Ginny was now in the hands of Voldemort sunk in and Draco lost control.

Power and magic surged through him. He felt as if his insides were being ripped to shreds. The pain and the anger brewing inside him were impossible to keep in. Draco began to scream in rage as everything around him shook from the immense magic he was emitting.

Winds began to form around him as his body slowly lifted off the ground. In minutes the shrieking shack was demolished by the force of energy Draco was creating. Draco’s body rose above the rambles left of the shack. Sparks and light flew out of him as he rose.

He could see everything: the battles in the towers, around the sides, a few stray fights around the grounds. But no Ginny.  Draco’s anger increased immensely. He screamed again in outrage. It rang loudly through the air. For a moment the fighting paused. Draco realized everyone could hear him clearly.

“Voldemort are you really afraid to fight me? Why not show everyone how powerful you are and face me? Or are you just a coward?” Draco’s voice dripped with malice. There was no response.

Then Draco felt it. A pull towards Hogwarts. Without knowing how it happened his body quickly moved towards the castle. He moved through the battles with ease towards the great hall. The door was closed and barricaded by death eaters. Draco simply broke through them, and the whole wall.

Voldemort stood holding Ginny at the front of the room. Draco’s anger grew at the sight. The pull that had dragged him towards the Great Hall had vanished but it was replaced.

Draco could feel a power stronger than ever pulsing through him. It was Ginny’s magic. They’re bodies and emotions were connected more than they ever had been before.

He could hear her heart beat in tune with his, her breathing echoes his own and his anger boiled within the both of them. This was exactly what they needed.

Their powers were at the highest possible point it could ever reach and they both knew it. Voldemort didn’t. After exchanging quick glances both Ginny and Draco closed their eyes. Breathing in sync with each other they collected their emotions and controlled their power. Using this control they spoke the spell Dumbledore had given them to put an end to Voldemort.

Voldemort stood holding Ginny as protection against any spell Draco cast  bbut it did nothing. No wall, protective ward or even hostage could protect Voldemort now. The combined power of Draco and Ginny trumped all.

Their magic built as they began to utter the incantation. It was a complex latin arrangement that had taken them months to master. The energy building between them kept Draco floating in the air but Voldemorts grip on Ginny kept her firmly in his hands.

The energy in the room increased immensely. Voldemort waved his wand in an attempt to protect himself but it was all in vain. Magic and energy continued to build, causing the glass window to burst and the walls to crack from the pressure.

The spell was almost complete. Draco and Ginny raised their hands towards each other and spoke the final words. The power that had slowly built within them burst forth causing the walls to crumble around them. The spell found its target immediately despite the obstacles in its way. A shriek split through the air as Voldemort fell to the ground. It was over, or at least it should have been.

Voldemorts body lied lifelessly on the floor but the deafening  but the deafening shrieks continued.  Draco returned to the ground as his anger and power subsided. He walked towards the body and the ear-splitting screams. But they weren’t coming from Voldemort.

They were coming from Ginny.

The fighting around the castle had stopped. The crumbles walls of the Great Hall allowed everyone to witness the death of the Dark Lord. Dumbledore’s voice echoed through the castle, announcing what happened  to all who may have missed the grand spectacle. All death eaters were advised to turn over their wands. Some attempted to disapparate but many gave in to the cold truth of their masters’ death.

All this was lost on Draco. The only thing on his mind was the love of his life screeching in pain on the floor in front of him. Ginny’s body was writhed in pain and screams erupted from her lungs as if being tortured by the cruciatus curse.

Again Draco was filled with emotions. Anger, sadness, pain. Tears rolled down his face as magic again surged through him. He held ‘s body to his tightly and tried to use all his power to take away her pain.

He listened for her heart beat, steadied his breathing and again allowed his body to connect with hers.  As he felt their bodues connect unbearable pain shot through him. But Ginny’s screams began to subside. Draco ground his teeth and tried to hold the pain at bay. The thought of Ginny being in more pain drove him to tolerate the pain himself.

After what felt like an eternity Ginny stopped screaming completely. Only a soft whimpering was left behind. Draco’s body slumped down from the pain and exhaustion.

The two hero’s lay limp on the floor.

Voldemort was defeated. The reign of terror that once held the Wizarding World in fear was finally over. But the two people who brought it to an end were unconscious in the hospital.

Dumbledore sat between Draco and Ginny’s beds patiently awaiting their wakening. Both beds began to shift simultaneously. The two hero’s sat up together, the connection from their powers still remained. Dumbledore smiled and welcomed them back.

“How long have we been out?” Daco asked.

“It has only been a couple of days” Dumbledore said with nonchalance. “I believe five to be exact”

“We’ve been out for five days?” Ginny asked in shock. Her male counterpart echoed her concern.

“The doctors expected you to be out for at least a month due to the intense suffering you went through. But I knew you two would power through it quickly” Dumbledore spoke with a light air that didn’t seem to fit the context of what he said.

Attempting to put aside the shock of the situation Draco asked what really mattered, “What happened?” Dumbledore then explained it all.

The spell used to kill Voldemort was no ordinary spell. It was an ancient spell that not only killed it’s recipient but also made him suffer from all the pain he had caused others. Both Ginny and Draco were aware that’s what was supposed to happen however it didn’t exactly work. Voldemort’s body could not withstand the all the pain and suffering he had caused and he died nearly instantly.

Since Ginny was in such close proximity to Voldemort and her body was at a state of intense emotional and physical power she was highly susceptible and the pain was transferred to her. When Draco attempted to take her pain away he transferred it to himself. Niether of their bodys could handle it which caused them to slip into an unconscious state. This gave their bodies time to repair themselves.

Ginny wasn’t sure how to feel about everything that had happened. Her mind was in shock. Deciding not to dwell on it she merely thought about the fact that her job was done. Voldemort was dead and once again the world could return to a time of peace.

Dumbledore left the room, advising them to stay in  bed and rest while he went to give the news of their awakening. Ginny looked towards Draco and couldn’t help but smile. Draco threw his covers off and ignoring Dumbledore’s advice made his way to Ginny’s bed.

The two lay next to each other. Ginny’s head rested on Draco’s chest. Their bodies fit together perfecty, their hearts beat in time with each other and their breathing was in sync. They were at peace.

There was no anger, sadness or pain between them. All they felt was the love they had for one another. The love that not only helped themselves but also saved the entire Wizarding World. For a moment love was all that mattered. They knew it couldn’t last. Soon they would have to answer to their family, friends and of course the press.

Ginny couldn’t think about that. All she could think about was how much everything had changed. If a year ago you had told her she’d be laying in a bed with Draco Malfoy, the love of her life and her partner in saving the world she would have died from laughter and cursed you for thinking of such an idiotic and insulting relationship.Everything was different now.


It really had been a year of change.

That's it. The end. I truly hope you enjoyed this chapter as well as the whole story as a whole. It's been nearly five years since I first started this story so if there's anyone who stuck with me from the beginning I want you to know I truly appreciate it. This story really has helped me grow as a writer. When I re-read my first chapters I find it hard to believe i wrote them. 

Thank you, everyone who read the whole story or any part of it. Please let me know what you thought!

I added a short one-shot that acts as an epilogue. It's called Lifetime of difference, you should read it and let me know what you think!



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A Year of Change: The End.


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