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The Game That Changed It All by ImYourFelixFelicis
Chapter 2 : Stupid Little Ravenclaw
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After a few more uneventful hours, it was time to disembark the Hogwarts Express at Hogsmeade station. Lily, Hannah, Annalise and Mary exited the train quickly as to get a carriage, up to the school, to them selves.


“So then,” Annalise started, “What’s the future Mrs. Omarly doing here? Why isn’t she with her new and gorgeous beau?”


“You are so childish!” Lily retorted. Annalise stuck her tongue out at her friend as the carriages jolted forwards.



Upon reaching the school, the four girls made their way into the great hall and sat themselves down in the middle of the long Gryffindor table. The great hall filled quickly and when Professor McGonagall stood at the front with a battered, old wizards hat and a rickety, 3 legged stool, the noise in the hall died down. Lily was in her own world as the sorting hat began its new song, she couldn’t help but think about, not her new boyfriend, but James Potter.


He can’t have matured…


But he didn’t ask me out the whole train journey…


He’s a twonk, Lily, who cares about no one but himself! You’ve hated him for five years don’t stop now!


Maybe that’s why! I don’t even know him properly… Its just-


Lily was taken from her thoughts as the great hall broke into applause, Lily clapped along idly. The Sorting Ceremony began with; Appleby, Charlotte, who was placed into Hufflepuff and ended with Zabini, Zachary who was placed in Slytherin.



As everyone was filing out the great hall towards their respective common rooms, Lily was stopped by none other that her new boyfriend Jacob Omarly.


“Hey Jake.” Lily said, slightly curious as to what he wanted.


“Hey Lily, do you want to take a walk? Jacob replied.


“Sure!” letting herself be guided out the entrance hall, towards the large beech tree, by the lake. “What’s u-“


Lily was cut short by Jacob pressing a finger to her lips, “I want to savor this moment, I’ve been waiting for a year.” He said in reply to her bewildered look. He tilted her chin up, so he could look into her emerald eyes and slowly lowered his head to hers, and locked her lips to his.


Lily, being slightly caught off guard by the sudden forwardness, was startled at first, but she brought her arms up to around his neck and he let his hands slide to her waist, pulling her closer.


They were locked in this embrace until they heard a loud bang, of the castle doors. They jumped apart and looked round for the culprit.


“Who was it? They must have seen us!” Lily asked hurriedly.


“Potter, and by guessing he did see us…” he trailed off answering her question.


Lily shaking her head in disbelief said, “Urgh! I’m Sorry! I’ll have to go and sort it out! I hate Potter!” She reached up on her tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek before racing away towards the castle, leaving Jacob standing under the beech tree. He’d not thought anyone would be out at this time, considering after the filling Feast.



“James! Please come back! OI JAMES!” Lily shouted, catching an unsuspecting second year off guard, hurrying towards their common room.


“What?” He shouted over his shoulder grumpily.


We” She said, putting extra emphasis on the ‘we’, “need to talk.”


“Really Lily? Now?” He grunted back.


“Yes now!” she caught up with him, grabbing his arm and pulling him into an empty classroom, “What was that all about?”


“He was all over you Lily, I didn’t want to see a guy do that to you!” other than me, he said, almost timidly.


“It’s none of your business what anyone does to me! I can take care of my self, thank you very much!” She said somewhat agitated.


“Of course it is, Lily! I know you can take care of yourself. Its just that…”I Love you, Lily, I always have! And I want you all to myself! “You know what? Stuff it Lily! I’m going to bed! You can go back to being snogged senseless by your stupid little Ravenclaw! I don’t care anymore!” Of course James did still care, he always had and he always would as long as he lived. With that, he stalked back off to the Gryffindor tower, leaving a somewhat bewildered Lily in the empty classroom.



The next morning Lily woke up with a start. She hopped out of bed and quickly got changed into her school robes before the other girls could wake up and shot off down the girl’s staircase. She was just stepping out onto the bottom step when she fell. She closed her eyes, knowing she could do nothing to stop herself falling, when she felt a pair of warm muscular arms breaking her fall and stopping her from falling down. When she opened her eyes she was surprised to see James Potter, he stood her up straight and asked he if she was all right before turning on his heel and heading out the portrait.


Lily gathered up her fallen bag and started off towards the portrait when she felt a hand on her shoulder.


“What do you want Black?” Lily asked, this was normal, Lily being used to being stopped by the different marauders and lectured about James.


“James is really upset you know… He wont tell me anything other than it has something to do with you kissing Omarly.”


“W-what? Me and Jacob never kissed!” Lily stuttered “He’s Lying obviously.”


“Well if you didn’t kiss him, what did you do with him? Come on Lily, I’m not thick! Don’t you think I know there’s something going on between you? I’ve been out with practically every girl in school, I’m pretty sure I know a thing or two about secret relationships.”


“Fine, I get it, you’re a ladies man. Now if I tell you, will you leave me alone? I need some time to think about things.”

“Yeah, whatever, but I’m not going to leave you alone until you sort things out with my best mate.” Sirius pushed for an explanation.


“Okay, okay! I’ll tell you…” Lily hissed “You remember yesterday on the train, well when Jacob came to see me, it wasn’t about prefect duty. He was asking me out, he said he’d liked me for ages and he was really nervous and didn’t want to mess it up between us.”


“I knew it! I just knew it! I didn’t want to say anything though, because of what you said on the train when you came back in about it being a secret. But how long exactly did he say he’d liked you for?” Sirius asked.


“About a year I think he said, I’m not sure I can’t remember…” Pondered Lily whilst Sirius’ face lit up.


“That lying little bastard! He’s not liked you for a year! Only before the holidays he was going on about that Delia girl in Hufflepuff!” Sirius half hissed, half glad that he could find a flaw to ruin the relationship between them if things didn’t die out quickly.


“What? Are you serious? I mean…” Lily trailed off.


“Yes, I’m Sirius! No, now seriously, he doesn’t like you that much. According to sources, last night after what happened, he went back to the Ravenclaw common room and was with Delia for the rest of the night, only coming up enough to get some air.”


Lily, wide eyed, contemplated what he was saying then spoke, “Are you sure Sirius?”


Sirius nodded and Lily broke down into tears. “I can’t believe him! We’ve only been going out a day, and he’s off snogging that tart!” She collapsed into Sirius; Sirius patted her on the back, somewhat awkwardly. Speaking through the muffled sobs against Sirius’ chest, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to break down, it’s just too much for me.”


“It’s okay Lily, he doesn’t deserve you. You deserve someone who won’t go off snogging behind sofas when you’re not around. Now come on, lets go down to the great hall and you can give him a piece of that brilliant mind.” Sirius spoke the truth, he really didn’t think Lily deserved someone who would do that to her.


Lily straightened up, pulling her uniform straight, wiping her eyes and nodded at Sirius, “Thank you Sirius, for telling me. I appreciate it.”


Lily turned on her heel and marched out the common room with a newfound confidence. As she neared the great hall she took some deep breaths and closed her eyes for a moment before striding into the hall over to the Ravenclaw table where Jacob sat.


What Lily didn’t know is that Sirius had gotten there before her and was sat on the Gryffindor table, discretely pointing his wand at Jacobs breakfast.


“How dare you!” Lily shouted marching up to him, “How dare you go and snog her, when you asked me out yesterday! I wouldn’t believe you’d sink so low! You of all people as well! I- I-“ Lily picked up his drink and threw it over him.


Jacob looked shocked, he stuttered as he tried to comprehend what had just happened, “I- I- I didn’t do anything, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please Lily, believe me!”


“No! Sirius told me this morning!” Sirius was wondering when his name would come into it, and took this as his cue, with a lazy flick of his wand, Jacobs porridge lifted up and turned upside down and all over Jacob.


“Ergh! What does that idiot know? He’s just covered me in my own porridge!” He temper was steadily rising but as Lily whispered the next few words into his ear, he felt ready to explode.


“He’d never cheat on a girl, he’s so much more of a man than you! Merlin, even James would treat a girl right! I should never have said yes to you! I should have said yes to James years ago, and then maybe this wouldn’t have happened.” She whispered this slowly into his reddening ears, turned away and walked straight over to the Gryffindor table where James and the girls were now sat and placed herself between Annalise and Sirius. Picking up a sausage on her fork she turned to see them all staring at her, she grinned and said, “What? It felt good! How much did you lot hear?”


“Nearly all of it, we saw you throw his juice over him, but we had only just arrived then. What did you say when you whispered something?” Asked Hannah.


“Oh Nothing, Just that I’d rather date James, that Sirius would never cheat on a girl and that he’s a low life bastard, you know, the usual” Lily said brightly.



Thanks for reading! I know, maybe its going a bit fast, but its my first Fan Fic, So any comments would be so helpful <3 Even if its just to say good chapter, or advice on what i could do better, or even some of your own ideas Anything at all, Please Reveiw!!! <3 Thank you so much for reading its really a pleasure writing this for you <3 


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