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The Wotter Spot by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 2 : Monday Morning: All About Al
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2) Monday Morning: All About Al


"Thank you so much Sir. We won't disappoint."


"Oh Allie Boy! Don't worry about it! Your family didn't even know the show had started yet they got better ratings than 'Harley's Happy Spell Time' ever did. Go along now, m'boy, and plan a great Wotter Spot show! Remember, the whole family on Sundays full day if possible then you with specific ones of them and special guests on weekday evenings!" The old man, who had been clearly indulging in the finer pleasures of life, evident by his round stomach bulging out, chuckled and slapped me hard on the back.


I grimaced in reply, hiding my pain. Man could hit hard enough. I hurriedly escaped; glad to leave the queer man to his business.


Queer. What a word. The word itself sounds queer! I wonder who made it up. Maybe I'll ask Mollie- I swear she's read every book known to man, including dictionaries and probably a book regarding the authors of dictionaries.


Not even joking.


So, as you may know, I'm the main host of the Wotter Spot. You see, all of the Wotter clan of our generation had left glorious Hogwarts (where I was a Slytherin, mind you) and now had entered the big world.


I sound like I'm writing a children's story. Next thing you'll hear me writing about is zombie bunnies eating Goldilocks.


Though that's not very Universal. Not really PG either... Maybe it would be a 12! Do you put age ratings on books? Well, this one will have to. You don't want 5 year olds to pick up books about the wrath of hungry, zombie bunnies on the human race.


I'll never see bunnies in the same way. Everyone's going to be like 'aw, cute bunny' and I'm going to be like 'AHH, GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU FLUFFY DEVILISH CREATURE."




Right. Anyways, I've had no clue what to do with my life for the last 2 years I've been out of school, been travelling the world instead of deciding, but now I want to do something in the important month of September 2026. I mean, even my brother has a job. James Sirius Potter. The laziest sodding arse in the magical world.


So, after working in multiple cafés, bars, clubs and costume parties (don't even ask) to save up for world travels (along with birthday and Christmas money), I was ready to finally settle down and think of the slightest idea of what to do with my life.




Well, it was more like my Dad forced me into it by giving me a long lengthy rant about how we all have to grow up one day.


I'm mature when I need to be - as in around my mentally aged four years old cousins - but I don't want a serious life. I want to enjoy my job, with the people I love and have fun with life.




But, yeah. So, I thought about the Arts department. I absolutely adored music, but I liked having that as my own thing. You know- a secret from the press so I'm not formed into one of their posh, obnoxious, poster boys. Therefore, I keep the piano to myself, preferring to play it in my spare time along with the odd other instrument such as the Viola or Drums.


But, enough about the things I would marry if it was legal. I realised that the Wotter fame could bring in huge revenue for either a TV or Radio show, and I loved the idea of being a host of a radio show. Wireless was much bigger than TV in the Wizarding World still, even after Annabelle Artzeimer. She invented the Muggle in Magic charm in the year 2015 that meant Muggle items could be used in highly magical areas and be enhanced by magic.


Mucho Gusto.


Now there are three ways you could go from that 'mucho gusto'.


a) Take it as 'I like' which doesn't even make grammatical sense without a noun following, but to be honest, I don't care. Suck on that, Grammar Nazis.


b) Better way. Take it as a meme. I LOVE MEMEs. I LOVE FACEBOOK. AND YOUTUBE. But we shall get on to the fact that the majority of my life is lived as an internet freak later. For now though, let me inform you of the third way.


c) BEST WAY. Song lyric timee! Ryan: Mucho Gusto. Sharpay: Aye que fabulosa. Rrrrr aye aye AYE. Arrriba. ¿Quieres bailar? Ryan: Mirame.


If I have to say anymore, you disgust me. Do I care the first High School Musical was released in 2006, round about when I was born? No.


While I was performing my internal monologue, I accidently bumped into someone.


"Oh god! Shit! I'm so sorry," I muttered feebly, helping her pick up the papers that I had made her drop.


Dumbarse Albus. Has a ring to it.


Her lightly wavy chesnut hair was tied up in a high ponytail that reached just below her arms and her blue eyes were focused on the ground so I couldn't properly see them. She had pale skin, constrasting to her hair, and a medium size figure. Nothing too big, nothing too small. For whatever reason, she looked familiar.


"It's okay. God, I'm fed up of carrying around these papers," she moaned.


"Tried Wingardium Leviosa?"


"Yup. Ended up sending these papers flying into the Head Boss' face; surprised I wasn't fired."


"How long have you been working here?" I asked, curiously. I wondered where I had seen her before. It was probably just on the street or in the Radio Station building.


"Ever since 2 years ago when I got out of school. Earning some money while I train to be an Obliviator."


"Fun times."


"I know."


"I'm-" I began to introduce myself but she interrupted me.


"Al Potter- I know. A) you are now the biggest show on bloody Channel Merodia and b) we were in the same year at school."


I was extremely happy she didn't mention my parentage. Then I realised who she was.


"You were the nerdy Gryffindor! Jess!" I exclaimed, then my eyes widened at my lack of tact or sensitivity.


But it was true. Always answering, finishing homework to the best standard, top marks, etc.


"And you were the popular Slytherin!" she mocked and I blushed ashamed. "S'okay- no need to look like you've committed a crime. I get it alot."


"You don't seem particularly nerdy..." I muttered on inspection. She seemed outgoing, humorous and had glasses, but not the typical geek ones.


"Well, it just goes to say, doesn't it? Don't judge a book by its first chapter," she grinned, winking, and I couldn't help but return the huge smile at her adaptation of the quote.


"Oi, Allie! Who have we got here?"


Oh Merlin. Please. Not now. Anytime but now.


"Oo, I think Allie has found a lady friend in the radio station."


Then my so dear brother James and darling cousin Fred wrapped one arm around my each pushing me down so I was about a head shorter than them so James could ruffle my hair.


Oh, I will get them back for this.


"See, Allie's lady friend-" began James.


"We are very protective of dear Albus here-" Fred continued.


"And we would be devastated-"


"If some sexy girl like yourself-"


"Well, we're guessing you're sexy otherwise Al wouldn't waste his time on you-"


"Was to break his naïve little heart-"


"And crush his soul sending it to the underworld-"


"Then feed the remains to the ancient, legandary Fluffy-"


"The three headed dog."


I was on the brink of turning into a tomato while Jess was trying to stifle her laughter, but was failing miserably.


I swear this misery is only meant to be for Wotter girls, in good reason. Bloody gits, boys are. Excluding me. I'm awesome.


It seemed I had missed half of the conversation focusing on my embarrassing situation and was partly glad of that.


"So, please, don't mess with our dearest cousin-"


"Or face the wrath of the Wotter Clan!" sang James.




"Jaaamesiee! Freddieee! Why are you annoying my baby Allie? Allie bear, are they being annoying?" Roxie chimed, skipping into the room, a beater's bat hanging over her shoulder.


I wanted nothing more than to faceplant the floor.


"VAMOOSE YOU TWO!" she yelled, turning to Fred and James, beginning to hit them on the arse with her beater's bat. The sad thing was I'd seen the sight too many times to be surprised. "Disturbing my Allie's moment with a lady friend! Despicable! MOVE IT!"


Then James and Fred just had to break out into 'I like to move it' from Madagascar, the Muggle film.


"YOU LIKE TO- MOVE IT!" Roxie joined in giving an extra hard whoop on the butt on the last 'move it'.


"Owwww!" were the final sounds we could hear and evil, manic laughing.


Jess couldn't restrain herself any longer and burst out into hysterics. I just wanted to sink into the ground.


"I'm sorry about them. They're... They're... Family. You can't exactly get rid of them," I sighed, as she let out a few last snorts.




"Anyways, erm, I'll be off now..." I finalised since it didn't look like she was going to say anything soon.


"It was nice talking to you, Albus. See you around." And with that, she and her papers were gone.


I didn't mind my full name so much when she said it. It wasn't so bad.




Meet me at Milo's in an hour? I’ve got a break off work and the apartment’s way too far.


Sure thang. See you there!


I slipped my iPhone into my pocket and flipped open my Mac. What can I say? I'm an Apple fan. Lucy just thinks that it's a rip off compared to android, but Apple is just so much sleeker. Plus it’s like a Voldemort to viruses. Bam, Avada Kedavra those bitches, Mac system. When you watch as many movies and shows illegally for free online as I do, you need a good virus protection system unless you want to go through laptops like Dommie goes through boyfriends.


I immediately typed in 'F' in my top bar to be met with the link to Facebook and grinned. I could always expect to find some notifications on there; I was part of 'Spam', a group, where it was the whole Wotter & Co. clan (definitely my favourite, I reluctantly admit). I was glad it included not only family but practically family, such as my best friend Scorpius Malfoy. Yes, you’re probably thinking, OMG BEST FRIENDS WITH A MALFOY. Well, deal with it. He was in my year and my house, which is as you know thanks to Jess, Slytherin. OMG POTTER IN SLYTHERIN.


Bet I’m fucking with your mind and stereotypes.


Scorp and I were part of the Slytherin Quidditch team, him captain, and he now plays Professional Chaser for the Tornadoes with James, Fred and Roxie. It was the one bond we all shared in Wotter & Co., supporting the Tutshill Tornadoes- excluding the odd few Cannon admirers like Hugo. Like father, like son. Uncle Ron is a Cannon fanatic; was incredibly disappointed (and pissed off) when majority of the family was sporting blue instead of yellow.


He wouldn’t forgive us until Hermione whispered to him (she should have been much quieter), “if you forgive him, I’ll give you something special tonight.”


Let me just tell you, you do not want to hear about my aunts and uncles’ (and even my mum’s and dad’s) horny escapades. My generation frequently has a hard enough time trying to avoid walking in on any of them.


Cue violent shudders right there.


I spotted a friend request from Jess and laughed at her profile picture. It was one of her with her tongue out drastically. I accepted, and was immediately brought with a wall post.


Yo Potter. Don't mind a nerd like me posting on your wall?


Oh, come on. It was word vomit; cut me some slack.


Why would you say that random being? Scorpius had commented.


Oh Merlin. If he got involved then that would result in Rosie getting involved and I didn't know whether Jess could handle James, Fred, Roxie (even if just a glimpse), Rose and Scorpius in one day.


I'm surprised she hasn't run for Knockturn Alley yet. I would. That place is less scary than my cousins, and that's saying something considering the place is filled with homeless ex-Death Eaters who escaped Azkaban. Cue more violent shudders.


Shuddering a lot today, are we not? Do you see what a scary life I lead?


I winced when I read her comment. Maybe because when he realised who I was he said something resembling 'I know you! You're the nerdy girl from Gryffindor!'


At least she remembered what I said. The conversation then continued like this.


Al Potter: You're never going to let that go, aren't you?


Jess Marcell: Maybe, maybe not.;)


Rose Weasley: Albus Severus Potter! You insensitive pig!:o


Jess Marcell: Hey Rose, it's okay! You know I'd get it a lot;)


Scorpius Malfoy: Why would she know? o.O Rosie! I thought I was your best friend! You can't have /another/ best friend!:(


Lily Potter: Rose is your girlfriend Scorpius. Not your best friend- that's Al.


Al Potter: I'd damn right hope so!


Jess Marcell: Oh, didn't you know Scorpius? Rose and I have been secret best friends for over a year now. I'm her best friend, not you. *heavy sarcasm* And honestly, haven’t you two got together? You were meant to in seventh year. Everyone could see it.


Rose Weasley: That's no excuse anyways! Al should know better than to be stereotypical like that. And Lils! Jess! Honestly, Scorpius and I are JUST FRIENDS.


Lily Potter: There is no way in Merlin’s saggy polka dotted underpants set I'd believe that.


Al Potter: Seconded.


Jess Marcell: Thirded.


James Sirius Potter: Fourthed.


Fred Weasley: Fifthed.


Roxanne Weasley: Sixthed.


Louis Weasley: Seventhed.


Dom Weasley: Eigthed.


Lucy Weasley: Ninthed.


Rose Weasley: What is this? A bloody family reunion?


Scorpius Malfoy: Tenthed.


Rose Weasley: Scorp! You're not meant to back them up!


Scorpius Malfoy: Sorry, it looked like fun:/


Rose Weasley: ._. Since when did this even become about me? This was about Al and Jess!


Al Potter: Really, Rosie?-.-


Rose Weasley: >:D mwahahaha!


Al Potter: Nutter.


James Sirius Potter: Oh! So is Jess the one we introduced ourselves to today?;)


Jess Marcell: The very one.:P


Fred Weasley: Al's new lady friend!:D


Al Potter: Oh god. I want to die.




Al Potter: Why has everyone stopped commenting?


Jess Marcell: Al, I've just got about 20 friend requests from your family and a request to join the group 'Wotter & Co. SPAM'.


Al Potter: Whatever you do, just don't accept.


Jess Marcell: ...oops? Already done it:P


James Sirius Potter: Be prepared for lots of notifications-


Fred Weasley: Fabulous Wotters with a great sense of humour-


Roxanne Weasley: And more people.


Louis Weasley: You know, its really creepy when you finish of each others sentences on Facebook as well:/


Roxanne Weasley: Glad to know.


Jess Marcell: MORE PEOPLE?!!


Rose Weasley: You see, you haven't been introduced to some Wotter cousins yet and I told the Co (excluding Scorp) to refrain from commenting so you don't get too many names at once. But now you're in the group...


Jess Marcell: You guys do know I met Al, not even properly, for like the first time, today?


James Sirius Potter: Your point?:P


Jess Marcell: Never mind...


Al Potter: I'm honestly so sorry about this, Jess!


Scorpius Malfoy: Awh.


James Sirius Potter: How-


Fred Weasley: Bloody-


Roxanne Weasley: Cute.


Al Potter: -.-




"So who's this Jess then?" grinned Scorp, munching on his Fish and Chips.


You'd think this Muggle place called Milo's would sell Italian food, but no; he sells Fish and Chips. The best in our area of London, in fact.


"Oh God. I only met her today properly and the family's on her," I muttered, scowling. Scorp sniggered and I retrained myself from punching him in the face, instead resting with a smirk and said:


"Oh, and Rose seemed adamant that you two weren't in a relationship, didn't she?"


A faint blush covered his cheeks and he let out some grumbles that I couldn't make out while stabbing his fish violently with a fork.




"When are you going to ask her out man? Haven't you had enough of waiting? Someone else will get her," I sighed. I'd rather Scorp have her than any other man.


"I don't bloody fancy her!"


"No, you don't. You bloody love her."


"Pssh. We're too young to love."


"You're twenty. My parents got married at this age," I reasoned.


Shit. My parents got married at this age. I feel old.


Both Scorp and I shuddered, thinking the same thoughts.


"So, off that topic... I need revenge for my dear old brother for always interfering. He acts like I'm Lily!" I exclaimed, annoyed, and Scorp let out a snort for which he received a death glare.


My death glares are terrifying; fear the wrath of Al Potter bitches.


"What could you do though?" asked Scorp, assuming the role of best friend again. That's right. Fear.


"Hmm... what would annoy him the most in the world? Like most?" I though, stroking my imaginary beard. It's white, just to let you know, and contrasts horribly with my black hair and it reaches just above my shoulders with a pointed tip.


I've thought about this.


"That's easy. If someone snapped his broom." My eyes widened.


"I'm not asking for a death wish Scorp! He loves that Firebolt more than me. If I killed it, he wouldn't hesitate in killing me."


I wasn't even joking. Louis once scratched it alongside a rock. He ended up in St. Mungos for a week. My grave would say:


R. I. P. Albus Potter .


Break his broom, they said.


It'll be revenge, they said.


"Then... what's that girl's name? The one with long, straight black hair and really tanned skin? You know the one who James would murder if he wouldn't get chucked in Azkaban for it?"


"Scorp- it’s not bloody tanned. She, Disha, is Indian.”


“Whatever. Get her to feature on a show when James is as well!”


“SCORP! YOU GENIUS! I WANT TO KISS YOU!" I yelled standing up and beginning jumping up and down. Unfortunately, I was oblivious to the many curious stares and glares I was receiving. Scorp chuckled awkwardly, grabbing my wrist and pulling me down.


"Sorry about that. He gets quite... excited," he muttered, scowling at me while I grinned back at him.


"Aw, don't worry," replied an incredibly gorgeous waitress. "It's nice to see gay couples okay with expressing their relationship loud and proud!" she exclaimed, grinning.


I choked on my saliva and Scorp nearly spat out his fish.


"N-no, w-we're not-" began Scorp, but she laughed and put a hand on his shoulder sympathetically.


Lucky git. He gets the beautiful woman to touch him.


"It's OK. Come on guys! Who thinks we should support the gay couple so they don't feel ashamed?" she yelled to the restaurant.


Fabulous. Now the whole of the restaurant believes I'm gay with Scorp. That's going to help me catch the ladies.






"They're so cute!"




Scorp looked like he wanted to become the fish on his plate and I would gladly join him.


"See, guys? It's OK!" she insisted, smiling. I felt like stabbing her perfect teeth with my fork. Who cares if she was hot? She messed with Al Potter.


No one messes with Al Potter.


"WE AIN'T GAY." I yelled, firmly and the restaurant went silent.


"Oh," was all the waitress said.


“Yeah, oh,” I snapped, sarcastically.


What? My manly pride was insulted. Not just any old man’s, Al Potter’s manly pride. And Al Potter is the epitome of manly.


Is it wrong I’m talking about myself in third person? Why am I asking you losers? You don’t know anything. Pssh.


“So, could I maybe slip my number to you then?” asked the waitress and I was about to reply when I noticed she was talking to Scorp.


What. The. Hell.


Scorp smirked and sent a smug look my way. Well, fuck you then.


“Sure,” he replied, taking the slip of paper she sent his way. “How about I meet you at 9 tonight in Nero…”


“Cassy. Cassy Hollendale. I’d love to…”


“Scorp. Scorp Malfoy,” he informed her, the smug smile not moving from his face.


Fine, mate, be like that. However, just watch what I will do now.


“Scorpius! How could you? Betraying Rosie like that- she said she loved you the other day and you said it back! You’ve been together so long. In front of me, her cousin, as well! You’re a bastard- I can’t believe I ever called you my best friend!” I shouted, standing up and putting the money for the lunch on the table.


“Al, what-“ he began looking confused as fuck. I’m so evil. Mwahahaha.


I need to work on my evil laugh. I mean, I’m a Slytherin. What Slytherin doesn’t have a perfected evil laugh? Rosie’s a Gryffindor and her evil laugh is still pretty damn good. Damn her and her evil laugh.


“No. I’m going to tell her right now. And then you can go ahead with your manwhorish ways!” I exclaimed, storming out.


Maybe I overdid it a bit. I mean, who says ‘manwhorish ways’? Plus, the whole dramatic exit was not exactly natural. But it seemed Cassy Hollendale bought it, as I saw, through the window, she had slapped him and was now kicking him out.


Oops. Guess we’ll only be able to get take out from Milo’s now.


So worth it though.


I was in stitches from laughing outside when Scorp came out, fuming and giving me nasty death glares after locating me in hysterics.


“ALBUS FUCKING POTTER!” he yelled before running after me. I got up and started legging it like mad. Not only was Scorp fast, but he was pretty damn strong in a fight.


Not that I couldn’t take him on. I could take anyone on. Even bloody Hercules. And that dude’s got big arms. Like mahoosive. It’s like Muscle City on Hercules’ arms. Not town, city.


But then again, he is fictional. I mean, I could also make a fictional character who’s got amazing muscles- I wouldn’t have to work for my fictional character’s muscles. On the other hand, if you want Hercules muscles yourself then obviously it’s going to mean endless pain and torture on the pitch or in the gym.


It’s your choice.


“AL! STOP FUCKING RUNNING AND GET YOUR ARSE OVER HERE SO I CAN PUMMEL YOU TO SHIT!” That doesn’t sound very enticing. Not to mention the fact that Scorp really needs to clean up his language. We’re in public. Sheesh.


I finally spotted the apartment block we lived in and swiped out the fob from my pocket (it was a Muggle apartment block with a Wizard section) waiting while the automatic doors opened after I had swiped it along the scanner. Why the hell were the doors taking so long to open? What if someone was running away from a murderer? Which actually wasn’t very far from my situation.


It’s like:


“Wait! Hold up murderer! You have to stop running because the automatic doors take a bloody light year to open.”


“Oh sure, don’t worry victim. I’ll just wait. I would, in fact, rather not take this advantage to kill you!”


What kind of idiot wouldn’t take the advantage? Only a Gryffindor; maybe a Hufflepuff. Unfortunately, Scorpius was a Slytherin and still running, also catching up on me.


Finally, the doors had opened to enough a width to fit me in and I slid through, hurriedly slipping in the elevator with another person before those doors closed on me. I stick my tongue out at Scorp maturely just before they shut and heard cursing on the other side. Ehehehhe.


Wait- that was not manly enough. Ahahahah. There we go. No proper man ‘ehe’s and I am a proper man. I am the definition of a proper man. You’d see my photo beside it in the dictionary if they made picture dictionaries. Too bad they don’t. Maybe they do. I should ask Molly.


We lived on the 14th floor- above the 10th they were all wizard blocks till the 20th and not visible to Muggles. I hurriedly tapped the 10th floor where there was a separate elevator for the wizard blocks. I turned to the man beside me who seemed engrossed in his socks. I checked them to see, but no. They looked like pretty damn ordinary to me.


Maybe it was a Muggle thing. I could never comprehend those Muggles and their strange Muggle ways.


Obviously, I am not including computers, iPods, phones, the Internet, Facebook and YouTube. Those inventions are ingenious. Hm. Maybe we wizards should give Muggles a whole lot more appreciation for the technological generation they bestowed upon us magical folk.




So, the elevator slowly lifted, the awkward music playing in the background. “Thank you,” I blurted out, and my companion looked at me curiously.


“For what?” he muttered, straightening out his suit. Obviously, he didn’t like talking to people. Too bad, I’m a people person.


“For bestowing upon me the technological generation.” I should really think before I speak but I might lose my spontaneity that way and bitches love spontaneity. At least, I think.


“Erm, ok then. This is my floor! Bye!” He seemed far too eager to be leaving the elevator for my liking and jumped out on the fifth floor.


Oh well. “Bye Elevator Companion! Until next time!” I yelled and saw him carry on walking. Rude Muggle.


I continued to my floor, laughing at the idea of a panting Scorp running up the stairs. He may be incredibly fit but those stairs are torture and I am honestly being truthful that many of the people in this building would take the elevator even if Slenderman was in the elevator.


Slenderman was a man off a game called, guess what, Slenderman, which started in the year 2012. It blew up from that year on and it’s still a big hit. The only differences are that in 2012, it was free and now it’s a shitload in Muggle money and is available not only on computers but also on Play Station 5, Xbox (it’s practically real if you are alone in a dark room and on Kinect) and any other major Muggle Gaming device you can think of.


Basically, you’re in a forest and you have to find these pages. Slenderman, a tall makes-you-want-to-pee man, is following you and if you get caught by him, game over. There are some points of interest and places such as bathroom areas where Slender could just be lurking behind the corner. Completely new features are never added due to the complete, utter simplicity of the game making it so horrifying. No flaming axes to chuck at Slender- your only equipment is a flashlight.


Now, I played this on Kinect one night before bed and it scared me shitless. Like, I couldn’t sleep. I went without sleep for about three nights until pure fatigue literally knocked me out.


Don’t look at me like that. Dad, who defeated Voldemort and is Head Auror of Britain, was scared as well! That’s how bad it is.


Therefore, you can understand the extent to which these stairs horrify people if there was Slenderman in the elevator and still they’d take the elevator.




Off that terrifying topic, the elevator finally arrived on the tenth floor and I happily skipped down the corridor to the last door where, after checking there were no Muggles (don’t want to go breaking the Statute of Secrecy), I placed my wand on the scanner and enter another elevator! Yay!


As I was lifted up, I imagined what introduction I’d give to Scorp.


Would I sit outside the door? Lock him out? Grin at him maliciously in his tired state? Oh, the prospects!


I happily skipped out my elevator towards our room and after making sure no spies, ninjas or random residents were watching me, typed in our code and drew the unlocking picture on the door using my wand.


(bitchesloveAPandSM was the code. A smiley face was our unlocking picture and it had Xs as eyes and a huge open mouth. So, it was not a particularly smiley face.)


It wasn’t big but it was nice cause everything in there and the room itself was only paid by Scorp and I. I got a decent amount from the Wireless and the better the show did the more I got. Before I was travelling so I didn’t need a flat and Scorp gets loads anyways as a Quidditch Pro.


“PUT YA HANDS UP AND PUT YOUR WAND WHERE I CAN SEE IT!” shouted a voice and in a haste I dropped my wand and at the same time slamming the door closed with my ninja skills while raising my hands like a ninja. Cause I am one. I tried to figure out where the voice was coming from, when out comes Scorp from behind the sofa, his wand raised wearing, I kid you not, Hit Wizard robes.


Shit. I was dead. How did he get up before me?


“I think, Potter, you forgot that you can apparate up into the wizard section once inside the building,” explained Scorp, reading my mind, a smug look behind the scowl he was adorning.


Well, there goes all my dignity and feeling that I belong in Slytherin. Right now I was feeling like a dumbarse Gryffindor; I’m not even joking. Not even like Aunt Hermione – the smart Gryffies, no; the ones like my brother who have an IQ equivalent to a slug.


“I also think,” muttered Scorp, tilting my chin up with his wand, my hands still up and my back against the door, “I’m going to do this the Muggle way.” He then slipped his wand in the back pocket of his trousers and before I could realise what he was doing, tackled me to the floor.


Oh, it is on.


The next few minutes was simply a brutal fist fight with limbs flailing about in the most unmannered way and we were speaking quite rapidly in the language of Swears and Jeers. We really were such classy 20 year olds. Then the doorbell rang and we halted our fight in the exact position which we were in- which was Scorp almost straddling me with his fist an inch from my jaw.


“Come in!” I hollered, knowing the door was unlocked from my unusual entrance. Not surprisingly, it was Rose. Fortunately, most of the family tended to stay away from our apartment after Al and Scorp’s Fury in ’21. It was a good memory for us, bad memory for them; something which was a rare occurrence. However, Rose, as our best friend, was allowed to come in and she did very often. She didn’t particularly like her apartment as she lived alone and it was nice, but not very bright and colourful. She practically lived in our lively apartment and became the mother of it. That’s why we could see the floor!


She sighed and dumped her purse on the table seeing the state we were in. I’d have to say, this was one of our not too bad fights. We were both just mucking around. Well, I was. Some of Scorp’s punches were nasty.


“I would say you were shagging but that wouldn’t explain the bleeding,” she muttered, looking in the kitchen (which was visible because of the open plan we had- everything was on one level and the dining room, living room and kitchen were all almost merged) cupboards for the various healing potions we kept. Scorp as a Quidditch player could need them sometimes after practice and with the amount we fought we always kept stock. Well, Rose made sure we kept stock. She got fed up of fetching them every time we needed them.


“Maybe we were going at it rough,” said Scorpius, winking and thrusting his hips out. I played along and licked my lips. Rose just rolled her eyes and Scorp laughed, getting off me and dumping himself on the sofa, myself following suit. Next, we sat like obedient little dogs while Rose cleaned us up.


She first turned to me, but I noticed a slight blush on her cheeks when she did Scorp that by the cheerful glow on Scorp’s face didn’t go unnoticed by him either.


Aw, it’s young love. Between my cousin and best friend. Ew; that’s gross.


A/N: Review please and favourite- it makes my day<3 Just so you understand, that was basically Monday morning till like tea time but not evening. That lovely, lengthy chapter dedicated to my main host, Mr. Albus Severus Potter, and his little trio, especially compared to the tiny little prologue. Bleh. Every Wotter group will kind of get a chapter dedicated to them where there show takes place and group shows will happen at random chapters like the prologue. Credits to the maker of Slenderman, Walt Disney and JKR. Love you all- keep reading!:’)



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