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Brand New Chick by Emma_Felton4Ever
Chapter 1 : No one said life is so easy....
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 Harry Potter The Amazing Series of all time belongs to J.K. :D 


"Ugh, my legs,arms,and head are killing me." Hermione Granger had just returned from her duties as healer at St. Mungo's. Unfortunatly, she had to take a shift of someone else, due to their "sickness" you could say. 

Shocking how LAVENDER BROWN could  be the one to call-in.  Yep,that's right preppy-annoying-boastful ( the list could go on in Hermione's case) ex-schoolmate from Hogwarts Lavender Brown. Ironically, she passed her NEWTs to even apply for a job.

Yet, from all the departments in the Ministries she HAD to pick healer, a career Hermione had  her sights on since 5th year. Curious as she was, she asked Lanvender her reason for picking Hearler. "Because, she'd boasted " I LOVE to help those poor, helpless souls to find thier way again, and they will with me on the job!" Since then, Hermione has delt with many misfits caused by Lanvender's "little mistakes" here and there.

One incident was a little girl's discoveries of early signs of magic. She accidently caused sparks on her hand and unknowingly put it in her mouth, thus leading to a burnt toungue, and the sides.(anyone know what's it called? Let me know)

Instead of casting a numbing spell, Lanvender (think she knows best), cast aguamenti. This cause massive loud shrills to echo throughout the halls, until the nurses and the mom could calm the girl down, and Hermione was to be called on instead.

Let's say the girl loved Hermione, talkingand hugging her goodbye. Lavender well... stuck her tounge out and blew a rasberry at her.( Unknow to her mom, except Hermione would tried to cover up her laughter)

Anyway, it was a tough week for Hermione dealing with many dark-magic related injuries, a note she kept in mind to ask Harry about. She placed her purse on the table in the entrance, headed to the kitchen, wand in hand. Quickly she summoned a delightful panini and coffee.

She knew Ron messaged her to tell how he was comming home late due to some important business in the Ministries. Even though they were living together, they WERN"T married. Ron pestered about it, but honestly Hermione wasn't so sure.

Yeah everyone expected them to be together like they should end of tale. But no one knew what really ran in Herrmione's mind think about it. It didn't feel right and it was time for Hermione to talk about it with Ron when he came home.

For now, she magically washed her dish and cup, and poured cat food for Crookshankes, who seemed to sense food these days more than pesty critters.

The "fur ball" was still living well, and had gotten along with Hermione's new owl, Cypreus.( Latin for cooper-like) Speaking of the owl, Hermione heard a tapping out the window. Swiftly, she when to unhook the latch.

The little guy swopped down on the dinnig table. Hermione retrieved the  envelope in its mouth and gave it a tasty treat and nuzzing it under his favorite spot under his neck. He hooted happily and chipped on Hermione's finger out of affection. "Aww you like that don't you little guy?" Looking at the letter she ripped it open. "Let's see what Ron needs to say now."

Dear Hermione,

I know I said i'd be home late but change of plans. Harry, me ,and our group have to stay overnight to complete some paper works dealing with the remaining Death Eaters still lurking about after the war. Don't know when ill be back.


"Another reason how marriage can't work out between us." muttered Hermione as she made her way to the fireplace. "Guess I can use this time to visit Ginny then." She stepped in the fireplace with a handful of floo and yelled "GODRIC"S HOLLOW"

*Hey to any reader that has(hopefully) stumble upon this story. Im a new writer who has joined. My first story ever!!!! Would love any advice/banners/tips and R&R!!!!! Thanks let me know how my story is and if it needs any editing or inputs.  I know I said it was a one shot but it might be a short story now! Im new at this okay!! haha Bye for now..... :D P.S. i know it's short give it some time ill try to think of something good next chap!

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