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From Nightmares To Sweet Dreams by CadenceWeasley
Chapter 30 : The Choosing
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George rolled over to face Hermione. He loved her eyes. He loved to count the many colors in them. Deep honey brown around the edges, specks of gold and green scattered all around her eye, and warm chocolate brown in the middle. He could look at her eyes for days. He wanted to melt into her bones, to feel her completely. His body ached to hold her as close as possible and never ever let her go. He reached over and stroked her cheek softly. She smiled lovingly at him. He moved his face to where it was only inches away.

“Good morning, love.” He whispered to her.

“Good morning.” She repeated to him. It was a good morning. For the first time in a long time, she felt well rested.

George smiled at the look of relief on her face. She looked happy. He hadn’t seen her truly happy in such a long time. He closed the distance between them and pressed his lips to hers as sweetly as he could manage. She hummed in approval. Her fingers wove themselves in his red hair and kissed him more passionately. George quickly lost himself in the way their lips were moving. She was intoxicating to him, the sweetest poison. George moved on top of her and slowly and teasingly rid them of their clothes. They were moving in the same incredible and loving rhythm again. Each time George fell more in love with the way they moved together. Never too slow or too fast and never giving or taking too much from one another. George loved the melodic noises she made as they made love; it drove him crazy in the best way. When it was over, he wrapped her so tightly in his arms and she nuzzled her head into his neck. This is how it should be.

“I love you, so much.” He whispered to her. He could feel her smile against his skin.

“And I love you.” Hermione told him. They stayed like that for hours. Never moving and never talking. The only sound that filled the room was their slow and shallow breathing. George could get used to this, he wanted to get used to this. He could stay like this for the rest of his life and be completely happy.

“George?” Hermione said after a few hours had passed.

“Yes?” He ran his fingers through her soft, short brown curls.

“I’m really happy right now. I want you to know that.”

“I know, love. I am too. Happiest I’ve been in ages.” He told her.

“Can we stay like this?” Hermione asked.

“We could. But I think the need for food and other necessities would eventually make us leave the bed.”

“No, not stay like this in bed. I mean can we stay like this? Can we stay happy?” Hermione asked, her tone shifting to slightly more serious.

“I think so. I promise to do my very best to not be a complete arse anymore.” George said, also becoming serious.

“Thank you.” Was all she said.

“For what?”

“For showing me that happiness is still possible. No matter how bad things get, happiness is always possible and that sometimes happiness is a choice. Sometimes you have to choose to be happy over all of the bad stuff. And from now on, I’m choosing to be happy; happy for myself, happy with you, and happy with my life. I’ve realized recently with all of these terrible days, that that’s all it is. They are just bad days; it doesn’t mean I have a bad life. My bad days will no longer define who I am or how happy I am.” Hermione explained. All George could do is nod and smile at her decision to be happy. He agreed. He too, would choose to be happy, for both of them.

“I’m so proud of you.” He whispered into her ear and kissed her forehead.

And they stayed like that for the rest of the day, wrapped up in the sheets and each other

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