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Forbidden Love by DracoMalfoy23
Chapter 2 : Walking Away
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Luna sat on the sofa of her friend’s house. She was ready to tell them what had happened. “It happened this morning. You all probably know that Neville and I became very close throughout our years at Hogwarts. During the Battle of Hogwarts, well, after, we shared a kiss. It was amazing. It really was.” She paused and smiled as she remembered. She continued on, “I invited him to come over so we could hang out and talk. We hadn’t seen each other since the battle. When he came over, everything turned to hell.” Luna was surprised that she used such a word. Usually, those kinds of words were not in her vocabulary. She stopped talking for a moment to recollect herself. “What happened when he came over?” Harry asked Luna.






“When he came over, he sat me down and told me that he had to talk. He told me that he enjoyed the time that we had spent together. I told him that I did, too. Then, he went on to say that he didn’t think that things were going to work out. I asked him why. He just looked at me with a slight sadness in his eyes. Later on I figured out that he was faking it.” When Luna mentioned that, her voice filled with anger. Everyone could tell that he had hurt her, but they wanted to know more. “What happened next, Luna?” Ginny asked, holding Luna’s hand. Ginny was very kind and wanted Luna to know that she was there for him.






“Well,” Luna continued, “he told me that things would not work out because we were too different. He told me that some of the things which I believe in are stupid and don’t make sense to him. He told me that since my father had betrayed all of you, that I am not good enough for him because he was able to destroy a horcrux. I just sat there, motionless.” After that, Luna began to cry again. Everyone sitting there could not believe that Neville would have said such a thing. It stunned them. Then Ginny spoke up, “I know sort of how you feel.” Luna’s face turned to face her. She had a hard time believing, but figured that she would listen to what Ginny had to say.






“In my third year, Neville and I went out. That was the year of the Yule Ball. His dancing was incredible. I loved him, and we, too, shared a kiss. During that summer, we wrote many letters to each other. It was great. The next year, was the year of the D.A. and we hung out very frequently. Then, over that summer, we drifted apart. We decided to end it before either of us got hurt. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen with you. I feel so bad for you. Did he say anything else after that?” Ginny’s story made Luna feel like she wasn’t so alone. She hugged her and took another tissue. She wiped her eyes dry and began to tell the rest of her story.






“He told me that he found someone else. He told me that he had now met the love of his life. He said that Hannah Abbott was the best girl he ever met. I knew that was bull shit. She was so rude during the Triwizard Tournament. She was one of the Hufflepuffs wearing the Potter Stinks badges. I asked him what he saw in her and he just said that she was kind and sweet. He said that she was misunderstood. He said that she was the love of his life. I asked him why he had abandoned me. He just turned and walked away. I just stood there, watching him go. I just sat in front of my former home and just cried on the concrete. Then, I came here. I need someone to help me. I need to feel loved. Please help me,” Luna begged. Her friends felt so bad for her. They circled around her and tried to help her. They weren’t exactly sure what to do to help her, but tried their best. She just sat there and cried.






After a few minutes passed, Luna got up and walked over to the restroom once more. She washed her face and then dried it. She looked at herself and felt disappointed. She was not used to seeing herself like this. She wanted revenge. She wanted to feel loved. She wanted something that she never had. She walked out of the restroom and back with her friends. She saw that Hermione had begun making something in the kitchen. Ginny came out carrying hot cocoa. “Would you like some, it’ll make you feel better,” Ginny said. Luna took some, as well as the boys. They sat there sipping their cocoa in silence.






“Supper is ready!” Hermione called from the kitchen. Everyone in the living room walked into the dining room. Everyone took and seat and began to feast on the meal that Hermione had made. They sat in silence for a little while, but Harry could tell that it was that awkward silence. He broke the silence and said, “Luna, would you like to stay here for a while? We have plenty of room and you are always welcome here.” Luna smiled. She loved her friends greatly. “That would be lovely,” replied Luna. She was so glad to have people who cared for her as much as they did. She was loved, but for some reason, she felt like she was missing something. She just needed to figure out what that something was.






After supper was over, they chatted in the living room over coffee and cocoa. They weren’t talking about anything really important and most of the people there were zoned out anyways. After a little while, Luna looked at the time. “Gosh, it’s late. I don’t mean to keep anyone else up.” Ron then said, “You’re not keeping us up. We’re enjoying your company.” “If you’re tired, we can show you to the guest room,” Hermione said. “That would be nice,” Luna told her. Hermione and Ginny showed Luna to her room while Ron and Harry carried on their conversation concerning Quidditch. Luna thanked the two girls and then got into a nightgown provided by Ginny. She brushed her hair once more and got into bed and closed her eyes.



Please write reviews and I will respond as soon as I am able to. Chapter Three is written and will be put up as soon as it can be validated.

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