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Upside Down by aelover867
Chapter 13 : THIRTEEN
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“So, how are you feeling?” Olivia asks me as I fill out paperwork for one of my new patients. “I know you were pretty upset last night about Philip.”

I sigh and look up at Olivia. “I’m fine. Really. I can’t save everybody, even if I try my hardest.”

“That’s good that you’re feeling better,” Olivia says as she hands papers to another Healer and steps toward me with her arms crossed. “Have you heard anything else about this killer person from Carolyn?”

I shake my head and tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear. “Carolyn can’t tell me everything, Livie. Plus, she really isn’t even on the case. My uncle and cousin are keeping this close to the chest. The only people from her department involved are people who are protecting potential targets and Carolyn can’t tell me who’s protecting who.”

Olivia sighs and pushes stray hairs back into her tight ponytail. “Everybody is on edge. Just walking through Diagon Alley, you can feel the tension in the air.”

“I know,” I reply to Olivia. “Uncle Harry is having a lot of trouble with this killer. He has zero leads and the information that I gave him hasn’t narrowed down the suspect list remotely.”

“Tommy has been getting nervous about me going to work,” Olivia tells me. “But I can’t not come to work with so many people calling off.”

“If another person calls off, Perry’s probably going to have a mental breakdown,” I reply with a snicker.

Olivia looks over the desk and nods her head towards the entrance. “Someone’s here for you.”

I look over my shoulder and see Carolyn stomping towards me. I furrow my eyebrows since we had finished lunch a few hours earlier and she assured me that she would be swamped by the cold cases when she got back to work.

“I’ve gotta talk to you,” Carolyn tells me as she reaches the front desk. “Now.”

I follow Carolyn around the front desk and she drags me over to the far side of the hallway, away from any Healers or patients. She plants me in front of her and crosses her arms, biting her lip anxiously and her eyes watering.

I furrow my eyebrows again. “What’s going on? Was somebody else killed?”

Carolyn shakes her head. “Nobody was killed. But today…Scorpius got a threat.”

I widen my eyes. “What? When? Where?”

“He was at Merlin’s Clubhouse with Rowan Parkinson and Jacob Goyle for lunch when the hostess gave him a letter that had been delivered by owl. Your uncle has the letter now, but it basically said that Scorpius will die next time the killer comes after him.”

“So, why are you here?” I ask Carolyn, furrowing my eyebrows again.

Carolyn sighs and sniffles. “You were named in the letter as a potential target, along with Sienna Tillman.”

My jaw drops. “Me? Why the fuck me?”

Carolyn shrugs. “I have no idea, but Potter just told me and he told me to come straight here to get you.”

“But, what the fuck is going on?” I ask Carolyn. “Why was I named in the letter?”

“I don’t know, but come with me back to Headquarters,” Carolyn tells me as she grabs my hand. “Your uncle wants to talk to the three of us.”

I yank my hand back. “The three of us?”

“You, me and Scorpius,” Carolyn replies quickly and grabs my hand again. “Don’t worry about telling Perry; Potter already owled him.”

I run with Carolyn back towards the Ministry, which isn’t too far from St. Mungo’s, and I follow her closely through the crowds of people at the elevators. When the elevator stops at the Auror Headquarters, Carolyn drags me off and we head into the bull pen. She quickly grabs Scorpius with her other hand by the collar of his shirt, startling him since he didn’t even notice her walking towards him. Scorpius glances over at me and I stare back at him.

And in that moment, we both know we’re in some kind of trouble.


I can already tell this isn’t gonna be any good. With Carolyn dragging me by my collar and Rose staring at me like she has no idea what’s happening, I’m sure Potter’s not going to have us sit down and talk about our feelings. I just know this has something to do with the threat I got at lunch today and I’m hoping that Potter doesn’t reveal exactly why Rose’s name was mentioned in it. If I could, I would go to the grave not letting another soul know about my love for Rose. But, knowing my life, that’s not going to happen.

Carolyn opens Potter’s office door and shoves Rose and I in there. She walks in behind us and shuts the door behind her as Potter looks up from his desk. Potter gets up suddenly from his desk and wraps Rose in a tight hug. Rose hugs him back, clearly bewildered about this entire situation. Potter kisses her forehead, then releases her at arm’s length to look at her.

“Thank Merlin you’re okay,” Potter says breathlessly.

“What’s going on, Uncle Harry?” Rose asks him curiously. “Carolyn said that I’ve been threatened, but I don’t understand what’s going on.”

Potter nods and motions to his chairs for us to sit down. We sit down as Potter circles his desk and sits in his official chair. He folds his hands on top of his desk and leans forward slightly in a professional manner.

“I’m sure Carolyn told you about how Scorpius had gotten a threat today while at lunch,” Potter begins saying, using our first names since this has affected him personally. “Well, the threat named you in it.”

“But why?” Rose asks, leaning forward in her chair towards her uncle. “Why was I named in a threat to Scorpius?”

Potter flashes his eyes at me, but in a moment, his eyes look back to his niece. “I’m not sure. With how you two were in Hogwarts, I can’t imagine he’s very aware of your year, which may mean this killer is most likely older than you two. Maybe he’s beginning to go after prominent families in the wizarding world. The Zabini’s and Bulstrode’s have become very big families in the wizarding world recently.”

I speak up. “I still think we should stick with the whole Death Eater thing, to be completely honest. The only victims so far are people who have Death Eater ancestry. There’s been three intended victims, so I can’t seem to think that’s a coincidence.”

Potter looks over at me. “Well, we have to consider these threats. Even the other woman mentioned in the threat, Sienna Tillman, isn’t a Death Eater by blood or marriage.”

“She was only threatened to get to me, Head Auror Potter,” I stress. “He means to threaten her to make me go insane, to make me go crazy until he decides to try to kill me again.”

Potter sighs. “Fine. It would make more sense like that anyways.” Potter looks at both Rose and I. “You both are going to be on house arrest. Work and home and that’s it. Rose, Carolyn is going to be assigned to be with you the entire time you’re home. Scorpius, I’ll reassign somebody else to make sure that you’re safe getting to and from work. Since you guys are only an Apparate away, I won’t assign someone to stay at your flat, Scorpius.” Potter stares at Rose. “Which means he has to come over at some point so he knows where you and Carolyn live.”

I gulp when Potter mentions me coming over to Rose and Carolyn’s apartment. We haven’t spoken to each other in three years. Three years. Now we’re being thrown together because of this killer. And Rose is only in danger now because of me. Because I had to fall for her in my sixth year. Because I had to succumb to her hot temper, her absolute beauty and for the way she took her studies so seriously.

The girl I love most in this world is now in jeopardy because of who I am.

Life could not get any worse.

AN: I'm sorry for the long wait! I had some writer's block, but I assure you that the story is getting better! Please stay with me, peoples! PLEASE REVIEW!!!

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Upside Down: THIRTEEN


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